Sweet Summer Ch. 02

Anya's gorgeous cousins fuck her senseless.
[The first chapter was mostly scene-setting. This one is longer, and has much more action. Again, all characters involved in sex are over 18]


When she said she wanted it, Anya had half-expected Nina to take her right away; she'd been wet and ready to be deflowered there on the lawn. But instead her cousin had gently kissed her cheek and said, "sl**p off the wine, Anni, and be fresh and ready in the morning. I'll wait for you in the summerhouse."

So here she was now, beside Nina on the little bed. The air in the summerhouse was cool, cool enough to raise goosebumps on her skin. Or maybe that was just nerves. She wanted this so badly; she'd been wanting it, in all honesty, since she arrived. Why was she so apprehensive?

Gently, but firmly, Nina pulled Anya close. She was lean and strong, like all her f****y; her embrace was both comforting and enticing. Nina pressed her lips briefly against Anya's, then pushed Anya down onto the bed for a longer, lustier kiss. Their legs became entwined, rumpling the bedsheets. Anya could feel her cousin's tongue probing inside her mouth, and was startled to find herself responding in kind. Her few fumbling experiences with boys had never come close to this - she could never have imagined such a sweet, gentle yet passionate kiss. Hesitantly, she reached out her hands, feeling the smooth lines of the older girl's face as the kiss deepened. Meanwhile, Nina's hands, quick and deft, stroked Anya's chin, her cheek, her neck, her collarbone...

Abruptly, Nina pulled away, straddling Anya's waist on the bed linen, and smiled down at her. "I didn't know you were such a good kisser, little cousin," she said huskily, stroking Anya's face with one finger. "You said you were a virgin."

"I am," Anya said, still breathless from the kiss.

"I'm a lucky girl, then. I get to be your first."

Nina reached for the shoulder-straps of Anya's dress and slowly eased them down Anya's arms. Anya blushed and looked away as her small, pale breasts were exposed. Her nipples, neat and so light-pink they almost blended with the surrounding skin, felt cool and hard and a little sore. Nina leaned forward and kissed them both, running her tongue lovingly around the areolae. Anya stifled a gasp at the sensation.

Nina looked up and caught Anya's shy gaze. As if reading her mind, she grinned and said, "They're lovely, Anni. You should show them off more."

Anya searched for words as Nina's hands kneaded her breasts. "Can...can I..."

"See mine? Of course, sweet," the older girl said, sounding amused. "Though you must be pretty used to seeing them by now." She kept one hand on Nina's right breast while her other hand pulled up the hem of her blouse. Her breasts were full, tanned, and wonderfully pert, with large dark red nipples. Nina worked her blouse over her head and tossed it aside, then leant forward until her naked breasts were just inches from Anya's face. "Do you like them?"

"Yes," Anya said, mesmerised.

"Kiss them, Anni," Nina said. Anya frowned momentarily at the tone of her voice - Nina suddenly sounded impatient, when before she'd been all encouragement. But she complied, taking Nina's left nipple in her mouth and briefly suckling on it, then moving to kiss and suckle the other, while her hands caressed both of Nina's breasts. They were delightfully warm, silky smooth to the touch, and perfectly firm. Anya blushed again as she thought how small and girlish her own breasts were by comparison; Nina was still gently squeezing and stroking them. Then she heard Nina sigh contentedly under her kisses, and felt instead a quiet pride at being able to please her. Nina's strong thighs moved against Anya's, and Anya could feel a strange, joyous heat rising in her belly. There was a growing wetness between her legs.

They lay there entwined, alternating between long breathless kisses and fondling each other's breasts, for some time. The door of the summerhouse was still open and the cool garden breeze blew against their naked skin. Anya worried that the others might return and discover them together; Sam might be fine with it, but his mother likely wouldn't be. Nina didn't seem worried at all, though, so Anya thought better of mentioning it.

At last, with a darting suddenness, Nina broke off from a lusty kiss to slip her hand under Anya's dress. Her cool fingertips stroked up the inside of the younger girl's thigh. She looked down at Anya and tilted her head quizzically, as if asking her permission. Anya just stared back, her heartbeat quick with anticipation. Nina smiled and gave her a long kiss, then slowly removed Anya's underwear, until they dangled from one ankle. After that, standing bare-breasted over the trembling girl, she pushed the hem of Anya's dress up to expose her pussy.

Anya shivered despite herself as the cool air touched her labia. She didn't take her eyes off her cousin, who was now kneeling on the floor by the edge of the bed, gazing between Anya's splayed legs. One of Nina's hands caressed Anya's thigh, while the other tousled the neat dark strip of pubic hair above her otherwise hairless vagina. "Such a pretty little cunt," Nina said with a hint of laughter. Anya nearly flinched at the expletive, which sounded so coarse in Nina's lovely mouth. Then she began gasping in astonishment as Nina's fingers stroked her clitoris. She had never imagined such a feeling, like a pleasurable jolt of electricity at every touch. She'd seldom even touched herself down there, and never so skilfully.

Nina's skilled and supple fingers played over Anya's clit and stroked the lips of her vagina. First one finger, then two, slipped easily inside her; she was soaking wet, her inner thighs already glistening. Anya bit her lip to keep from crying out. She clutched at the bedsheets, a long low moan of pleasure escaping her lips as Nina's fingers slid deeper.

