Birthday Mom

The morning of my 18th b-day dad & mom let me know that they have something special planned for that evening. I had some errands to run and treated myself to an easy day. I did some shopping and had a great lunch. I was very xxcited to see what they were going to do for my party.

When I finally arrived home, dad greeted me at the door and directed into the living room while wising me a happy b-day! Only a few moments later mom walked in dressed in lingerie. "Happy birthday honey!" mom said. She looked so sexy in her pink lacy teddy and pink heels, her hair was curly short blonde and she wore her makeup elegantly. Immediately mom came to me and dropped to her knees and then dad said, " whip out your cock son and play with it infront of moms face!". I pulled my slacks down to my knees freed my motherfucker from its concealment. I waved my cock and balls up and down while mom inhaled the scent of my young package!

Mom took deep breaths and moaned after each one while I'll stroked my cock stiff. "That's it son, get it big and hard for mom, she loves young strong hard cock!" dad exclaimed. Mom opened up her mouth and grabbed my huge erect jolly rancher and leaned into it. She sucked on it like it was her favorite piece of hard candy! I placed my hands on the back of her head and started fucking moms throat while she rubbed her soaking wet slit! Dad came over and pulled moms tits out and then took some photographs of mom sucking my cock off. Mom was being a real cock sucking slut and continued to deepthroat my teen beefstick. " Fuck her mouth son, mom loves it!" dad said while snapping more photos. I bent down lower over my mom and grabbed her head tightly and started fucking her face hard! I crammed my cock deep in moms throat trying to gain every velvet inch.

I pumped fast and pumped hard until I was packed in as tight as I could reach and unleashed my tight balls of semen fury all into the back of her throat! She took a big hot charged blast of cum directly to her tummy before gagging on my homemade pudding, I pulling my cum furious cock and splashed her beautiful face with heavy stream after stream of hot liquid salt. Mom opened her mouth for another heaping helping of teen boy cum! Mom needed to spit alittle out so she could swallow most of the rest. As mom was being fed hot icing I continued to keep on jutting more jizz all over her big tits and finally giving her a sticky pearl necklace!

Dad took more photos while I posed with my cum dripping cock next to moms bukkake looking appearance. I scooped some jizz up with three fingers and stood mom up and rubbed the liquid gloss all over her stiff clit and wet gash! Mom was on fire and horny as a bitch as I fondled her wet twat. Mom and I jerked eachother of while dad got comfortable by getting naked, his cock was huge and hard while he teased it with his hand.
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