Xdressers sexual fantasy with my wife's siste

This is just a fantasy storie about my wife's s****r catching me with her boyfriend and actually loving it .It all started one night I had some sexy pics of me dressed up like a women in my phone to send to a male friend .Now I have a great sex life with my wife she let's me play around and i let her so I had these pics and I accidentally sent them to my wife's s****r Lexi .I wasn't bothered cause my wife knows I xdress .A week later we were at a party drinking dancing having fun when Lexi grabs me for a chat about the pics .To my suprise she was fine with it so back to partying when lexis boyfriend who is super fit tall very black and a great guy whispers in my ear "I seen the pics you sent Lexi and I think you are a sexy women you gave me a erection " WOW what a shock cause I never thought he was like that .So anyway it's late and only the four of us left when my wife and s****r in law go to bed leaving me and mark alone .So do you have a girls name he asks yeah Roxy .I must admit mark I'm very shocked " shut up whore I'm going into lexis room and going to bring a sexy outfit out for you to put on .But what about Lexi we shouldn't do anything here .You listen to me Im the man and your my sissy slut and you will do what I say .Ok mark whatever you say .I don't touch cock and I don't like my arse being touched so you know you will be doing the sucking and I'll be doing the fucking "right here" .When mark is gone I can't believe how horny he made me .Mark comes out with this sexy pink grid girl outfit and a pair of platform heels .put this on and parade around I want to see what I'm going to be fucking .Well I can't tell you how horny it was wearing lexis outfit parading it for her boyfriend .That's it slut get over here and suck my cock .Omg I have never seen a cock so big it must have been 12 inches of thick black meat trying to fit all in my mouth was a challenge but once I got there mark fucked my mouth so deep and hard I've never felt anything like it .Next thing I look up and here is my wife's s****r looking at me deepthroating her boyfriend .What the fuck is going on here .Well what does it look like I reply .It looks like you are sucking my boyfriends cock wearing one of my outfits and heels .Mark says to Lexi her name is Roxy how would you like her to eat your pussy while I fuck her doggie .Lexi walked away without saying anything so we continued what we were doing .then Lexi walks out dressed in a shit hot school girl outfit platform black pumps kneels next to me and we both suck marks cock .So Roxy Lexi says you think you can handle marks cock ,I'll give it a go ,well get on your knees and eat my cunt real good I want to come over your face while you are getting fucked by a big black cock my boyfriends cock .This went on all night and when we were finished Lexi told me that was the hardest she has come for a long time and could believe how horny she was until next time
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2 years ago
Wow FoxxiRoxxi i came with your story you are so good thanks