Losing My Shirt

Summary: A bored young man, home from college, plays a game of
strip poker with his tipsy sixteen year old s****r and three of
her tipsy friends.


I had just lost my shirt to a bunch of teenage girls. Literally.

"Hand it over, buddy!" Jenna laughed.

- - - - -

I had only been home from school for five days. My sophomore year
at college had just ended, and I was back home, taking a break
before starting my summer job as an intern/gofer in a law office
downtown. One of the partners was a friend of my stepfather.

The school I went to finished up about a week earlier than my
friends' colleges, so I was spending some time alone. I was
sitting around watching TV Friday evening before dinner when my
s****r Megan asked me "Are you going to be around tonight?" Megan
was four years younger than me and still in high school, of

"Why?" I asked her.

"I asked Mom if it was okay for me to have some friends over
tonight. Since she and Bob are going away this weekend, she said
I could but only if you were here to look after us."

"Yeah, that's okay. I'm not going anywhere," I replied. "What's
this party for, anyway?"

"Oh, we did the same thing last semester, but at Amy's house.
It's to blow off a little steam before finals begin next week.
It's too late to study, so we just have fun and relax."

"Cool." I said, turning my attention back to the Andy Griffith
Show. "I'll stay out of your way."

Megan gave me the thumbs up, turned around, and ran upstairs to
her room.

- - - - -

Mom and our step-dad, Bob, left right after dinner. I was
cleaning up in the kitchen when Megan's friends started arriving.
The bell rang twice without Megan answering, so I dried off my
hands and got the door.

First to arrive, apparently, was Christine. Christine was one of
my s****r's oldest friends. I had known her since she was in
first grade, but I hadn't seen her since last summer. She had
developed substantially over the last year, I would add.

"Hey!" She greeted me. She gave me a big hug, dropping her duffel
bag on the porch. "I haven't seen you in so long!"

"Yeah! It's nice to see you, Chris. You look all grown up!" And
feel pretty grown up, I thought, as she released me.

"Oh. Thanks," she said, suddenly a little self conscious.

"Well, I guess Megan's in her room. She's not answering doors at
any rate. You want help with that?" I asked, pointing at her bag.

"Nope. I got it." She grabbed the duffel and walked up the stairs
as I went back to the kitchen.

- - - - -

There were two more doorbell rings before I finished drying the
pots. I didn't have to answer them, because Christine did. I
heard the name of the other girls: Amy, who I didn't know, and
Jenna, who had known my s****r for only a few years, though she
was probably my Megan's best friend. Jenna was a real beauty the
last time I saw her - she was tall, slender, and had long blonde
hair and a great smile.

Jenna used to star in a particular masturbation fantasy I had. A
few years ago, what actually happened was that I had gotten a
peek at her in our guestroom when she was sl**ping over. I had
gotten up to piss early in the morning, just around sunrise, and
glanced in through the open door. Jenna was sprawled out on the
bed. The sheets were in disarray, and she was uncovered from the
waist down. sl**ping on her stomach, even in the dim light I
could clearly see her long legs and pretty young ass. One leg was
pulled up in an L shape, and I could see the crease of her pussy
through her white panties. In my fantasy, I would join her in the
bedroom and show her a thing or two about boys and girls. In real
life, I took my hardon into the bathroom and pissed it away.

- - - - -

With my chores done, I went upstairs to Megan's room. Her door
was open slightly, and I could tell all four girls were in her
bedroom. I knocked lightly on the door to get her attention, and
then asked "You want me upstairs or downstairs?"

The girls giggled, but Megan answered through the door. "It
doesn't matter. You can come and go as you want."

"Okay. I'll be watching TV for now. Don't break anything!"

"All right already. Go away."

- - - - -

There wasn't anything good on the TV. I was feeling pretty horny
- I guess it was all the women in the house. I hadn't had any
relief since before my last final. My girlfriend had given me a
very good, very sloppy blowjob for good luck. Then, there were
the last minute parties, all the goodbyes, and before I knew it,
I was in an airplane and she was on a train back to her home on
Long Island. I hadn't blown my nut in more than a week! It was
well past time I practiced some self-satisfaction. But, the
cheesy soft-core movies wouldn't be on until later tonight and
with the girls around I didn't think I would have enough privacy
to really enjoy myself anyway. Another few hours of waiting
wouldn't hurt.

It was a pretty quiet evening. One or two of the girls would come
down, grab snacks or drinks, and then go back upstairs. They were
playing music pretty loud up there, but I didn't care. I had
given up on television and was looking through a stack of
magazines on the coffee table.

I was bored out of my mind, but it wasn't even ten o'clock, and
way to early to hit the sack. Then I had an idea. I could go to
Blockbuster and see if they had any decent movies left to rent. I
went upstairs to get my wallet, and found a girl poking around in
my bedroom. I guess the girl was Amy, because I didn't know her.
She was an attractive asian girl, with a bobbed haircut and hip,
50's style black frame glasses.

"Uh, hey." I said.

"Oh, hi!" Amy looked surprised. "Megan said she thought you had
the new New Pornographers. She said it was okay to get it from
your room. It's okay, right?"

"Yeah. I think my iPod is somewhere under that jacket," I said,
pointing. "Good luck finding it - I haven't had a chance to get
things put away yet."

"Megan told me that you just came back from college. What year
are you?"

"I just finished my sophomore year."

"Cool. I'm a sophomore too. Different kind, though." She sunk to
her knees to get at the pile of stuff under my jacket, tucking
her pleated skirt underneath her. The skirt wasn't short enough
to be dangerous, but I guessed she was just being careful.

"You're Amy, right?" I asked. "Nice to meet you."

"Yes. I'm Amy. Amy Chen. Did you know my b*****r Dan? He was in
your class in high school."

"Oh yeah. I knew Dan. Do brains run in your f****y?" I asked her.

"Well, I guess so. School's not too bad," she said modestly. I
knew that my s****r was smart, and I expected that most of her
friends were in the honors crowd as well. Megan was a good, kind
of nerdy teenager. That's why our folks let her have friends over
even when they were gone.

"What's Dan doing now?"

"He's doing a research project at his school this summer.
Something in chemistry."

"Sounds good," I said. "Hey, I'm going to try to find a movie to
rent - do you girls want to see anything?" I was looking at her
ass as she bent over a box, rummaging through things from my

"Got it!" She got to her feet. "Thanks. I'll ask Megan about the
movie," she said as she walked past me out the door.

