A night at a Vienna swinger club

Visit to a club in Vienna

I have to confess that I have not been having a quiet time lately. The other day, for example, I was visiting Vienna, and I was horny, with my mind full of sexy thoughts. I knew that my cock was going to be too hard to let me relax and I did not feel like masturbating myself to sl**p, so I decided to go for a drink at a swinger's club.

It was pretty quiet, because it was a Monday evening, and I thought the evening was going nowhere. I had a beer and was thinking about having another when a handsome young couple came in. In their late twenties I guess, and she was slim, lovely pert boobies, and a short blond haircut. In this club, called Frivoli, most people are just wearing underwear or lingerie, and sometimes they wrap a towel around themselves

They both stripped off immediately and came into the bar area wearing just a towel. Just next to the bar is a small round room,behind light curtains,with a number of sofas. That's where I was sitting. At first they just chatted over a glass of wine, but then they came to sit on a sofa near me, and within a minute or two, she was straddling him, and pushing her tongue into his mouth. I could see that he was wearing a cock-ring, and that her pussy was freshly shaven.
There were a couple of other guys nearby, who went up to caress her, but were discouraged so I didn’t bother. I just allowed my cock to ride out from under my towel, and played with it a little as it stood to attention. They fucked like that for about twenty minutes, and then stopped and went off for another drink.
A little later they went into a small room with a TV that was showing a porn flick. I joined them and chatted a bit with them. They were friendly and fun, and they could see that I was pretty hard under my towel. And then they started to fondle each other again and she was soon on her knees on the sofa, his cock in her mouth. I stroked her back, but was told no thanks. In swinger clubs the number one rule is respect, so I sat back and just allowed my towel to fall off, playing with myself. On one side there was a TV showing a porno movie,on another side there was this sexy young couple. Then she turned around, sat down on the sofa with her legs wide open, facing me, and said “I can give you a better show than the DVD”. And she was true to her word: the stuff on the TV set was no match for her. She started masturbating, first just rubbing her clit, and then fucking herself with one and then two fingers. This went on for a while and I was HARD HARD HARD, my balls were aching, and finally came the moment of mercy: she lent over, took my cock in her mouth, and gave me a memorable blow job that ended with me shooting my load onto her titties.
What a night! And now I look forward to the next visit to Vienna. I don't know when it will be but I know my cock grows hard every time I think of Frivoli.

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