Voyeur my wife's wanking fantasies - Chapter

True Story

I’ve been married to Sue for five years and we were together for five years before that. It was a second marriage for both of us as both our previous partners didn’t treat us very well.

Sue is a very attractive woman, not a raving beauty - as she herself would admit, but a very desirable woman at the age of 40+ nevertheless. She has an attractive, well defined face with blue-grey eyes and a very sexy smile.

She is 5ft 6ins tall, slim bodied and has just the right size breasts to match. I have never been a fan of big titted women myself, I prefer women that are well proportioned with medium to small sized tits. She has good, well shaped legs with some muscle as she used to do a lot of sport in her younger years playing netball at County level, hockey and running. She did this up until her late twenties, early thirties so she is pretty fit ! She has a nicely rounded bum and sexy hips.

I’m Frank. I am, of course your gorgeous, dark haired, hunk – Not !! I guess I’m not bad looking, aged 38, 5ft 11ins tall, fairly well proportioned, although a small paunch is beginning to develop. I’m often told I have a distinguished look and a number of times I’ve met people who think they know me or I’m familiar to them.

During the first five years, we spent a lot of time getting to know each other. Finding out what we thought about love, trust, mixing with friends and acquaintances and of course the subject that causes the most disputes - sex !

Well, over that time we discovered that we both liked to wank ourselves and our partners, we both had a little streak of exhibitionism as well as voyeurism, we have no problem with discussing previous sexual encounters and experiences with each other, we both agree that we are not jealous or over possessive, we are happy to mix with friends that flirt a little or some gentle groping, we both enjoy fantasising about sexual situations and experiences, we both enjoy wanking ourselves in front of each other as well as having penetrative sex, we have both had wanking experiences with men and women.

Having evolved that overall outlook, Sue was more than happy to relate, over a period of time, her previous sexual encounters. In fact she would get quite turned on by it, as we often were lying in bed at the time and gently groping each other throughout the tales.

She told me about when she was very young, maybe 7, 8 or 9, when she used to play doctors and nurses with her two boy cousins, Barry and Terry, who used to live a couple of streets away in her Yorkshire village at the time. Well, who hasn’t played that game ? She said that she enjoyed playing the nurse and pulling her older cousin’s little willy out, feeling it as stiff as a poker while her younger cousin played the doctor and moved the stethoscope around the area below his b*****rs belly button. She used to like pulling the skin up and down and feeling his willy get harder and start to throb, although she didn’t realise at the time that she was wanking him. She also liked it when her older cousin played the doctor and would start by diagnosing a “stomach pain”, then went lower and lower with his stethoscope till he reached her little pussy. Then he would have to pull her knickers down and examine her pussy with a toy torch.

They played this game a few times off and on for a year or two.

Another time, Sue told me about when she was about 12 (and she did know what wanking was) and her older cousin, Barry, was a year older. On a hot summers day, in the school holidays, they went out to explore the side roads and fields, with the younger cousin, Terry who was a year younger than Sue, and took a picnic, some sandwiches and a bottle of pop with them.

Living in a country village they had a good walk, laughing and joking along the way and soon found a farmers field with a haystack to stop and have lunch. They checked to make sure that there were no a****ls loose in the field and made their way to the hay stack where it was nice and cool. Whilst they were sitting on a bale of hay, eating and drinking, Barry started talking about when they played doctors and nurses and how they enjoyed it. Sue saw that he was getting excited whilst talking and noticed a bulge in his shorts. Terry also joined in and she could see that he too was excited, he was holding himself in his shorts and was squeezing his little cock quite often. This made her get excited and she was thinking about what their cocks would look like now, a few years on.

Soon she was taking it in turns to feel and rub their cocks in their shorts and she was getting more excited and could feel herself getting a bit sticky between her legs. Then Barry unbuttoned his fly and pulled his cock out; Sue grabbed hold of his 41/2 ins, rock-hard cock and began to wank it slowly. She could feel it throbbing and stretching in her hand and Barry was getting quite flushed as she continued pushing the skin backwards and forwards. As Barry got more and more excited, he started sliding his hand up the leg of Sue’s shorts and then under the leg of her knickers and started stroking her very wet and sticky bald pussy.

Meanwhile Terry who was wide-eyed, watching all this, sitting on the other side of Barry, had pulled his little cock out and was wanking it himself quite fast. A few more minutes and Barry began to pull Sue’s shorts and knickers down to her knees and rubbing her pussy quite roughly. Sue could feel his cock almost ready to explode and she grabbed Barry’s hand and pulling it across to Terry, made him get hold of Terry’s cock and start wanking it. A minute or two later and Barry’s cock started pumping a semi-clear, watery liquid in spurts out of his cock, which landed on Sue’s thigh, followed shortly by a few globules of quite milky looking blobs as Sue continued to pump his cock. Barry was jerking and shaking as he reached the peak of his orgasm and then sank back against the straw bale they had been sitting on. His hand was still pumping Terry’s cock until he too began to tremble and shake as he reached a dry orgasm.

Now while Sue was relating this story (we were in bed one evening), I had been stroking her tits, moving down to her stomach and then to her very hot and wet pussy. She was getting more and more excited, more from telling her story I feel rather than my ministrations to her pussy, as her juices were flowing freely and I slid my finger into her pussy and started to gently finger-fuck her. She had my cock in her hand and was wanking it vigorously as she got ever more excited. As she was getting to the end of her tale, she flung her legs open and moving her hand down to her pussy grabbing hold of her clitty between thumb and forefinger and started wanking it frantically. Sue had an eye-rolling, body-trembling cum, and believe me I followed seconds afterwards, spraying her pussy and both our fingers with my spunk.

During the first 2-3 years of our relationship, I realised the fantasies / realities that really turn Sue on are spunk shooting out of a cock – whoever is wanking it, two men wanking each other, two women wanking each other and sexy telephone conversations.
More true stories from our marriage in Chapter 02 to follow.
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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
yes I love this story, I am sure most of us started exploring out sexuality this way. My wife also loves watching men cuming I must say I find it a turn on too, and notice I said men cuming i love her roving eye she can have anyone she wants
Thanks frankiej, I hope to read some more soon ;-)