I followed her.

- - - - -

The girls didn't want to see a movie. They wanted me to get them
beer. Well, I wasn't quite twenty-one yet, but I knew a store
that used to sell to us when we were in high school, so I figured
I wouldn't have any problems now. I made a fuss anyway. I wanted
Megan to owe me something, in case I needed a favor later. She
promised she'd make it up to me. They all said they would.

I got back from the store about half an hour later. The four of
them weren't inside, but their cars were still in the driveway so
I looked out on the back porch. That's where they were. They were
sitting out there on the porch swing and lounges, talking about
stuff. Megan had brought down my old boombox and my iPod was
patched in through the aux jack. The music was quiet, though, in
consideration of our neighbors. Like I said, they were good

"I brought you two sixes and a small pack of that lemon stuff, in
case someone doesn't like beer." I only got them three or four
each - I didn't want a bunch of girls going home to their folks
tomorrow with hangovers.

Amy and Megan got off the swing and grabbed the stuff from me.
They passed out the beers as I grabbed one for myself. I watched
as each of them tried it. Amy obviously had had beer before. The
other three made faces while they drank. "Why the faces? This is
the good stuff!" I teased them.

The five of us sat out there for a while. The girls chatted about
school and boys and stuff. I pretty much stayed quiet and looked
up at the stars. I think I dozed off, because Megan tapped me on
the shoulder and startled me.

"We're going in to play cards," she told me. "Want to come?"

I nodded and followed the rest of them inside.

- - - - -

The game, I was told, was strip poker. The girls were on the last
of the beer already, and starting to feel it. They were very
giggly, and Christine and Amy flirted with me pretty shamelessly.
Jenna and my s****r just laughed at them.

So, I thought, strip poker might be fun. I figured I had at least
an 80 percent chance of seeing one of them naked, and only a 20
percent chance that the naked one would be my s****r. Most likely
someone would chicken out and quit.

Well, it didn't go badly at first. I was winning. Jenna was down
to her panties and an undershirt. My s****r had lost her pants,
but was still wearing a long top that covered her up. Christine
was the worst off - down to only her panties and her bra. I had
already noticed that she had large breasts for her age, but they
looked outstanding in her smallish bra. Amy, on the other hand,
had only lost her shoes and socks, and I was only missing my
belt. But then the tide turned against me. I'm not a bad
five-card draw player, but I kept coming up with losing hands.
Maybe I was distracted by all the bare skin.

"Hand it over, buddy!" Jenna laughed. I pulled my T-shirt over my
head. How could I loose four in a row? When they girls got a look
at my hairy chest, they erupted in a chorus of "eews" and "yucks"
and then started laughing.

"You know what they say," I told them laughing, " `Girls like
them bare, but women like them with hair!' "

"Well, I think it's sexy!" said Christine, probably without
thinking it through. Now the girls were laughing at her.

"My deal!" claimed Megan. I was down to my boxers. If I lost this
hand, it would all be over.

- - - - -

Sure enough, I lost that hand.

The girls were all taunting me, chanting "Strip! Strip! Strip!"
until I actually stood up to do so. They got quiet and watched me
expectantly, staring right at my crotch. I was, I'm proud to say,
more than a little embarrassed, but I was prepared to go through
with it. Just as I tucked my thumbs under the waistband, my
s****r protested.

"No! Stop! I don't want to see your thing! That's gross."

"Wait a minute!" Amy rebutted. "We want to see it, right?" She
looked to Jenna and Christine for confirmation, but got none.

"Damn." She paused. "Well, he lost, so he has to do something for
us. Maybe he should be our slave until tomorrow..."

"No way," I countered. "I am prepared to deliver on my debt. You
can't go changing the price in the middle of the game."

The four girls made a quick huddle, and I could hear them
whispering. They seemed to reach an agreement.

Amy turned to me and told me that they would accept three minutes
of tickle torture in lieu of taking off my shorts. I didn't think
that was such a bargain, but I agreed to it.

"Okay," she said. "Let's go."

- - - - -

They took me upstairs to our parent's bed. Megan and I used to
tickle torture each other when she was little, but apparently the
procedure had changed. I was told that I had to be tied down
while they tickled me because I was so much stronger than they.
Again, I guess I wasn't thinking straight, because I submitted.
The four of them tied my wrists and ankles to the headboard and
footboard using some of Mom's scarves. They tied me down
spread-eagle, and could just barely move my arms and legs. The
girls positioned themselves around me: Megan by my upper body,
because she knew from experience that my neck was very ticklish;
Amy on my right side, by my waist; and Christine and Jenna at
each foot.

"Look at the clock, buddy!" Amy commanded. "We stop in three
minutes. Ready?" She looked to the other girls. "Go!"

They were tickling me mercilessly. I managed to control myself
for the first minute, but after that I just couldn't maintain. I
had just about given up trying to catch a breath when Jenna
screamed, jumped off the bed and dashed out of the room. Then
Megan and Christine jumped off too and ran for the door.

"Oh geez!" Amy exclaimed.

I looked down, and saw the head of my semi-hard cock sticking out
of the fly in my boxers.

"Oh, man! I'm sorry. It's just happens, you know..." I started to
explain. I could hear Megan and the other two girls talking
excitedly outside the open doorway.

"Huh? Oh, whatever." Amy almost couldn't take her eyes off it.

"Could you, you know, sort of put it back in?"

"Yeah." She reached her small hand towards it. I gasped when her
fingers brushed against the underside of my glans. "Hmmm, the
skin feels soft. It's so warm."

"Just put it back, okay. Then you can untie me."

She paused, lightly stroking my cockhead with the fingers of her
left hand. "No.... I want to play with it a little." She started
to pull my hardening penis out of my shorts. "This is a nice
one," she turned and smiled at me. "How big does it get?"

"Oh come on, Amy. Stop it. You shouldn't do this."

"Don't be silly. I can tell you like it!" She then faced the
doorway and shouted, "Come back in, you chickens! You should see

Amy had pulled my cock and balls clear of my fly. I was rapidly
reaching full erection.

"Eww! What are you doing?" Christine poked her head inside.

"Come here," said Amy. "You should feel this."

Christine stepped in the room, followed closely by my s****r.

"Oh God! Just leave him alone Amy!" cried Megan. I couldn't help
but notice that she, like Christine, couldn't take her eyes off
Amy's hand as she slowly stroked my cock.

"Your b*****r's got a big one, Meg!" Amy said. "Why didn't you
tell us?"

