My First Night in Prison

It was my first night in prison and the most unforgettable
night of my life. The day itself really wasn't that bad. The food
sucked but other than that no one tried to fuck with me or anything. It was
like they were waiting for something. around 2 a.m. that night
I woke up to the sound of my cell door opening and closing.
I looked through the little window of the door where I saw the
guard's light shinning through, and as I looked around me I
noticed there were three men in the cell with me. I didn't know
how to react at first. I had heard stories about people getting
****d in prison but this was the real thing. So, naturally I came
up swinging but to no aveil. one man grabbed my arm, twisted it around
me and with a heavy push, bent me over the bed. He told me this can go
two ways 1 - I take it or 2 - I die. I've had sex with a guy before so
the choice wasn't that hard to make. I told him I'd stop, the other
two guys started to laugh. I could hear them getting undressed. The one
holding me down grabbed my pants and boxers and slid them down my leg.
He asked if I had ever done anal. I said no wit the hopes that he would go
easy on me. He spit on his hand and ran it along the outside of my hole.
The the other guys began jercking off. awkwardly enough I was getting turned on. Slowly The guy behind me slid his thumb into my ass. It felt good and the suspense
was making me even more aroused. as I was becoming more and more "open" one of
the guys to the side of me sat on the bed with his legs spread and his dick
in my face. He grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me towards him.
He wedged his cock into my mouth and I began sucking. I can still recall the taste
his pre-cum dripping into my mout and slidding down the side of my lips as his
dick kept going in and out of my mouth. It was intense. meanwhile the guy behind
me lubed up his fingers some more and then stuck in a second one. after a few
seconds I started to loosen up. The 3rd party just sat back and continued playing
with himself until guy number 1 pulled out his fingers and then stuck in his cock.
At first it hurt but only a little. He grabbed me by the waist and began thrusting
there was no more time for being gentle. With my free hand I started to jack myself
off when the 3rd guy came over and f***ed my hand onto his dick. It was so hard and
long. I mean it had to be an even 9 inches. I felt the vains of his shaft as I
continued to stroke him back and forth. Then suddenly the dick in my mouth started to
get warmer. I could feel the bl**d corsing thru his veins. and then out of no where
He grabs me by my hair and push my head down so his dick is touching the back of my throat
All my life I've had eccelent gag reflexes so I didn't deep throat much, but this time it
was different. The guys legs started to shake and spasm he started moaning. I knew what
was about to happen. I then felt hot cum squirt against the back of my throat. It was
delicious. The guy grabbed me by the throat said with a stirn voice 'swallow it!' He
was too late. I opened my mouth to reveal no semen of any kind. He smiled as he walked
over to the corner. Then The remaining two guys changed positions. With little hesitation
guy number 3 slid his cock in. Rapidly going in and out. All 9 inches. I could feel his tight
veins rubbing against my sphincter. the other guy had me finish him off with a handjob.
I stroked his dick as fast as I could and it worked. I looked up at him. His eyes were
closed and his jaws were cliched tight. I knew he was gonna blow any second. Then with no warning
his white sticky cum came shooting out. It went all over me. In my face, my mouth, everywhere.
He did the same as the first guy. walking over to the corner, getting dressed and the guard let him out.
The last guy wasn't even close. He kept fucking me harder and harder. Then he pulled me up by my hair
where I was standing on my knees and wrapped his left arm around my throat to where the inside of his elbow was going into my adam's apple. He began to squeese. I starting have trouble breathing. The thought went through
my mind that this is it. This is how I'm gonna die. And then to my surprise he reaches over with his other
hand and grabs my dick. At this point I was in heaven. Everytime his dick would pull out his hand would
slide down my dick and it'd give me shivers. Atleast I'll die happy, I thought. It felt so good and every few seconds
he'd relieve the pressure on my neck and the bl**d circulated more and more into my penis. I couldn't help but moan
in pleasure. He knew I was enjoying it and everything noise I made the harder he's fuck me. I started to speed up
his breaths started getting louder. I started twitching. I was so close. I couldn't hold back any longer. As my dick got harder about ready to blow my ass got tighter. The guy fucking me started moaning. He was too far away from
comming as well. He tightened his grip on my throat when he finally shot his load. I felt it inside me. the warmth
of his jizz He kept going until none was left. and then he let me go. As I layed there on the floor of my cell.
The last prisoner was leaving as the guard turned and looked at me and said "they'll be plenny where that came from."
I couldn't help but smile ;)

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Thanks ~FR
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1 year ago
Wow thats some story you spun. Come to my profile and check out my stories... I'd like to know what you think
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The page has a new address
1 year ago
fantastic incredible
1 year ago
good one
1 year ago
love it