Mom & Son Horny Resort Day3

This morning mom and I were awoken by knocking on the door, I jumped out of bed with a boner and opened the door to see Miss Wanda standing there with envelopes tucked down and partially sticking out of her nylons. "Hi baby, I see you two are up! Is your mommy up too?" she asked with a grin. I said yes and let her inside. Her and I walked over to the bed, Miss Wanda sat on the bed and I took my place standing next to my mom. My mom was excited to see my morning wood, and then asked Miss Wanda what was up before mom took my hard young cock in her hot wet mouth.

I was getting my cock sucked by mom as Miss Wanda explained what the envelopes were all about! "You and your boy are invited to the moms & sons contest this evening!" she stated as she fingered my mom! I was getting sucked good and fast by mom as Miss Wanda couldn't resist eating my mom's hot pussy! She informed my mom and I about some details before making my mom cum, and soon afterwards I popped my hot loads all over moms pretty face! "So I guess I'll see you horny fuckers later then?" Miss Wanda remarked before licking her fingers and leaving our room.

Most of the day mom and I stayed in our room and did naughty things together such as smoking pot, watching porn movies, taking dirty photographs of each other, fucking some toys we brought along, and playing pee games! We were naughty all day untill we were set and ready for the contests! Mom was looking like a total whore just wearing red pumps, torn fishnets, and a garter belt! Her cunt was freshly shaven bald and her big d sized knockers hung out. She was looking like the mabeline queen and her hair was curled loosely. I didn't even want to leave our room, but time was ticking!

We arrived at the stage area and took our seats and soon afterwards Miss Wanda came out on stage requesting all the young boys come around the back of the stage to begin! While in the back Miss Wanda informed us of what we were going to do, after a many of the boys made their appearances it was my turn for the spotlight! Miss Wanda had called me out and instructed me to take my boxers off and sit down on the chair that was there. As I did so, Miss Wanda was dressed up in work boots and wearing high cut crotchless denim shorts and a holey tank top wearing a hard hat "wet slut" labeled on it! Music came on and she started dancing around like a stripper! My cock was getting hard while I played with it and I was stiff the music stopped and she started sucking me off! I was at my maximum stiffness and thats when she pulled a yard stick from under the chair and measured me! "We have nine inches of boy cock here!" Miss Wanda proclaimed before recieving applause from the crowd. "ok, baby don't you cum, you may need it later on!" she said before sending me back stage. After all the boys were finished Miss Wanda announced a winner, "The biggest boys hard cock goes to.......Joey, with twelve fat inches!". I thought to myself whatta lucky k**, but third isn't bad before returning to my seat and getting a big kiss from mom and a tug on my cock! A few of the other horny moms gave me congratulations and touched my beef stick!

" Ok, now all you hot horny mommies come on back here, it's your turn!" requested Miss Wanda! After a few minutes a dark skinned beauty came out on stage wearing a cheerleaders uniform and she had pom-poms! She had a great body and did a strip tease she pulled her top off and her tits were hot, they were c sized and her nipples were pierced! She fondled and played with them before she took her sport shorts off to open her legs to show her hot pink pierced pussy! All the boys were wacking off and a few ever shot their jizz, but before the slut took her pom-poms and fucked her twat to an orgasm! Us boys jerked off and few shot sweet spunk as we watched many hot bitches do their routine until finally it was my moms turn!

Mom came out on her hands and knees wearing a headband with white fluffy puppy ears and a short white fluffy tail and she also had a red collar around her neck! She turned around parted her legs and gave the crowd and I a good look at her gapping wet bitch cunt! She jerked herself off and then shot a big exploding piss into the crowd! Boys were popping their hot cocky juice all over before my mom pulled a fake doggy dildo from her garter belt! It was huge red and weird looking and then she started sucking it in front of everyone! She played with her naughty twat as she tickled her tonsils taking its rubbery profile in and out of her mouth! I couldn't hold myself back from the sight of my mom and the boys who were shooting their nut all over everything that I had to stop stroking my cock to just let it throb untouched! Mom was such a sexy bitch and then she reached back and began fucking her hot wet snatch! She barked, whimpered, and growled until she started cumming and squirting like a naughty bitch mom! Cocks were coming and soon her show was being applauded! Miss Wanda came out and said "here she is mommies and boys, the horniest mom!".

" Franky and our other winner Joey come up here and fuck this bitch!" Miss Wanda exclaimed! We took to the stage and soon enough I slid my hot cock in my moms red hot twat and fucked her doggy while Joey got his huge hung cock sucked! I slammed my meat deep inside and inseminated my awsome mom! I pumped and pumped and pumped my load and as soon I was done, Joey followed suit and packed my moms cunt with his big cock and started fucking her creampie! It was a total fuckfest out in the crowd, moms sucking cock, getting fucked up the ass, pussies getting filled with hot seed, and bodies drenched with cum! Joey was making my mom cum again and taking in part he joined with my mom and filled her making her pussy hole gush!

My mom wasn't yet down and shouted she needed more cum and cunt, she ate wet pussies while she got fucked by many horny pink cocked boys! It turned into a mommy bukkake as boys finished on her face,tits, and in her twat! She had ten consecutive orgasms until she was worn out! Miss Wanda went over and made out with my mom until soon the lights came on and the show was over!

I Let my mom know how thrilled I was this evening before we made our way back to our room. We took a hot shower and I fucked her in the ass before we said our goodnights and fell asl**p holding each other!
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i am loving this series, wow
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Oh my, so hot!
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next part?
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nice TY
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ive loved this little 'mini-series' youve put on! thanks so much
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fuck yea!
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great story