The Shine in her eyes...

This is my first story ever written, feedback welcome!!!

Meet Sam; he's just a regular guy living in a normal life. This story starts in May of 2006 when Sam first locked eyes with Katie. Typical girl, short nice body and a beautiful face. Even after meeting at a get together they both had no clue what was about to take place in the future. A couple of drinks later at the party, they started an intense converstation about relationships they've had in the past. It was pretty clear that neither of them were ready for a relationship but wanted each other's company. Nothing ever transpired that summer between the two... and they lost touch...

After the summer ended, she left once again for School out of town. Sam wasn't pleased about losing his close friend but had to deal with it. Flash forward to June of 2010. Sam enter's a house party and locks eyes once again with Katie. He notcies her shining eyes yet again... He see's the spark in her eyes flattered with joy. He begin's to walk towards her and notices a ring on her finger. To shy to step away now; he sparks the conversation. The two laugh and have a great time... Katie introduces Sam to her fiance Mike. A couple of hours go by, everyone is still drinking heavely and the party continues on.

Sam is speaking to another friend about the situation and Katie walks by pulling his arm towards the door. They both silentely sneak out into the backyard. After a few ackward moments, Katie kisses Sam softly... she confesses that she really loved him but didnt want to start a relationship in 2006 because she knew that she was leaving. She's regretted not speaking to Sam in the past 4 years...

Sam realizes that she's not joking, taking a step back he realizes that he missed his chance earlier in their friendship. "What about Mike?" he gasps. She responds: "He just left in a cab, we are flying back home tommorow." Sam knows that this might be his last chance...

He grabs Katie by the waste and they start kissing each other, mouth open with their tungs swirling around in rapid fashion. He then confesses the same, that he had always loved her. She pulls him closer whispering in his ear "Take me to your place...". Sam is undecided at first but he knows he would love to spend the night with Katie. They jump into his car, and drive off into the night. She leans over the in car and begins to caress Sam's penis with her hands... "I've always wondered what this looked like... Can I please take it out and see". "Sure" Sam replies. She slowly pulls out his 7inch penis and beings to stroke it. Sam pushes on the gas racing to get home... as she laughs and tickles his penis.

They arrive at his place, barely making it into the house. Grabbing each other, fondling they're chests. With both of them ripping their close off, Katie looks up at Sam: "I don't allow it this way; but can we have sex without a condom?". Sam is surprised... and agrees to the request. She leans down onto her knee's and begins stroking his penis with her soft hands. Her other hand grabs his testicals and begins to message them. With one gulp, she swallows almost his entire penis. Sam let's out a groan for a second, almost as to hint (Am I really doing this right now?). She began sucking his penis, the feeling was amazing. Looking up at him, with this little shine in her eyes almost meaning that tonight she was his little slut. She continue to slurp and lick the head of his penis while stroking the shaft. Up down, up down her hand was dripping with sweat on the side of Sam's penis. After a couple of minutes Sam's penis was extremely hard. The feeling of her tung was sensual he enjoyed it very much.

He sat her up, opened her legs slowly. He began to slowly lick the side of her legs, and swirling his tung into the top part of her vagina. "I've never had a guy do this to me Sam?" she replied, he said: "Then sit back and enjoy". He began licking her vagina and biting in and around the lips. He could feel her pussy begin to clinch and start discharging new liquid. He kept going and swirling until she froze in discomfort having never experienced that. He ate her vagina for 10 minutes while she kept wiggling in joy.

Then, he turned her around and mounted her doggystyle. Trusting into each other he started slower than normal, but sped up the pace within a couple of minutes. She moaned loudly and was loving every second of it. Sam kept going, began the spank her ass until it was red. Pulling, Pushing back and forth this was the best sex that Sam had ever had. He kept increasing the speed... meanwhile she was extatic and moaning louder. After 25 minutes of doggystyle, Sam was drentched in sweat. He was trying hard not to cum too fast for Katie. Katie began playing with his penis again, stroking and inserting the top of it in her mouth.

With another swift move: "Don't cum too fast Sam, I want it in my mouth" she says. Sam out of breath nods to her... He pushes her onto her back and holds her legs up. He begins to fuck her again, this time harder. He inserts his finger into her mouth and watches and she pretends to suck his finger. He then grabs her hair and begins to really fuck her. She started yelling louder than before as this felt great. Another 15 go by and Sam is getting near his end. "Katie, Im going to cum soon" he whispers. She replies: "That's fine, I want to swallow all of it". He reaches down and pulls out his penis. Stroking it with his hand she grabs his balls and begins to fondle them. With 30 seconds of stroking he came... right into her mouth. When she felt the cum on her lips, she wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and took all of the cum into her mouth. Swallowed the entire load and began sucking his dick again. At this point Sam is shaking and can't beleive what had just transpired. Katie was the picture perfect slut that he had always imagined... but he wanted a relationship not a one night stand.

"I hope that was great for you too" she says. "Very much": Sam replies. "I'm going to jump in the shower" says Sam. He walks towards the shower and she begin cleaning herself up. 10 minutes later Sam walks into his room and notices that Katie's gone. A note left on his bed...

"Dear Sam,

I will always love you, but we missed our boat. I always wondered what it would feel like with you. Thanks for the best night of my life...

Love Always,


Sam crumbled up the note and realized that it was only for tonight... that his love was now gone... Sam now hopes that one day, he can see the shine in Katie's again.

The End.
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4 years ago
very good story well written
4 years ago
Thanks Claudia! Yes you are correct.. the entire story took about 30 minutes to write hehe.. I've sent a friend request your way.. maybe you could proof read some of them for me?
4 years ago
hi there fr33yay0!

I like your story a lot!
Though sometimes it seems like you were in quite a rush writing it and a few words are missing it is still very enjoyable. I myself have just written my first story and it could have used a little more proofreading too :) Just to bad there isn't an edit function to fix some minor issues once you posted it...

Please feel encouraged to continue writing for i really like your style!
I'll save this one to my favs and will be checking for more every now and then.

Greetings from europe,
4 years ago
It's not a true story.. but its my first ever written. thinking about starting a second one.
4 years ago
Unusual black romantic sex - will he ever see the eyes of his big love and lust shine again?
Well told - sounds like true story.