Mommy Whore In The Backyard

It was already a hot morning this one summer day and my sexy milf mother only made it hotter! When I woke up this morning mom was down in the kitchen cleaning up abit, we had a talk and she said she was going to do alittle work outside! She went up stairs and I made myself some breakfast. When she came back downstairs my eyes must have almost popped out of my head because she looked like a sex goddess! She was almost naked except that she was wearing a bikini and heels! "Hi honey, if you need me I'll be out front watering my flowers." mom said. "Mom you can't go out front looking like that!" I tried to inform her. "Why, am I gonna get arrested or something?" mom asked. "No mom, but the neighbor boys are going to be all over the place staring at you!" I stated. "That's the idea baby!" letting me know before picking up a watering can and a bag of something and headed out the back door.

I couldn't believe she was going to parade around outside like that! Her long toned silky legs, along with her tight round ass with the bottom of her cheeks left uncovered, and her big beautiful d-cup sized tits all for the neighbor boys to see! I was worried about being embarrassed, but when I looked outside and seen her wearing her sun hat and her blonde locks of shiny hair, I started thinking otherwise. Wow, my mom is a cock magnet! My dick pulsed as soon as she started bending over to sprinkle water on her plants. Her love bug just bit me, my cock became rock solid and started throbbing. I walked over to the other window parted the curtain and then pulled my shorts down. I tapped on the window to gain my moms attention, and when she looked over at me I pushed my ass up and pointed my big hard up in the warm sunshine. She seen what I was sporting and smile before she ran her hand down to her pussy for a good feel! I stood there watching her while I was beating my meat. She did her watering while do poses, like bending over and spreaded her legs and poured the water from the can infront of her motherhood. She'd look over and blow me kisses from her ruby red lips while touching her coochie! I had to stop beating off, because I knew that I'd be able to have mom herself make me cum. I decided to join her out front.

I walked outside to see the neighbor boys staring at her and smiling like they were in love! One of the boys were brave enough to approach my milf mommy, and he to had a boner just like I did. He said hello and asked my mom if she needed any help around the house. Mom looked down and seen his stiffy and said, "sure sweety, I could use some help. So why don't you go around back and wait for a few moments, ok?". As he made his way to the back yard, two other boys followed suit and approach my mom and I! "Hey boys how are you two doing today?" mom said to them. "We're doing real good Mrs. Smith!" they enthusiastically exclaimed! "I can also see you boy are having an exciting day right now." as mom looked at their erections in their shorts. They asked if they could help also, in which my mom said yes and told them to go out back and wait for her. Mom touched herself again and I then notice her bikini was damp by her pussy. I helped mom finish up with the flowers all the while with a big hard-on. When we were done I followed mom to the back yard while staring at her hot ass.

I was shocked by what I saw when we made our way into the back yard, it just so happened that mom had hardcore porn magazines in the bag she carried out and the boys were flipping through them! "Alright boys, I see you found the porno mags I left out for everyone! I hope you like them?" mom asked. They shook their heads yes and said they're great! " Alright then boys, I'll get us some pink lemonade and then we'll get back to work!" mom stated. Mom served the drinks and as we drank them we looked at porn and had some laughs! When we we're finished, mom to a seat and said, "Come here Franky, mommy wants to show the other boys what they should being doing with those hard cocks they have!". When I went to my mom, she reached over and pulled my shorts all the way down. "Oh god franky, look at you! Whatta pretty hard young cock you have!" mom mentioned as she took hold of my boy beefstick. "Now boys, I want you to take your clothes off one by one so I can look at you, ok?" mom requested while she was giving me a tug job. My mom watched the boys undress and took very good lustful looks at them and their young hard pink cocks. "That was very well done boys, now gather around mom!" she informed. As we huddled in close to mom, she took turns wacking us off trading cocks frequently. Mom was breathing heavy and moans as she jerked the neighbor boys and me off.

Mom jerked the one boy off so good that he started to hump my mom hand to the point that he started shooting his hot load, "that's it baby don't hold back, give all to mommy!" mom directed as the boy was spritzing all over moms thigh. "Oh yeah,good boy!" mom said before she pulled her bikini bottoms to the side to expose her hot wet parted bald pussy! Her lips were pink and enlarged, and her clit was so excited! She took her finger tip and ran through the hot salt solutions the boy had just givin' her and rubbed the pearl juice in swirls around her horny clit. "Franky, untie my top so you boys could see and play with mommys big tits!" mom demanded. Without hesitation I did what she said. The boys and I foldled my moms lucious hot tits while we jacked our hard cocks! My mom was so turned on and extremely horny that she opened her silky hot legs and began to finger her firey wet cunt! We all having a good time playing with each other out in the back yard, and soon our horny situation was going to get hardcore!

