Swinging with my Sister

(MF, couples, swing, inc)

You'll remember when I wrote my last story I said that
it might be my last since fantasy had finally become
reality after I had sex with my younger s****r. Well,
she's gotten hooked on reading these stories and told me
that I should continue to send them and write about what
we're really doing.

It's been tough getting together much since last month
when we finally fucked. Her husband is always around and
he's a jealous guy too. s*s and I have managed a couple
of quickies these past two weeks, and last Sunday I got
a blow-job in the car while parked at the mall.

Last night she called and invited me to a party they
were attending at the country western night club here.
By the time I got there, everybody was happy and the
reserved section for the party was packed with people.
It was a company thing and everyone had a spouse or a
friend with them.

Sue met me as I came up the steps and hugged me very
tight, letting her hand brush across my cock. She was
already pretty d***k and I looked around to find her
husband sitting in the corner booth with a young girl my
s****r works with. "They're in heat" she told me and
led me to the other side of the room where the bar was

I looked around at the people and realized that this was
a wild bunch. People were groping and getting groped
everywhere. With my drink in my hand, my s****r led me
to a booth hidden behind the bar and we slid into the
back side of it.

Her hands immediately went to my trousers and she
unzipped the pants and pulled my cock out under the
table. From where we were sitting, we had a pretty good
view of the table where her husband was sitting, and she
motioned for me to check him out. He had his hand up the
dress of the young girl and she had his cock in her
hand. They were both nervously looking around the room
to keep an eye out for my s****r and the girl's boy
friend. They didn't have to worry. I had my fingers in
my s****r's pussy and the young girls boy friend was
wrapped up in a lip lock with another woman on the dance

"Is anyone here with who they came with?" I asked my
s****r. She just smiled and pulled harder on my cock.
Nobody was looking our way, so Sue leaned her head over
in my lap and started sucking my cock. I put my hand on
the back of her head and kept watch for anyone who might
notice what was going on. I shot my load very quickly
and she stayed down just long enough to swallow it all,
then sat back up in the padded seat. She pulled my hand
back to her crotch and I continued rubbing her pussy and
fingering her wet hole.

We both watched her husband as he tilted his head back
on the seat across the room and shot his load on the
bottom of the table where he was sitting. "Mine was
better" I said as I kissed Sue on the cheek. She
returned the smile and pulled my fingers tighter against
her clitoris as she humped my hand trying to climax
herself. It didn't take long, and I suspect that
watching her husband fingering the young girl across the
room had a little to do with it.

We danced a few dances and while on the dance floor, we
noticed her husband and the young girl slip out one of
the side doors. That was all Sue needed, as she grabbed
my hand and the two of us went out a door on the
opposite side of the building.

We walked out into the parking lot away from the lights
and she laid across the hood of a small sports car,
pulling her panties off and spreading her legs for me. I
had my pants down and my cock in my hand before she
could say "fuck me" and I rammed it in her pussy with
one hard push.

She was still soaking wet and I was hard as steel. Sue
raised her legs up and put them over my shoulders as I
stood there pumping in and out of her hot cunt. She
reached up and grabbed two hands full of my shirt trying
to get every inch of my cock and balls inside her.

We fucked furiously for several minutes and she screamed
loudly all at once that she was coming. I shot my cum
inside her at the same time she was bucking against me
and hood of the car. My cum dripped out of her pussy and
formed a nice little puddle on the shiny red Nissan. I
pulled my pants back up and looked around to find a guy
leaning against the next car with his hands wrapped
around his cock, which was sticking out the fly of his
jeans. "Mind if I get a little" he asked. "After all,
it is my car you two are using."

Sue recognized him from work, and she looked at me as if
to say "why not." I stepped aside and he took my place
in front of her open legs. He was shooting his load
almost as soon as he inserted the head of his cock
inside her dripping pussy, and she only bucked a couple
of times before he was trying to back away. The three of
us smiled and he drove off as Sue and I held hands and
walked back in the club.

"I can't believe this," she said. "First I start fucking
my b*****r, and now I've fucked a guy I work with."

