A Birthday present for a virgin

First time threesome

A girl gives her b*****r the perfect present – Her two lesbian friends.

Peter sat on the bed and pulled off his black socks one at a time. He
wasn’t in any rush. He was in his boxers now but nothing else and he was
leaving them on till the very last moment. Peter was a virgin. I say
was, because at the time of writing, he has had his nuts well and truly

Aisha and Gemma had almost no experience with guys at all. Gemma had
sucked a cock once. Aisha had sucked a couple of guys off a few years
back and had had a single messy experience, on a different occasion. To
them, a cock was almost as alien as a game of cricket. So, when Peter’s
s****r, Ashlie suggested an 18th birthday present for him, Aisha's and
Gemma’s name didn’t immediately spring to my mind. They were feminine
lesbians and were into each other. They didn’t do guys. Yet in some dark
recess of their psyche, there lurked an untapped curiosity. A little
urge that needed putting to bed.

Being his big s****r, Ashlie wanted the best for him. At 18 he really
should have done the deed but he was shy and went to pieces around the
opposite sex. What he needed was a confidence boost. Something that
would give him the badge of honour, but not something that would scare
him off girls for life. Thinking about it, Ashlie’s idea was a stroke of
genius. Two hot lesbians, with bicurious tendencies. They wanted a soft
option - well not that soft; he wanted to dangle his toes in the water
without going in at the deep end. It was perfect.

Aisha and Gemma entered the room furtively, giggling to themselves.
Peter looked up, still in his underwear and smiled nervously. The two
girls had olive skin though Gemma’s was the lighter. Her faintly
oriental features gave her a cute yet sexually provocative appearance.
Her long black hair was still a little damp like Aisha’s. The other girl
had the smouldering features of an Asian pussy cat. Her brown eyes
darted between Peter’s face and the bundle of attachments that were
still being guarded by his white boxer shorts. One hand rested between
his legs protectively, the stirrings of an erection making his heart
beat and his pupils dilate.

“Hi Peter. You’ve still got your pants on,” said Gemma.

“Aren’t you ready for us?” Added Aisha.

Peter gulped and his eyes roamed over the girls’ bodies. They were both
dressed in matching black crop tops and short black skirts and their
trademark knee-high black socks. Although Peter didn’t know it yet, they
weren’t wearing any panties.

“Yeah, I’m ready, it’s just…”

“You’re nervous that OK. We are too,” said Aisha.

“You are?”

“Sure,” said Gemma. “If you were a girl, well we’d have had your
knickers off like five minutes ago, but…”

“Yeah, this is a bit scary for us too,” Aisha interjected.

“I’m a virgin,” said Peter, innocently.

“We know. Ashlie’s told us all about you Peter. It’s fine,” said Aisha.

“Ah, OK.”

“Why don’t you take your boxers off and we can play with your cock,”
suggested Gemma.

“Yeah, we can take our clothes off first. Is that what you want?” Added

“Yes… please.”

The girls walked towards him, hand in hand and ran their fingers through
his hair. Then they stroked his shoulders and arms. He had smooth skin,
hairless almost, apart from a sprinkling of dark curlies on his abdomen.
At least he kept himself in shape and the girls paused, their fingers
tracing the outline of his triceps. Aisha ran her hand along his collar
bone and then ran her index finger over his right nipple.

Peter was trembling like a leaf. In spite of this, his hands began to
wander, stroking the inside of the girls’ legs, until her felt the hem
of their skirts on his wrist.

“Stand up,” said Aisha.

Peter did as he was asked and the girls tugged at the waistband of his
boxers. His cock appeared proudly, sleek and erect. His circumcised head
was pink and shiny, unblemished after his shower. It went so against
their usual instincts, but both Aisha and Gemma wanted to suck him. His
cock looked so nice and inviting. It was clean and pink and pristine.
They knew it hadn’t been anywhere near a girl’s mouth before and in a
strange way they were keen to help end his self-imposed abstinence.

Peter had masturbated that morning on waking. If he hadn’t, the whole
deal would have been sealed and the girls’ efforts futile. Even so,
Peter’s sap was rising again. At least his early morning wank would buy
him some time. Let him enjoy the pleasures of the flesh before he exploded.

