I met Fatima as I was lounging in the bubbling warm jacuzzi. There were a few others there, guys and girls, but it was me she smiled at as she climbed into the tub. The jacuzzi tub has always been one of my favourite places, a place just to hang out and enjoy the movement of the warm water as my cock floats to the top, sometimes a place to meet a lady and get close to her, sometimes a place to get hot and sweaty rubbing a pussy as my cock is played with and sucked. As always at Acanthus, every night is different. When fatima sidled her way down into the tub it was obvious that there was something different about her: she was wearing a little flesh-coloured thong and I had never seen anybody get into that jacuzzi without being completely naked. She was fleshy, not fat, just generous in her proportions and also in her smile, with a pretty face that was framed by shoulder-length ringlets of black hair.

Fatima eased herself into the jacuzzi near me. "These bubbles are like champagne for my body" I told her, and she smiled back at me and said that she also enjoyed bubbles, both in champagne and on her skin. We chatted for a little and I was quite enchanted by that smile of hers. I came close to her and let my thigh touch hers and it stayed there as she was happy to continue talking about nothing at all as our legs pressed against each other. it felt so natural to slip my arm around her shoulders and slide my thigh under hers so that she was half sitting on my lap, the water rendering her almost weightless. My cock was hard and floating around in the jets, sometimes poking against her leg. She pretended not to notice.

"Why did you keep your panties on?" I asked her. "Nobody else does that".

"My boyfriend asked me to" she answered. It was the first I had heard of a boyfriend. I'm not the jealous type so I was not concerned. but was he, I wondered? "How come he wants you to keep those panties on?" I was just playing for time, trying to work out the situation.

"He just does, he's a bit jealous".

My fears were confirmed.

"So where is he now?"

"He went to look around"

"Maybe he has found a nice lady to play with" I suggested.

"Maybe. I am not jealous, only him", and she flashed me one of her great smiles.

By this time I was caressing her at ease, my hand running slowly up her thigh and then over her tummy to her full round breasts which were floating on the surface of the bubbling water.

Around us other people were getting in and out, cavorting and stroking each other, talking loudly, but we were left alone to enjoy ourselves, my cock floating up and knocking regularly against her thigh, her back, with her smiling at me all the time and chatting happily. That was when her boyfriend appeared. He wasn't too pleased but he wasn't too pissed off either. She pulled away from me a bit and he told her that he was going back inside.

When he went I asked her if he was angry. "A bit, but I think now he will find a girl to go with".

"Why don't we go into the sauna?" I asked. Acanthus has two saunas, one indoors and the other in the courtyard near the jacuzzi. People use the indoor one much more so I led her by the hand to the outdoor sauna, our naked bodies feeling the chill autumn air. Well, my body was naked and had a protruding cock sticking out at a right angle, and her body was roly and sexy but not quite fully naked - she still wore her skin-coloured thong. Quickly we stepped inside the warmth of the sauna and settled ourselves down.

She lay on her back with her knees up and I sat next to her feet. The beads of perspiration began to grow on us and we amused ourselves watching them roll on our bodies. Again I got one of her great smiles as I traced a bead down the side of her ribs. "It's a bit ticklish" she grinned.

"Well let me see if this is ticklish then" I smiled at her, and ran my hand down the back of her thigh till it met the wooden bench, and then across and over her thong to her other thigh. As I did so she parted her legs just a fraction, a tiny amount, inviting me to continue my explorations of her body.

More daringly, I stroked her thong and I could make out the trace of her pussylips which felt moist beneath my touch. "Is it the sauna that is making your pussy wet?" I asked teasingly. "Maybe". And another smile.

Gently I pulled her thong aside and ran my finger up and down her pussylips, and then I moved down, pulling her pussy open and reaching her clit with my tongue. I knew that it was not only the sauna making her wet, and she let out a gente moan to confirm my thoughts.

Until that point Fatima had been passive and gently accepting, but she had let me take the lead, pushing the boundaries and showing the way. I was not completely sure how far she would let me go, whether she would want to go back to her boyfriend or how comfortable she was with me. But that was the point at which everything changed.

