For My Lanny

Lanny asked me to bring my girlfriend Cindy, and I did. She, like me, is very beautiful.
It will give him much pleasure to have us both. He has a very large bed with blue satin sheets. There is a big padded chair nearby, facing the bed. I'm stripping naked for him as he tells me what to do, he told me what to take off and how he wanted me to slide each piece of my lingerie ensemble off for him. I slide my straps off my shoulders and caressed my breasts cupping them in my hands as Lanny tells me to pinch my nipples. He loves the sight of my firm lovely breasts, he tells me to run my tongue over my hard nipples and run my hand down between my legs and run my fingers over my panties. He tells me he loves my wonderfully shaped legs. Now slide my nightie off and let drop to the floor Lanny requests. As it falls to the floor I stand before him in my silk panties rubbing myself. Lanny tells me to slide my panties aside and show him my nicely shaved pussy. He tells me to pull my panties down as I slide them down to around my ankles and step out of them.
Lanny tells me to sit in the chair now, with my legs over each arm, spread wide for his pleasure. He tells Cindy to strip as I study her. Her tits are superb, her nipples pink. Her ass is pert and saucy. As Lanny tells her to get on her knees before me, and begin to lick and suck and eat my pussy. She is licking my clit, up and down, spreading those perfect cunt lips for her to have better access inside me. She is licking and probing with her tongue.
I watch as Lanny stands and strips. I love seeing his semi-erect cock spring out as he pulls his jeans down. I am eager to suck it. Lanny strolls over and presents it to my soft, moist lips. I take it in my mouth, and begin to feel it harden as I suck. When his cock is throbbing hard, he slides it deep it my mouth gripping my head and forcing me to take it down my throat. Pulling out of my mouth he goes to my Cindy, laying on the floor under her, he begins to eat her pussy, licking, sucking, probing wildly, she moans as his tongue probes her making her grind on to his face. After Cindy gets very wet, Lanny raises up, gently touches the side of her head, to let her know he wants to eat you, too. They both are licking the warm, pink lips and clit of my beautiful cunt. They kiss and suck on my clit, and my spasms begin as I cum, Lanny and Cindy lap up the nectar of my pussy juice.
Lanny stands and moves to Cindy’s rear, as she continues to lick and suck my cunt. He rubs his hard cock between her soaking wet pussy lips. This is the first man Cindy has had in her in over five years since she came out as a lesbian. Lanny slides the head in as Cindy gasps looking up at me to see if I am going to stop him. No way, I want Lanny to take your tight little cunt Cindy my love, I want you to know the pleasure his cock gives me when we fuck. Lanny pushes in forcing his cock into Cindy as she moans and Lanny begins to fuck her wildly from behind, thrusting and fucking like a man gone mad, and Cindy moans and cries with pleasure. As I watch, and as she continues to lick my sopping wet pussy, I cum again, just as Cindy screams aloud in her orgasm.
Lanny strokes her pussy a few more times and withdraws from her, moving to me he lets me taste Cindy’s cum on his cock. He gently moves Cindy aside; stepping between my thighs pulling my ass to the edge of the chair Lanny places the head of his cock at my wide open pussy. In one hard driving stroke he enters me the full length of his cock ramming deep into my womb. Pulling out slowly he looks deep into my eyes and begins to fuck me hard as I am sprawled wide open in the chair. Fucking me harder than any man has ever fucked me, Lanny is driving me crazy as I cum over and over, squeezing his cock as the walls of my cunt spasm. His cock driving into me I shudder and scream as wave after wave of my orgasm sweeps over my body.
Lanny pulls out of me and drags me from the chair, and taking my place telling us to get on our knees and suck his cock. He wants to cum lettting us both taste his cum. Both of us begin to lick and suck his cock, sharing it as we kiss and nip each other as well. Before long, as we both are sucking Lanny's dick and balls, he explodes, and shooting spurt after spurt of his warm, sticky cum on both of our mouths and faces. I continue to suck his cock dry, as Cindy slowly licks the shaft of his cock clean. I turn to Cindy and kiss her deeply tasting my Lanny’s cum on her tongue and lips. Licking the last of our lovers cum off our faces we snuggle our heads onto his lap awaiting his next wishes. He will be hard again soon but that is another story, I wonder when Cindy last had a cock in her ass and a strap on in her pussy at the same time? To be continued.
Love the way you make me feel Lanny hope you like this XXX Fran

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4 years ago
I absolutely love it!
Thank you, Baby Doll!