crossdresser fantasy

hi - my name is franny and i am a pantyhose addict - been that way since puberty wearing my mothers clothes - but lately, i have really indulged myself with buying spree at macys - loading up on hosiery . shapewear . dresses and heels - can never seem to satsify my fantasy of transformation to a woman - what would really put me over would be to entertain horny men and it might go something like the following wishful thought

i like meeting others on line who have the same passion i do for pantyhose - lots of cam cum sessions that were hot but lacking in reality until i met synenergy - although married, he lived fairly close and had a keen interest in gay pantyhose sex which i have been missing - problem was timing and being able to make a meet happen - we chatted and found their was a strong urge on both our parts to satsify lustful thoughts

understanding the need for him to remain faithful, i tried not to disrupt his marriage - i didnt want to be the other woman and create guilt trip - but it was hard to remain passive after seeing his delicious cock cum during cam session - i knew then that i wanted to eat him up - drink cum from his man meat - he was still a bit nervous but was getting increasingly horny for some alternative pantyhose play - we would go back and forth with our ideas of fantasy but nothing came of it - so i continued to dress and imagine his cock in my mouth - and then one day out of the blue, he steeled himself up for an adventure in gay pantyhose and set a date to meet - it made me wet thinking about it

the day finally arrived as i primped and preened and pulled out my sexiest dress - excitingly, i dressed and hoped he would approve - the door buzzer startled me as i took a deep breath before letting him in - openng the door made me tremble as he was slightly taller but incredibly good looking - i wet my lips as i could make out his partial bulge

i invited him in and offered him a drink - could tell he was tenative so i kept my distance - he definitely apporved of the tight purple hooker dress that i was wearing along with my four inch heels - i was thrilled to be sashaying around serving my guest as the woman i have craved to be -
he had brought a camera as i agreed to model for him - and this really turned me on as i could feel myself dripping precum

my only condition was that he strip down and wear a pair of my pantyhose while he clicked pictures - i wanted to see how hard i could get him for my cheescake - showing him the back room where i had laid out dozens of hose, i let him pick his favorite flavor - all sheer energy of course - this seemed to delight him as he quickly grabbed a nude pair - closing the door, i let him dress in privasy as i hurriedly went to reapply my ruby lipstick

soon the door opened and he came out with a big nylon bulge that sent shivers down my spine - i was hoping that any intrepidation on his part was vanishing - he clicked and i posed - slowly at first but increasingly more revealing - i was trying to seduce him with my feminity - i caressed my pantyhose legs as i lifted my dress to reveal my tucked cock in my white briefer - this seemed to really get his motor running as his cock twitched and started to strain in his nide hose - it was a beautiful sight as i got wetter and wetter

he kept clicking as i started to strip - taking off my dress , i was wearing briefer over my pantyhosed body - he was all worked up now as he started to stroke his throbbing pantyhose dick - mmmmmm - i wanted to fondle him and feel his manhood - so i slowly reached out to touch him - he winced but with my silky touch he slowly gave into my touch - he felt so good as i cupped his balls and felt them bloat - guiding him to the couch , i knelt before him as he spread his legs

he moaned as i gently started nuzzling him with my mouth - inhaling his musky scent only fueled my desire more - i slowly stuck out my tongue to run it up and down that gorgeous stiff shaft getting a shiver out of him - he then gasped as i started to take his nylon cock in my mouth - i was loving it - it had been awhile since i last sucked a cock so i was going to savor him - being his first time i wanted him to have a good nut as i going to eat his cherry

i was sucking him good making him thrash around as i engulfed him - sucking him through his pantyhose was making him drip - he tasted so good
and i wanted him to cum - after one deep throat, i felt him stiffen as he began to juice - oh glorious cum was exploding out of his cock staining his pantyhose as i feverishly tried to suck it up - heavenly nectar of the gods

with a big sigh , he smiled as he massaged his softening cock and said know that he knows what he is missing maybe there would be more intimacy next time - i was thrilled to make his aquaintance and hoped he might satsify my anal urge next time - after cleaning up he said goodbye until next time

fact or fiction is up to you

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8 months ago
I just read this again and my cock is throbbing!
8 months ago
I LOVE the scenario!
8 months ago
reads like fact could be true hope it is and the visit will make the next chapter