Good Workout at the Gym

Sunday afternoon it was overcast, rainy and cold. I want to get out of the house but wanted to do something that would be inside. I had not been to the gym for some weeks, do to other plans. Its only 15 mins. from the house so I hopped in the car and was there in the warm dressing room in no time.<:f>

There were only a few men there that afternoon, I guess the threat of sleet and freezing rain kept most away. I undressed and picked up my towel and swim trunks and headed to the showers before going to the steam room or pool. I showered and was going to put my trunks on when a good looking man walked in with his trunks on to shower. He had been in the steam room.

He was about my height but much thinner, almost to thin for my liking. But in the hair department he was black from his nose to he feet. I had not seen hair on a chest that black. You could not see his tits or pecks. It was so black that it almost looked fake. He walked over to the shower across from me and stood facing the wall. Never said a word. Slipped of his trunks and had a very hairy ass I might add too, still he was facing the wall. I started playing with myself in hopes he would see me if he turned around. He had not touched himself at all, as a matter of fact was starting to wash his short black head of hair.

I kept my eyes glued on his fury butt and back. Then he turned around and I would have dropped the soap if I had had any. What a COCK.... It was 7 soft thick inches of very dark colored meat. Much darker than the rest of his skin. Just a long cock sticking out of that black body of fur. I could see no nuts, if he had any (and I am sure he did) they were covered in fur so that you could not see them. He chest was so black that, as I said you would not see any skin, just that, now growing longer cock of his.

I was getting very hard. He finished washing his hair, never looking at me directly, just backed into the shower and kept his head down. He stood there for the longest, just letting the hot water run down his back.

I was breathless, and still slowly stroking on my cock. I was rock hard. Again never looking up at me, he started pulling on the head of his cock, ever so slowly. He was hard too, but in a downward position.

Just then he looked up at me and looked me straight in the eyes, at the same time pulling on the head of his cock. I could not stand it. With out even looking to see if there was anyone else in the hallway leading to the showers or in the next shower section only a few feet away, I dropped to my knees and put that long fat cock in my mouth. I slowly took it all the way to the base and pushed my bearded face into his balls. He reached up and put both hands on the back of my head, have one thrust, knowing that I had taken all of his fat cock all the way down, and then moving his hands away in a matter of seconds, I released my sucking grip on his cock and stood up. It seemed like I was there a long time but it was only about 15- 20 seconds. I know by the traffic that any longer and you can get caught, by someone coming in the room.

He looked at me and smiled and licked his lips. I stepped back under my shower and got some water. I no longer had stepped back when he took one large step to me and leaned over and also went all the way down on my cock. His mouth was as hot as the water running over my back and he too, took all of my cock in one stroke.

A couple of good strokes and he was standing back under the showers. A couple of men came walking through as its also the hall to the pool and steam room. We just stood there looking at each others hard cocks, then faces, then cocks. Another man walked by and started to shower in the stalled just behind us. One can't see from one to the other so him being there did not stop any of our playing in the showers for the next half hour or so.

We took turns sucking and slowly stroking each other. Putting our cocks together and stroking them with the hot water running over them. Soaping them up and putting them between each others legs. Once he whispered in my ear, so that I could hear him over the sound of the showers, "If you fuck like you suck, I want to ride your cock some night". Anytime I said, knowing that we most likely would never meet anytime soon if ever again. I have met a lot of men there but seldom do I play with them again or in some cases see them again. With 6 clubs in town and most men not being there the same times each night, as I am its rare that one would meet again, with no one around.

But we made good of our time and ended with me holding him and fingering his fury butt hole as he stroked off till he came. He really shot a big load and just kept cuming and cuming. I could feel his hole contract every time he shot. I made me so hard cum was dripping from the head of my cock as the hot water washed it away. He was one hot man and I hoped to see him again soon.

He dried off and left long before I was finished.

Then just this past weeknight, I decided to go to the gym again and who should be there but the same man, again with his trunks on and standing at the same shower, washing his hair. I was pleased to find out that he
was just as much fun to play with the second time as the first. We had a bit less time in contact as there were more men in and out of the showers and you had to hide your stiff cock now and then but we still managed to get each other off again.

I offered him my phone number but he said no he was married and that this was the only contacts that he would have with out making his wife wonder where he was. I said I would be more than happy to meet him here any time he wanted. He two did not come on the same night or time frame, so I can only hope that we meet again soon.

He was one hot man in the showers. Its for sure one thing, we were very, very clean.

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HOT shower encounter!