two weeks apart

This is our first story and it's more of a test really but is 100% true. Having spent the last two weeks on a training course 300 miles from home, the only way i (mat) could relieve my frustration was to wank furiously, leaving many, many spunk stains on my bed clothes...luckily for me, my amazing wife Fran, kept me visually stimulated with some amazing pictures.

I got pictures of her pussy, her pussy with a rampant rabbit deep inside it, a retro white dildo deep inside her awesome wet hole, the most beautiful pictures of her pussy lips, clit and glorious hole, pictures of her tits, even one of her licking her own nipples as well as some full length mirror pictures and more.

All of these pictures helped me wank myself to a stupor night after night leaving my pants and sheets covered in my cum, meanwhile, she sent me messages informing me that at the same time as sending me the pictures she was making herself cum several times with the pictures of my hard cock i was sending back to her.

But today....I'm home, and once the house is ours, i will be fucking my amazing wife and fucking her hard, i've already managed to slip her a finger and feel her clit with people sat in the same room and she managed ever so briefly to get my cock in her mouth and suck of the precum.

Tonight, I will spend a LONG time licking her neck, shoulders chest tits, nipples, i'll work my way down and lick her cunt with my fingers deep inside her hole, it won't be too long before she cums in my mouth as we've been apart, i'll push my cock deep inside her until my balls press hard against her arse and she'll cum again, finally i'll take my cock up to her mouth, she'll suck me til i cum and i'll finger her clit til she cums for a third time and finally we'll kiss and share each others juices before falling asl**p in each others arms......

.....chances are i'll wake up in the night and do it all over again.
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