"Damn it, we're going to miss our connecting flight." I said looking over at Jim. "Wonder how many other people are in the same mess."

They had just announced that do to weather delay it would be another 20 minutes before we could land. We had been late in leaving Seattle, the way it was, and now with this delay we would miss getting the flight out to Kansas City.

We landed and no sooner had we hit the ground the pilot came on again and said that there would be another delay as one of the other planes had taken our parking space. "Great, just great. Now we will miss our connections for sure." I said with disgust.

Well I hope they have a nice motel to put us all up in and some dinner passes." Jim said.

"What about our cloths, bet there on there way to St. Louis or parts unknown." I said. Sure enough we check with the baggage counter and there was nothing. Some how they made the next flight out but we didn't.

Two hours had passed now since we landed and I was starved. A hotel shuttle bus picked us up and took us to the Hilton. We got there just as another buss load arrived. It took us another 45 minutes standing around in the lobby to get a room. It seems that this happens all the time and the hotels make a killing off of the airlines over bookings or people missing flights. Anyway we got dinner passes and a room.

We had arrived at the room and washed up as we had no extra cloths or even a toothbrush or comb.

"When we go back downstairs to eat I want to stop and pick up a couple of items to clean up with." Jim said.

"Okay," I said. "That's not a bad idea.

We cleaned up the best we could and headed down to the dining room. By this time it was 9:00 P.M. and it closed at 10. Great just great. They looked like they were under staffed and not expecting as many for dinner, at least at this time on a Saturday night.

We were given only a ten dollar pass for dinner each. That would only get us a sandwich on this menu. "What the hell," I said. "We might as well shoot the works and get a steak and let them pay part. How does that sound?"

Jim just nodded as he was checking out the four men at a table behind me. "Oh, I see. Maybe that can be desert." I said with a smile.

We ordered and while we were waiting for our tea and coffee to come. The waitress sat another man down at the table next to us.

He looked like he had just got off a plane and had a few to many and had slept in his cloths.

"Hi," he said. "My name is Andy. Can you tell me what time it is?"

Boy is that an old line or was he just d***k enough that he didn't know to look at his watch or both.

"It's 9:20." Jim said with a smile.

"At night," Andy said.

"Yes, at night." I said half giggling. "Why did you ;miss your flight?"

"Shit no." Andy said. "I was gonna pick up my girl friend and I over slept and I thought that it was 9 A.M. that is when she is coming in from Kansas City. I though on my cloths and ran down here and looked outside and it was still dark. Now I'm really confused."

"Hay why don't you set here with us and have something to eat, you look like you could use something to go with that drink." I said.

I had never seen anyone that confused, if he was for real. Maybe it was just a big come on.. The waitress came over and we ordered and he ordered the same items that we did. He was a little loud and ruff with his words and you could tell he had a few drinks and had not just gotten out of bed, for if he had it was not from sl**ping. He made a few comments towards the waitress and she, being use to that type of thing just let it go by without saying a word in response.

Andy was a good looking man of about 32 years , but with a lot of miles on him. He had blond hair, a little longer than most and blue eyes and clean shaven. I noted that he had several stars on both arms and when he had come ;in he was limping. He was wearing silver cowboy boots with silver tipped toes and heals. One of those 10 gallon hats and a bandanna for a tie. tight faded blue jeans and a plaid shirt, more or less just dressed to kill. He looked a little tired and slept on as I said, but I'm sure the few drinks that he had, lent itself to that.

We started eating as soon as the salads arrived and we just shot the bull during most of the dinner. All the time he kept bumping his knee against mine while we were eating. He was talking most to Jim but rubbing his leg again mine. I
know this was more than just a chance happened for it to go on all through dinner.

He kept talking about how he missed his girl friend and he was so horny that he could fuck a mountain goat , but he could never get one to hold still long enough. We both just laughed and looked at one another.

By the time dinner got there he was wanting to have another drink.

"Hay, Andy." Jim said. "Why don't you wait on that drink until after dinner and we will join you either in the bar or in our room."

"Okay, that sound good to me. You got T.V. in you room too, don't you<;>" he said.

We both looked at each other and I said. "Sure, is yours not working.

Yes, but there is something wrong with it and I can't get the x-rated movie channel." he said. "I like to have a few drinks and get off watching them."

Boy was that a lead-in if I had heard one or what.

We finished dinner. Andy only picked at his food. I think he had a little to much to drink or at least it appeared that way. Or maybe he just want to get on with the evenings events.

I picked up the check and give the waitress the two coupons plus an extra 12 bucks and Andy paid for his meat. As we got up Andy headed for the bar. "Hay, you guys want a drink too don't you."

Yea, get us both a Rum and Coke." I said. "Can you handle all three of them or do you need some help."

"Na, I'll make it, Okay." he replied as he walked to the bar area.

"You think he is on the level, and really wants to make it with both of us." I said.

"Yes, if he has gone this far, he will go all the way." Jim said. "I'll go on up to the room and you wait here for him."

"Okay," I said, But by the time the evaluator got there and the doors opened and a few people got off, Andy was coming out of the bar with the three drinks.