Suddenly, Nina withdrew her fingers and glanced up from between Anya's legs. "My turn, Anya." Her voice was once again strangely commanding. Anya could do nothing but lie there, her chest heaving, her body alive with arousal, as Nina stood up and stepped easily out of her skirt. Silhouetted by the sunlit doorway, the lawn and trees a vivid green behind her, Nina looked radiant, a naked nymph out of a classical painting. Her vulva was perfectly hairless, her labia prominent and beautifully pink. No doubt Nina kept her pussy so neatly shaved to please Sam.

Nina got onto the bed and straddled Anya's waist once more. She placed one hand on Anya's left breast, and the other - still dripping wet - reached down momentarily to stroke around the younger girl's mouth. Anya tasted something strange and wet on her lips, and realised with shock that it was the taste of her own vagina. She looked up at her beautiful cousin, and knew what was expected of her. Wordlessly, she reached up from the bed and ran her fingers over the lips of Nina's cunt. Nina shivered and clutched Anya's breast tightly. Anya could feel her cousin's warm wetness on her fingers as she slid them tentatively inside. The walls of Nina's vagina were tight against her fingers, tighter than she'd expected. "That's it, Anni, that's good," Nina gasped, her expression rapturous, as Anya's other hand at last found her clitoris and gently tweaked it. "Oh, fuck, that's good."

Anya felt a growing confidence as she stroked and fingered Nina. The older girl was gasping and whimpering with pleasure above her, her cunt sopping wet. Nina's strong thighs pressed against Anya's hips in an urgent rhythm. She was caressing Anya's breasts with one hand, and playing restlessly with her own nipples with the other. "Yes, yes," Nina sighed, over and over again, like a mantra. Anya's fingers glistened as she thrust them deeper into that perfect cunt.

Then suddenly Nina grabbed Anya's wrists, squeezing them almost painfully, and made her stop. Anya looked up at her cousin in shame and terror. She could feel tears welling in the corners of her eyes. What had she done wrong? Had she hurt Nina with her clumsy fingers? Why did she have to be so useless, so c***dish, so virginal?

But Nina was smiling that same enthralling smile she always wore. The look in her dazzling green eyes wasn't anger, but equal parts love, lust and amusement. When she spoke, she was a little out of breath, but her voice was warm like summer sunshine.

"You're wonderful, Anni. I always knew you were beautiful, but I didn't realise you were so talented. We should have done this long ago."

"Nina, I love you," Anya blurted. She immediately felt like an idiot, and blushed even brighter. She opened her mouth to apologise. Nina leant forward and kissed her long and hard.

"I've always loved you, sweet," Nina whispered when the kiss ended. "Now I want to prove it to you. I want to make you come."

Once again, Nina climbed off Anya and knelt on the floor, her head between Anya's parted legs. Anya lay there, gazing up at the carved wooden ceiling, as Nina's hands moved sensuously over her thighs, stroking at the lips of her vagina once more. She sighed and shivered with joy as Nina's fingers slipped inside her once again. Suddenly, she felt something soft and warm play delicately over her clit, then tease her labia. She felt aflame with pleasure, her hips rocking and her legs flexing on the sweat-damp sheets. She realised, through the wonderful haze of sensation, that Nina was kissing and licking her cunt.

Nina's tongue darted in and out of Anya, stroking the tender lips of her virgin pussy, flicking up and down, side to side. Somehow it felt even better than being fingered. The bedsheets were soaked now, and not just with sweat. Anya lost all self-control; she gasped, squealed, and had to bite her tongue hard to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs. The older girl continued silently, barely stopping for breath. Her fingers massaged Anya's clit as her tongue lapped at the walls of her vagina. Anya felt her pleasure rising to a fierce crescendo.

She cried out in ecstasy as she came, her juices drenching the bed. A wave of pleasure unlike anything she'd ever known rushed through her. She thrashed her legs, arched her back and clutched at the sheets and pillows with trembling hands. Nina kept kissing and tonguing her through the orgasm. At last, her mind and body spent, Anya relaxed on the bed and lay there, panting for breath. The breeze from the garden felt blissfully cool on her aching breasts and tender pussy as Nina came to lie next to her.

"Was that nice for you, sweet?" Nina asked nonchalantly, as if she'd just given Anya an ice cream, instead of a mind-blowing orgasm.

"Yes. Oh God, yes," Anya said. "Nina, I love you, I love you so much."

Nina laughed and stroked Anya's unkempt hair away from her forehead. "I aim to please." She planted a dozen tiny kisses on Anya's neck, then kissed along the curve of her breasts before running her tongue delicately around each nipple. She kissed and fondled Anya's breasts for a while longer, much more gently than before, as if knowing how tender and sore her cousin was. Then she said, "If you want to sl**p now, Anni, I'll leave you in peace."

"No, don't go," Anya said desperately. At that moment, she wouldn't have left Nina's side for the world.

"Ah, but if you want me to stay, love, you need to do something for me." That old mischievous look was in Nina's eyes again, a glint that was both wicked and endearing.


