The phone rang and it was Mike wanting to know if he it would be all right if he came over. It was early Saturday afternoon and I did not have much planned except type a few letter and write checks for a few bills. He said that he would be over in an hour or so. (Mike is not known for being on time) I did not expect him for several hours.

I went back to typing. Sometime had passed and the phone rang again. I was Mike saying that he would be late as he had to run some errands and would be late. He did not say how late..

I went to the kitchen and fixed my self something to eat as I had a feeling it would be sometime before he would arrive. I was correct.

I wrote several more letter and completed some paper work and then decided to take a hot shower and lay down till he either called or came by.

I had been asl**p for a couple of hours when there was a knock (thud) at the door. As I got up I glanced at the clock. It was 12:30am. Some 8 hours after he first called... Late? I went to the door. And there was Mike with his head hung down, mumbling that he was sorry that he was late and did I still want him to come in. "Yes". I said. "But come on in and close the door." It was cold outside and I only had on nylon shorts.

Yes, he had been drinking beer, but not d***k. I told him to go own downstairs and I would bring him a beer. Not that he needed it.

He started shedding his cloths, down to his T-shirt, sweat pants, and socks.

"You sure do have a nice comfortable place here with that fireplace and all." He said, stretching out pushing his crotch up off the couch.

"Yea, we like it. We use the fire place most of the winter." I said, reaching over and grabbing his now well rounded bulge in his pants.

His cock already bone hard. Little did I know that he had the staying power of a tree, and it would remain that way for several hours.

I flicked thru the channels of the cable and did not find anything that either of us wanted to watch so I suggested that we put on a movie. That was fine with him. I found a gay-bi movie and started it. He did not seem very interested in it either. He was much more interested in my hand on his cock. He was pushing against it and spreading his lets part to give more room for my hand to go between his legs.

I ran my hand up under his T-shirt, he had very little hair on his chest but nice pecks.

He lay his head back on the couch and closed his eyes. He was really getting into all the attention I was paying to his body. I always try to be a good host.

I pulled his shirt up and started rubbing my full beard on his stomach and chest. His reaction was just a low moan. I still had my hand on his are cock. I worked my hand slowly up and under the waistband of his sweat pants, and down inside to his waiting dick.

To my surprise he had underwear on. No, now just underwear but ladies panties... Lace and silk ladies panties...

This butch looking hunk.. I could not believe what I was feeling. Mike reached down and pushed off his sweat pants down around his ankles and then kicked them off, exposing the white lace.

He then spread his legs as far as he could letting me know that the field was wide open. Not to mention his balls and asshole.

The panties were very narrow cut and only a g-string up the crack and sides, so there was no problem getting a finger up that butt hole of his.

There his butch looking man lay powdered, perfumed in lace ladies panties, just waiting for me to take him just like a pussy that he wanted to be. I did not know if I was ready for this game or not.

I would tell that he did have a nice cock and nice butt and I was rock hard myself by this time. What the hell, I will give it a try.

I could tell the Mike was really excited as the top of his panties were the head of his cock lay was very wet with pre-cum. He was still slowly hunching the palm of my hand as I ran it back and forth over the silk surface of the pants.

I ran my fingers down between his legs, following the strap of the pants to the hot waiting hole. As I reached the hot spot he again pushed his body up off the couch.

"Oh! Yea, that's the spot." He said in a low whisper. "Yea, play with that pussy hole." I complied and stared fingering his hot ass. He was prepared with powered balls and crotch and lubed asshole, just waiting for me to jump in.

I got down on the floor and started rubbing my bearded face between his legs and on the silk panties. He was now pushing his cock and ass ever higher to my face and the moaning was getting louder. I pressed my finger as deep as I could into his waiting hole and the hit the button. He could not stand it and stared hunching my hand in his ass. Man was he hot to get fucked..

I pushed his cock out from under the panties with my face and exposed the dripping head of his dick. I licked on the head of it as I worked my finger in his hole. It was pulsating and the pre-cum was flowing from it. I ran my tongue around it and pulled it into my waiting hot, wet mouth. It was so hard I could hardly bend it up enough to get into my mouth and down my throat. But I managed to raise up just enough to get the right angle so that it would slide down.

By now, I had completely ignore the lace panties.

Mike had nice long nuts and that was making me as hot as sucking and finger fucking his hot ass.

"Would you like to go into the bedroom. Where it would be a bit more comfortable than here on the couch." I ask.

