One Night in the Old Tunnel

Last Saturday night about 11:15 p.m. I was driving down town along the river front. I decided to park and take a walk in the downtown area. I had not done that for several years.

I parked the car and started walking to the old train station, along the way there was a underground passage under one of the main streets; 12th I think it was; as the traffic lights were against me I went down the stairs and under the one block walk to the other side of the 8 lane street.

The passageway was only partly lit and about half way along the curved walk, some of the old lights had been knocked or burnt out. I guess it might have been 50 yards or so of darker space, and as I walked, I almost did not notice someone bent over like he might have been tying his shoes or something. I had on my tennies and was not making any noise as I approached him. I could then see that he was taking a dump right there in the tunnel. His pants down around his ankles and his ass clearly visible, in a way a real turn on. He didn't even know I was there till my shadow crossed his backside.

He looked up frightened like a rabbit. He had on jeans, white underwear and a denim shirt. I just said, "Don't get up." He was about 25, or maybe a little younger, nice looking, a nice stash, crew cut hair, He said "Excuse me Sir." From his reaction he must have thought I was a off duty cop or night watchman. I just got that feeling; anyway, so I decided to play along, after seeing that he would be no threat to me.

I asked where he had been and was going. " I was at The Union Pub" he said, a known gay bar, "How come you did not use the rest room there." I said. "It was to crowded, Sir." he said. I liked that Sir on the end, so again I wanted to just see how far he would go. I told him to stand up and leave his pants down, and he did.

I could see that he had crapped on the concrete and asked if he wanted some paper to wipe his ass. He said yes and I handed him some that I always carry just in case I get some cum on me; mine or someone's else’s. I bet he felt degraded me standing there watching him clean his ass crack. Good that was just what I wanted him to feel. Slut that he was, shittin’ there in the dark walkway.

I asked him his age and he said, "24 Sir." I also asked where he lived and if he was meeting his friends some place later on that night, and reminded him that it was getting late. He told me his name was Pete, he lived on the East side about 20 miles out of town and that he was meeting his friends later on at another club, that I knew to be gay also. I guess he felt very strange standing there in sim-darkness with his pants down around he feet, talking to a stranger, butt naked, cock and balls hangin down, with someone that he thought could be a cop.

By this time my cock was really hard and I think that he could see my hard cock in my pants with what little light was coming in from the other end of the tunnel.

I then said something like you know its against the law to defecate here underground and on city property, he said he knew that and would do anything for me if I would not turn him in or report him. That was the opening I was looking for.

I unzipped my pants, and let my hard cock out and told him to suck it. He didn't need to be told twice, he was down on his knees in a flash, sucking up all he could get of my hard cock and balls, really giving them a workout. He was an expert cocksucker. I stopped him from doing any more sucking, pulling him off my cock, turned around and put my ass in his face, to see if was as good at eating ass as he was sucking. I bent over and spread my cheeks, and told him to start eating that ass hole. He took hold of my thighs and put his tongue in as far as it could go up my sweaty hole. I found out quickly that not only was he a good cocksucker, but a good rimmer too. "Eat that fucking asshole”. I said. After some more eating I pulled back and he stood up with a rock hard cock. That told me that he really liked eating my ass.

I reached over and gave his balls a squeeze and he did not wince a bit. I told him to take off his shirt, which exposed his nice hard hairy chest, and hard nipples. I reached over and gave one of the a hard twist, he did not move any, but gave out a low moan of pleasure. I knew he was game for just about anything I wanted to do.

"Turn around and let me see that hot ass of yours. Bend over. Bet you would like to have this hard thick cock up that shoot of yours, wouldn’t you, Boy."
" Yes, sir, I would, sir." he said.

"Yea, you dirty cocksucker and ass eater, I bet you would like for me to fuck the shit right out of you would you, punk." "Yes, sir, Please sir, fuck me, Sir."

The pre-cum was dripping out of his cock and my nuts were hurting my cock was so hard. We were both ready for a good fuck.

"Sir," he said. "Sir, please put a rubber on, please sir." In a way I was glad to hear him say that. I not only carried a rubbed and tissues in my belt wallet, but also some lube for just such occasions. I put a condom on, lubed it up and put some across the crack of his ass and pushed one then two fingers up his fuck hole. It went in easy so I knew I would not have to work at getting my cock up in that ass of his.

He turned around an just backed his hard ass against my thick headed cock. With one slow stroke it slipped all the way in up to my long nut sack. He let out a moan that most likely would have been heard up on the street if traffic had not been flowing.

He had nice soft butt hair all over his ass and his back was just starting to get some hair on it as well, in a few years this man would be a good bear. I started fucking him really slow and then harder and harder. I could tell by the way he was backing in to my cock and balls that he wanted all I could give him and then most likely more.

Man, he was a good hot fuck, one of the best I had in a long time. A good cocksucker, ass eater and not a good fuck, you just don't find much better than that.

I pulled out and just as I did filled my rubber, he turn around about the same time and with a couple of strokes blew his load all over the walls of the tunnel, load after load he blew on the walls. “Fuck what a lot of cum”. I said. It was running down the wall in the dim light.

"That was good, Pete, you are one good fuck." " Thank you Sir, you fuck really good too, Sir." I reached over and pinched on his left tit that was still rock hard.

He started getting dressed, before I could say anything, Pete said. "Sir, if you want I will be glad to meet you anytime you want, where ever you want."

Well how about here the same time, this next weekend. He said that would be fine and he would be here and ready for my what ever I wanted.

I wondered as I walked on out of the tunnel and back up on the street if he would be a show or no show the next weekend. Guess I will see next weekend if he will keep his promise or not. Till then at least I know one thing I sure had more than what I had expected from walking around town that evening.

100% (8/0)
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6 months ago
since that was a true story that really happened to me I only told it like it was
6 months ago
Very Hot. I was secretly hoping since it's just a story you would have fucked him raw and filed his hole. ;).
6 months ago
dirty boys lol