"I want you to do the same for me, as I just did for you." She got on top of Anya, and knelt with her legs astride the younger girl's shoulders. Anya gazed sl**pily up at the smooth hairless mound of Nina's vulva. The engorged pink lips were glistening wet, just inches from her mouth. It seemed so surreal, almost dreamlike, except that she could smell Nina's ripe sweetness, could feel tiny beads of moisture falling on her skin. She reached up with one hand, only for Nina to grab her wrist again. "Not with your fingers this time, sweet," Nina said, using her mildly commanding tone again. "With your tongue." She pushed herself forward until her labia stroked warm and wet against Anya's mouth.

Anya breathed in Nina's scent as she kissed the older girl's vulva. The skin was slick and fiercely warm to the touch, and the taste - sour and sweet and vital all at once - played across her tongue. Her saliva mixed with Nina's juices as she nervously tongued the labia. Nina moaned above her. "That's right, Anni, keep doing that," she said, running her fingers through Anya's hair and stroking her cheek. Anya plucked up her courage and jabbed her small sharp tongue between the wet folds of her cousin's cunt. Nina whimpered and shuddered in response.

Anya tended to Nina with growing enthusiasm - she tried a few darting strokes with her tongue inside the vagina, then left quick eager kisses on the pubic mound. She found Nina's clit once again and kissed it as lightly as she could. Nina trembled and sighed. Her words of encouragement grew increasingly breathless, and became interspersed with little squeals of astonished joy as Anya's tongue played over her clit and ran between the lips of her vagina. "Oh fuck, you're so good, Anya, don't stop, please, oh God, keep going..."

Then Nina stopped talking and just moaned and shivered and shuddered. Her hands darted down between her legs, her nails briefly grazing Anya's nose as she stroked and fingered herself. Anya knew what was about to happen. She sped up, teasing Nina's clit mercilessly, before giving her cousin's beautiful cunt a long drawn-out kiss.

Nina's wetness drenched Anya's face as she came screaming. Anya had thought her own cry had been loud, but Nina could surely be heard clear across the bay. It seemed to last forever, and Anya earnestly wished that it would. She was flushed with exertion and her whole body tingled; she felt pride and shame and love and lust all together in a surge of emotion. Right then, it would have taken barely a kiss between her thighs to make her come too.

Above her, Nina at last relaxed and sank back down onto the bed. Anya wiped her wet face dry with one of the pillows, and turned to look at her cousin. The two girls were lying almost nose to nose, and Anya found herself mirroring Nina's contented smile.

"Anya, that was incredible," Nina breathed. "You're a complete natural. I wish my first time had been half as good."


"Really. You're a proper virtuouso with that tongue of yours." She kissed Anya once more on the lips, then got up, stretching her back in a catlike fashion. "Now, I don't know about you, but I need a piss and a shower. Don't want to be all messy for our big date tonight."

"A date? With who?"

"With Sam, silly girl," Nina laughed. "Trust me, you and I are going to get the fucking of our lives when he hears about this. Now come have a shower with me."


Anya felt like she was living in a dreamworld. Everything was surreal, too perfect to be true. In the shower, as Nina pressed her wet naked body against Anya's and sensuously soaped her breasts and thighs, Anya thought she was going to swoon. Even as they crossed the lawn back to the house naked, revelling in the warm sunshine and the green grass underfoot, Anya feared that any moment she might wake up and find it had all been a beautiful dream.

As they stepped into the cool shade of the verandah, Nina turned to Anya and said, "We're in luck today, sweet. Mama is off to some bitch socialite's place for dinner, and Karl and Valerie have rented a boat for the evening - probably so they can fuck each other till they pass out. You and Sam and I have the place to ourselves, and he's going to be home in an hour or two."

"So is he going to..."

"Fuck us senseless? Me, definitely. You, if you still want it."

"I do," Anya said decisively. She didn't want to give herself the option of backing out, now that she'd gone so far.

Nina grinned her lovely grin. "Then let's give Sam the best surprise he's ever had."

The two of them lounged around the house, still nude, as they waited for Sam to return. Nina rustled up a light lunch, bread and salad and sliced meat washed down with fresh orange juice. Anya went to the living room and watched TV for a bit, flicking through the channels and streaming half a movie from the internet, but she couldn't really concentrate, not with Nina walking around gloriously naked right in front of her. She still couldn't believe she'd fucked her, kissed and caressed and tasted that fantastic body. At one point, Nina sat down next to her on the couch, and Anya tried eagerly to kiss her. Nina stopped her, giggling at the younger girl's confusion. "Not yet, sweet. Save it for Sam."

Anya nearly went crazy with impatience, but at last she heard a car heading up the driveway. Nina looked out the window and smiled broadly. "That's his car, Anni. Let's go to the hall, and give him his surprise." Anya followed her cousin out of the living room, her heart pounding nervously and her pussy wet once more.

"Ready, sweet?" Nina asked as they stood together in the hall. Anya nodded, and Nina pulled her close for a kiss.

Sam unlocked the front door and walked in, dressed in loose cotton trousers, a checked shirt and sandals. He was swinging his car keys around one finger and whistling a merry tune. But he stopped whistling and froze stock-still in the doorway when he saw his s****r and cousin standing totally naked in the hall. The girls were French-kissing like crazy, with their breasts pushed together and their fingers in each other's pussies. Sam's jaw dropped and his eyes grew comically wide. Nina and Anya kept kissing, making theatrical sighs and moans as they stroked and fondled each other.

