Wife catches me with neighbors wife fucking me wit

Let's say our neighbor is a hot slut she is always flirting with me and my wife acting all slutty and dressing slutty aswell .One day I was home and I looked out the window and saw Becky my neighbor out the back wearing only a gstring and platform heels ,so I kept watching as I stroke my cock all of a sudden she is staring right at me ,busted, I quickly close the blind and sit on the couch .Next thing there is a knock on the door it's Becky ."I saw you pulling your cock I'm here to do it for you " WOW . Don't be so shocked I know you perve on me all the time so your Gunna be my bitch .What do you mean .Well it's not cheating on your wife if I dress you up and fuck you is it .You want to do what .Listen your name is Roxy and your my bitch if you don't I'll tell your wife we fucked so get in here and let me dress you like a slut so I can fuck you like one .Before I know what is happening I'm dressed in a sexy school girl outfit wearing a pair of platform heels getting a strap on shoved in my mouth .That's it Roxy you slut suck my cock get it hard so I can fuck you you dirty tease .Aaaahhhhh yes wow it felt good mmm that's it I'm getting right into it and then I look up and there is my wife standing there .What the fuck is going on here she says .Lucky my neighbor is a good talker because she had my joining in in no time . When it is over and Becky leaves my wife Lexi turns to me and says" Did you enjoy that baby ". Um yes I did babe "I'm glad because Its my turn now and you are not going to say a thing or do a thing about it " What do you want to do babe I ask . Well I have always wanted to get fucked by a huge black cock I have to know what it feels like to get fucked by a black stud with a horse cock and you are going to sit and watch me be a slave to a black man with a huge cock I'm going to let him do what ever he wants to me and I'm going to love every minute of it making you watch me finally get a real cock to fuck me I'm tired of your little white cock . Ok babe what ever you want . I'm sitting there and my wife walks down stairs looking soo hot I've never seen her look so hot before ,she had a super tight short dress platform heels her hair and make up never looked so hot ever .Babe I've never seen you look so good before I know are you jealous ,Yes I am ,good now look at this I have no bra or underwear I'm only wearing this dress and heels you are going to drive me to the club .I'll ring you to pick me up now go home .A few hours later I get a call from my wife to pick her up when I get there she is standing between two big muscly black guys .They get in the back my wife in the middle introduces us and tells me to drive home quickly .Next thing I look in my mirror and my wife is sticking her tounge down both guys mouths swapping and changing then I look down and they part her legs in front of me revealing her shaven cunt which she has done for tonight .How do you like my cunt shaven babe she ask me ,Nice ,Yep ask my black lovers how it feels .Tell my husband how my pussy feels .Man your wife's cunt feels so wet she said it's never been so wet before it's so tight aswell we can't wait to stretch your hot slut wife's pussy with our big black cocks .Aaaaaahhhhhh yes boys that's it mmmmmm aaaahhhhh fuck yes finger fuck me boys wow aaaaaahhhh yes yes yes mmmmmm fuck me that's it fuck me with your fingers aaahhh I'm coming already fuck yeeeeesssss .I'm driving my wife home watching her get finger fucked by two black guys now we are home she tells me to sit down and watch . Sit down guys on the couch Ill be back in a minute ,next thing my wife comes out in a slutty nurse outfit parading around crawling over to her black lovers sitting on the couch she slowly makes her way up to there cocks rubbing them with each hand .OMG now that's what I've wanted to feel a big cock now i have two fuck these things are huge as she pulls one out the biggest cock she has seen mmmmmm wowowowo I my god you are Gunna fuck me with this thing .Yeah babe not one but two cocks are going to fill your sweet white fuck holes we are going to fuck you like never before and I promise after tonight you will never want to get fucked by your husband again .Mmmmmmm yeah that's it lover stick your cock in my mouth and slowly but surely they take turns stretching my throat like never before .Slut we are not stopping until you feel what it's like to have a cock in your throat .Wow are you going to make me deepthroat these two monsters .Yes we are slut then when you are ready we are going to fuck your slutty throat fast and hard until we both come in your mouth . To be continued part one
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2 years ago
Nice story!
2 years ago
Great story, can't wait to read more from you.
2 years ago
Want more