Sissy slut training ends in 3 BBCs final chapter

Well after getting fucked in the car park on the front of the limo by the driver my arse is ready to be fucked by my three black bulls.I have been waiting a long time for this and now I am ready for to be fucked like a slut my arse is Gunna get stretched to it's limits by these black studs cocks .The limo pulls up outside the apartment and my heart starts pounding so hard with excitement I can't wait .We go upstairs and as soon as we get in the door I'm sorounded by all the guys they are kissing me on the neck and in the mouth they take turns stiking there tounges in my mouth .But misstress x has one more suprise she commands them to stop and go and sit down on the couch .She takes me into the room and dresses me in the sexiest white and red nurse outfit that just covers my bum but not my tranny dick my nipples are hard fuck I have never been so horny in my life I am bordering on raveness .Now go out there and show them black bulls just what they are going to be fucking you dirty slut ,I make sure to walk as sexy as I can and put on a sexy show for my men .Wow all three are sitting on the couch with the biggest fatest hardest cocks I have seen but I tease them a little longer .it's when I climb on the coffee table on all fours that it all started . All three stood up and surrounded me rubbing there hands over me telling me I'm about to get the fucking of my life then John grabs my head and just shoves his cock all the way down my throat nearly choking me but I loved it so much then I fell my arse getting tounge fucked ,OMG how good did it feel having a tounge inside my arse .Then the other bull starts fingering me two at first then four wow I am so horny by now my arse will take anything and that's what happens when I feel a fist going inside .Well I thought it was a fist but it was johns massive manhood fuck me fuck me you black bulls yes that's it boys I'm your little white sissy whore now all of you take turns fucking my tranny arse with your hard black cocks .I want one in my arse and one down my throat now I need black cock .I should not have said that all of a sudden at the same time I had my arse and throat filled with big black cock and in unison they both just kept in time pulling out and then going in at the same time fuck this is the best feeling ever and it gets better when they both started getting faster they were about to come .Yes yes don't fucking stop inwant you to come together one In my arse and one in my throat the other in my face .You fucking dirty slut you love black cock now here comes the black cream we are going to fill you up you slut fuck yes here it comes .Wow all three started coming at the same time my arse my throat and face were covered in hot cum .Swallow every bit bitch I'm not taking my cock out until it's clean i want you to suck every drop off slut because that's all you are a little sissy black cock whore .Wow I will never be the same again from now on I am a black cock lover and will never have only one cock again xxx
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2 years ago
Wow RoxxiFoxxi you are so hot i just couldn't belive it I came again lost count but i'm drained