Fuck in Front Seat Fuck

Sex in a truck

Hello all, I'm back. I took a bit of a break from writing, one of my
boys was very sick and spent some time in the hospital. He had a touch
of pneumonia, and he's asthmatic, so he needed to be hospitalized. I'm
happy to say that he's doing just fine now. He's back in school, and I'm
back at work.

Right before my son got sick, one of my clients asked me on a date, a
younger man named Todd. He's one of my regular VIP customers and always
asks for me when he comes in for a massage. He wanted this to be a real
date, dinner and a movie. After I explained to him that I'm not looking
for a relationship, I said yes. I asked if we could skip the movie
though, I hate sitting in theatres.

He suggested that we go to a nice, little seafood restaurant on the
beach near my house. I'm familiar with it and love broiled scallops, so
I said ok. This beach also has a boardwalk, and even though it's winter
and many places are closed, some were actually open. The merry-go-round
and some of the arcades. So was skeeball.

He told me that it would have to be a week night because he works nights
on weekend. He has every Thursday night off, he told me. That would mean
I'd need to get a sitter for my boys, I have a neighborhood high school
girl that I use. I called her and she was free.

When date night came, I was excited, and I don't mean horny. I hadn't
been on a real date in years, and all of the fun I've had has been just
sexual. It would be nice to go out and have fun. Have dinner and enjoy a
man's company.

At 24, Todd is a lot younger than I, but that didn't bother me. Hell,
I've given him maybe 10 or 11 massages at work, and he's seen me
topless, so it's like we know each other. He's also very cute, and very
well hung.

The restaurant is very casual, so I wore a nice pair of jeans and a
heavy swater. I didn't wear a bra because I dont like them, and with
this thick sweater, you wouldn't notice anyway. It was chilly so I wore
a coat too.

When we made the date, he said that he'd pick me up. I don't like guys
to know where I live, so I asked him to meet me at my shop. He arrived
right on time driving a 2011 Ford truck, it was beautiful. It still had
that new car smell when I got in it. He works the overnight shift at the
airport as a ramp agent so he makes good money. He looked great in his
tight jeans and flannel button shirt.

Now, in all honesty, I hadn't planned on fucking him, even at that
point. I couldn't be out too late and wasn't really horny, in fact, I
was nervous. I told him that I had a sitter and needed to be home no
later than midnight, which meant back at my shop by 11:45. He was ok
with that.

When we got to the restaurant, there was a resevation waiting for us.
Todd was a gentleman. He took off my coat and pulled out my chair. I was
impressed. I ordered my scallops with a salad and ginger ale, he had
steak tips, we chatted about numerous things, it was enjoyable.

When we were done, I offered to pay for my meal, but he'd have none of
it. He used his credit card and bought dinner. Then he asked what I'd
like to do next, I told him that I hadn't been in the arcade in years,
and would like to play a little skeeball.

"The arcade it is then." He said, as he put on my coat.

We played games, skeeball, and he won me a teddy bear. I haven't had
that much fun in years, and we played until the arcade closed at ten

We were walking back to his truck, I was cold, so he put his arm around
me. It felt good.

"I know you're have a sitter, do you want to go home?" he asked.

"No." I said, "I have some time."

"What now?" he asked.

I replied, "It's up to you."

We walked over to a bench over looking the beach and sat and down to
watch the ocean. It was beautiful. It was cold and he held me tightly.

After a few moments, he grabbed my chin and gently turned it toward him.
"You look beautiful." he said.

He made me blush, it had been a long time since anyone said that. He
moved slowly toward me and gave me a long, passionate kiss. We were
sittinng on the bench, on a freezing cold night, making out. I could
feel my pussy moisten.

"Are you cold?" he asked.

"Yes." I replied.

He took my hand and we went back to his truck. It was late, and the
middle of winter. In summer, the lot is full that time of night, but in
February, it's empty. If the police see 2 people sitting in the lot that
late, they will check to see if you're drinking and give you a hard time
for being there, so Todd decided to move.