"Nina, what the fuck?" Sam said. There was shock in his voice, but as he walked towards the two of them a delighted smile formed on his face. When he spoke again, he just sounded impressed. "s*s, you mean you actually got Anya to..."

Nina suddenly broke away from Anya and embraced her b*****r. Anya watched her cousins kiss - not the polite little kisses they usually shared in front of f****y, but a long, deep, intense lovers' kiss. Then Nina began whispering excitedly in her b*****r's ear.

Anya couldn't make out all of Nina's words, but a few scandalous snatches reached her ears. "Had her in the summerhouse...so fucking hot...gorgeous pussy...so tight...tongue's amazing...made me come like crazy...gonna love her..." Anya blushed as Nina and Sam kept glancing eagerly at her. Sam was smiling ever more broadly as Nina spoke. Evidently Nina was advertising her quite well.

The siblings came over to Anya, and Sam looked her up and down with obvious glee. Without further ado, he grabbed her and pulled her into a lusty kiss. She was too surprised to resist, and then found herself responding quite eagerly. Sam's tongue probed her mouth. She could smell his aftershave, and beneath it, a virile musk that made her heart flutter excitedly. One of Sam's big strong hands reached up and touched her breasts, giving each one a playful squeeze. His other hand made its way around her thigh to clutch her small firm buttocks. Anya gasped and giggled, then resumed the kiss. Sam's crotch was pressed against her, and she could feel a growing hard bulge behind the trouser fabric.

"God, Anya, you are fucking gorgeous," Sam said when he finally pulled away. "I mean, I always knew you were hot, but...wow. Did you really do what Nina said you did?"

Anya nodded, delighted at the way Sam's eyes widened in response. She flashed him what she hoped was a seductive smile.

Sam immediately tried to kiss her again, his hand going for her crotch this time. Nina giggled and snatched his wrist. "Naughty," she said mock-scoldingly. "Not in the hallway, big b*****r. You and I are going to fuck this girl till she hollers, but we're going to do it in her room."
Neither Anya nor Sam argued as Nina led them upstairs. On the way along the corridor, Sam kicked off his sandals and pulled off his shirt. Anya could see an enormous bulge in his trousers, and smiled shyly in anticipation. When they got to the guest bedroom, Nina guided Anya to the big double bed, while Sam stood in the doorway, eyeing the two naked girls lustfully.

"We've wanted you for a long time, Anya," Nina said, grinning, as she and Anya got onto the bed. "When we heard you were coming here for the summer, we knew we had to get you into bed. You know, Sam thought I wasn't up to seducing you alone."

Sam laughed. "I swear I'll never doubt you again, s*s."

The look Nina gave him in response was pure lechery. "I'll forgive you, Sam, if you show us that big pretty cock of yours," she said huskily.

Sam obligingly unbuckled his belt and let his trousers slide down his legs. He wasn't wearing boxers, and his semi-erect penis hung free between his toned legs. Anya stared at it in astonishment. She'd had a vague glimpse of it the other night, and had seen its outline in Sam's swimming trunks many times, but she'd never realised just how big it was. As Anya watched, the thick foreskin was pulling back from the head, which was bulging out, bright red and glistening with a bead of pre-come. The shaft thickened and lengthened, veins standing out on the smooth skin. Anya had seen a few penises before, although she'd never done anything much with them, and none of them had been anywhere near as big as Sam's. She felt a mixture of delight and trepidation as she imagined it sliding into her. How would it even fit? Almost involuntarily, she reached one hand down between her legs and started restlessly stroking her already-wet pussy lips.

Sam noticed. "Like what you see, babe?" he asked cheerfully.

Anya stammered a reply, dry-mouthed. "Yes, but...it's so big."

"He knows what he's doing with it, too," Nina put in. "You're going to love it, Anni, I promise." She was eyeing her b*****r eagerly and excitedly massaging her own pussy.

Sam stepped out of his trousers and approached the bed, naked. His cock was now massively erect, easily nine or ten inches long. Abruptly, Nina leant forward and grabbed it, her small hands barely managing to encircle the thick shaft. Sam grunted in surprise, his cock throbbing in Nina's grip. "Nina, love, I thought you wanted me to fuck Anya first," he said, although he didn't sound particularly annoyed as Nina squeezed his erection harder.

"Not before I've had a little taste," Nina answered, with a profoundly naughty smile. She knelt before her b*****r and began stroking quickly up and down his cock with one hand. Her other hand cupped his heavy balls and started playing with them. Anya watched, frustrated but fascinated, as Nina kissed the wet tip of Sam's cock and licked the head, first delicately, then hungrily. Her fingers stroked down the shaft to tousle his pubic hair. Sam wore a blissful smile as his s****r took the thick head of his cock in her mouth and began sucking hard on it.

Anya was amazed that Nina could fit something that big in her dainty mouth, but Nina didn't stop there. As Sam's right hand grasped the top of her head, she moved forward to swallow even more of his cock, until nearly half of its shaft was down her throat. She pulled back again, leaving the shaft wet and glistening, then started going forward and back, forward and back, working Sam's cock with her fingers and tongue all the while. Despite her frustrated, horny impatience, Anya marvelled at Nina's stamina as she kept up the blowjob. Sam groaned contentedly, his eyes closed as if in meditation. "Fuck, Nina, you're the best," he muttered.

