foxxiroxxi takes two BBC,s in sex shop

The other day i went shopping for a sexy fetish outfit for a fancy dress party , the theme was doctors and nurses so i decided to suprise everyone at the party and turn up in a naught nurse outfit with platform heels . Looking online i found a sex shop that had the outfit that was going to blow every girl away at the party. It was red and white extremly short and tight , they also had all yhe accesories to go with it . When i got to the shop there was this big fit and very hot black guy working there , instead of saying i am buying my outfit for a present i decided to tell him it was for me so i could try it on ,this mademe so horny as i love black cock and with any luck he might like what he sees . Can i help you he asked me . Yes you can , i want a naughty nurse outfit for a party this weekend. Ok well here is all our outfits , is it for your girlfriend he asks me . No its for me i cheekily say to him .
Ok well this one looks like your size is that all you are after .
Am no i need everything .
Ok then well this outfit comes with gloves , sexy g-string , stethascope , nurse cap ,
Wow it is sexy its white and red tight and short mmm yep this is the one , ill get a pair of thigh high red stockings and a white pair of platform heels .
Well i think you would look good with a strappy pair of heels , we have this pair and here are the thigh high,s .
OMG this is going to look hot i think to myself , then marcus thats his name comments how good it will look . Now all along ive been getting caught starriing at his cock area , when he made the comment i noticed a huge bulge in his pants , wow it was huge and made me want to drop to my knees and pull it out right there in the shop. I had to try the outfit on because i knew i could tease him and maybe get some black cock action in the shop .
Do you mind if i try the outfit on to see what it looks like on me .
For sure the change rooms are back here ill show you .
As he is showing me way to the change rooms we go past the wigs and i pick a red bob style wig .
There you go just in there roxxi if you need a hand with anything just let me know .
Thank you marcus , well by now im so horny for his cock i dont even care about anything else as im putting on my new outfit all i can think of is his cock . As im putting my heels on to finish getting dressed i hear marcus talking to someone . So i take a look and i see marcus showing another black guy some videos ,not just any videos he is looking at tranny vids , OMG i cant believe my luck two black guys and im dressed in this slutty outfit . Im in heaven as i walk out from the change rooms to the full lenght mirror next to the outfits , as soon as the customer sees me he just statrs at me so i smile at him and say hi , so marcus what do you think do i look ok .
Aahhmm yeah roxxi wow you look hot , you will turn heads at the party i bet .
Thank you marcus ,by now im in full tease mode ,i can see the other guy looking through the shelves and i make sure i do some slutty poses cause by now i know this is my lucky day .
Marcus can you come here please i need something , as marcus is walking over i turn to the oyher guy look him in the eyes and motion with my finger for him to come over aswell ,when he steps out past the shelves i can see the huge cock in his pants , marcus i noticed your cock get hard i take it i turn you on .
Roxxi i want to fuck you so hard im going to lock the door .
I turn to the other guy and say "dont tell me your name just get your cock out " i drop to my knees and am faced with a 10inch long black cock ,wow your cock is huge mmmm i love big black cock i say as i take this strangers cock with both hands im mesmirised by how good it looks ,i slowly stroke it with both hands then i take the biggest cock ive seen in my mouth ,
Fuck it is huge my mouth is streched to the limit as i feel his knob reach the back of my throat i pull out gaging and spitting over his wonderful cock ,
Roxxi you dirty little black cock slut , we are going to make you our sissy white slut ,im going to show why you will never look at a white guy ever.
Yes please marcus show me , turn me into a black cock whore , fuck im so horny i want both cocks so get your cock out marcus ,
Wait slut im getting a black dildo to get your ass ready for my massive cock .
Roxxi get your mouth back here and get this cock in your mouth the stranger says, then the best thing ive ever felt happened to me , marcus is behind me licking my sissy pussy fingering me while im sucking the stranger all of a sudden the stranger grabs my head and at the same time he and marcus fill me up with black cock ,the stranger shoved his cock all the way down my throat macking me choke while marcus shoved the dildo up my ass ,aahhhhh fuck yes oooohhhh aaaahhhhh yes yes that was fucking good wow im in heaven . In a sex shop with two black guys with momster cocks , marcus pulls the dildo out and swaps with the stranger . They turn me so i can see what is happening in the mirror and i come instantly without touching my sissy cock ,just looking at me on all fours one black cock behind me one in front was enough for me to orgasm .
As i turn to marcus i realise he is not fullt erect and he is as big as the stranger ,fuck me his cock was fucking massive i couldnt fit my hand around it mmm now im in total slut mode these guys had me so horny i was willing to let them do whatever they wanted to . As im totally focused on marcuses monster im so caught up in worshiping his black cock i foget that the stranger is behind me until he grabs my hips and pulls back onto his cock ,i feel the head go in and wow did it feel soooo good , slowly he enters me inch by inch making sure im stretched and he doesnt split me open i start takeing marcus in my mouth , fuck me his cock is so big but im determined to get this monster down as far as i can in my throat gagging choking spitting licking sucking his huge balls and then it happens .
Ok slut now we have stretched you enough to take a big black cock you are ours after this you will be our sissy slut for ever ,you will be craving black cock for ever you will do what we want ,our very own sissy slut sex slave
Aaaahhhhhhhggggggg fuck me WOW yes yes oooohhhhh yeeeaaahhhhh thats it boys aaahhhhhh fuck . Im getting power fucked by two black bulls inside a sex shop wearing a slutty nurse outfit and fuck me it is sooooo good being treated and fucked like a little slut by two black guys . They were right im hooked for life this is the best feeling ever ,i orgasm 3 times without touching my sissy cock .
For the next hour they swap around , change positions and absolutly fuck me until i cant take it anymore ,im begging them to stop but they tell me to shut up and take it until we come .
Then i can feel there rythm pick up i could feel them throbbing and they both come at the same time filling my ass up with a huge load and the other in my throat , marcus holds my head as he fills my throat with hot come he makes me swallow every drop .
You make sure my cock is clean slut ,
Omg that was the best fuck ever to date ,i dont know how im gunna top that but fuck it was good and i cant wait to go to the party on the weekend wearing this outfit im sure im not going to have a problem getting cock i just hope there is big black cock .
Roxxi you are amazing you make sure you come back next time you buy an outfit ,
I sure will stud that wont be the last time you get to fuck me . I am going back every week for two months until i had every outfit
Well im hoping to have a story to tell from the party but you can check out the outfit in my pics its the white nurse outfit red wig and red thigh highs and platform strappy heels
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1 year ago
lucky whitey trash sub slut bitch,wish it was my pussy ass sweetie!
1 year ago
Wow what a little sissy slut you are, I'm envious
1 year ago
wow fantastic erotic and sexy story mad me cum all over myself twice
2 years ago
Awesome blog, would love to read more. thank you for sharing it