I had a feeling where he was going to go. About a mile down from the
beach, there's a long road that leads up a hill to a large parking lot.
On a cloudless night, you can see for miles. it's pretty. I hadn't been
there in years. It was famous for being a place where couples go, and
the cops generally leave you alone.

We pulled into the lot and I noticed a few more cars up there. Todd foud
a quiet, little spot under a tree, facing the harbor. The lot is
completely dark except for a small light on a pole at the entrance, but
If you park at the back, like we were, because of the lights on the city
in the distance, you can sometimes see in the cars.

He had the heat on in his truck so I took my coat off. I told him how
much I was enjoying his company. During this time, a couple more cars
came in. We started chatting, laughing and joking, when I noticed that,
in one of the cars that just arrived, they weren't waisting any time.

It was parked about 30 yards in front of us, to our right. Because of a
light in the distance, you could see into the car, and within two
minutes, I saw the passenger lean over to the drivers side and vanish
for a bit. Then I saw a head bobbibg, she was giving this guy in the car
a blow job.

Being voyeuristic, that made me horny. It was getting late, I was
suddenly in the mood, so I made my move. I leaned over and began kissing
him again. Long, passionate kisses. I could tell that he was getting
aroused. We were making out like 2 high school k**s, it was kind of fun.
I began to blow in his ear and kiss his neck.

He reached up, under my sweater and started feeling my tits. I took my
right hand and undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants.

"Pull them down." I said to him.

He raised his ass and pulled his pants down to his knees. I leaned over
and started sucking his cock, fast and deep.

"Suck it baby." he moaned.

I was sucking furiously, not because I was getting paid, but because I
liked him. I was enjoying this blowjob.

After a few moments, I heard him say "God, Sarah, I want to fuck you so

I sat up and took off one shoe and pulled my pants and panties off of
one leg.

"Get them off." I said to Todd.

He took off his shoes, then his pants. While doing that, I pulled my
sweater off. I was now basically naked in his truck. He climbed over the
center console, I spread my legs wide, putting one of the dashboard the
other on the roof. He got on his knees on the truck floor, pulled me
toward him and shoved his cock in me.

I felt like a dirty, highschool girl. Getting fucked in a car in a
parking lot. I loved it, it was hot, dirty sex. I spread my legs wider,
Todd appeared to put his feet against the floor of the truck because he
was pounding the shit out of me.

"Fuck me Todd." I said "Fuck my brains out."

He began hammering away at my pussy. The damn truck was moving. Now,
we're in a parking lot, with the engine running and the windows open a
crack. I tried to control myself, but couldn't.

"FUCK ME." I screamed.

My whole body was pushing his seat back against the truck. I put my
feet on his roof and startd pushing my ass up and down on the seat. Todd
was tearing me up. That's when I lost it.

"I'm Cumming."I moaned.

He fucked me hard for another 2 or 3 minutes, then it was his turn.

"I'm gonna cum." he said, not missing a beat.

"Cum on my tits Todd," I replied. "Cum on my tits."

He let out a deep moan as I as he pulled out. I looked down and watched
him stroke it once or twice, then it exploded all over my breasts.

"Yes..baby..cum for me." I said.

He collapsed on to me and I gave him a big hug. I noticed that the car
where the girl was blowing the guy, was gone. I also saw a white SUV
where I could see what looked like a guy's ass moving up and down in
back seat. Everyone in the lot were either fucking or sucking. It was funny.

He gave me a rag and I wiped myself off. I looked at his clock and
noticed that it was 11:35. I got dressed and told Todd what time it is.

"I'm sorry." he said

"Sorry about what?" I replied.

We both got dressed and he drove me back to his shop. He asked if I
would see him again and I said yes. I did explain, however, that I
didn't want a relationship and wanted to keep doing what I was doing. I
told him that I hoped he'd keep coming into the shop, but that I'd like
to fuck him in a bed.

We exchanged phone numberes and have talked a few times. Since then, my
son got sick, so I haven't fucked since that night. But I'm working, so
I'm satisfied. I'll write again soon..

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