At last, Sam shuddered and gave a harsh grunt of ecstasy, his strong fingers digging into Nina's long ash-blonde hair as he ejaculated in her mouth. Nina pulled back, letting her b*****r's cock swing free as another impressive spurt of semen splattered onto her breasts. Nina glanced back at Anya; more come gleamed on her lips. Then she swallowed theatrically, breathed deep and grinned. "That was a hell of a load, big b*****r," she said wryly, her pert breasts covered in rivulets of white.

"And that was one fuck of a warm-up," Sam smiled back. His dripping cock was still erect, albeit slightly wilted. "Gonna be a minute or two before I can go again. Poor little Anya has to wait now."

Nina shook her head and fixed her b*****r with a commanding look as she settled back on the bed. "Oh no, you aren't getting out of this that easy, Sam. Time for you to make us ready. Me first." She spread her legs wide, and Anya could see her cunt lips gleaming pink and wet. Anya's own pussy was sopping wet, her clit engorged, as Sam approached the two girls and sank to his knees, his huge cock swinging pendulously. His powerful hands gripped Nina's thighs, and without further ado he began kissing her vulva. Nina's breath came in short gasps and hisses as Sam went down on her with enthusiasm. She arched her back and grabbed the bedspread, calling out, "God, that's so good, that's perfect, fuck, that's perfect..."

Sam kept lapping at his s****r's cunt, holding her legs still as she twisted around in wild pleasure. Anya watched, enthralled. She was desperately stroking and fingering her own vagina, biting her lip to stay quiet. Suddenly, Nina reached out with one strong tanned arm and grabbed Anya's breast, clutching at it so hard it hurt. Anya whimpered in pleasure and pain. Then, as Sam tongued her labia and kissed her clit, Nina slid her hand down Anya's pale flat belly and slid two fingers roughly into the younger girl's cunt. Without looking, still thrashing around in her own world of pleasure, Nina started fingering and tweaking Anya, who responded with cries of surprised joy. She didn't know how Nina could be so skilful even in the midst of orgasm. She also didn't care.

Nina finally came, crying out her b*****r's name. She stopped fingering Anya and brought her hands to her own crotch. Sam held her legs and kissed her pussy until the orgasm abated. Then Sam looked up from between his s****r's legs and smiled at both girls, his mouth and chin wet with Nina's juices. "Still a squirter, huh, little s*s?"

"Oh, fuck, Sam, you can play me like a fucking violin," Nina replied, panting for breath. "Don't stop now. Do it to Anya, do it to Anya."

Anya had thought that her first orgasm with Nina was the greatest pleasure possible. She had been wrong. As Sam put his lips to her cunt and began licking her with incredible speed, she felt a surge of hot pleasure so intense she could barely breathe. Sam's hands held her thighs in an iron grip, stopping her from breaking away, as his tongue tended to her clitoris with masterful strokes.

Anya shrieked and swore at the top of her lungs; eyes shut, she tried to reach out and fondle Nina as Nina had fondled her, but found she couldn't do anything but clumsily brush one breast. Nina, who was watching with gleaming eyes, helpfully seized her wrist and guided her hand between her legs. Anya fingered Nina as best she could, eliciting happy sighs and moans, but as her orgasm reached the point of no return, she gave up and just clutched at herself.

"Oh fuck, Sam, I'm coming, I-" Anya's words trailed away into a scream of pure joy.

She didn't have much time to enjoy the afterglow, however. Sam stood up and wiped his mouth, grinning down lustfully at Anya. Nina, wearing an identical grin, sat up on her haunches and said to the younger girl, "Are you ready, sweet?"

Anya swallowed, breathless and trembling, as Sam gripped her hips and pulled her effortlessly to the edge of the bed, so that her slender legs dangled over the side. She could see that Sam's cock was fully erect again. She stared at it, at once fearful and impatient. Sam placed his strong hands on her thighs, and gently stroked her pale skin. He tilted his head questioningly, just as Nina had in the summerhouse.

"I..." Anya licked her dry lips, and took a deep breath. "Yes. I'm ready."

"Good girl," Nina said. She kissed Anya softly on the cheek, then nodded to Sam.

Slowly, so slowly, Sam eased the thick glistening head of his erection between the wet lips of Anya's vagina. Anya gasped as she felt herself stretch to accomodate her cousin's huge cock. She felt a rush of pleasure and pain as the walls of her pussy clenched tight around the shaft. Her hymen had broken long ago from exercise, but it still hurt to have something so big inside her virgin cunt. Sam's smile was gentle and encouraging as he went deeper into her. Nina kissed her and stroked her hair all the while. "That's right, love, just relax," she said.

Sam slid his cock in until most of the shaft was deep between Anya's wet pink folds. Anya whimpered in pain - her pussy felt like it was stretched to its limit - but didn't take her eyes off Sam. He reached out to take hold of her left breast, squeezing it and rubbing the erect nipple. Then he began to move in and out of her in a slow, steady rhythm, and Anya felt her pleasure mount. Her breath came in quick gasps and her hips rocked as Sam kept up his smooth motion. He leaned down over her and kissed her breasts, then pressed his lips against hers, still thrusting his cock up inside her. They kissed deeply, tongues locking together, and then Sam began to speed up.

