Sissy slut training ends with 3 BBC's part on

From The first time I met mistress X I knew she was the one .She knows what I'm thinking sexually all the time ,it's like she is reading my mind sometimes so that's why we both get along so well .I'm going to tell you about our first meeting because that will give you an idea as to how this very kinky sexuall fetish I had came true .It was a couple of months back and I put an ad in a sex paper for a Dom mistress to teach me how to act like a women .Mistress X replied so we met for a chat and instantly we both wanted the exact same thing from one another .She wanted a sissy boy to dress up and turn into a sexy tranny. So after discussing a few details it was arranged that I move into her place imediatly to begin my sissy slut training .I knock on the door to my new home and am greeted by mistress X ,she was wearing 6" black platform thigh high boots the sexiest black and red leather corset with suspenders with no bra .She has a very big set of boobs that stood very firm ,wow was she hot . Well what are you staring at sissy look down at the ground now ,from this moment on you will do everything i tell you to do you understand ,yes mistress I reply .Good now we are clear come inside ,your new name is ROXY ,yes mistress X .Roxy let me show you your room ,as I opened the door my mouth dropped and I started crying ,I finally had girls room my wardrobe was full of women's clothes ,shoes ,wigs ,I had a make up table,I had my very own jewelry ,I was in heaven .I was quickly snapped out of my own world ,Roxy this is all yours honey but you are going to have to earn it as she shut the door and locked it ,I'm taken to another room ,this time it's mistress X's room .This is where you will be doing all your training you fucking little slut .Roxy I want you to tell me now your ultimate sexuall fantasy you want to come true when you finish your slut training .Well mistress I have always wanted to get fucked by three black guys with huge black cocks but I want to be able to deepthroat them and take it up the arse just like the girls on the adult films .My we have some work to do then .Every day for six months I will dress you up in 6" platform heels ,different outfits ,teach you to do your hair and make up then when you are looking sexy and feeling sexy you will learn how to walk like a sexy slut does when she is teasing the boys .after that I am going to teach you how to deepthroat a huge cock .and stretch your arse so it is very pleasurable to get fucked .Well I must say the last six months Roxy you have done everything I asked so I think you are ready ,thank you so much mistress this is the best day of my life .But before I got to carried away there was one more surprise .there was knock at the door ,answer that Roxy it's for you ,as I opened the door there is this hot lady standing there ,are you Roxy ,hi I'm lexy your beautician mistress X asked me to come over and give you a wax ,do your nails and make up for your big night .I started to take her to our room when mistress unlocks my bedroom and says I have earned everything I get tonight.Wow my first time in my room I've been waiting for this a long time .After about 4 hours my nails are done I havnt got a hair on me and my make up on mistress comes in and dresses me in a super tight short dress a pair of sexy platform heels a very small g string no bra OMG I feel so fucking sexy and horny I feel myself leaking pre-cum out of my girly cock.'Well Roxy you are ready you look amazing so I am taking you out to a fetish club to show you off .
To be continued

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2 years ago
you made me cum again
2 years ago
Can't wait for the second chapter :)