wife catches me with the neighbour part 2

Sorry i havnt finished this story but im only just getting over what happen on that night .When i left off my wife was about to get the biggest two cocks she has ever seen shoved down her throat .Thats it look at your wife trying to deepthroat two black cocks how does it feel that you cant do anything about it and your wife is never going to be the same again . Well i must admit im kinda getting turned on watching my wife with you guys . Next thing one guy grabs lexis head and tells her its time to feel my monster cock all the way down your throat as he proceeds to f***e all 10inches into my wifes throat pulling out to give her some air then forcing it further down with every thrust . Thats it you little white slut how does it feel deepthroating my black cock . Fuck yeeeeesssssss ooooohhhhhh my god that fucking feels sooooooo good baby. I told you you will like it but wait im just getting you ready for johns 12inches now turn around and let him feel the back of your throat slut . Ahhh yes wow before my wife new it she was getting 12 inches of rock hard black cock shoved down her throat and she was fucking loving it she started deepthroating two black cocks like a porn star . Nothing could prepare her for what was next ,john grabs her head and starts to fuck her throat like it was a pussy i mean this guy was pounding my wifes throat then it was freds turn to fuck her throat . Thats it you fucking slut now you are going to get two huge loads of hot black cum in your mouth and throat and face . Ohhhhh fuck yes please boys do it fuck my throat until you come in my mouth i want both of you one after the other fuck yes thats it i can feel it . I bet you can slut here comes the first load aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes fuck i love coming in a virgin mouth , my turn now oooohhhhhhh aaahhhhh yes yes yes fuck yeah babe . OMG i cant believe im watching my wife get throat fucked and come all over her face in her mouth both guys slapping there huge come soaked cocks on my wifes face .However i was so turned on watching her get treated like a slut by these huge black guys i came as hard as i ever have .As my wife was still mesmerised by there cocks she kept sucking them until they were both hard ,then she looked at me and said now i bet you wish they did that to you ,aahhmm what do you mean babe i ask. Well you enjoyed having a dildo shoved in your mouth so this is whats going to happen ,from now on the roles are reversed you will be my little sissy bitch and do everything i tell you .Im your mistress and you will do what i say. To say i was shocked is an understatement but wow i was loving it so was my wife . Now get upstairs on the bed is a slutty outfit and heels put it on and come back down here take your time because im going to get fucked by my new lovers while you get ready . I couldnt believe what was happening when i get upstairs my neighbour is waiting for me to do my make up and dress me OMG this story is to be continued
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