Gemma un-clipped the catch on Aisha’s skirt and then Aisha did the same
for Gemma. There was an audible gasp from Peter’s lips as he saw their
neatly trimmed pubes and those crimson pussy lips.

“It’s OK, you can look,” said Gemma, noticing the darting glances in his

“Have a touch if you like,” said Aisha.

“Really?” Asked Peter.

“Sure,” said Gemma, warmly. “Girls are kind of permanently moist. Have a
little feel with your fingers.”

His cock waved a little from side to side as he stepped towards them.
His hands were shaking as he extended two fingers on each hand and made
his first exploratory sortie into pussy heaven.

“Wow! They’re hot!”

“Yup, hot and wet,” said Gemma.

She turned to Aisha and smiled. She kissed her girlfriend as Peter had a
little poke around inside their cunts.

Aisha looked down at his cock and bit her lip in contemplation. The
thought of sucking his fine, young pole made her even wetter. Together,
the girls dropped to their knees, stroking Peter’s legs, keeping their
eyes fixed on his engorged head. Gemma poked her tongue out and it
collided with Aisha’s as they flicked the end of his cock, making them
giggle. Peter drew breath sharply and a little pre-cum oozed from the
slit. Gemma licked it away and then rolled her tongue over the end as
Aisha stroked the shaft. Peter was trembling and more pre-cum began to
dribble out. Aisha used it as lubrication, wanking his cock gently. She
could feel the pulse in his dick, it pounded against her palm. She was
naïve when it came to guys but she knew he wasn’t going to last long.

The girls took turns to suck him, somehow applying next to no pressure,
wary of making him come too quickly. While it would have been nice to
give him a proper, full-on blow job, it wasn’t happening. Not this time.
His hard-on was twitching… straining. If he had not been snipped his
foreskin would have been bursting now. Gemma stroked his ball sack
gently as they licked the side of his cock, sliding their tongues up and
down, in a slow, steady rhythm. They knew he wasn’t going to stand much
more of this and after a few more seconds of gentle cock stroking they
stood up.

“I think we should cut to the main feature,” said Gemma, looking at
Peter, bashfully.

Aisha nodded and began to remove her black crop top. Gemma followed suit
and the two girls stood there, their small, perky tits pointing towards
the teenage virgin.

“Can I caress them a little?” He asked.

“Sure. Just be gentle though,” affirmed Gemma.

Peter cupped one boob from each girl in his hands and squeezed them
slightly. It made their nipples instantly stiff. He soon learned that
the girls liked it when he stroked his thumbs over their nipples. Soon
they were fondling his cock and balls as he played with their small, but
perfect titties.

“OK, enough now, or you’ll be shooting your cum on the carpet,” said
Aisha, seeing the unrestrained glee in his face.

Without further ado, the girls bent over the bed and spread their legs
wide, offering their pussys up for him. They thought it best, so he
could control the pace. Aisha looked round and spoke to him.

“Make sure we both get a share, yeah? And don’t cum inside us!”

“Yeah, OK,” said Peter, barely audibly.

Cock in hand he stood behind Gemma and guided himself between her
swollen, pink labia. She was wet and as Peter had already discovered,
hot, inside her little pussy. He eased himself in and gasped as his cock
slipped in the length of Gemma’s pussy. Gemma moaned softly, clutching
the bed sheets in her hand. Peter eased himself back and forth, the
velvet of her vagina, stroking the length of his shaft.

He groaned as he fucked the half Japanese sweetie with his six inches of
manhood and his virginity had gone. The two girls kissed as he swapped
pussies and entered Aisha, his cock throbbing and covered with Gemma’s
milky juices. He had been inside Aisha for a few seconds and a sound of
anguish, mixed with low groans emitted from his lips. He pumped Aisha’s
tight pussy a few times and then pulled out, his lips snarling and his
groin juddering. A sudden whoosh of orgasm bolted through his body and a
massive eruption of spunk splattered Aisha’s bum cheeks. He was howling
with ecstasy, his face contorted with pleasure as he hosed the cum over
both girls’ cute olive-toned butts.

“Wow! You really needed that!” exclaimed Aisha.

“Didn’t he just,” Gemma agreed.

Peter’s face was just one huge Cheshire cat grin. The last few drops
falling on his bedroom carpet; his eighteen years of celibacy at an end,

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