Hymen Repair Vaginal Rejuvenation Designer Vagina Liposuction Vaginal Wart Kegel Exercise Hysterectomy Prolapse The average size of vagina Many women don?t know the size of their vagina, as they normal won?t measure it for any reason. You might have an estimate of the size during encounter. However, vagina wall is very elastic so one might not know the exact size of their vagina this way. Some women believe a tighter vagina will bring more pleasure for both party. It is somehow true since a tighter vagina mean more pressure and friction. A loose vagina might be embarrassing, but the question is, how loose is too lose? vagina size vary in differnt time When your vagina is relax the vaginal wall collapse to each other. The diameter is less than once inch and the length will be around 3 ? to 4 inches. However the size changes when you are ready for intercourse. At that time the diameter of your vaginal is not the same throughout the vaginal tunnel. The narrowest part will be the opening of vagina and wider as it go deeper in to the vagina.Usually the front part of vagina has a size of one and a half inches. As we go deeper in to the vagina, the diameter is larger. The backend of vagina usually has a diameter of 2 1/2 inches. The length of vagina also changed. The front vagina wall has the length of 2 ? inches and the back end is 3 ? so the total is around 6 inches. However, the size will be change after c***d birth because of the extreme expansion of the vagina. Many women complain they feel loose and lost the control of their bladder. It could be correct by kegel exercise and vaginal tightening surgery. Oh my god how could it fit? You might think 1 ? inches is kind of small for a male?s genital However, you vaginal wall is very elastic so it can accommodate most size. It can stretch enormously in length and width. In normal stage, muscle around vagina is relaxed and collapse to each other. However, the inner vagina wall will expand so it is longer and wider. Average woman can handle a 9 inches long and 2 ? inches wide. 60 % of woman has normal vagina size where 10 % has smaller and 30 % has larger vagina. If your vagina is too big, you might have the following problem • Less satisfaction for you and your partner during intercourse. • Fanny Farting - air getting in and out of your vagina. • Bad bladder control. • In come case it will develop prolapsed in middle age or later, which is serious matter. To improve your vagina size, consider kegel exercise regularly. However, in some case when Kegel exercise doesn?t work, tightening surgery can be an alternative choice. LINKS • Abnormal vaginal bleeding • Vagial Dryness • Vaginal Infection • Vaginal irritation
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