Mom & Son Horny Resort Day5-A.M.

"Good morning honey, good to see you're finally up!" mom said while gripping my big hard red cock. She was jerking me off she said for the past twenty minutes until I awoke from a great nights sl**p. "Do you feel like getting your big cock sucked this morning baby?" Mom asked. I nodded my head yes and placed a hand on moms head and pulled it down to my boy beef, mom opened her hungry mouth and swallowed my hard-on down to my hot nuts! She bobbed her head up and down deepthroating my i****t loving hard cock. I lifted my legs up high and held my them wide apart to watch my mom give me a hands free power suck job. After a few minutes, I pulled my legs back further and directed her head down to my pungent sweet smelling little shit pit. Mom licked rim like a superstar while I stroked my plump slick boy stick, "Isn't that so fuckin' cute, mommys eating her son asshole while he jacks his big cock!" to our surprise Miss Wanda was standing there by the door with two boys.

Miss Wanda was holding hands with the boy wearing only high heels and a strap-on. The boys were nude and their cocks were big, erect, and wet! "Do you mind if we join you two?" Miss Wanda asked. My mom pulled her head from between my cheeks and said, "Ooooo, yeah! Look at those handsome wet young cocks!". Mom sat at the edge of our bed and then Miss Wanda and the boys walked up to my mom. The boys sat and then laid back to receive a couple of stiff gripped hand jobs while Miss Wanda got her rubber ding dong sucked. I found a nice place to put my tounge as I knelt down and buried my head between my moms legs. He pussy was sopping wet and it smelled so sexy, I serviced my slut mothers naughty wet twat while she serviced the hard boys and Miss Wanda! While I was licking moms hot wet horny twat, she became more furious with her pleasurings that she went wild and had one of the hung boys pop his big hot load all over my moms big d-cup rack! Mom couldn't take it any longer and so couldn't I, so mom stopped sucking Miss Wanda's big rubber cock and ended up on her back spread gapping wide open! "Come on honey, slide that hung piece of meat between your legs into mommy's hot juicy twat!" mom demanded, so I stood up and aimed my throbbing hot beef right at moms inviting wet gash and pushed myself into her motherhood.

I dicked my mom slow and deep to the aroma fresh hot load splattered on her big hot tits and also while she traded sucking cocks! Miss Wanda found her place licking moms ass and pussy while it was being fucked by her son, not only that but she went the whole nine by licking up my cock shaft as it was being plunged deep in and out of my moms red hot cunt, she didn't stop there, she licked my balls and even my dirty asshole! Miss Wanda was licking, sucking, and tounge fucking moms and my sticky wet sex pieces untill I started having my first hot ejaculation of the day! "That's it baby fill momny up, oh gawd yes.... you're gonna make mommy cum on your big cumming spurting cock, OH Gawd damn it, Yes baby....that's it! Release it to me....Yes....OOOOhhhhh yeah, yeah mommys cumming too....uuhh fuck uhhh fuck, OOOooooh yes!" mommy shouted as she got fucked and jizzed in. I collapsed along side my mom and we started french kiss making out while Miss Wanda sucked the other boys hard cock as she fucked my mom with her huge strap on dong. Everyone was sweaty and it smelled like raunchy sex in the room, but everyone was having a great time getting off! The boy who blew his load was sucking moms tits and licking his own fresh cum off her while laying next to mom while she tugged his limp dick, Miss Wanda was going to town blowing hard young cock while banging moms well cum soaked twat and making it fuck fart creamy noises. Mom and I tickle licked each others tounges while I rubbed my drained boyhood on moms hip.

Miss Wanda took her strap on and took it off after making my mom cum again and handed to mom so she could suck and savor the sexy flavor of her and her sons sexual delights. Miss Wanda went to her hands and knees and said, "Ok k**, you're the last one left standing. Get behind me and ram that big hard cock in me baby!". I could see in the mirror behind Miss Wanda her ass and hips were nice, round and beautiful. Her asshole was pink in the center with a taint of brown surrounding its tender opening and she had a naughty kinky cunt gashed open and dripping wet and she had red lipstick smeared all over her lips making it look like a whores mouth! Miss Wanda came close to mom and pushed her legs back and went down head first and ate moms creampie delight, and very soon after she began eating moms pussy the boy mounted her nasty cunt and fucked Wanda hard and fast like a ten minute whore!

The two dirty bitches shouted and moaned as they were getting off with the boy, he would slam Wanda hard and fast making her head do the same on moms silky gash. The other boy and I held moms legs back to the point of breaking so Wanda could get her tounge deeper inside to lick out the last drip drops of salty nut I blasted inside her! "Oh shit you little dirty motherfucker, I'm gonna fucking cum! OOOhhh, you little cock sucker, fuck me harder you bastard......AAAHHH..... I'm cumming.......AHHHHH Fucker, fuck, fuck me.....AHHHHHH.....!" Miss Wanda shouted while getting pumped with cock. The boys bald cock and balls were covered in red lipstick as though he had gotten a dirty blow job from a hooker on crack and soon enough Miss Wanda and mom started having orgasms together! Mom was squirting hard all over everyone and Miss Wanda squirted all over the hung bastards chest, cock, and balls making him close to unleashing his torrent of ball spices! Sure enough the boy jumped up over my moms face and started to jack off using the squirts to help him squish fuck his hand to blast off in moms mouth and on her pretty face. Mom wiggled her tounge then Miss Wanda wanted some cum and came in close to wiggle her tounge with mom for his hot apples seed! The boy jerked hard and fast letting out moans and building high pressure for the ho's to take. He kept them at bay, stroking and moaning, stoking and moaning untill he started firing his huge hot cum spurts like it was in slow motion! Big splooges of thick creamy cum spurted out like he was squeezing a shampoo bottle to plaster the pretty and sexy faces of the two bitches taking his molten hot sauce. Mom drank his nut and kept swapping it back and forth a few times with Wanda before gulping it down! They both ended up sucking the bulbus head of his shinking cock until he turned and collapsed on the bed.

Everyone got what they needed and shortly afterwards we all cleaned up and went for breakfest!
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6 months ago
i have stroked to every word in this series
2 years ago
I beg you to continue
3 years ago
fucking great please continue
3 years ago
it is nasty good but i think at that age i would have been hard again & did wanda in the ass as she did your mom
3 years ago
I thought it was nasty good