"'Cause I've never seen it before. Not like that! God, Amy, just
quit it!"

"Yeah Amy." Her soft little hand felt so good wrapped around my
rod, I could barely make my mouth work. "You should stop before
this gets out of hand."

"Heh heh. Funny. You're not getting out of my hand," Amy teased.
"Not `til I make you squirt, anyway."

Christine and Megan stood silent and transfixed while Amy stroked
me. She was good at this.

"Not your first time, huh, Amy?" I asked.

"Oh no. I get lots of practice with Charlie." She continued
pumping me. I could feel my balls tightening up. Amy saw this,
too, and called Christine over. When Christine was standing by
the side of the bed, she told her to lightly grab my sack and
pull away from my body. When Christine didn't understand, she
showed her, giving my turgid cock a break.

"Okay," said Christine, as she climbed on to the bed, kneeling
next to me and opposite Amy.

"Don't pull too hard Chris," I cautioned her calmly, "or you'll
hurt me." I had an idea what Amy was up too.

Amy said to Christine, "if you squeeze right there with your
other hand, he won't be able to come until we want him to."

"Uh huh," Christine responded, lightly pinching the base of my
cock between the thumb and index finger of her left hand.

Amy resumed slowing pumping my dick. She had a soft, heavenly
touch. I was so close to coming. I could feel it in my stomach.

"Is this your first cock, Christine?" Amy asked.


"Oh my God..." I moaned. Christine pinched tighter.

Still stroking me, Amy asked Megan "How about you, Meg? Is this
the first cock you've seen?"

"Yeah," my s****r said softly. This time I groaned. Megan had
crossed the room, sitting on Mom's reading chair. From there, she
had a clear view up between my legs to my tool. I could see her
just sitting there, staring at the activity in my groin.

Precum was starting to ooze thickly from my pisshole. Amy
noticed, and licking the fingers of her right hand, observed that
"This is the good part!" and starting at the head of my cock,
smeared my precum and her saliva around and down my cock, making
it slick and a little slippery. She continued to pump me slowly
and with a firm grasp the entire time.

"He's getting ready to go," she told the others. "You wanna try
it, Chris?" Christine nodded. "I'll hold him here, and you just
stroke it like I was." The two girls switched off. Now, Christine
was fisting my slippery cock and holding my nuts while Amy
pinched the base of my dick. With her left hand, Amy was idly
stroking the inside of my thighs.

"See that stuff leaking out the top?" Amy asked Christine. "On
the upstroke, go all the way past the tip, smear it around, and
then spread it back down his shaft.

"Okay," replied Chris. She seemed to be concentrating on the

"How's she doing, buddy?" Amy asked me, without looking away from
my hardon.

Honestly, Christine wasn't as good as Amy. Her grip was just a
little too loose or something. But I was so far gone already that
the combined sensations from the hands of the two girls was
overwhelming anyway. I didn't want to make the effort to speak,
so I just groaned.

"I guess he likes it," said my s****r. I had almost forgotten she
was there.

"Yeah. Baby," Amy addressed me, this time looking me in the eyes,
"You want to come for us soon?"

"Uh huh," I breathed.

"Where's Jenna?" Amy asked. "She shouldn't miss this! Jenna, you
big chicken. Come in here!"

"Yeah, Jenna! Come on!" Christine shouted.

I heard footsteps and looked up to see Jenna peeking into the
room. She didn't say anything, but looked wide-eyed at her
friends and I.

"Come closer. You don't want to miss this. Amy says he's about to
shoot off!" Christine exclaimed.

She stood down by my feet, on Christine's side of the bed.

"Okay, Chris, let's switch again. This one's mine." Christine
nodded her assent, and the two girls deftly changed jobs. Amy
began stroking me in earnest, with long, fast strokes and firm
pressure. It felt like she was milking my dick, and I guess, in a
way, she was. I felt a huge orgasm building in my groin. My
muscles were so tense they were vibrating.

"Ready? Christine, let him go."

She did, and I felt the fluids rush into place inside me. I
growled and strained all my muscles, lifting my body off the bed
and pointing my cock skyward. Amy didn't break her pumping rhythm
as the first large shot of come blasted from my piss hole. My
eyes were closed tightly by now, so, while I didn't see it arc up
into the air, I did feel it land with a hot splash on my chest
and neck. With each subsequent stroke of Amy's small fist,
another glob of come arched out of me, with slowly decreasing
energy, leaving a trail of white splashes down my torso. I
counted ten spasms, and then merely felt the spunk pulsing out of
my cock and oozing down my rod. Amy still pumped me, milking
every last drop of semen from my spent balls. I finally opened my
eyes, immediately fixing on her little, tan hand as she gently
worked my softening tool. She had mixed my come into lather
around my shaft and in my pubic hair. I felt it dripping slowly
down my scrotum as well.

I was covered in jizz from my neck to my balls. Amy and Christine
had just milked the largest come of my life out of me. I searched
each of the young women's faces, and everyone, including Amy,
looked a little shocked.

"Woah!" Christine finally broke the silence. "Is it always that
much?" she asked, looking up at my face.

"No," I replied weakly, shaking my head. "That was something

The girls all laughed, even Jenna, who still looked

No one was moving except for Amy, who was still absent-mindedly
playing with my shrinking cock. No one seemed to know what to do
next, so I spoke up.

"How about you untie me now?"

- - - - -

This goaded Amy into action. "How about we get you cleaned up
first? Jenna, go get a warm, wet washcloth from the bathroom."
Jenna turned and started her task. Christine squirmed up the bed,
resting against the headboard, her naked hips near my face.

"These are a mess!" Amy said, indicating my boxer shorts. They
were wet with my come.

"So let me up so I can take them off."

"No, we're not done with you yet." I was afraid of that. Megan
had a blank look on her face now, and glancing up to Christine, I
saw that she was smiling. No help there, I guess.

"Megan, do you have some scissors around here?" Amy asked my

She sat still for a second, then answered affirmatively and left
the room.

Jenna came back in with the washcloth. Amy told her to wait while
Megan came back with scissors.

Amy and Christine cut the boxer shorts off me. Although Christine
tried to avoid it, she and Amy both got a lot of my load on her
hands. Amy noticed her squeamishness.

"It's not that bad, Chris. You can wash it off!" she teased.

"It's just, well, sticky."