I no more than had spoken the words, than he was up on and on the way to the bed. Taking his T-shirt off on the way.

He lay out on the center of the bed in a face up spread eagle pose. I assumed the position that I had before with my face in his crotch. As soon as my face hit his G-spot his legs lifted and his crack pushed towards my tongue that was probing his ass.

"Do you like toys." I asked.

"Maybe." He said. "What kind of toys."

"It's a small dildo, that I made myself. I think you would like it. I said, knowing that he would love it. "Want to try it."

"Yea, I guess so." He said. "But take it easy. I'm almost virgin." He said with a grin.

I did not make any comments, for if it had been it would have been tacky. Like "Yea, virgin. I bet I could drive a baseball bat in there and a couple of softballs too. But with my hard on and his hot dripping cock this was not the time
for tacky remarks.

I picked up the smallest dildo that I had in my little black bag. Putting a little K-Y on the head of it and a dab on his already lubed hole, pressed it against ass.

It slipped in very easily and his hot hole sucked it in to the first ridge some three inches back. The whole dildo was only 6 inches long and was sort of a figure 8 in shape so that is was very narrow in the middle. It was at that point I left it half way in and out of his ass.

Leaving it in his butt for him to work on. I returned to the pre-cum covered cock. Again rapping my tongue around the head and pulling it into my mouth. He was pushing the remainder of the rubber dick into his ass, as he pushed against the waterbed. We had a nice rocking motion going with him pushing up and down on the cock in his butt and fucking my mouth at the same time.

"Do you want me to roll over." He asked.

I did not answer but let him pull his cock from my mouth and turn over on his belly. He still had the panties on and the strip of silk cloth was off on one side of his ass cheek, out of the way of the toy.

I slowly pulled on the dildo working it in and out of his butt. He reacted with a reverse fucking action like he was wanting more. I pulled the rubber dick out of his butt and slapped his cheeks a couple of times, rubbing them to keep them from stinging.

Mike did not even flinch as I swatted his butt.

"You like that pussy hole." he said.

"Sure." I said. Why wouldn't I. That is a nice soft pussy butt."

I reached over and got some more K-Y and rubbed it on my cock head. I to was dripping with pre-cum by now. Just looking at that sweet soft butt of his was making me really hot.

I again reached over and got another item that I like, my ball weights. I snapped them around my balls. This is something that really turns me on is to have someone or something pull on my balls while I am jacking off or fucking. The weight swinging back and fort is like a third hand playing with your nuts while you fuck.

I picked up a rubber and slipped it over my cock and rolled it down, placing some more lube on end of it as well as some extra on his hole just to insure an easy entry, thou after all of this foreplay there surely would be no problem there.

As the head of my cock pressed against his hole he backed up, with one big backwards lung taking in all of my cock, right up to my balls. He was now up on all fours and I was doing almost nothing. He was fucking my cock with all that his hunger hole could muster.

I had not seen anyone work that ass the way he did. He was almost sucking my cock off with that asshole of his. Mike had had a lot of dick in that ass of his before and he surely knew how do work it.

For a little while I just stood there on my knees on the end of the bed and let him fuck my cock with that hot hole of his. He kept pushing me off the end of the bed as if he wanted to stand at the end of the bed and bend over the bed and let me continue fucking his pussy hole.

We did just that. As I was fucking him I reached under and felt of his now very wet silk panties. He had either cum or surely had a lot of pre-cum in his pants. He reached down and pushed my hand away and whispered.

Please fuck me. Fuck me good and hard."

I was doing just that. I could have not been fucking him any harder. My ball weights slapping against his butt with every stroke of my cock.

I knew if I kept this up I would not last long.

I pulled out and reached over and got a larger rubber cock out of my bag of tricks. I again lubed the head of it and easily slipped it in. It was much larger than my cock, very thick and at least 9 inches. He winced a bit at first and then started fucking the dildo just as he had my cock. This ass could just not get enough cock in it.

After ten minutes or so he slowed down and backed of the rubber cock and lay back down on the bed. I pulled the nine incher from his butt and we both lay there for a while just taking a brake.

He rolled over on his back and put his arm around me and gave me a big hug.

"That was nice." He said, with still another long hug.

"Did you get off yet." he asked.

"No." I replied. "I was saving it for later."

"You are not tired out yet are you." I asked. Knowing that he was no where near getting off or cuming yet.

