3 in < 24 hours

straight>, multiple partners

Three guys and me, in me. One day, wonderful day.

Unplanned and never repeated, I had sex with three different guys
within a 24-hour period. At the time I did not think it slutty, but the
morning after the last one I felt a tinge of guilt and embarrassment.
Could not bring myself to share such behavior with any of my friends for
a long long time because it was so slutty of me! I only shared the
incident with a few close friends until now./

It started innocently with a blind date on Friday. I had a planned
dinner date with the guy I was dating for Saturday night. I knew we
would end up in bed since we had been dating for a few months and had
pretty much fucked since we first met. We were pretty good together and
I was ready.

A sorority s*s of mine, Jane, was in a tizzy because she and her
boyfriend were suppose to double date with his b*****r who was visiting
campus for the weekend. Her girlfriend, the boyfriend's b*****r’s date
had to make an emergency trip home. They had dress-up party plans and so
she came begging to me. Usually I hated blind dates but had no plans and
I kinda owed her a favor—so I agreed.

Jane and I got dressed in her room sharing some wine, which sure helped
lower our inhibitions! We got joking around and while I was putting on
make-up, I turned around and she was staring into her closet clad in a
thong and thigh highs.

"God girl," I said, "you're almost naked and the door is not even
closed!" I realized that someone walking in couldn’t see her, but I was
facing the door in only my bra and boyshorts. We both slipped on these
short blue numbers, hers baby blue and mine navy. They hugged our
bodies, not overtly sexy until she decided to go braless—that WAS sexy!
Jane almost persuaded me with wine to go without as well.

“On a blind date? Oh my God, what a slut he will think I am!” I
compromised and went down to my room and pulled a bra from my drawer
that was half cup and unlined. Almost like wearing nothing at all but I
felt less self-conscious than going bare. I just felt uncomfortable
being braless on a blind date, period. Jane laughed and said I looked
great and she would be the slut!

The guys picked us up my date was delicious. The party we went to was
loud and fun. He and I hit it off well and my mood became romantic
thanks, I suspect, to the alcohol. It was after midnight when Jane and
her guy went back to his apartment. My date offered to walk me home. He
got invited up to my room (how did that happen?). Our rooms were laid
out with two bedrooms, a bathroom and study area. Actually tiny, but
separate rooms offered some privacy. We exchanged good-byes and I kissed
him goodnight and went to the bathroom. When I returned I stripped off
my dress, bra and heels.

Thinking he had left I walked out with my dress in hand. His eyes
dropped as he stared at my tits. I covered my chest in surprise and he
turned around. Then something hit me (the alcohol?) and I just tossed
the dress to the floor.

“Oh, what the hell, Let's fuck” He turned back and I walked to him
wrapping my arms around his neck. We made it to the bed quickly. As he
undressed, I sort of instinctively took off my boyshorts and was going
to take off my stockings when he told me not to. I sat on the bed & took
his cock into my mouth when he was finally naked. Nice size—and so
hard—I knew it was all because of me and that made me wet. After a bit,
he pushed me onto the bed and went down on my pussy. A first date eating
my pussy? Wow, I could really get to like this guy!

I finally told him that his tongue was good but his cock would be
better—I wanted him inside me, so he laid down. I got a condom over his
shaft and mounted him. I was so wet he slipped in like butter. Pleasure
exploded out from my full groin. He was all over my tits, rubbing,
sucking, pinching, and licking—now repeat ! I think I came twice before
he started tensing up. I squeezed my vaginal muscles and he spasmed over
and over. It felt so nice, although I kinda wished we had been bareback
then it would have felt even more yummy. Talk about filling a condom! We
slept arms entwined together till morning. I woke feeling a little
guilty, hell, I was still wearing my thigh highs like a slut, and shy
(aka sober), so I put on a robe after cleaning up in the bathroom. He
strolled around naked for a while thinking we were going to fuck again.
But even though his semi-hard cock was tempting (Oh my God, was it ever)
I asked him to leave, telling him I had to go running.

I was going to take a shower but logic was that I should shower after my
run. So on I pulled on my running shorts, running bra and my new balance
shoes. Slipped my room key into my shoe, hair in a ponytail, put my
sunglasses on, and off I ran.

I had completed my run and was cooling down when someone called my name.
God no, not now! I still had last night’s makeup on and bed-head hair. I
was sweaty and just not presentable.