Amy's left hand was almost coated in my white goo. "Yeah," she
said, lifting her hand to her face. To everyone's surprise she
stuck her pink tongue out and licked a little off the back of her
hand. "Salty," she said. Holding her hand out to Christine, she
asked her, "You want to taste it, too?"

Jenna and my s****r were shocked speechless, and I guess
Christine was too because she didn't say anything. She just
leaned forward a little, stuck out her tongue daintily, and
dabbed it into the spunk on the back of Amy's hand. She looked
nonplussed. "Salty," she agreed.

"It's better when it's still hot," Amy commented. I think she was
just trying to impress her friends at this point.

"Gross, Amy." said Jenna. Amy laughed.

"Megan, why don't you and Jenna clean him up? Christine and I
have to wash up, too."

- - - - -

Megan came to the bed and sat down on my right side, near my
chest. I could tell she felt pretty awkward about being that
close to me while I was naked. She asked Jenna to hand her the
towel, and then turned to me and said "Sorry." I shrugged as well
as I could. She got to work cleaning off my chest, rubbing the
warm washcloth down my chin and neck, and between my pecs,
cleaning off my sticky load. She had cleaned me as far down as my
belly button when she decided that the washcloth was more or less
saturated with my come.

"I've got to rinse this out, Jenna. I'll be right back," said
Megan, hopping off the bed. She went into the adjoining bathroom.
Jenna watched her go without a word.

When she heard the faucet running, Jenna stepped towards me. She
placed a finger over her lips, indicating that I shouldn't say
anything. Tentatively, she reached out, and gently rubbed her
right index finger into the spunk covering the shaft of my
flaccid penis. She looked over at me, and smiled coyly as she
brought the come covered digit to her lips. Her tongue flicked
out for a quick taste. She had just begun another small lick when
she heard Megan re-enter the room. In a panic, she popped the
whole finger in her mouth to clean it off. I couldn't help but

"What's up?" my s****r asked, looking first at me and then at
Jenna, who was just removing her clean, wet finger from her
pretty mouth.

"Nothing," I replied. "I was sort of hoping that you guys would
untie me now."

"Well, Amy said we should keep you here. If I let you go, she'll
be mad," Jenna paused. "Besides, that was kind of cool. Think you
could do it again?"

"I don't want to," I answered.

"Anyway, we've got to get you clean," my s****r told me. "Sorry
about this." She took the washcloth and started to gently rub it
over my limp cock, soaking up the remains of my load. I notice
that she was very careful not to actually touch my penis with her
hand. She also cleaned off my abdomen, down to my pubic hair,
which was matted down with sticky come. There was no way she
could wash this out without touching me.

"Man, what a mess you made," she said to me, shaking her head.
"Jenna, can you come here and hold his thing up while I clean him

"What?" Jenna was shocked at the suggestion.

"He's my b*****r, Jenna. I don't want to be the one to hold it!"

"If you untie me I can clean myself off," I suggested, helpfully.

"Okay," Jenna relented. She walked around to the opposite side of
the bed, leaned over, and bracing herself with one hand,
carefully lifted my dick into the air. Her fingertips gently
gripped my glans. Megan began sopping up the mess in my pubes.
Soon, she decided that she needed to rinse the towel again.

"Back in a sec!" she said to us both.

Jenna didn't look at me, and she didn't let go of my cock either.
I felt the bl**d seeping back into my groin as I watched this
pretty girl shyly holding my cock. She was standing there in only
her small white panties and undershirt, just like I had seen her
that night a few years ago. I could feel my bl**d pulsing at the
base of my cock, and I knew I would soon be growing hard again.
It seemed that Jenna hadn't noticed anything yet. I let my head
fall back and I closed my eyes tightly, trying to get the picture
of her tight, panty clad ass out of my head. No luck. The harder
I tried not thinking about her, the more I could feel her soft
fingers pressing into my cock.

None too soon, Megan came back. She noticed.

"Oh man, b*o. I thought you said you were done?"

"What?" asked Jenna.

"His dick is getting hard again. Can't you tell?"

"I guess not." Jenna replied.

"Can we just get this over with?" I suggested.

"Yeah." Megan got right to work on the shaft of my now hardening
dick. I grew wider and longer as she wiped me off. She was still
careful not to make any skin-to-skin contact, to my relief.

"Don't forget his balls," Jenna reminded her.

Megan carried out that task as well. The warm, rough cloth felt
nice on my sack. She gently rolled my loosely hanging testicles
around in my scrotum, cleaning me off quite well. The massage
relaxed me somewhat, and I could feel my dick begin to reverse
its ascent. Then she cleaned lower, wiping the cloth inside my
groin and just above my asshole. It wasn't long before she deemed
the job complete.

"I guess that's it," she told Jenna. "Let him go, and let's go
find the other two."

- - - - -

They left me all alone in our parent's room, tied securely to the
large bed with my mom's nice scarves. My muscles were sore from
the intense orgasm I had had earlier. I looked at the bedside
clock. It was almost one in the morning. I could feel my
half-hard cock resting hotly on my stomach. The room was not
warm, and I hoped that someone would remember to throw a blanket
over me if they were going to leave me here all night.

Only five minutes or so elapsed before all the girls came back
into the room.

"We brought you a drink," Christine said. "Amy thought you'd be
thirsty after losing all that, er, fluid." She and Amy laughed.

Christine held a can of orange soda with a straw in it up to my
lips. I sucked up a few sips, and then she pulled it away. "Not
too much, or you'll have to go!" I had forgotten about that.

None of the girls had changed out of their poker clothes. Amy was
still the most fully dressed, wearing her pleated skirt and
blouse. Megan had on a long shirt, and her bra and panties, I
guess. Christine was dressed in a fancy looking bra that was hard
at work supporting her surprisingly large tits, and a blue string
bikini. Jenna was wearing a white cotton undershirt and plain
white panties that looked a touch too small for her.

"So, who's next?" Amy asked. "Me and Chris already had a turn.
Megan, you want a try?"

"No way! He's, like, my b*****r!" I was pretty relieved by that.
I wasn't prepared to be jerked off by my little s****r.

"So it's your turn, Jenna."

"Okay." She looked reluctant. "What do I do?" I could feel the
bl**d pulsing back into my dick.

"Well, he had a pretty good workout last time. Let's start off
easy." Amy turned to my s****r. "You have some baby oil, right?"

She looked interested, nodded yes, and dashed out of the room. I
lay there, looking Amy in the eye until Megan returned.

Handing the baby oil to Jenna, Amy instructed her to pour a lot
onto her hands and then massage it around my cock.