"Hold the door." he said.

Jim grabbed the doors just as they were closing and stopped them. We all got on the elevator and pushed the 4th floor button.

"Hit the 3rd floor too." Andy said. "I need to stop by my room to check on something." I hit the other button and the doors closed.

"Here take yours before I drop them." Andy said. "I never would make a barmaid as I am just to clumsy with glasses." We each took our drinks just as the door opened.

"It will only take just a minute." Andy said. "Just hold the doors."

He came back with a small black bag. "Okay, ready, he had.

We hit the close door button and before I could sip my drink the doors opened again.

"Hear we are." I said. "We don't have far to walk."

With that Jim unlocked the door and I walked over to the T.V. and hit the switch, setting my drink down on top. As I turned a round Jim had already planted a kiss on Andy and even though he had a drink in one hand had the other on Jim crouch groping it.

Well, he sure didn't waste anytime, I thought to myself. I flipped the T.V. back off. "Guess we don't need that distraction do we." There was no comment as Jim had his lips covering Andy's mouth.

I started taking off my cloths. I then started turning down the beds. Jim sat his drink down on the dresser and Andy did the same and started taking of his shirt and pants, he had pitched the black bag on the floor by his cloths. In a matter of seconds we were all standing in the room stark naked.

Andy had lots of scars on his arms and legs and one on his leg that still had red stitch marks in it and was fresh in the last month or so.

"What's with all the scars, Andy?" Have you been in an Cadet or something?" I asked.

"Hell, no that's from my job. ;I'm a lumberjack." he said. ;"It's a ruff business as you can see. It pays good but you sure do end up sliding down a lot of trees, running pits and peaces of bark and limbs in you."

I killed part of my drink and turned off all the lights but the one in the bathroom and then pulled the door to so there was just enough light to still see what we were doing.

We all climbed in one bed and I laid down on one side of Jim and Andy. But we know longer hit the bed than Andy was up on his knees over Jim poking his soft cock in his face. I laid there just watching at first and then ;I started to stroke on my cock with one hand and Jim's with the other. Both were getting harder by the second.

Andy was really face fucking Jim's mouth and I was getting harder just watching. As I jacked on my cock Andy said. "Get down there and suck on the cock of his. I wanted to watch you suck him while I get my cock sucked on."

I did as he asked not that that was anything knew as we had been doing that for a number of years. but Andy didn't know that. ;I got down between Jim's legs so that I could suck on him and watch Andy fuck Jim in the mouth. I turned a little to the side so that I could still jack on my cock as well. It was dripping precum by now.

Andy really had some nasty scars on his legs and back and I tried not to look at them as I sucked Jim's dick.

Just then Andy backed out of Jim's mouth and started pushing his ass closer to my face and Jim's dick,. He didn't say anything but it seemed that he wanted Jim to fuck him. "Wait a second and I'll see if there some had cream in the bathroom." I said.

I got up and stepped into the bathroom and picked up the complimentary sample of lotion. "Here this should help." I said.

It was to late Jim already had his cock in Andy's ass and was pumping him for all he had. Now Jim was not hung, but had a nice thick five inch cock and to me that would have smarted just a bit dry. But maybe Jim has spit on it enough and who knows maybe Any already had something on his ass when he met us. I did not note but his black bag was up on the bed beside him, it was open and I could see a tube of K-Y and a cock ring and s small rubber dildo. Looks like Andy was more inclined to cock play than he let on to us.

I laid back down on the bed beside them and started jacking off my hard cock. Andy would bend over every little bit and give Jim a kiss. "Get up here and let me suck on that cock while I get fucked." Andy commanded. "When Jim gets off in my ass I want you to fuck me too. I don't get a chance like this very often and I want all the dick in my butt that I can have tonight."

"Shit, if we had know that we could have invite the whole bar." Jim said with a laugh.

"Funny, very funny." Andy said. "You know that I mean."

Yes, I sure do." Jim said. "And you are just about to get my hot load of cum. Shit, man, here it cumms." With that Jim was bucking and fucking Andy's asshole like there was not tomorrow.

Shit, I'm cumming, Ohhhhhh."

With that Jim passed out for a few seconds.

"Hey, you ok... you ok." Andy asked.

"Yea, he'll be all right just give him a few seconds to get his second wind. He does that all the time."

"How about getting that cock out of your ass and back up on this hard dick of mine." I said, stroking my dripping hard cock.

My cock was armed and ready for that tight little bare ass of his. I was kneeling at Jim's knees and all Andy need to do was to pull Jim's cock out of his as and back up about 6 inches and he would have my cock in his waiting asshole.

He did just that and quickly engulfed the head of my cock and slowly pushed most of my cock in his cum dripping asshole.

"I sure do like fucking a hot asshole after Jim has fucked it. I like fucking his cumm up your butt." ;I said as I pushed the rest of my 7 incher in him.
"Your ass sure does feel good." I said. "Man its hot.

"Yea, you cock feels good in me too. fuck that ass. Fuck me." Andy said as he backed up taking all of; my cock over and over again, pushing back against my nuts.