Anya's small pale arms reached around Sam's muscular back, trying to pull him closer against her as he fucked her. The pleasure was unbelievable, somehow heightened by the pain. Sam wasn't even sliding in the full length of his cock, and it still hurt like crazy. Anya cried her cousin's name as the fierce thrusts got ever faster. "Sam, please, it hurts, oh God, Sam, it's so big." Even as she said it, the feeling was so good she couldn't bear for him to stop; she dug her nails into his back and kissed him as hard as she could.

Sam kept going, kissing Anya and fondling her heaving breasts with impossibly strong fingers. Nina was sitting back and watching with a huge smile on her face. She was playing with her pussy and moaning in pleasure, her beautiful green eyes fixed on the couple. Meanwhile, Anya's cries and gasps of pain and pleasure were growing louder and louder as the glorious minutes wore past. Her small neat fingers clawed long red scratches down Sam's straining back and shoulders. "Jesus, Anya, you're so tight, you're wonderful," Sam said, his voice thick with lust and exertion.

Once again, Anya could feel the fiery sensation inside her rising to a crescendo. Every nerve felt alive with ecstasy. Her legs kicked at the air on either side of Sam as he pressed deep into her. "I love you," she gasped at him and Nina. "Fuck, I love you so much." Then she came yet again, and briefly she wondered if it was possible to die of pleasure.

As Anya shrieked and writhed through her orgasm, Sam's thrusts reached a fever pitch. He leaned back, grunting and breathing hard, his hands gripping Anya's thighs painfully hard. His expression was rapturous. "Anya, babe, I love you," he cried out. "Fuck, you're so good. I love you." He thrust into her once more, and then a mighty shudder went through him as he came in torrents inside her.

Shock and delight filled Anya's mind in equal measure as she felt the hot rush of her cousin's semen in her vagina. Still wracked by her own ecstasy, she felt Sam seize her arms and pull her up against him. He kissed her almost f***efully as his cock kept spurting hot come into her. Finally, he pulled out of her and stood back, panting, his penis finally going flaccid. He regarded her sprawled naked body with a look of sl**py-eyed adoration. A thick white string of semen still stretched between his cock and Anya's vulva.

They were silent for a few moments, catching their breath. Then Nina said, her voice mirthful as ever, "How was that for you, Anni?"

"So good," Anya breathed. She was so happy and sore and exhausted that there were tears in her eyes. "Oh God, so, so good. Sam, I love you."

"Yeah, I think we established that already, babe," Sam grinned wickedly at her. Drops of sweat glinted on his broad muscled chest. Then his smile softened, and he climbed onto the bed to recline next to her. "I love you, too, Anya. Always have," he said, kissing her cheek and stroking her long, tangled hair.

"And so do I," said Nina, moving across to give Anya a happy kiss. Sam leaned over Anya and kissed his s****r, then started kissing and gently caressing both girls. Anya was too exhausted to respond. She just lay there, eyes half-closed, as her cousins kissed and touched her. Her breasts and thighs were so sore she whimpered whenever Nina and Sam stroked them. Her pussy felt terribly tender, and it was still full of the thick wet warmth of Sam's come. Vaguely, Anya realised that she might now get pregnant. She couldn't have cared less.

It was a few sweet minutes before anyone spoke again. Nina broke off from kissing Anya's right breast to ask, "Did she live up to your expectations, big b*****r?"

"Jesus, did she ever. I could get fucking addicted to that pussy. I can't believe that was your first time, Anni," Sam said. Then he noticed Nina's mischievously raised eyebrow. "Well, your first time with a guy, anyway," he added, chuckling.

"I can see we're going to have to spend a lot more time with you this holiday, Anya," Nina smiled. "We only have you for a month, and I for one don't want to waste a second of it."

Anya finally found the energy to speak. "I wish I could stay forever. I love you both. I love you so much." Despite everything, she still felt foolish for saying it.

Nina kissed her again on the lips, and abruptly scooted off the bed. "I think it's time for a little rite of passage for you, sweet," she said cheerfully as she knelt on the carpet between Anya's outstretched legs. "Only thing I like better than the taste of Sam's come is the taste of his come in another girl's pussy. I've done this with pretty much all his girlfriends now. It's like an initiation."

Sam sat up on the bed and watched his s****r with an eager smile. His penis was visibly stiffening again. "If you ask me, Nina, some of those girls come here more for your tongue than for my dick," he laughed.

Lying spreadeagled on the bed, Anya was so spent she didn't think she could manage another orgasm. "No, don't, Nina," she pleaded weakly. "Please. I can't take any more, I-" Anya stopped talking and started moaning in helpless pleasure as Nina lapped at her tender pussy lips. The older girl teased Anya's clit with her tongue and fingertips, before licking and sucking away the thick white semen that coated Anya's vulva. It took Nina a little longer than usual to bring her thoroughly exhausted cousin to orgasm, but as ever, she managed it. Sam kissed Anya's forehead and held her gently against his chest as she came.

Nina wiped her mouth and climbed back onto the bed. "You look like you need a break, sweet," she observed with a hint of laughter, idly tapping one of Anya's pale pink nipples with her forefinger. Then she gazed hungrily at Sam and rolled onto her back, legs spread wide. "And I need a good hard fuck."

Sam didn't need to be told twice. He clambered over Anya and moved on top of Nina, easing his way between her legs. His cock was massively erect, somehow looking even bigger than before. Anya reluctantly moved aside to let her cousins have more space. Despite her exhaustion, she found herself getting wet with arousal yet again.