I watched with anticipation as Jenna climbed onto the bed next to
me and doused her hands with oil. She licked her lips once,
looking nervous and sweet, and then grabbed my stiff cock. "It's
already hard!" she told the other girls.

"Ready to go so soon?" Amy teased me. "Cool. Okay Jenna, sort of
pull on it, like you were milking a cow." Jenna complied as best
she knew how.

"No no," Amy corrected. "Do it the other way, in reverse."

She switched to a upward motion, using her thumb, middle and
index finger to form a ring around my shaft, releasing at the top
and then gripping again at the base to start the cycle over.

"You can squeeze him a little harder, I bet," she instructed. Amy
looked up at me and I nodded my consent. "He won't mind."

The girls were all watching Jenna's ministrations. I was watching
Jenna, too. Her small, conical tits stretched the fabric of her
tight undershirt. I could see her nipples begin to stiffen as she
kept at her work. She was kneeling on the bed next to my right
hip, with her tight bottom resting on her bare feet. Her heels
made small indentations in the muscles of her firm ass.

"Try it with both hands, and pull down now," Amy suggested.
Jenna, who had been supporting herself with her left hand,
wrapped it around my cock as well, just under the fingers of her
right hand. She was moving them both down my shaft, forming a
tight tube of fingers with which she hand fucked me.

I groaned. Jenna looked up at me and smiled. She looked naughty
now, not sweet.

Without a hand to steady her, she was close to losing her balance
on the softly bouncing bed, and her pacing soon faltered. "I
can't do this! I need to hold myself up!" she complained.

"Why don't you sit over him?" Megan suggested. Jenna looked
dubious, but swung her left leg over my stomach. She was now
kneeling over me, with one leg on each side and facing my feet.
She hadn't released her grip on my cock during the maneuver, and
started stroking me again.

All I could see now were Jenna's shoulders as she pumped on my
tool, her lithe back, and looking down my chest, her firm little
butt hovering just above my sternum. Her small panties were
stretched immodestly tight against her ass cheeks, and I could
see the swell of her pussy lips between her long slender legs. I
couldn't take my eyes off her.

Jenna finally acted on her own initiative, I suppose, because she
started milking my cock again, but double time. She would
alternate right and left hands, starting with each wrapped around
the head of my cock just as the other reached the midpoint of my
rod. She kept this up for a few minutes, bringing me closer and
closer to orgasm.

"That's good," I complemented her, my breathing heavy. "I'm
pretty close now!"

She didn't look over her shoulder at me, but seemed to remember
that there was a man attached to this cock, and that that man
would be staring right at her ass in this position. I don't know
her motivation, but she sank lower on me, resting against my
chest. I could feel her warm thighs and hot little pussy pressing
against me. It was good that she didn't weight much or I would
have had trouble breathing.

"Oh God, Jenna," I moaned. "Just a little more!"

She started grinding her pussy against me. I think the other
girls were too interested in my cock to notice, but I could feel
the friction of hot skin through her cotton undies.

"Don't stop, Jenna. Don't stop!" I held my breath for ten
seconds, and then ten more, and finally roared out my orgasm. I
felt a big load blast out of my cock, followed by a few more
spurts. The last bits of come just dribbled out as she finally
released my rod.

"Oh, what a mess!" she said. She slid off to my left side,
raising her other leg over my midsection. I could see that she
had been splashed with wads of come. Her undershirt was wet with
it in several patches. Both her hands were covered with my jizz
as well. Proving she was as daring as the others, she stuck the
part of her hand between her thumb and forefinger into her mouth
and sucked off a tongueful of come. Licking the residue of come
off her pink lips, she said to everyone, "It is salty. And it
feels slippery when you swallow it!"

Amy looked knowingly at Christine. "See, I told you warm was
better." My s****r still looked shocked, but the other three
laughed. I laughed, too, but weakly. It had been a rough evening!

- - - - -

This time Jenna left to clean herself, and Amy and Christine
collaborated to wash me off. Of course, the two of them took some
liberties with me, and finally left me lying there, tied to the
bed with a semi-erection.

It was almost half and hour later that the four of them came
back. I noticed that they had changed into some sl**ping clothes;
uniformly, they were wearing loose t-shirts that almost covered
the cheeks of their panty-clad asses. Megan had brought up a
fresh can of cold soda, and offered me a few sips through a

One of them found a big, loose blanket with which to cover me,
which Amy carefully arranged.

"So, this is goodnight!" Amy said cheerfully. "We'll probably let
you go in the morning." The she leaned over the bed, gave my cock
a squeeze through the blanket, and kissed my cheek chastely.
Christine imitated her exactly. It was Jenna's turn next, and
after saying goodnight, she kissed me on the mouth. I even felt
her tongue flick against my lips.

" `Night b*o!" waved my s****r, as she ushered the others out of
my parent's bedroom. I watched her mouth the word "Sorry" again
as she smiled, flipped off the lights and closed the door.

I was pretty exhausted. It was about two in the morning, and my
muscles ached from the exertion of being masturbated to two
excellent orgasms by the pretty teenagers. I felt my body sinking
into the mattress as I relaxed, and fell asl**p in a few short

- - - - -

I woke up when two warm bodies climbed into bed with me.

"We couldn't sl**p," said Amy, snuggling up to my right side.

"Can we join you?" asked Christine, as she squirmed in close to
my left.

"Not much I can do about it, right?" I answered. "Can we just
sl**p though? I'm too tired to play."

"Well, okay," answered Amy.

The two girls got comfortable under the blanket, wiggling around
next to me until they were satisfied. Amy ended up with her right
leg thrown over mine, and her panty clad crotch pressed firmly
against my thigh. Her head rested on my chest. Christine had
found a similar position, with her left leg over my hips. Her
large, firm breasts pressed up against my flank. Through the thin
fabric of the t-shirt I could tell she was braless and I could
feel the heat of her skin. I have to admit that I was quite
comfortable with the two pretty teens pressed snuggled tightly
against me. Who wouldn't be? But, in my current state I was too
worn out to get excited, and before I knew it I had drifted off

I don't think they let me rest long. At least, Amy didn't.
Christine had apparently fallen asl**p and had rolled away from
us slightly. Amy, on the other hand, was quite awake. She was
holding my flaccid cock with one hand and dry humping my leg.

"Amy..." I whispered, getting her attention.

