Sissy slut training ends with 3 BBC's part tw

After six months of training to be a women mistress X had a beautician come over to do my nails ,give me a wax and do my make up and hair .I must say I look fucking HOT and I feel HOT .I have hired a limousine Roxy to take us to a fetish club so I can show everyone how well I have trained you .My heart is pounding with excitement as we walk out to the limousine .We arrive at the club and I take my first step out in public ,at first I'm very nervous but after a few positive comments I start to feel better .There was a huge line up for the club but the bouncers point us straight into the club .We find a booth to sit in then mistress X tells me to go get a few cocktails .I walk to the bar exactly as I was taught and believe me I could feels all the eyes undressing me ,this only makes me hornier .so I order my drinks and a guy offers to pay for them so I let him ,he must have thought this was enough to get in my pants so I told him thanks for the drink but I only like black men .As I was sitting down a very sexy tall fit black guy comes over and asked me to dance .I look at mistress and she says I can do what I like ,I'm Roxy ,he says his name is Tyrone ,so dancing away pretty conservative at first then he grabs me and starts dirty dancing with me telling me how sexy I am and how he would love to take me on stage and fuck me in front of everyone .mmm boy was he a sweet talker and a good dancer ,the way I was feeling I would let him do anything to me .mistress came over and told me to go get some drinks while she spoke to Tyrone .When I came back there was three guys sitting at our booth all were black and very sexy .I sit down next to Tyrone he introduces his friends who are really nice guys very respectful .After a few more drinks i could not believe what come out of mistress X .I have trained this sexy xdresser to get fucked like a slut she can deepthroat and she can take a 12" cock up her arse .She loves black cock and would love to get fucked by all you guys at once .Tyrone just smiled and looked at me ,I want to hear Roxy say it .I took a sip from my drink as I put it down Tyrone grabbed my hand and put it on his huge manhood ,tell me Roxy what you want ,I want you guys to take me home and make me your little white fuck slut ,I want to be a black cock whore ,my virgin throat needs to be filled with hot black cum ,Tyrone looked at me grabbed my head and started to kiss me very passionately sticking his big tounge in my mouth as we kissed Sam come and sat beside me ,whispering in my ear to suck Tyrones cock right there ,so I opened his pants and I could not believe how fucking big and fat his cock is ,fuck it tastes so good as I slowly work that huge thing all the way down my throat ,fucking I have goose bumps I have never felt anything like it in my life ,I had to stop and get these cocks home now.In the limousine The guys got there cocks out ,I was in lust all the way home I deepthroated all three guys making them all really horny and hard .I wouldn't let them touch me but mistress pulled out a pink vibrator for me to tease them even more .I was in control until I made them so horny they took control and all three guys took turns fucking my throat deep and hard .after six months of rubber I could not have asked for a better scenario getting throat fucked by three guys with huge black cocks .Then one after the other I let them come down my throat and I swallowed every drop of there hot juicy come .I can't wait to get home
To be continued

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Wow black cock is so great and i just came again i'm such a cum slut have it all over me it's your falt