"No." He said. "I just needed a breather. I liked your cock up my pussy hole a lot more than that second toy. It was a bit to big. Your dick is just the right size for me."

I laid there beside him with his big arm over my chest. He rolled over on his side facing me and reached down and started playing with my still hard cock.

This was the first time that he had touched it. He started stroking it with just a couple of fingers at first and then took all of it in his big hand and gave it fill strokes.

With the lube in the rubber it was just like a second skin, and I knew if he kept that up I would cum in a shot time.

It sure was nice to feel that big man laying next to me. It still seemed strange to look down at his cock and see the lace panties on him. It just did not fit the picture.

He kept stroking on my cock as I rolled him over and sat straddle of his legs and cock. I brushed his had away and grabbed both our cocks together in my hands.

I started stroking the two cocks together. I took the rubber off of my cock and stretched it over both of our cocks so that both were inside the one rubber. With both cocks lubed inside the tube, it was just like holding on to one big t
hick cock.

I was getting harder, if that was possible. With his pre-cum and me jacking on my own hard cock. I would not be long now.

"Man, that feels good." Mike said. "I have never tried that before." Mmm I found something that he had not done.

I leaned back and slowly stroked on our cocks.

"I'm going to cum." Mike said.

"Me too." I said, trying to hold back a few seconds more.

“Oh! That feels good." he said.

“Yea." I said. "Here it comes. Let's do it.

"Ooooh!" We both said almost at the same time.

We both filled the head of the rubber with our white hot sperms.

Load after load we emptied all the cum from our balls.

I fell over on Mike as he throw his arms around me giving me another big hug.

"Man, that was nice." He said.<-!>

"Yea, for me too." I whispered.<-!>

We lay there for sometime just holding each other. I then got back up and pulled out of our rubber bonding cock holder. Trying not to spill to much of the double load.

I got up and asked if he would like to take a shower.

"Sure," he said. "I need to wash my panties anyway as well as my butt. I don't want to take any of this stuff home on me.

I started the hot water running as it takes a while for it to get hot as its the some distance to the hot water heater.

"It will be hot in must a minute.' I said.

Mike was taking off his panties. "Will you rinse these out for me." He asked.

"Hell, we will just wash them in the shower with us." I said.

"Us?" Mike asked, with a question mark.

"Sure, haven't you ever taken a bath with a man before." I asked.

"Well, not quit like this." He said with some hesitation in his voice. "I have been in gyms in group showers before but never in a stall shower with just one man before."

"Well, you are in for a treat." I said, with a smile. "I think you will like this shower, as I have a hose that we can direct where ever you want it to spray."

With that we both stepped into the now steamy shower stall and closed the door.

I quickly took the hose and nozzle down from its hook on the wall and placed it between his legs.

"Man, does that feel good." He said. "I have never had a feeling like that before."

"I thought you would like my shower." I said again with a smile.

As I sprayed between his legs and I adjusted the spray to hard and aimed it right at his still lubed hole. It was just like a hot water douche. I know the hot water had to be going up inside him and cleaning a already cleaned out ass.

He spread his legs even more to let more and more of the hot water go up his hole.

"Man, does that feel good." Mike said. His cock was rock hard again. So as I held the stream of water on his hole as I got down on my knees and started sucking his cock.

Mike leaned back against the wall of the shower and let me work on his cock. I did not think he would last long and I was right. He was just to hot, both from my mouth and the hot water douching his asshole.

"Oh, I'm cuming again." he said. "Here it comes."

He again shot a nice load in my hand. I quickly grabbed my cock and started pounding it to another nice climax. It was only a few seconds until I to had another hot load of my cum.

Good thing we were in the shower, that made for an easy clean up.

We both soaped up and rinsed off. I stepped out of the shower and pitched Mike a towel.

Man, that sure was a nice shower." He said, with a smile. "We will have to do that again real soon.

We both got dressed and sat on the couch for ten minutes or so just to cool down.

Guess I will be going now." Mike said, with some reluctance in his voice. "It's late and I have to get up tomorrow and help a friend pull a stereo from his car, that was trashed last week in an accident.

We both walked to the door. I knew he did not want a kiss so I just patted him on the butt real firm and opened the door.

You take it easy." I said. "And give me a call next weekend if you get a chance." Knowing that he would if he had any free time at all.

As he left, I thought to myself. He does have a tight sweet pussy...

-the end-<-!

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