"Sorry," she whispered back. "I couldn't help myself. I really
need to get off, and you feel so good." She kept grinding her
panty-covered pussy against my upper thigh. Tired as I was, her
hot little body felt too good to ignore, and my cock started to
rise to the occasion.

"Mmmm," she moaned against my neck, squeezing me as bl**d filled
my organ. "I love your cock! It's the biggest I've seen. And the
skin is so soft."

"It's not that big, Amy," I whispered, a little sad to dispel her

"Well, I haven't seen that many," she continued, softly. "I still
think it's really nice! It's wide and long and it gets so hard
just before you come."

I cautioned her to touch me softly. My cock was pretty tender
after our earlier activities. She mumbled her agreement, and
snuggled up closer to me, grinding harder against my leg. I was
pleased that this hot little fox found me so irresistible! Her
warm body felt wonderful next to mine, and her skin was soft and
smooth. Her hair smelled like coconut.

I guess she got a little too enthusiastic eventually, because
Christine finally rolled back to us, and, wrapping her left leg
around mine, asked Amy and I if she could play too. Amy was in no
position to disagree, and I wasn't opposed to being dry fucked by
two lovely young ladies. Christine and Amy shared my stiff cock
as they humped me, lightly tracing their fingertips up my shaft,
over the soft crown, and around my scrotum. Amy, the more
knowledgeable of the two, even paid some attention to the
perineum, massaging her middle finger firmly against me as
Christine stroked my shaft. I couldn't help but moan softly, lost
in the sensation of the girls' hands.

Amy must have been getting close, because she started to whimper
quietly against my neck and chest. Her whimpers turned to soft
groans, and she grabbed the shaft of my cock firmly and started
to squeeze. Christine, turned on even more by her friend's
climax, starting pressing harder against my leg and squeezed
Amy's hand over my rock hard erection as well.

"Come on, baby," I encouraged Amy, whispering into her
sweet-smelling hair. "Come for me, babe!"

I felt her tense up, gasp, and then Amy was shaking out her
orgasm breathlessly next to me. Finally, she sighed and relaxed,
loosening her hold on me.

Christine, however, was getting closer to coming herself. She was
grinding her clit against my hairy leg. I could feel the wetness
and heat from her swollen pussy through her panties. "Oh God!"
she moaned.

Amy watched Christine from across my chest. "Come on, Chrissy!"
she told her friend. "I want to watch you come!"

"Show us, honey!"

Christine let go of my shaft and grabbed my opposite hip. She
pulled herself tightly against me, her large breasts squashed up
against my flank. I could feel her body stiffen, and she started
to growl. She turned her face toward Amy, and when the two of
them made eye contact in the dim light, Christine started to
come, vibrating like a plucked guitar string. She open her mouth
to scream, but no sound came out. Amy and I watched her as she
slowly came down. First, her tight grip on my body relaxed, and
then she slowly and softly ground her pelvis against me, riding
out several aftershocks. When she finally finished, she giggled
with embarrassment.

"That was so hot," Amy whispered to us both, and then giggled to

Christine was still catching her breath, but I agreed readily
with Amy.

- - - - -

The three of us stayed together like that for a little while.
Though my body was tired, my cock was still rock-hard. I could
feel it pulsing with my heartbeat. The girls were quiet, and,
despite my erection, I hoped that we were through for the night.
Eventually, though, Amy's horniness returned.

"So," she commented softly, "We still have to take care of you."

"You two already took care of me tonight!" I replied.

Christine's hand slipped down under the blanket and grasped my
cock. "But, it's still hard. We can't just leave you like that!"

"It's too sore to play with, Chrissy. You guys were a little
rough on me earlier. It'll go down when I fall asl**p."

"I have another idea," whispered Amy. "You want to learn how to
give him a blowjob?"

"Yeah!" Christine was excited by the idea.

They didn't wait for my approval. "Okay, Chris, just do what I
do. We'll take turns!"

The girls scooted down the bed, and got to their knees by my
hips, one on each side of me. They pulled the blanket down past
my knees, exposing me to the cool air. Amy lowered her face to my
stiff cock, and Christine watched her intently. Amy began by
licking my balls. Her tongue felt hot against my skin, but the
evaporating saliva felt cold. She also gave my scrotum little
kisses, and lightly sucked each of my testicles.

When she stopped, Christine imitated her. Amy started licking and
kissing her way up the shaft of my penis, which was still resting
against my stomach. When she reached the glans, she popped it
into her small mouth, and sucking lightly, lifted my cock
perpendicular to my body. With it pointing straight up, she
grasped it lightly at the base with her left hand, and started
kissing and licking her way back down to the base, trying to wet
all my skin with her tongue. When she reached my pubes, she
lowered my tool back down to my stomach and told Christine it was
her turn.

Again, Christine copied her almost exactly. It was nice to feel
the slight differences between the girls. While Christine's lips
were softer, Amy's were more plump. Amy's tongue was also a bit
rougher than Christine's. All too soon, Christine finished.

Amy took over again, holding my cock upright between her thumb
and forefinger, and sucked the glans gently into her warm, wet
mouth. She slowly took me inside her, dropping her luscious lips
lower on each pass. When I felt my cock bump the back of her
throat, she stopped. She pulled back up, keeping only the head in
her mouth, and then plunged slowly down my cock until I once
again bumped into the back of her throat. She repeated this
motion a few times, and then pulled off.

Holding my cock for Christine, she said, "Don't try to go to
deep. You'll gag. If he hits the back of your mouth you had
better stop." Christine nodded and took me between her lips. Like
Amy, she slowly worked her way down. I felt her falter a little
as I got deeper, but when the tip of my cock pressed against her
throat, and she visibly relaxed. I'm pretty sure she didn't know
how far it would have to go in! Christine tried a few strokes and
then Amy asked to show her a few last things before she was on
her own. Christine slowly pulled off my organ and offered it to

"First, try using your tongue while you suck him, like this," she
demonstrated, bathing my cock with the flat upper side of her
tongue. "Only, do that while it's inside your mouth. Also you can
try wiggling your tongue around like this." She showed Christine
how to snake her tongue around the shaft and lick softly under
the crown. "Another thing I think guys like is when you twist
around as you suck." Amy sucked the head of my cock back into her
mouth, and twisted her neck back and forth as she slurped up and
down the shaft. She had very good technique. The little minx was
not only a jack-off artist, she was also an accomplished

Amy turned to me and smiled. "Anything else, babe?"

