Sonia, my b*****r Bobby's wife, answered the door wearing nothing except a brief silk slip. The hem was less than an inch beneath her flame-red pubic hair, which I could see as she walked down the hall. I wondered if she knew that she was flashing a lot more than the underside of her firm buttocks at me as she led me to the living room.
"I'm so glad you came," she told me. "I just don't know what to do with Bobby any more. He's really out of control!"
She sat down next to me on the sofa, her bare knee pressing against my leg. I squirmed in my moist satin panties and tried not to stare at the way her well-rounded titties were tumbling out of the front of her slip.
"What seems to be my b*****r's problem?" I asked. Sonia's nipples stiffened visibly.
"I don't know a nice way to say it, so I'll just spit it out.
Bobby is into sick, kinky sex, and I don't know how much more I can take!"
Forgive me if I couldn't take Sonia's complaint too seriously, but she was coming onto me hard. I'd let it slip some time back that when it came to sex, I swung both ways, but at the time she didn't seem interested. Something had obviously changed her mind.
When she curled her hands around my waist to hug me close, I kissed her hard, my tongue spiraling deep into her warm, moist mouth.
I didn't think to wonder about Bobby. I simply assumed that he must be elsewhere, or Sonia wouldn't be acting like this. It still hadn't dawned on me exactly how kinky my b*****r and my s****r-in-law really were. I had no idea that horny old Bob was hiding in the closet, where he could peep out through the crack in the door at us... watching for just the right moment.
When I spread Sonia's legs and bunched her slip into a roll of slippery fabric about her waist, I wasn't thinking about anything except the tasty beauty of her red cunt curls. I dived down deep, doing my favorite lesbian tongue tricks with the delicate pink folds her tasty pussy. Sonia sighed, her impertinent butt writhing against the sofa, as I eagerly demonstrated to her that I was probably every bit as "sick" and "kinky" as my older b*****r.
My tongue had just connected with the tell-tale twitchiness of Sonia's wiggly little clit when Bobby emerged from the closet.
"Great work, Honey," he said, winking at his wife. "I've always wondered what my sexy little s****r was like in bed."
I sat up, gasping. My dignity wasn't helped any by the fact that I had his wife's pussy-juice all over my face. I looked at the huge bulge in Bobby's crotch and then up into his smouldering eyes.
"You really want to fuck me, Bobby?" I asked, reaching for his cock.
"Have a good feel, s*s, and tell me what YOU think," grinned my kinky b*****r.
His cock felt like a baseball bat under his pants and my pussy began to leak with lust as I tried unsuccessfully to get my fingers around its rock-hard circumference.
"Jesus, Bobby! You're hung like a fuckin' horse!" I muttered.
"Yep! And twice as horny!", laughed my b*****r reaching down to fondle my aching tits. "Let's go to the bedroom and fuck, little s****r!"
I was too excited to protest, not that I would have. Licking Sonia's sweet pussy and now feeling my b*****r's urgent hardon had my poor cunt literally drooling with need. Bobby and Sonia both grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the master bedroom. In a lust-clouded daze, I followed them down the hallway.
I remembered that Bobby and Sonia's bedroom had always been locked when the f****y visited, and as I entered it for the first time, I knew why!
The bed was one of those giant circular models fitted with what he said were customized black satin sheets. There were mirrors on the walls and mylar on the ceiling. A table next to the bed held a proud display of oils, lotions, vibrators, dildoes, and even a plastic pussy! Sonia hadn't been lying when she said my b*****r was kinky. The only lie she'd told was when she said she didn't like it.
While I stripped my b*****r, Sonia stripped me. I didn't see how she lost her slip, but she was so greased up with sweat and excitement that it probably just slithered off her firm, slender body all by itself.
To be perfectly honest, most of my attention was temporarily stolen by Bobby, who had just presented me with the biggest cock I'd ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on.... or anything else for that matter! :-) I measured it tentatively with both hands and then tried to stretch my lips to fit around it, and it was one hell of a major stretch. I'd say it would have to be chose to ten inches long and three inches thick. As I sucked my b*****r's cock, I felt myself getting hotter and wetter between the legs. I couldn't wait any longer! I HAD to feel my b*****r's long, hard prick thrusting into my aching cunt.
"Fuck me, Bobby, " I gasped.
"What about me?" Sonia asked. "I thought you were sucking my pussy!
Bobby already had the answer to that problem. Rolling onto his back, he guided me down onto his cock and told his wife to squat over his face. That way, he could suck on her gaping twat while I fucked myself silly on his massive erection.
"Ooooh, Bobby, I can't believe I'm fucking you," I murmured, bouncing up and down on my b*****r's deeply-filling prick. "I've done a lot of wind things, but this has to be the wildest. Uuuuhhhh, God that feels good!"
"Mmmmm! It sure does! But believe me, s*s, it gets a lot better than this," he whispered.
Sonia's cunt did a tight bump and grind against Bobby's lips as she luxuriated in the sensation of his tongue against her clit. And all the while our lewd, i****tuous fuck was reflected in all the mirrors!
Bobby's wonderful long cock had me cumming in minutes and I could tell that his mouth was doing the same for his wife. I kissed Sonia passionately as we climaxed, hugging her tight and grinding my pussy down hard onto my b*****r's deeply rooted prick. Bobby brought us both off several more times before we changed positions.
Sonia pushed me back on the bed and spread my legs wide, sucking my b*****r's hot, creamy cum out of my cunt while Bobby fucked her doggy-style. It was fantastic! Every thrust of Bobby's huge cock into his wife's pussy rammed her mouth and tongue harder onto my creaming fuckhole. Then Bobby fucked me up the ass while I ate out Sonia's cum-saturated cuntslit, pausing only when my s****r-in-law's tight pink hole was squeaky clean.
We fucked each other in every possible position three people can contort themselves into that night, before Bobby was f***ed to bring in the reinf***ements... in the form of two, eleven-inch vibrating dildoes.
Yes, Sonia definitely has her hands full with a kinky husband like my b*****r. But I figure it's just my f****y duty to help her make the very best of a very, very pleasant situation indeed.
The End.

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9 months ago
Absolutely awesome
9 months ago
That was awesome I bet she was awesome to fuck her too
9 months ago
very good would like to here more about your kinky brother and your self
9 months ago
that was wonderful...