Mom & Son Horny Resort Day4

I woke up with a rock hard cock and mom was stroking it while she was watching porn on the television! "Good morning baby! Did you have a good sl**p?" mom asked before going down on my stiff cock to suck on it. "Yes mom, I had a great nights sl**p!" I replied while getting my cock sucked good by mom. Mom deepthroated and gagged on my big solid cock while she fingered her dripping wet cunt. I was watching the television and the resort was feeding a pornographic movie of some of the visitors that attended, there were many young boys getting sucked and fucked by their hot horny mothers! Miss Wanda appeared many times in the show and helped guide some of the boys inside their mom for the first time, and she even took some young hot cocks herself! Mom was blowing me so good that she had me fill her hungry mouth with a huge hot load!

After awhile, Miss Wanda came to our room and asked us if we wanted to do a triple x photo shoot and of course without hesitation, we agreed! Mom and I were eager and very excited to let people take photos and see us in sex action! We figured a large amount of people and perverts were going to play with themselves seeing a sexy horny mom doing sexual acts with her young hung son. Mom and I ate lunch and after that mom took a shower and let me jack off on the toilet while watching her clean herself and masturbate her hot twat! When I was ready to pop my boy batter, mom squatted then opened her mouth and started to finger fuck her naughty snatch! I cocked my hammer back and held it for a few seconds and then began firing streams of hot molten lust lava in her mouth and on her pretty face while she diddled her pussy to a liquid eruption squirt of her own!

A few hours later, mom and I made our way down to the photo shoot. Miss Wanda greeted us and asked which theme we wanted to use for the filthy photo shoot. There were a few to choose from, one was the good ol' fashioned prostitute mom with slutty cock whore attire. Another one was, leave it to mommy beaver with conservative dress clothes! Yet, another theme was moms hot jungle cunt where mother and son dress up in tiny cloth attire!

Mom and I finally agreed and chose the one we like most, "sex slaves"! Miss Wanda gave us our costumes and asked us to come out to the set when we were done! It didn't take me long to get dressed because I was only required to wear a collar and a pair of black latex crotchless pants. Before I went on set, Miss Wanda had given me a high dose of viagra and wacked my cock hard as stone! Once that was done, Miss Wanda and I made our way to the set!

All we had to do was wait for mom to come out, but in the meantime I took notice to the setting! It was dimmley lit and garnished with steel spikes, in the center was a steel cage with a round table the spun around. My cock was throbbing and ready for my moms hot holes and the anticipation was driving me crazy! I started playing with my massive beefstick and noticed Miss Wanda was our photographer, while she snap a few photos of me beating my meat before mom finally walked out looking like she was going to give me the works!

Mom was wearing a black shiney latex mask over her eyes, and a one piece body suit with platform heels to match her mask! She was holding a cat o' nine tails in one hand and in the other hand she held a martini glass! "Ok mom, I want you to walk around your son and flaunt yourself and tease him for a few moments!" Miss Wanda directed. Mom did what she said and lightly used the cat o' nine and teased my young hard prisoned cock by brushing it up and down! "That's good mom, just like that! Tease his fresh young fuck rod!" Miss Wanda encouraged while snapping shots. Mom continued to tease my cock and balls like a good mommy master! "Bend over and give me your hot tight ass mom and grab and squeeze his meat hard at the base, make it rage and bulge mom!" Miss Wanda instructed. Mom did what was demanded while we were photographed! "Good, good, look at his cock mom, see what you are doing? You have him maximized!" Miss Wanda exclaimed. Mom had my meat tower fiery red and harder than it has ever been!

"Ok mom, let's see those big tits, but if he looks at them I want you to bend him over and whip his little ass!" Miss Wanda said. Mom partially unzipped and pulled out her big round d-cup titties, and without a doubt my eyes were fixed on them. Mom turned me around and whipped my ass cherry red for looking at her big sexy juggs! "You're a naughty boy Franky, you shouldn't be looking at your mothers barenaked cans!" Miss Wanda proclaimed. Master mommy whipped my ass and we were being photographed! "Ok mom I think he had enough, but now Franky needs to be rewarded for his dirty deeds! Get up on the table on your hands and knees Franky, spread your mommy marked ass wide and wait!" Miss Wanda commanded. "Now mommy, put your face in his crack and give him a good lickin' while milking his meatpole!". Miss Wanda directed! Moms warm tongue probed my hot balls, chode, and smelly asshole while slowly jerking my boy pickle as Miss Wanda took snap shots!

"Yeah..that's it mom, clean your sons dirty shithole!" Miss Wanda vocally observed while taking more photos. Mom milked my big heavy cock and then Miss Wanda my mom to start sucking me off! Mom dropped to her knees and I stood up and put my dirty slave cock up to her face, "Now mom, I want you to place your two hands on his tender ass and make him fuck your face! Go ahead and suck his cock like there's no tomorrow!" Miss Wanda demanded. Mom pushed and pulled my lower body and made me fuck her hot wet sloppy mouth! "Franky, I want you to cum all over your moms fucking face!" I was informed. I used my moms throat to get me to the point of eruption and blasted a huge squirt down it before I pulled my volcanic cock out of moms mouth and just stood there and left it do its magic all over my slut mothers masked face! "Ooh yeah, yeah...! That's it Franky give it to her, yeah..., ooh yeah, Yeah....!" Miss Wanda exclaimed while snapping the shutter as fast as she could. My moms face was plastered with hot seed and she looked like a total slut. "Ok, got it take fifteen everone!" Miss Wanda stated.