"You don't have to do just one thing over and over. You can
switch around. You know, suck for a while, then lick it, then
kiss or lick my balls while you stroke it. Stuff like that," I

"Yeah. Plus, the angle's better if you get between his legs. So,
try it. I'll watch you and coach you!"

Christine climbed between my spread legs, kneeling. She figured
out that the could support herself on her right elbow while
holding my dick with her left hand. That done, she sucked me into
her mouth and went to work.

Amy leaned back against me with her head on my shoulder. She was
idly stroking the hair on my chest while she watched her friend
suck and lick my cock. I relaxed back onto the bed and closed my
eyes, reveling in this unusual situation and enjoying the girls'

Christine practiced her new skills for a few minutes before Amy
asked, "How's she doing, big guy?"

"That's great, Chrissy," I answered.

"Watching you suck him is hot," commented Amy. "Are you having

"Mmmm hmmm," Christine mumbled, my shaft still deep inside her

Amy settled back against me, and we both enjoyed Christine's blow
job. Christine was doing a fine job. Her technique was improving
as she practiced, and she had me as hard as an iron bar. I could
feel her heavy, swaying breasts brush my thighs as she bobbed up
and down. But, I didn't think I was going to come. I was still
feeling tired out from our earlier sessions. Then, Amy started to
get restless. Finally, she turned toward me, moved up to my ear,
and whispered so Christine couldn't hear.

"Do you eat pussy?"

- - - - -

Without distracting her friend, who was apparently too busy with
my cock to notice, Amy slipped out of her panties, spun around
slowly, and straddled me on her hands and knees. Her moist pussy
was directly over my mouth. I could see her hairless pussy lips
glistening wet in the light from the clock radio; her hard, small
clit peeking out from it's hood; the tight, smooth skin of her
thighs and ass; and her small, crinkled asshole. I relished the
sight, trying to embed it in my memory. Then she slowly sank
down, until, with my tongue out, I was just able to brush her wet
pussy lips.

Amy gasped loudly, and our secret was out. Christine stopped in
mid-stroke, and after appraising the situation, continued. She
brought her right hand up to grasp the base of my dick, and
rested her forearm on my pelvis. I felt her left hand brush past
my leg as she lowered it to her own pussy.

I continued licking Amy, lightly at first, and then penetrating
the folds of her pussy. She dripped juices when I opened her up,
small drops actually falling on my lips and chin. Her pussy was
sweet and smooth. She barely had peachfuzz on her pussy itself,
and a thin patch of fine black hair on her mons. Amy was almost
sobbing as I explored her with my tongue, spreading my saliva and
her juices around her genitals.

"Lower!" I ordered her, and she sank closer to me. I poked my
tongue inside her vagina, rimming the small opening and teasing
out her juices. Amy's breath was staggered and rough and she was
moaning and humming through her tightly closed lips. Her pussy
was fresh and soft, and she tasted like honey, salt, and sweat. I
licked, using the flat of my tongue, out over her perineum and up
to her asshole. Tickling it, I resumed licking her pussy, now
moving down toward her hard little clit. Slipping forward, I felt
it with the tip of my tongue, nestled firmly under it's taught
hood. At contact, Amy cried out and ground her pubic bone down
against my chin.

Meanwhile, Christine had redoubled her efforts. She was taking me
into her mouth with long, fast strokes. Her drool was pooling in
my pubic hair, and trickling down my tight balls. She had started
to moan softly around my cock.

I began to tease Amy's hard clit, flicking it with my tongue and
then sliding up between the swollen labia to her weeping
pussyhole. Gathering her wetness on my tongue, I spread it back
down to her swollen clitoris. With each cycle, she came closer
and closer to climax. She was rocking over me now, and taking air
in short ragged sobs. I could feel her start to shake. I decided
to bring her over the edge.

I sucked her juicy lips into my mouth, and slid forward,
capturing her clit and hood. Sucking hard, I rolled the tip of my
tongue around the little pebble. Amy cried incoherently and
ground herself against my face. I felt her muscles tighten and
her thighs clench and unclench as she surfed wave after wave of
orgasm. She had come quickly, and she had come hard. I kept
flicking her clitoris in time with each spasm, drawing her out
into a sustained climax. Soon, I wore her out and she fell across
my chest and stomach.

Amy's climax encouraged my own. Christine had been sucking me
with all the passion she had, humming around my cock as she
fingered her own pussy. The combination of watching Amy come
above me and Christine's soft lips and tongue brought me off. I
growled out a warning to her, and started to shoot. Luckily, she
was paying attention and managed to be holding just the glans in
her hot mouth when I blew my first load. Several spurts followed,
and I could feel her cough as she swallowed my hot ejaculate.
But, she didn't stop sucking me, even as my penis began to
soften, and I could feel the vibrations travel up the bed springs
as she rubbed her clit faster and faster. Then she, too, came,
releasing my cock as she silently screamed. It landed with a wet
plop on my stomach. As she finished coming, her strength gave out
and Christine fell forward, landing with a soft splash in the
mixture come and drool on my lower stomach.

"Owww..." moaned Amy piteously. She and Christine had bonked

- - - - -

When they had gotten some energy back, the two girls licked me
clean like kittens after spilled milk. Christine had gamely taken
most of my load in her mouth, and had swallowed it all. Still,
both she and Amy made a show of lapping up the remain jism,
trying to impress each other, I think.

Once done, Christine rose and slipped off the bed. "Come on, Amy.
It's really late." I confirmed this by looking at the clock
radio. It was almost four in the morning. The sun would be coming
up all too soon. Christine pulled Amy up off the bed. Leaning
over me, Christine kissed me on the lips. "Goodnight, stud," she
said, pulling the blanket up to cover me again. Amy took her turn
as well, and after kissing me softly she pressed her cheek to
mine and whispered in my ear.

"Thanks. That was my first time, you know. It was soooo

The girls left, closing the door behind them.

- - - - -

I don't remember falling asl**p, but I must have, because the
next time I was conscious, I was being gently shaken awake.

Megan was leaning over me. "Hey, wake up," she said again.

"Yeah?" I said groggily.

"I thought I'd let you go before the other girls woke up."

"Thanks," I replied.

She set to work on the knots. With all the thrashing around
during the night, they had tightened up considerably, but she was
starting to get them undone. While she was working, I felt an
urgent pressure in my bladder.

"Hurry up, Megan! I've got to go bad."

She kept at it diligently, and I was soon free. I tried to stand
up but my legs were cramped from being motionless for so long.
"Help me up, s*s."

