Summer Vacation Hot Spots

Just got back from a vacation in Denver. I have to say I always have a good time there, and always have to stop at my hot spot, the bookstore next to a truck stop just east of town on I-70.

This time I had 3 hot cocks to play with at the bookstore. One was member of a Bear club. He was a lot of fun. He spotted me coming out of one of the stalls. I joined him and what a cock this man had. It was very thick at the bottom and pointed at the end. One could love being fucked with that thing. He was not into that and just as well he gave me a good working over on my balls and cock. I did the same for him and we both got off about a dollar and a half later.

The next one was a short chubby man with very big, long nipples, small cock and low hangin balls, all a real turn on for me. I would rather have long ball than anything else. We sucked and stroked a bit, and he jacked off on my chest while I sucked on his nuts and played with those big tits.

The 3rd was a ruff and older biker type. He was so ruff looking that I was almost afraid to make a move towards him. I picked a booth with a glass window so I could check him out, as well as show my waiting cock and balls to him. He did not care if I had cock and balls or not. But what he did care about was gettin his cock sucked. OK.. with me.

He pulled out about 4 inches of uncut very thick and ruff looking cock. One
of the biggest piss holes I had ever seen. You could put your little finger
down in that sucker. He started playing with his piss hole and his cock was getting thicker and longer.

He moved for me to come over or at least out to another booth. We did the
latter and I followed him to the back of the room to a double booth. We
both plunked a buck in the video and watched some cunt get two cocks up her
pussy and taken on one in the ass. that was hot to me as I would like to
just try that once. more over get some big assed guy that likes to get fisted
and get two cocks in it at the same time. Anyway this biker pulls down his
pants and flops down on the couch. that few inches of cock was now almost 9 inches of thick uncut meat. I took hold of it and it was very soft but still growing.

He said, "Bite my balls, get ruff with them." I got done on the floor and started nibblin on them, like I like mine nibbled on.

"Fuck no." he said. "I said bite them." He pushed my head into his balls really hard. I sucked in one ball as I did not think I could get both in my mouth as they were bigger than mine. I started kinda chewin on it.

"Bite the Shit out of it, Bite it." he said in a very commanding voice.

I bit down hard. He said, "You got it. Now keep biting it and get that
other one too, be ruff with them, really ruff with them."

I started chewin and biting on them till I thought I would bite though the sack. The hard I bit the more he moaned and the harder his big cock got, I could feel it slappin my face as he jacked off. It was gettin harder and bigger. I came up for air and with in a second he rammed that now 10 inches plus in my mouth.

"Take it, take that fucker all the way." he said. Right, if I took that fucker all the way. Well there was no way. I put both hands tightly around his cock and balls and started pulling on his ball and cock together as hard as I could, I felt like I was goin' lift him off that padded bench.

He said, Yea. Suck and beat that fucker hard, HARDER." I was suckin' and pullin' and beatin' the shit out of his balls with both hands. He started huffin' and puffin' and I knew it was gon'a blow. I pulled back, kept poundin' those balls with each stroke with both hands clasped together. I have never had anything that big in both hands in my life and that would have to be over 1000.
I beat it some more and it started cumin and cumin and it squirted once and
just pulsed one load after another down the shaft out of that big piss
slit, like a pot boilin' over again and again it pulsed more cum than I would
have in three loads. I felt like I was pumpin' a well for water. I had both
of my hands covered with hot white cum. I could not even see the head of his cock for the cum. The hole was almost half of the size of the head. I just kept flowing.

I stopped poundin his balls and slowly pulled my hands from around his nuts.
The were as covered with cum as if I had dipped them in a bowl full. I straightened up and looked at the biker. He was as white as if I had drained bl**d from him. "You OK..." I said.

" You Fuckin Right I'm OK, you really know how to hurt a guy, don't you."

he said. "Yea, I try to do a good job when told." I said. "You fuckin do a good job." he said.

We both stood up. He just pulled up his pants on this cock balls and that load still hangin' on them and tucked them in his pants and walked out the door.

Guess I did good. My cock was still hard. I took hold of it and with the rest of his cum jacked off for the second time, and shot on the TV screen while watchin' some guy gettin'

100% (2/0)
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