It was a guy I had dated my freshman year. Well we did a little more
than dated—we had also fucked. In fact we fucked a lot because he knew
how to use his cock and how to find my G-spot every single time. He was
a photographer and was standing in front of his apartment when he called
out to me. He had also just finished a run. I hadn’t seen him in almost
a year since he had been on an internship.

So after some small talk he almost f***ed me to go in to see some of his
latest work. He was an artist with a camera so I agreed, after
protesting about how terrible I looked. He had several portfolios to how
and the last one was of some nudes. They were really artistic and not
porn. I jokingly asked him why he never asked me to pose. He laughed and
said I could make even sweaty running clothes sexy, but he had never
thought I would pose. He was right, I wouldn’t, but sometimes a girl
just likes to be asked.

I told him I had to get going, because I needed to shower after my run.
He told me that was nonsense since I could just shower there and then we
could grab coffee and a pastry down the street. I said no but he
persisted so I finally told him to get me coffee while I ‘got wet’. So
as soon as he left I stripped and jumped into his shower.

God it felt good and I guess time got away as I lingered because I never
heard the door open and when the shower curtain opened and I just about
shit! He just nonchalantly climbed in with me like we did this all the
time. Well two naked people in a shower can’t help but touching and then
touching more and soaping up things that are already clean.

Next thing I know I am soaking wet bent over the sink with his cock
thrusting inside me from behind. I stopped him so we could change
position. I hopped on the counter and he stood between my legs me facing
me. I felt kinda wild all wet-fucking like that. I told him to tell me
when he was cumming and took him in my mouth swallowing his hot liquid load.

“Now where is my coffee huh?”

I didn’t get home from my morning run until noon, which actually had my
roomie a little concerned. I told her only that I ran into an old friend
and we had coffee. Guess I failed to mention the showering together and
fucking, silly me.

I decided to join some of the sorority sisses sunning in the courtyard
and I took a little nap until around 4. My boyfriend was picking me up
around 7 so I took my time getting ready. I was not feeling terribly
horny (like, I wonder why?) as I dressed. That would change...

Thought I looked very classy and business like in the gray summer suit.
I accessorized in pink. I wore a pink cami beneath the jacket without a
bra and a really teeny pink thong, pink pumps, earrings, lipstick and nails.

At dinner we had a nice corner booth because he requested it. Before
dessert I took off my jacket while he went to the men’s room. He came
back and his jaw dropped seeing me in just my camisole and decided he
didn’t want dessert at the restaurant. I had a lot of eyes on me
carrying my jacket as we left. Maybe my cami had a little bounce and
wiggle as I walked. The air conditioning made this girl’s nipples really
hard and they really showed and he really liked it. I really liked
teasing him, really I did! I didn’t really care who saw but I do know he
was all over me in the car.

We got to his apartment I lied and told him I wanted some wine. So while
he was scrambling in the kitchen I stripped to my thong in the bathroom.
Then I walked out and just stood there in the hallway until he looked up
and saw me.

He almost dropped the glasses and came straight away for me. We made it
to the bed him struggling to get his clothes off. I went down on his
cock and sucked his balls cause I wanted to and I knew he liked it. Then
I mounted him still wearing my thong and started fucking him. He played
with my tits the way I liked and got me worked up. Then we changed to
missionary and he took off my thong before giving me a well-deserved
pussy licking.

I came at least once before we went to fucking again. He collapsed on
top of me when he came. I got up and went to clean up, his cum running
down my legs. He had been saving it for me I guessed.

Neither of us were sl**py and soon got frisky again. He reaches into his
nightstand and pulls out some lube. "Baby I am already so wet we don’t

I stopped knowing what he intended. Oh my.

“What kind of a girl do you think I am?”

“Well maybe the kind who would like to have her ass fucked.”

I smiled. “Well maybe but don’t tell anyone I liked it okay?”

He went slow to relax me and soon was all the way deep inside. My God
what a feeling having his cock in my ass I could feel his balls slapping
my pussy lips from behind. Oh my God, he was fucking my ass! I was on
the verge of cumming when he shuddered and stopped stroking. I felt hot
inside my ass and just let go. I looked at the clock, it was just before
midnight. Three guys in one day. Oh my God, what a slut I had become!

Sometimes things just happen and sometimes 24 hours can become a
lifetime of memories.

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8 months ago
You are such a slut! I like it :D