Nina and Sam started kissing with desperate fervour, their hands stroking over each other's hair and shoulders as they made out. Nina broke the kiss to whisper, fiercely, "Watching you fuck her made me jealous as hell, Sam. You better fuck me twice as hard, you hear me?"

"Yes, ma'am," Sam grinned. He seized his s****r's upper arms and pushed her down hard into the bedspread, kissing her hungrily. Then, still kissing her, he roughly thrust his cock into her.

Anya already knew Nina was noisy in bed, but now, with nobody else in the house to disturb, the older girl lost any hint of self-control. Nina cried out Sam's name, she swore, she shrieked, she moaned long passionate moans. Sam was still going slowly, moving in long, provocative strokes, but his s****r was already half-mad with pleasure. Her strong tanned hips moved in tandem with each thrust. Anya watched entranced as the two of them gradually sped up, fucking harder and faster. Nina's cries and gasps intensified.

Sam kept his promise - he fucked Nina much harder and longer than he had Anya. Anya realised, with a mixture of gratitude and disappointment, that he'd deliberately made it quick and relatively gentle for her. If he wanted, he could have fucked her into u*********sness. Even that brief experience had been more intense than anything she'd ever felt; she could hardly imagine what it was like for Nina right now.

Nina suddenly screamed that she was coming, and shook and shuddered underneath her b*****r, but Sam just kept going. A minute or so later, Nina came again, and then again. Anya stared in sheer amazement. She found herself forgetting her tiredness as her pussy became soaking wet; her fingers stole down between her legs to play with her labia.

As Nina reached her fourth orgasm, she began cursing Sam furiously. "Fuck you, Sam, you fucking bastard, I can't take any more, you fucking...Oh, God, yes..." She moaned in ecstasy, and her slender fingers dug deep into the skin of her b*****r's back, adding more red scratches to the growing tally. Anya wasn't sure whether to envy Nina or feel sorry for her as the marathon fuck continued.

After what seemed like an age, Sam finally came, groaning and holding his s****r tight against his chest as his semen surged into her. He rolled off Nina, lying between the two girls with his cock still half-erect and dripping come. Nina was flushed and gasping for breath. Her blonde hair was wildly unkempt. Her vulva was visibly overflowing with Sam's come. She looked to be on the verge of tears, and Anya was momentarily worried that Sam had really hurt her. Then Nina curled up against Sam and kissed him more passionately than ever.

"Oh my fucking God, Sam," Nina said when the kiss ended. "I thought I was going to go mad. How'd you keep going so long?"

"Practice, love," Sam replied with a tired smile. He turned to Anya. "Did you like the show, Anni?"

"I can't believe you guys," Anya said, grinning shyly. "That was incredible. So fucking hot."

Sam's gaze was lecherous. "I went easy on you the first time, Anni, but from now on we're going to be doing it properly. I'm going to fuck you like I fuck Nina. Because I know it makes her jealous."

All three of them laughed at that. Sam stretched out his muscular arms and looped them around the waists of the two girls. He drew them close to him, and they all curled up together, relaxing happily in the afterglow. "Don't fall asl**p, guys," Nina mumbled, her eyes half-closed. "Still got a long day ahead of us."


If Anya's first encounter with Nina had been dreamlike, then the afternoon and evening of that glorious day were positively magical. After recovering from their first bout of lovemaking, the three of them moved from room to room, giggling and gasping as they fucked in beds, on couches, on the floor, up against walls. Anya let Sam fuck her long and hard, and was surprised to find herself keeping up with him, although she still couldn't take it as well as Nina. When they got to Karl and Valerie's room, their passion made the bedsprings creak, and Anya laughed out loud as she remembered how annoyed she'd been at Karl and Valerie's noisy sex.

They took breaks occasionally, when they needed to urinate or get a drink, but most of their time was spent in intense, wordless passion. As the afternoon wore on, the two girls went down on Sam, and then on each other, over and over again. Anya had trouble fitting Sam's cock into her mouth, but contented herself with licking and sucking the tip. When he came in her mouth, she was astounded to find how much she liked the taste. At one point the three of them lay in a circle on the living room floor, with Nina sucking Sam's cock as he licked out Anya's cunt, and Anya in turn running her tongue over Nina's vulva. They all enjoyed this so much that they kept it up for ages, changing places periodically.
At last, when all three of them were thoroughly exhausted, very sore and blissfully happy, they wandered naked to the summerhouse, and lay together on the little bed to cuddle. Anya could smell their mingled sweat and the faint residual aroma of Nina's perfume. She twined her slender legs with her cousins' longer, stronger ones, and smiled sl**pily as they both put their arms around her. Outside, the sun was setting gloriously over the bay, and the warm air was full of evening birdsong. Heaven, Anya thought.

"I wish we could all get married," she said, after they had been lazing there a while. It was a stupid, c***dish thing to say, but at that moment she meant it with absolute sincerity.

"God, me too, sweet," Nina mumbled, planting a tiny kiss on Anya's neck. "Although I get the feeling the local church wouldn't exactly jump at the chance to hold a triple marriage between a b*****r, s****r and cousin. Maybe in America?"

