throat fucked by two black photographers

Well for a very long time i would go to a hotel room to dress up in my sexy outfits and set my camera on auto and take my own pics .After a while i got bored with that and wanted to do a photoshoot with a photographer so i rang around and found a guy who would take my pics .I went out and brought this sexy nurse outfit the day of the shoot this was the first outfit i wanted to wear .The night finally was here i am all dressed up make up on feeling very nervous but excited i reakon you could see my heart pounding out of my chest.There is the knock on the door when i opened it there was two very hot black guys wow this night just got better as i love big black cock .I have always wanted to get fucked by a black guy and here were two hot guys going to take my pic i have never been so fucking horny .Well the photo shoot starts and i have both guys taking pics and telling me how sexy i look thats when i look down to see this fucking massive bulge in one of the guys pants.As i was flirting with them all night it looks like my plan worked .I could not wait any longer so i just said to them that i have had a fantasy about getting fucked by my photographer they both wasted no time in putting down the cameras and stood either side of me .OMG they were the best looking cocks i ever seen and the biggest.I told them as i stated to suck the two biggest black cocks that i had planned this all along thats when the studs started holding my head and jamming there fat cocks down my throat where no cock has gone before making me gag and choke on there massive black cock meat .Fuck it felt sooo good getting my throat fucked deep by those rock hard black fuck rods, once my throat was stretched nice and wide and the further they got there cocks down my throat the faster they got until both guys were taking turns fucking my throat .By now my black studs were really horny and rock hard, they were talking dirty to me telling me they were going to come in my mouth and throat calling me a slut and wat they would do to me for making them horny.Mark asked if i have had a guy come in my mouth before i told him i have never had come in my mouth before but by this stage i was going to do wateva they wanted, so mark starts pounding my mouth and throat so fast and deep my tranny cock was so hard i came without even touching myself ,then as he pulled his cock out i got the first taste of hot creamy black come in my mouth,mmm it tasted so good then he grab my head and shoved his cock in and out my throat while he was coming deep down inside me it was the fucking best feeling i have ever felt an 11 inch black cock coming down my throat,i was instantly hooked on the taste of black cum .Just as i got my breath back its johns turn, now this guys cock was thick and long and he had the biggest load of come ever .I was in love with big black cock for ever .I will tell you i got fucked like a little white slut by my two black stallions all night they made me dress up in different outfits to fuck me in .I will tell you all a special story soon as i am waiting for my two black studs to come over and take me to a fetish club i wanted this night out to be my first fuck story xxx
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1 year ago

That was really hot and erotic and makes me crave BIG BLACK COC KS all over again.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Wow got me all hot and horny
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
nice story...have you posted the pics?
2 years ago