The Next Day

One day I was sitting in a lecture at University after an extremely heavy night out with my friend. The weather was terrible so there was only about 10 people in the lecture and we sat in the back. The previous night after a lot of drinks me and her kissed a lot and I knew I wanted more.

She is so hot, almost 6ft tall, curvy but slim, I had fantasied about her for some time.

I closed my eyes as was feeling the full effects of the hangover but opened them again when I felt my friends hand on my knee. I wasn't sure if this was a mistake or if not what did it mean. I stayed still and decided to let her make the next move and what she did do next stunned me. Her hand moved up my thigh.

I turned to look at her and I could see in here eyes she wanted more. I instantly got a hard on, I could feel it under her hand. Rather than pull away she began to grip on it and rub.

She took my hand and placed it on her thigh and guided me up to her pussy. It was dripping wet.

She unzipped my trousers and began wanking my cock and I pulled aside her underwear and played with her clit. I made no noise but I was screaming in my head and I could tell by her face that she was doing the same.

Her body began to shake and she was struggling to keep quiet as she came. She placed her hand over the tip of my cock as I was cumming and I soaked her hand and to my amazement she licked every drop off her hands.

The lecture finished and everyone left but we just sat there amazed at what we had just done. It was then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and looked, it was her best friend she had came in through a door at the back I had forgotten about.

I suddenly felt so embarrassed but I noticed her fingers were wet and she was breathing heavily and I could see in her eyes she had saw what we had done and had played to it.

Indeed later that night we were all having drink before the most amazing threesome.
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1 year ago
Very nicely done.
1 year ago
Good start. Need to pad it out a bit and give us more details. Especially about the 3 some