Opening her legs wide, she put her hands on the back of my head, gently pushing my face into her moist cunt. Her pussy was juicy and fleshy, with a light bush of tightly packed dark curls, and I could feel her desire mounting beneath my tongue. I licked around her prominent clit and placed my thumb at the entrance of her slit, enjoying the feeling of growing wetness and openness without penetrating her. I could feel her arching her back with pleasure. Up and down, my tongue wandered slowly and deliberately the length of her snatch. My thumb was pressing lightly against her open hole and within a few minutes the resistance that I could feel gave way to the inviting wetness of her pussy juices flowing from her cunt. I obliged, slipping my thumb easily into her as my tongue continued to work her clit. Very gently, very slowly, my thumb went all the way in and then retreated back out, and then again, in and out. Fatima was breathing heavily and moaning gently, as I enjoyed the delicious taste of her pussy juice and the challenge of making her ask for more and more.

"Let me suck your cock" she said, interrupting my thoughts. I was having fun but her idea also sounded great so I said "Sure, let's suck each other". The sweat was pouring off of me as I stood and moved around to her head, placing my knee on the hot wooden sauna bench by her head and swing my other leg around so that my cock was dangling in fron of her mouth. A very light string of precum was dripping from the head of my dick and she was happy to see it, making a greedy sound as she reached out to catch it on her tongue. She grabbed my dick greedily and took it into her mouth as far as it would go, spreading her legs wide to receive my attentions on her pussy. For a little while I just enjoyed the view of her pink pussy spread open wide and welcoming me, surrounded by a sea of black curls, thrusting my cock into her hungry mouth as she played with my balls. Her cunt was wet, juicy and inviting and I playfully gave her a little slap. We both laughed at the slurping sound of my hand slapping softly against her wet cuntlips and I did it a couple more times before diving back in there with my tongue.

By this time Fatima was soaking wet, all over, her body was glistening from the perspiration in the sauna and her pussy was covered with cuntjuice. What a sight we both were I thought, and it was that thought which made me glance up and see that there was a couple watching us through the little glass window in the sauna door. Of course there was, this was a swinger club, what did I expect? But we had been so wrapped up enjoying each other's bodies that we had quite forgotten the existence of anybody else. I smiled at the couple and they smiled back, the lady giving me a quick wave. Fatima could not see them as she had her head the other way, and anyway she was too busy sucking me off, but I made sure that they got a good view of Fatima's open legs by lifting my head and just playing with her clit for a while with my finger tips.

Fatima was groaning and thrusting at me as I toyed with her clit with my tongue and I decided to pleasure her by moving my middle finger in and out of her open hole simultaneously. I'm pretty good at that I think, and sure enough, in a few minutes I had her letting loose shamelessly, her pussy quivering with the orgasm. She breathed heavily for a minute or so and then opened her eyes. "That was sooooo good", she smiled at me. "Fantastic", I said, and that was true, even though my cock was still rock hard and my balls were aching.

She noticed my cock dangling there just above her head and pulled it towards her mouthy. "Your turn now!" And she was as good as her word, sucking vigorously for the three minutes that it took to make me cum. She took a little in her mouth and then pulled my cock out for me to squirt on her generous tits, my cum mixing with the perspiration just as her pussy juices mixed with the perspiration on my face.

Fatima laughed, with the same great smile that she had shown earlier but with none of the coyness now. One leg lay straight along the wooden bench and the other, bent at the knee, opened and closed as if to fan her hot pussy. The couple at the window were smiling appreciatively and for the first time Fatima saw them and smiled back. It was a reminder for her of where she was. "Come on", she said, "we should shower."

As we come out of the showers guess who appeared. Her boyfriend, of course. "Where have you been, what have you been doing?" he asked, a bit anxiously. "Oh, nothing", she answered, her voice languid. "I just had a little sauna". Then she flashed me another of her great smiles, and that was the last I saw of her. Who knows if we shall meet again...
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yes, still good. But they limit the numbers fortunately!
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Totally decadent, deliciously decadent!
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sounds decadent.....