foxxiroxxi gets fucked by a black bull at a costum

I was invited to a costume party by a good friend of mine named lexi , she has been my friend since we were k**s and knows i love to dress up as a women from time to time so she invited me and i accepted . The theme of the party was tight and short so unless you had the dress code on you dont get in . Lexi and i had to go shopping for new outfits to wear , we head straight to this dress shop that only has sexy club wear and dresses that only just cover your privates which was exactly what we wanted . Now both us were going to this party looking like two girls that wanted nothing more than cock as simple as that . Our outfits spoke sex , if we could not get cock in these outfits we will never get cock .
The night of the party comes around and we spend the day at the beauty sallon getting hair nails and make up done . We go home open a bottle of champagne and get dressed , mmm mmm lexi looks so hot she will have no trouble with men . Me however being a xdresser might not have as many to choose from but there will be plenty of people like me there and hopefully some guys who like people like me . So as we are walking up to the entry we are greeted at the door and let in , instantly i notice so many sexy guys and gals dancing drinking and talking . Lexi and i go to the bar and get a drink when two guys come up to talk to us . Both hot guys but as i turn around i notice a black guy walk in mmmm mmmm so hot and big wow , back to the two guys at the bar i discover they are not into xdressers just women so looks like lexi has both of them to herself . I didnt care i was trying to find that black guy . I go for a walk to look for him , as im walking around i get some lovely comments but i cant stop thinking about this black guy .
After about 40 min i go back to the bar for a drink as i order there he is standing next to me so i look at him and smile , he smiles back and comments how sexy i look .
That made me so horny i just winked and left a note for him to meet me in 10 min in the upstairs toilet. I left and went upstairs and locked the door . Knock knock wow could it be him i was hoping as i opened the door to see this spunk standing there . I grabbed him and we started kissing passionately at first then tounge kissing mmmm fuck i was in heaven as i locked the door and dropped to my knees to feel the monster cock in his pants aaahhhh mmmmm wow you have a huge cock .
Shut up slut get it out and suck it .
Ohh yeah i love it when a man talks to me like that .

Ok then slut how about you suck my black cock till its hard so i can fuck your throat you sissy white slut , worship my black cock sissy , when im done you wont want any cock but mine you will be my very own sissy slut sex slave .
Fuck listening to him talk to me like that i come in my sexy gstring trying to suck his huge black meat , fuck i am in heaven right now .

Ok sissy get up and turn around as i put one leg on the sink and im taken from behind i feel his huge tounge start to lick my sissy ass , wow i cant beleive how good it feels he was sticking his tounge inside my ass licking me and fingering me mmmmm OMG it feels soooo good as i start screaming in pleasure.

Ok slut time for you to get fucked by a black stud , im gunna fuck you so hard with my huge black cock you will never want another cock , after this you are mine you will be so addicted to my cock it will be better than any d**g addiction , you will beg for me to service you with my huge black cock and i cant wait for it to happen slut .
WOW aaaahhhhhh fuck me yyeeeesssssss ohhhhhh fuck me fuck me wow ahhhh mmmm aahhhh yes thats so fucking good as my black stud shoves his huge cock balls deep into my ass without even easing me into it he is fucking me so hard and fast and deep ive never felt anything this deep inside me before nor have i felt anyhting so thick and hard wow fuck i am getting fucked like a porn star gets fucked this guy is a real stud and by now im screaming so loud anyone could hear me but i didnt care i was getting the fuck of my life and loving every second of it .

You fucking slut i bet you love getting fucked by my black meat dont you yeah. , now get on top and ride your new black bull baby ride me good .

OMG sitting on his cock and sliding up and down his lenght sent shivers right through me i came so hard and continueosly for about 5 mins it was incredible feeling having multiple orgasms as a man . Wow was he right about one thing im his for sure he has me under the spell of his cock and yes i will do anything for this cock .
I told you that you will be my sissy slut after this didnt i , i knew you would be addicted to my cock as soon as i fucked you in the sissy ass , i must admit but you are very sexy sissy slut and im going to have fun treating you like a black cock whore. , but first you need to prove it to me that you want my cock again by swallowing my cum. , ahhh get off slut and suck my cock im coming oohhhh aahhhh yeah thats it slut deepthroat me ahhh im coming yes yes yes ahhh .

Wow that is the first time someone cums in my mouth and as i try to pull up he holds me down saying i can only come up when his cock is clean . He lets me take a breath as im gaging but i make sure every drop is cleaned up because i want to get fucked like that again ,
After that my new black bull and i clean up and head back to the party hand in hand. I cant wait for the next fuck , thats all i can think about and i am trully a black cock nympho xxx
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1 year ago
Roxxi you lucky girl !
Very hot story :o
Cant wait to read about your next fuck with your blak bull
1 year ago
You lucky gurle, love too live that story...
1 year ago
Roxxi that is exactly how this dom black bull makes gurls like you his sissy cum slut whore....when I get the opportunity, I just take the pussyass like it belongs to me....but before I do I tell them that for the next three hours or so they belong to me....take it or leave it....I have not had one white cum whore sissy gurl refuse me.....they fall in love with a dom black bull who will take the pussyass when he wants it!!!
1 year ago
I want to borrow your big black bull. My white bubble butt Tgirl ass loves getting fucked balls deep by BIG BLACK COCKS.
1 year ago
i sooooooooooooo love the storie more plizzzzz
1 year ago
sounds great
1 year ago
mmmm you lucky gurl you