Mom went to clean up abit and took a piss and even smoked a bowl of mary jane, but while she was doing her thing I did mine with Miss wanda! Right after we were told to take a break Miss Wanda approached me and bent down and began rinsing my still rock solid cock with her thristy mouth! "Come over here with me baby, I have to reload another roll of film!" We walked over to the equipment table and Miss Wanda picked up her film and bent over! She pulled up her miniskirt and spread her legs and said, "Now slide that big hard cock in me you little motherfucker!" I buried my bone in her backyard and slammed it in and out while she fiddled with her camera. As soon as she finished I started making her cum ,she let loose and screamed as I kept nailing her horny hot cunt! Miss Wanda kept cumming and cumming and cumming as fucked her so hard that she came at least ten times consecutively! Her twat gushed while I pounded and while I was mom came up behind me and started fingering my asshole! Miss Wanda pulled herself from my ridged meat stick and collapsed to regain her breath. My mom walked over to her after finger banging my ass and started french kissing her while I cleaned up and took a hit from moms bowl!

"Ok you two, back on set!" Miss Wanda said. Mom and I took our places and waited for our instructions. "Mom, I want you now to give Franky a little peek at that pussy of yours!" Miss Wanda directed. On my mom latex suit there was a zipper around her crotch that ran around from front to back, when she finished unzipping it I seen her hot bald cunt dripping wet and wide open! In fact it was so dripping, that it trickled down her inner thigh, "Mom and Franky get on the table, mom you get on your hands and knees and Franky, you mount your slut of a mothers twat!" Miss Wanda demanded. The table started rotating slowly before I entered my moms motherhood. My cock slid in so easily and I began to slowly fuck my mom while Miss Wanda took different angled snap shots of my young hard wang in mom scalding hot pussy! "I want to see the whole thick length of mommy's sons sex toy, I want everone to see what she gets at home!" Miss Wanda informed. I pulled out of my mom and just poked my piss hole into moms rose budded sopping wet puss! "Oh that's great, look at that why don't cha! It's huge hard and red hot, and that's what mommy gets off with, with her baby boy!" Miss Wanda said while flashing many more pictures. "Ok, now fuck your moms naughty twat Franky!" I fucked mom really hard and made her cum and spurt all over while we were being photographed! Mom moaned and sheeked as she cried, "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard, make mommy keep cumming! Aaahhh.... you little cocksucking bastard, mommys cumming on your cock....! Yes baby, bad little motherfucker you!". Mom came multiple times before Miss Wanda had me dismount my sex crazed cock slut mother.

"This is going to be it you two dirty i****t fucking perverts! Mom bend over the table and place your legs together as close as you can and as staight, that's it mom nice and tight! Franky, I want you to lick your mother hot asshole and make sure you stick your tongue it deep!". Miss Wanda directed. I placed my face close to my mom beautiful heart shaped ass and immediately discovered the pungent smells of a well fucked sloppy wet cunt and a dirty smelly pink puckered shithole! It triggered the a****l instinct in my brain just like a dog sniffing another dogs ass, my cock thumped and pulsated and so after it began I started licking my moms hot fucking ass crack! "Good boy Franky, clean her up good and make sure you get her ready for some good asshole fucking!...... Yeah, good boy now spit on her shithole!" Miss Wanda pronounced. I spat to wads on moms asshole and then got up on the table squatted down and began fucking my mom in the asshole like a dog! I slowly sank my boyhood in moms asshole and worked up a pace to where I was pushing it in and out four times a second! Mom moaned and I grunted while mom was getting her asshole fucked deep and hard! "Franky you're making mommy cum up my asshole! That's honey don't slow down fuck it deep boy! Ahh...fuck, yes, yes.....Aaahhhh! Oh gawd...! I'M Cumming! Fuck me baby, fuck mommys asshole, yes...yes.....YES!" mom scream while squirting like a fountain! "Go for it Franky, cum up in your mothers fucking asshole!" Miss Wanda demanded while taking photos left and right. "Here I cum mommy!" I said before digging my fat young red hot cock balls deep in my moms destroyed pooper and unleashing hot sonny seed! I kept cumming and cumming even Petey Norf would be ashamed of his own bucket dumps, until a few minutes later I was done!

Mom took hold of the martini glass turned around and squatted over it, she then began to fart the cum load enima I had given her into the glass filling it up and overflowing the cum cocktail glass. Mom took a big gulp and let out a refreshing breath and placed it on the table. Miss Wanda took the glass of jizz and shit and gulpped it down in one shot and said, "That's a wrap...ewwwa!
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7 months ago
Awesome stories
3 years ago
whens the next installation coming??? i love this series
3 years ago
i fucking love it
4 years ago
excellent naughty serties it should be miss wanda's turn to get fucked in all 3 holes by all the boys
4 years ago
yep, sure does! Keep it up big boy!
4 years ago
Fabulous this just keeps on getting better.....looking forward to the next installment