We laughed and sat back down at our booth. Her husband
and the young girl were back at their booth, but her boy
friend was now back at the table also. Sue grabbed my
hand and we walked to their table. Sue jumped in beside
the young guy and I sat beside her. My b*****r-in-law
acknowledged us with a nervous look, and Sue boldly told
him "we saw you take this girl outside to the parking
lot." He was dumbfounded and both he and the girl
started stuttering trying to think up an excuse.

Without giving either time to answer, Sue grabbed the
young guys hand and nudged me out of the booth dragging
him with us. "I'm going to take him and my b*****r to
the parking lot and fuck them both" she said, as the
three of us walked away from the table. The young guy
was even d***ker than Sue, but he was smiling as she led
him outside.

We found another small car and she dropped her panties
and flipped them to me as she sat on the car hood and
leaned back. "Keep watch while I get some of this young
dick," she told me. I had to laugh at the way my s****r
was behaving.

The young guy was nervous, but he pulled his cock out
and stepped up to the car and lifted Sue's legs up. She
reached down and guided his cock into her cunt and
engulfed the whole thing with one move towards him. He
winced as his cock disappeared inside her and she
grabbed his ass from both sides and pulled. I watched
them fuck for a long time. He was young and kept his
hard-on through two or three loads of cum. Sue loved
every minute of this fuck she was getting. I kept
looking around expecting to see her husband come out,
but he never appeared.

The k** finally had exhausted his nuts and stepped aside
to pull up his pants. "Your turn" he said, and I walked
over to the other side of the car, pulled her by the
shoulders until her head was leaning over the side and
unzipped my pants to let her pull my cock out. She
swallowed the head and half its length and I grabbed
both her tits as I started moving my hips in a fucking
motion with my cock moving in and out of her mouth.

The young guy went crazy over watching this and dropped
his pants again as he stepped up and stuck his half-
erect cock back inside Sue's pussy. She bit me a little
as his cock poked back inside her, but she quickly
relaxed to the sensation of getting it in both ends and
adjusted her head so that I could deep throat her with
my fucking motion.

As I shot my cum down her throat, I noticed the two guys
walking up to the car. They both smiled and watched as I
pulled my cock out of my s****r's mouth and she licked
it off. She saw the guys and motioned the closer one to
take my place.

I zipped my pants up and stepped aside as he eagerly
laid his cock on her face. She took him in as easily as
she had me and began deep-throating him immediately. His
friend had walked to the other side of the car and stood
next the k** balling her pussy. The k** shot off again
and stepped out of the way for the next guy. He pulled
out a cock bigger than any I've ever seen. There was no
way for Sue to know what was coming.

As he shoved about ten inches of beer-can thick cock
inside her pussy, she gurgled out a scream around the
cock stuck down her throat and jerked wildly on the car
hood. I could tell that she was going through a series
of climaxes each time the guy's giant cock was pushed
inside her. The old boy with his cock in her mouth
moaned and started jerking his hips as he shot more hot
cum down her throat and she reached around to his ass to
pull on him and make sure she got it all.

As he stepped back from her, Sue sat up partially on the
hood to see who belonged to the horse cock stuck inside
her. Both guys recognized her immediately after getting
a look at her face, and she laid back down on the hood
to enjoy the fuck of her life. Big Cock shot off soon
after she screamed again and all four of us watched
again as he pulled that huge thing out of my s****r's
pussy. She reached up and pulled me down to kiss her and
I helped her sit up. The other three guys thanked her
and walked away, as I helped her stand up and pull her
panties back on.

Sue told me that the two guys worked with her and had
both tried to seduce her before. She could hardly walk
as we headed back to the club. We had both had our fill
of sex, so we sat in the booth and drank a couple of
beers until closing time. She invited the young girl
over to sl**p with her husband, and told them that she
would be spending the night with me.

He couldn't say a thing, and in fact we both suspected
he was wanting to spend the night with the other girl.

We woke up about noon today, and as I'm sitting her
finishing this story with her looking over my shoulder,
I can feel her boobs rubbing against the back of my neck
and her hands sliding up and down my arms. Since I'm
going to be needing my hands for other things shortly,
I'll end this one here. "Sue says to tell you that you
should be careful if you're going to try i****t. It
could lead to other trouble."


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11 months ago
Hot story!!!
11 months ago
Great story. The breaks at Sues work will never be the same again.
1 year ago
great story any pics of your sis would love to see them