"Pump that ass, FUCK ME." Andy was fucking my cock so hard that I thought he was going to mash my nuts. Man was he eager and that asshole could not get enough cock. ;If I had not know better I would have thought he was on d**gs the way he was after my cock.

"hell I think we could have invited the bar up here. I think you could have taken care of most of them." I said.

"Just fuck that asshole." Andy commanded.

He was fucking me more than I him. I was getting about ready to cum when he backed out.

"I want to eat that load." he said. With that he turned around and got a dildo out of his black bag, and stuffed it up his lubed cum dripping asshole and got down on my cock like a starved suckling calf.

His warm mouth felt good on my cock. He wasn't the best cock sucker I had had on this trip, but it was fine for now. Jim started working the dildo slowly in and out of his asshole. I could tell that Andy was liking every stroke of it as he was moaning as he sucked on my cock.

"I'm gonna cum soon Andy." I said.<-!>

"Mmmm." Andy, Hummed. Meaning it was okay. Jim started pushing harder with the dildo and I grabbed Andy's ears and pulled him down all the way on my cock.

"Hell," I said. "I'm gonna shoot. I'm gonna cum. I'm aaammm cumming."

With that Andy just stared sucking that much harder. "Fuck, easy man, easy, don't suck it off, easssy. Ohhh fuck.." With that Andy sucked me dry, load after hot steamy load, there was not a drop of cum left in that cock.

He had no more than sucked me dry than he turned around and lay on his back with the dildo still in his butt and started jacking off his own cock. "Pull on my nuts." he asked. "Fuck my ass with that cock."

I grabbed on handful of nuts and started fucking him with the other. I could tell it was not going to take long or was it.

He kept jacking harder and harder. He stopped for a second and got into the bag and put a cock ring on and again started jacking on his throbbing peace of meat. "Fuck me with that dildo." he again commanded.

I started fucking him with that cock until I thought I was going to loose it in that butt of his. then with one big shove on Andy’s part I did just that. His asshole enclosed around the end of the dildo and it was all inside his ass. "Shit man that feels good in me. Do you think you can get your cock hard again and put it in there too.

I'll try." Jim said.<-!>

"See if you can get you cock in my asshole, there should be room in there, this ain't the first time I have had two cocks in me." Andy said.

Jim got his cock up again as I laid<-!><:f><+!><:f200,BArial,> beside Andy and played with his nuts. Jim squirted some more lube on his dick and started putting it in Andy’s hole, along side the rubber dick.

It was not easy at first but as Jim push so did Andy. It slipped in as Andy pushed his asshole back against Jim's cock. :"Fuck me, fuck that asshole again." Andy said pushing even harder.

Andy’s throbbing cock head was dipping with pre-cum as he jacked on his dick. "I'm gonna cum, keep fucking that ass, fuck me." Andy said time and time again.

Jim was fucking him harder and harder. Andy was pounding his rod for all it was worth. His nuts were getting a good beating as well as his cock. I was still pulling on them besides. "Come on Andy shoot that hot load of cum for me." Jim said. "I'm gonna shove this rubber dick up you so far that you will never be able to get it out.

With that Andy shot a load that hit the head board of the bead. "SHIT, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME. I'm cummmm innnn....

"Me to, I'm cumming again. Haaa." said Jim.

I was by this time beating my cock as well. "Yea, I'm cumming again too.

With that we all fell over on each other in a sea of hot cum. Jim pulled his cock out of Andy and the dildo fell out as well. We all just lay there for what seemed to be an hour, panting and trying to catch our breath.

"Wow man, wow, what a good fuck," Andy said.

Andy was the first to get up and go to the bathroom and quickly shower off. He came out and picked up his drink and set down on the side of the bed. "Man that was the best fuck I have had in 6 months or more. I don't get into getting fucked very often but when I do I can't seem to get enough. Most of the time I like to fuck chicks, but sometimes I just like to be used and fucked real good.

If you don't mind I will just set for a while, why you two get your showers. I don't like to just get fucked and ;run." Andy said with a smile.

"That's good, most guys just like a quickie and then get the hell out." I said. "Looks you have had some ruff stories to tell about your tree climbing."

"Yea, I could tell you stories that would make your dick stand up." Andy said, still looking at my cock.

"Ha, I don't think anything could make my cock stand up again tonight." Jim said.

Jim was wrong. Andy did stay for most of the night and we carried on again and again. Fucking Andy’s butt again and again with our cocks and the dildo. I never knew that I could get off that many times in one night. Andy must have gotten off at least 4 times and the same for Jim. All night long he just wanted to g get fucked and jack off that cock of his. Once he tried to sit on both of our cocks at the same time and the rubber dick too, but that was a bit to much for even that ass.

We got a few hours sl**p that night. The next morning he got up and put on his trunks and gave us a kiss good-by and headed out the door and down the hall to the pool. We were never sure if he even had a girl friend or if he was even there to meet anyone. Maybe just there to have a good time. Well he surely had that.

We left about 8 that morning and caught the earlier flight. that was some layover in Denver. That was a missed connection that neither of us will every forget.


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