Mom & Son Horny Resort Day1

Mom was flipping through one of her adult magazines and found an advertisement for a f****y vacation resort. She was very interested and dialed the telephone number and spoke to a booking agent for a half hour before paying by credit card a weeks reservation for her and I. She never looked so delighted, but when I asked her where we were going, she just smiled and said "you'll see baby!".

After three months mom and I packed our clothes up and headed out for a seven hour drive to take our vacation and along the way she refused to let me in on where we were going. We made it out to the countryside to an area by a lake, and we saw the road sign we need to take stating "f****y resort road". Mom said, "twenty more minutes baby and we're there!". It was a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere and my anticipation was really starting to overwhelm me. Finally, mom and I saw a large white vinyl fence surrounding the grounds of the resort, with great enthusiasm mom reached over and squeezed my inner thigh and said, "We're hear baby!".

My jaw dropped when I read the large sign on the face of the establishment reading "Motherfuckers Hotel & Resort". "This is gonna be better than that rat farm where most families go sweetheart!" mom said before parking the car. We grabbed our bags and made our way inside. Once there, we were greeting by a hot red headed topless milf, "Hello, I'm Miss Wanda! How can I help you two sweethearts?". "Yes, we have reservations for two!" mom replied. "Your name darling?" Miss Wanda asked. As they discussed the details, I was having a look around the lobby. There were coin operated condom dispensing machines and next to them were lubricant machines. I heard someone talking and looked behind the machines and saw a seating area where a sexy lady in a bikini holding out her hand trying to catch a load while she was jacking a boys hard cock! I heard her say, "Come on baby, do it for mommy!" and after she spoke the boy began popping off his spunk into her hand! Mom was finished with checking in and Miss Wanda showed us to our room.

Our room was very lavish and we had a great view of the lake. Everything was decorated passionately with red and pink furnishings, the center piece of the room was a big heart shaped bed coved in silk sheets! "Isn't this exciting honey?" mom asked, which I replied "This is gonna be so hot mom!".

Mom opened up a bottle of wine and poured us a couple of tall glasses and we talked about the place while we drank and became tipsy! Mom changed into something more comfortable, she put on a pair of tight fitting sport shorts which really showed how hot and firm her ass was, and also a tight tank top without a bra. Her tits were huge and her nipples were stiff and pointed. On her feet, she just wore a pair of white sneakers without socks. Mom was ready and comfortable enough to take a walk and see what the place had to do for entertainment.

As we walked down the hall and passed by the other rooms, mom and I heard moaning and shouts of sexual pleasures emitting from behind closed doors. The first public room we came across was marked, "Look at my hard pee-pee mommy". Mom and I walked in and saw a couple of boys playing with their hard cocks infront of their beautiful hot milf mommies! "How about you show your mommy your hard pee-pee honey!" my mom asked. I eagerly pulled my shorts down and gave my mom a real good look at my throbbing hard cock. Mom smiled as I gave her different poses of different angles of my boy bone as she smiled and groped her hot d-cup tits. I squeezed my meat at the base and shook it quick for her. She was very aroused and asked me to beat it off for her. I tugged it and pumped it hard as she gazed at it turning bright red. Mom licked her lips and all of a sudden, her and my attention to the other two boys and watched the blast their loads off for their mothers. They moaned and grunted as one boy blew his hot nut all over his moms black dress and the other jizzed all over his moms face!

All this excitement made mom and I halt in wonderment to see another hot room of mom & son lust. Just away down the hall was a room we found marked, "Peep on mommy". Inside we saw a dark haired milf lying naked on her back fucking her furry wet cunt with a big black rubber cock while her two sons were jacking their hard cocks! While she was slamming her gaping wet gash she said, "Do you like seeing mommy fucking big black cocks you little dirty bastards? Yeah that's it, watch mommy get fucked!". Soon the boys stood up and showered their mom with big loads of hot cum. My mom was aroused and took her top off and dropped to her knees and started to blow me while the milf rammed her cum splattered cunt to an orgasm. I let my mom suck on my raging hard cock untill I was about to dump my hot seed but had her stop because I didn't want to pop yet. There was one room yet on this side of the building we had yet to see!

On the brink of sexual satisfaction, mom and I retained ourselves enough to find the room marked "Keep it a Secret". The room was empty at the time, but on the wall were the rules of the room. It stated that mommy was going to let her son penetrate her horny wet pussy as long as you don't tell anyone. My mom said, "My prince, mommy wants you so bad, but you mustn't tell you father!". "It will be our little secret mom! I won't tell anyone!" I replied. Mom pulled her shorts down and threw them on a table. Her body was so beautiful, her big juggs hung down pointing the way to her flat tummy which guided my eyes further down to her furry trimmed mommy muffin.

Mom laid back on a used dirty bear rug and spread her long hot legs and said, "Come on my prince, stuff mommys pussy with your hard throbbing cock!". She pulled me down on top of her and I had no trouble finding her sopping wet hot gash with my boyhood! I slid my cock in her deep and made her gasp. She grabbed my ass and started to hump my thrusting hard cock. "That's it baby, fuck mommys horny cunt! Dick your mommy baby!" mom moaned. I quickend my motion as I nailed my moms euphoric hot pleasure hole, "that's it baby, fill me up with your hot seed! daddy doesn't have to know!". "Oh mom, I'm going to cum!" I informed her, "Cum for mommy baby, fill my motherhood up, yeah, oooh that's it, shoot it! Oh god baby, fill it!" mom demanded while I was erupting my volcanic boy nut deep in her cunt! Mom began cumming on my cock as we both were getting off at the same time, she screamed in pure lust as her made a mom/son cum cocktail!

Mom and I were startled to hear a voice say, "looks like you two are already having one hell of a time here!" and then seeing Miss Wanda standing there touching her red muffed pussy. More surprisingly she walked over to my mom and started eating my moms cum filled snatch! After Miss Wanda enjoyed her fill, she e****ted us back to our room and left us alone touching and feeling one another up before we fell asl**p.
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1 month ago
loved this story,wish my mom would have taken me there i was always horny for her. i would have been very willing to fuck her but i guess i never got that point across to her.
1 month ago
Fuckin luv these family stories, so dirty n hot xxxx
7 months ago
I was hard throughout...
1 year ago
Wow! Good stuff, great story so hot!
2 years ago
Sounds like a fun place
2 years ago
Mmmmmmm is all I can say
2 years ago
nice hot and horny story....
3 years ago
nice start !
4 years ago
excellent start
4 years ago
4 years ago
i want to where is this hotel
4 years ago
very hot
4 years ago
Nice stuff. Look forward to reading part two.
4 years ago
great hot story
4 years ago
very nice cant wait for day two TY
4 years ago
great story so hot!
4 years ago
great story will be looking for day 2
4 years ago
Wow! Good stuff, please keep going!!