Conservative b*****r got a show

This is the second part of a day and night at my house six weeks ago and completely true!
After getting our suits on, Kathy and I came outside ready for the hot tub. Kathy was surprised to see Dave still on the deck still in his clothes. She casually mentioned that he must be cold outside as it was getting colder. She didn’t know he spent the last 15 minutes spying her naked. While Dave was in the house getting on his trunks, Kathy and I got into the hot tub. It was a warm 100 degrees. She had on her red one piece and looked really good. We were in the hot tub alone and as most married couples do, we kissed and played a round a bit. I pulled Kathy on my lap and we were sneaking kisses in the warm water. I was so horny! My b*****r had not only seen a video of her naked, but had watched her strip and put on her swimsuit, she was never hotter to me. As we were kissing I was really fondling her boobs over her swimsuit. As I was fingering her clit over her suit, she was getting into it. She finally said, “we better stop, Dave will be out soon.” I relented but said, “ok, but let’s continue this when were out of the tub and back in the bedroom.” Happily she said, “Yeah, as wet as I am right now (she meant her pussy, not the hot tub) I’m game.” My mind was racing, after the hot tub and we are back in the room is Dave going to watch us screw? Both are very conservative, but, maybe with the margaritas talking , he was going to get a show.
Dave came out with a drink in his hand and joined us in the tub. We had fun in the hot tub, laughing and drinking in the tub. After a while, Kathy agreed to refill our drinks. She got out of the hot tub slowly as I think she was tipsy, she stood up exposing her great butt right in front of Dave and me. I love the look of a great butt in a wet swimsuit. She slowly climbed out of the tub spreading her legs unknowing giving her b*****r in law a great view her butt and cameltoe. As Kathy was back in the house I innocently asked Dave if he got a peek at Cathy while looking in the window. He said, “I knew she had nice boobs, but she’s got an amazing ass!” That was so funny to hear from my conservative but increasingly intoxicated b*****r! I asked him if he was going to watch Kathy get dressed after our hot tub session. He said very clearly, “If you don’t mind. I will.” I was so freakin’ horny. Kathy came back and gave us our drinks and sat on the side of the hot tub with a towel around her shoulders. I don’t know what was going on Dave’s head but he’s in the hot tub six feet across from Kathy with her legs open at his eye view with her nipples apparent through her wet and cold swimsuit. After ten minutes, I announce that I am going to get dressed and Kathy agreed. We went in the house while Dave waited and then went to his perch outside our bedroom window.
I got in our bedroom, before Kathy, making sure the blind in the window shade was still open for Dave. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I was excited! As Kathy entered our bedroom I quickly glanced at the window and Dave was there, what a pervert! Kathy was in a beach towel wrapped around her and said she was freezing. I gave her a hug and told her to get out of her wet one-piece. I slowly grabbed the straps on her shoulders and slid them down giving me (and Dave) and good look at her breasts. I then positioned her directly in front of the window, and from behind, I removed the rest of Kathy’s swimsuit. Right behind a fully nude Kathy I started kissing her neck and fondling her boobs. I could still see Dave’s image in the window. Kathy said my hands on her boobs were so warm and it felt good. I said, “let me warm up your butt.” I then got on my knees, still behind Kathy and started to lick and gently bite her nice butt cheeks. I couldn’t believe I was doing this in front of my b*****r! Kathy LOVES her butt played with, so I bent her over and begin to nibble and lick all of her ass. She was getting into it and so was I. I put my fingers on her clit as I continued to put my tongue all the way up her buttcrack. Her pussy was very wet and warm so I decided to go for it. I was going to screw Kathy in front of her b*****r in law! I got Kathy on the bed on all fours facing the window I was on the side of the bed behind her. I pulled out my hardon behind Kathy (I didn’t want my b*****r to see my dick) and gently slid it into her. She said how warm it felt. At first I pumped her slowly and then started going faster. I am doggy-screwing my cute wife in front of his horny bother-in-law! His view was of Kathy’s facial expression and her jiggling boobs. I loved the fact that Dave knew how much his conservative s****r-in-law loves to screw!
I finally blew my load into her and it was amazing. We have sex probably as much or more often as most thirty something couples but this was with an audience! After we finished, Kathy put on her pajamas to meet Dave back in the living room. I noticed that Dave stuck around to peek at naked Kathy putting on her PJ’s.
We came back to the living room and after a short while, Dave said he had to leave. As I walked him to his car he just said, “man, she is hot. I can’t believe I saw that!” I said, “yes she is. Abby (his wife) is hot too. Now it’s my turn, I get to grab her ass next time you come over!” “Of course”, he replied.
This happened about six weeks ago. Two weeks ago, Dave and Abby came over to hang in the pool. I had a brief but nice encounter with Abby when we were in the pool. I’ll share that later.
Also, I’ve decided to post a few pics of Kathy on my profile (no face). I’d like to know what you think Dave would specifically like to do with her. based on comments and interest, I may post more.

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2 years ago
i love this!!
2 years ago
I'm a voyeur at heart, so needless to say I love your stories. Please tell us about your last encounter.
2 years ago
Great story. I try and leave the blinds up for the neighbors....sometimes she notices, sometimes not...we do have one in the bathroom one third open. I often wonder what the neighbors see....I know they get a great shot of ass....
2 years ago
So so hot. My brothers wife is hot too. This is a new fantasy for me. Definitely post more. She is very sexy with great curves.
2 years ago
Another good one.
2 years ago
Love your story. Very hot and sexy, but believable. True storys usually so much better than obviously fabricated stories.
2 years ago
2 years ago
another great story!
2 years ago
Great story...looking forward to the pics!