Sam laughed ruefully at the joke. "Don't get your hopes up, s*s. Sad to say, but we're going to have to keep this secret, unless we want our parents to disown us. I think we've got it covered so far. "

"As long as one of your girls doesn't go telling tales," Nina said.

"They might," Sam admitted. "It's the risk we take. But if we were ever found out, I'd forget the house and the f****y, and run away with you. Both of you."

"My parents wouldn't like that," Anya muttered. As the sheer joy of the past day faded into memory, she felt sad, and increasingly frightened. She'd let love and lust take control of her, and hadn't given any thought to consequence. What if someone caught them? What if her parents found out? What if she got pregnant with Sam's c***d?

The silence grew uncomfortable. Then Nina said, in a sharp fierce tone that Anya had never heard her use before, "Maybe someone will find out. Maybe our families will disown us. Maybe we'll have to run away. But Sam's right. I'd happily live naked in the woods, as long as I was with you two."

"That's my girl," said Sam. He kissed Nina's hair. "Now, we should probably head inside and clean up. Karl and Valerie might be a bit suspicious if they find their bed looking like three people fucked in it."

"How would they notice?" Anya said, and was surprised to find her cousins crack up laughing at her joke.

They went back across the garden, and spent the rest of the evening tidying the house, changing the sheets, rearranging furniture. Every little detail brought back wonderful memories, and Anya found herself grinning ear to ear despite her tiredness. That rumpled duvet - that was where she'd lain as Nina licked yet another helping of Sam's come from her vulva. That leather couch - that was where Nina had rode Sam's cock while Anya touched herself. Those cushions strewn on the floor - that was where they'd had their three-way sixty-nine...

The house was perfectly tidy, and the three of them were showered and dressed, when Anya's aunt returned from her dinner, dressed in an elegant blue gown. She found them all in the big wood-pannelled kitchen, cooking dinner and chatting innocently. She greeted them with kisses, sat down in a padded chair, and immediately started her usual cheery monologue.

"Sorry I was away for so long, my loves. That ghastly woman talked me half to death, and the wine was absolutely awful, I mean, God in heaven, what does she spend all that money on? And her husband's a complete bore, and a pervert, he was staring at my tits the whole evening! And the guests...pah! Such non-entities! I remember when there was a better class of people in this town, it's all gone to the dogs lately..."

Nina, Sam and Anya kept trading amused glances as they pretended to listen. Anya wondered how her aunt would react if she knew that, in the very same chair she was sitting on, her son and daughter and niece had taken turns performing intense oral sex on each other.

At last, Anya's aunt finished decrying the appalling standard of the local social scene, and asked the three of them, "So, anyway, my loves, how was your day?"

"Uneventful," Nina said.

"Bit boring, really," Sam added.

"We spent most of it lying down," said Anya, truthfully.


The rest of the holiday passed in an exhausting, wonderful blur. The days were spent as they always had been - swimming in the bay, sunbathing in the garden, wandering the sun-kissed streets of the beautiful old harbour. She drank fine wine and ate at restaurants, then headed to the bars to make obscene small-talk with her cousins' beguilingly attractive friends. She went on a sightseeing trip across the bay with the whole f****y, pretending not to notice when Karl and Valerie sneaked away to have sex. She phoned her parents' hotel in South America and talked with them as if everything was normal.

At night, though, she belonged to Nina and Sam. When the sun went down, the three of them would sneak out, naked and laughing, to fuck each other senseless in the summerhouse. Often they didn't even get that far; they simply tumbled onto the soft grass and made love as soon as they were out of sight of the house. Sometimes Nina let Sam have Anya to himself, content to sit and watch their passion; other times she made sure to have her way with the younger girl before letting her b*****r indulge himself with her. After they brought Anya to orgasm, Nina and Sam would go for each other, fucking with an intensity that was almost frightening. Then they all took turns pleasuring one another in every way they could. When they were too tired and sore to continue, they lay together on the lawn and watched the sun rise. Those pre-dawn moments, resting on the grass with her body aching, Sam's come still warm inside her and her cousins pressing their gorgeous nude bodies against her, were perhaps the happiest of Anya's young life.

When at last the time came for her to leave, the parting was almost unbearable. The last night with Nina and Sam was the most intense and passionate of all. Anya came half a dozen times, gasping and moaning as Sam thrust into her and Nina kissed and caressed every inch of her body. But it was bittersweet, because they knew she was going. "I love you, I love you," she kept telling them, suddenly madly afraid that they'd forget her.

In the morning, Anya sat through breakfast trying her damnedest not to cry. When the taxi arrived to take her to the airport, she couldn't take it any more, and burst into tears as the cousins hugged her. "Don't cry, Anni, you can always phone us if you want to talk," said her aunt, which just made her cry harder. As if a phone call could provide the connection she wanted; as if it could bring her close to the two people she loved most in the world!

Nina and Sam kissed her goodbye - chaste pecks on the cheek, not the long passionate kisses she was so used to by now - and helped her get her luggage into the taxi. They waved at her, smiling calmly but sadly, as the car started down the hill. Anya watched their beautiful faces recede through the rear window until they vanished from sight. Her eyes still full of tears, she settled in for the drive, barely seeing the glorious countryside rush past outside.

The taxi was halfway to the airport when Anya heard her smartphone buzz. She reached into her handbag to retrieve it, and when she saw Nina's message on the screen, she smiled through her tears.


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