She did. "If you can walk me to the toilet, I can take care of
the rest myself."

Megan led me into the bathroom, I braced myself against the tank
and started to drain my full bladder as she left. When the
splashing finished, she offered to take me downstairs and give me
some breakfast. First I asked her go to my bedroom and find some
shorts for me to wear. She came back in a minute with a clean
pair of underwear from my suitcase.

We hobbled downstairs together, and I sat on a stool at the bar
while she poured some orange juice for me and put some frozen
waffles in the toaster. The orange juice was very good. She sat
with me as I ate the waffles. She looked upset, and it wasn't
difficult to figure out why.

"It's okay, Megan."

"Huh?" She looked up at me.

"It's okay. About last night. I mean, it was weird, but I had fun
and I'm not going to tell anyone or anything." I paused. "And
it's not like you or I did anything."

"No. But..."


"Well," she continued, "I saw you and Amy and Christine. Jenna
and I heard them making noises, so we tracked them to Mom's
bedroom. When we got there, we watched you guys from the

"So? You were watching earlier, too. Why is this different?" I

"I saw Amy and Chris suck on your thing."

"I don't think that's so much different than what we did

"No, I guess not." She stopped, but still looked upset. I decided
to get back to eating, and she looked out the window. It was
going to be a bright, sunny day.

"The thing is," she suddenly said, "I want to try it, too."

Now I was feeling uncomfortable, too.

"You don't want me to," she said. She looked disappointed.

"It's just that, well, you're my s****r. That's kind of weird,
isn't it?"

"Don't you think I'm pretty?"

"Yes," I answered. "You are very pretty. As pretty as any of the
other girls." She smiled a little at that.

"I was thinking about it when Jenna and I sneaked back my to my
bedroom. I've wanted to try that for a while, but I didn't want
to do it with any of the guys from school. I'm sure they would
just tell everybody about it. Some of them say things about Amy,
a little bit.

"But you wouldn't tell," she finished. "And I know you love me,
so I know you'd be good about it."

My waffles were gone. Megan turned back to me and smiled shyly.
"It's okay. It's a dumb idea anyway."

I though about it for a moment without answering her. Then I
decided. Why not top off a weird night with the weirdest event of

"Okay," I said. "We can do it."

Now she looked like she didn't know what to do. Excited, and

"No time like the present," I said. "So, let's go somewhere
private, okay?"

I stood up. I was still weak from last night, and I hadn't had
enough sl**p. I took my s****r's hand and led her into the f****y
room. I stood her in front of the couch, and sat down before her.
I leaned back and spread my legs.

"Okay Mimi, kneel between my legs and pull off my shorts." I used
my old, c***dhood name for her. She made me give that up six
years ago, when she was only ten.

She did as I asked. Seeing my soft dick laying flat against my
groin, she said, "It's so small now."

"Yeah. You saw what the other girls did, hold it in your hand and
stroke it."

She reached out slowly, as if she was afraid it might burn her.
But it didn't, and when she lifted it into her palm the heat from
her skin filled my organ.

"You have nice hands, Mimi." I was already growing. This was
easily the kinkiest thing I had ever done, and my libido had
switched back on.

My cock grew longer and stiffer in her hands as she gently
stroked me. She used only her fingertips, cupping me in her left
hand and brushing the skin of my shaft and head. She knew that
she had to go easy because I was a little sore.

"Did you see how Amy showed Chris what to do?" I asked her. She
nodded. "Then go ahead and try it."

She followed Amy's instructions to the letter, starting with
tentative licks to my balls, then kisses, and a little sucking.
Her tongue felt electric and I got goosebumps all over. As she
continued, my cock hardened. She lifted my cock with her left
hand, and licked me from bottom to top.

"That's good, Mimi." She smiled and took the crown of my rigid
staff into her wet mouth. The heat surprised me, and I gasped.
She began to slowly take me deeper and deeper. I could feel her
rough tongue against the underside of my cock. Like Amy had
instructed, she stopped when I bumped the back of her mouth. Then
she began slowly sliding my rod back out, stopping at the crown
and reversing direction.
"Nice, baby. That's just right." I watched the top of her head as
she bobbed up and down.

As she got used to my girth and the feel of me in her mouth, she
gained confidence and speed. She was sucking me rapidly now,
taking me into her mouth and sliding off, twisting her head from
side to side and wrapping her tongue around my shaft. Just like
Amy had said. She slid her free hand up my side and began
massaging my chest.

When she felt comfortable with her new found skill, she looked up
at me. I didn't expect it. I looked right into her light blue,
sixteen-year-old eyes. I saw her lightly freckled nose and her
familiar, pretty face framed by loosely hanging blonde hair. I
saw the little girl I had teased and played with for years. I saw
my cock disappearing into her glossy, soft, pink lips. I groaned
and I came.

She was ready for me, and she didn't gag or cough. I only
ejaculated a little, a couple of spurts, but she kept me in her
mouth and swallowed my come. She suckled at me as I wilted
slowly, cleaning me with her tongue.

"Come here, Mimi." I pulled her up next to me. She cuddled up
beside my naked body. I was feeling cold and her body was warm
against my skin. Placing her arms around my neck, she kissed my
cheek. I held her tight.

"Thanks, b*o," she whispered as she nuzzled against my neck.

- - - - -

Hours later, things were almost back to normal. I had taken a
shower and finally gotten some clothes on. I spent my time doing
some minor chores around the house. The girls were sequestered

Eventually, they decided it was time to go. Megan asked, so I
helped Christine and Amy carry their bags down. The two of them
shot me silly looks the whole time, and I got big hugs from them
before they got in their cars to drive home. I had no hard
feelings for them, and if they didn't feel awkward then I didn't

"Maybe I'll see you around this summer!" shouted Amy from across
the street.

"Yeah," Christine joined in. "We'll be seeing you!"

"I imagine so," I responded, and I gave them a big smile and a
shake of my head.

Walking back in, I called out, "Jenna, are you on your way out,

Megan answered, shouting down from upstairs. "Since Mom and Bob
are going to be away tonight, too, I asked Jenna if she'd stay
over again. Is that okay?"

"Okay with me!" I started to shout back to her, but by then she
was coming down the stairs.

She said motioned me close and told me quietly, "After all, when
I told her about this morning, Jenna wanted to try it too." Then
she continued, "And we both want to try that other thing you
showed Amy!"

My shoulders drooped and I sighed. "I need a nap."

She hugged me and ran back upstairs.


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