Mom stood up turn around and gave us a show by slowly peeling her bikini all the way down to her feet, and as she was bent over and all the way down she was giving us a view of a lifetime. Her nice smooth round ass, along with hot pink asshole and perfect hot wet twat was in right infront of our eyes! She held that position for a few minutes. "Come on boys, I know you like what you see! Now go ahead and feel mommy up!" mom allowing said. It was wonderful, as we ran our hands up and down her well toned legs and ass! Mom shuttered and moaned as we felt as we played with her sex honey holes! "Ok, boys time to get things moving!" mom said before getting up and taking a seat on the edge of the table! Mom opened her legs wide and said, "Franky come to mommy and eat my hot pussy while I suck some hard pink cock!" I went down and started licking my moms fragrant wet cunt lips and pointed clit, and as I was giving her oral pleasure while she began sucking the other boys stiff boners! Mom placed her hands on my head and push her hot twat into my face and started to gyrate her hips as she sucked, slobbed, and spit swallow the other two boys stiff young dicks. Moms moaning was muffled by the hard boy boners she was sucking off, but we knew she was having a great time! She took the cock out her mouth and said, "Franky, stand up! Now fuck your naughty cunt mommy! Do you boys wanna see Franky fuck his horny moms cunt while you get your cocks sucked?" The one boy could'nt resist my moms slutty desirs because right before I line myself up to my mom, the boy started spurting his hot sauce all over my moms big juicy hot tits! He was a very heavy shooter as her poured his boy sugar all over her rack, mom moaned out loud as plunged my hot salami fast and deep inside of her scalding hot motherhood! We watched her have the other boy stand over her and made him squat so she could start licking his puckered little shithole! I rammed my mom slutty cunt as I watched her lick ass while she milked the boys cock. My mom was screaming filthy words when I began to make her cum, "Oh god franky, I'm cumming! that's it, oooh, uhhh.... fuck me! fuck me you little motherfucking bastard! Uhhh..." she violently screamed! After she came she took to her hands and knees!

"Come her Franky, I wanna taste your cock baby while the neighbor k** fucks my ass!" requested mom. We took our motherfucking position and started to work on my whore mothers orifices! Mom was so fucking hot because she was covered in cum and she was perspiring heavily and her hole smelled of hot sex! I was impressed with how well the neighbor k** was slamming my moms tight pink shitter as my mom whimpered while blowing my cock! He quickened his thrusts plunging my moms ass and as soon as he did that my dirty slut mother started deepthroating my throbbing hot cock! I asked him to fuck her harder and well enough he did, mom started moaning loudly again with my cock buried in her throat she opened her mouth wide so she could still suck deep let out moaning breathes of sexual satisfaction! The boy was really fucking my whore mommys ass silly and while he fucked her ass she reached under and began jerking her pussy off. My mom started cumming hard again and worked her twat to high flying squirt fest! she sceamed so loud that I bet you could hear her from a block away, while mom was cumming hard from fucked in the ass and pissing everywhere, the boy finally started to dump his hot volcanic load deep in my mom horny shit pit! My mom had him take his young meatcicle out nice and slow because she loved having hot cum soaking up her shithole! My slut mommy move up and squated down and looked me in the eyes and said, "come to mommy Franky, mommy wants to make you cum baby!". I walked up to her and stuck my tools right in her face and she went back to sucking my cock with passion only a slut mother could have for her sons hot sausage! She jerked me while she let me fuck her mouth, I placed my hands on her head and drove my young explosive dynamite stick in and out of her cum thirsty mouth! She sucked and moaned passionately as she began to fart the hot jizz that was pumped deep up her naughty ass. I concentrated on noises her ass was making while I get my cock sucked off good by my filthy cock sucking mom. It really turn me on knowing my moms ass was a dirty cum dripping noise maker, and that had me ready to unleash all the liquid fire pent up inside my cock and balls!

Mom was not willing to stop blowing my hung cock, so I had to pull it from her. Oh yeah, it was about to explode and mom really wanted it! I knew because she started to finger her well fucked honey holes. She farted more cum from her ass knowing how hot it sounded! I gripped my cock tight and gave her a dose of her own noisy medicine as I wet pumped my hard cock infront of her face! "Ooh yeah baby, jerk that cock for slutty mommy, make it shoot baby! Come on baby, mommy love your hot salty cum! Pump that cock, faster baby that's it, yes! Blow that big load for mommy cunt!" she instructed before opening her mouth wide and waving her tounge up and down in desperate need! I lined my shot up aiming for moms cum thristy throat, cocked the hammer back and held it for a moment, and fired a huge hot buck wad straight to the back and down her throat! She gagged and choked from it, but swallowed it down and recovered to except more hot cum. She fingered herself while I filled her mouth up, drank it down and soon after she cumming and squirting again! I was still ahead of her and started splashing her pretty face with hot shot after hot shot of piping fresh boy jizz! I covered her face just about completely before I was drained out! Mom looked like a dirty soccer mom cunt, but damn did she like her young cock. "Come here to mommy boys, I want you to smear your cocks all over mommys face while I taste them!".......
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Pure filth. Excellent.
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very nice
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Hot story!
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very hot
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Nice story what a slutty mom
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hot story
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very good
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nice TY
4 years ago
I hope you enjoyed it! Sorry about the minor spelling errors, I'm trying to find out why it occurs, might happen after upload?