A s****r lets her b*****r climb into her bed.

I know this story is long, but I did it that way for myself and my own enjoyment. I also tried to make the "build up" as long as I possible could. It might seem more than a little bit excessive, but I loved writing it like this.

Sexual content, no one under 18 allowed!

* * *

We were driving slowly because of the snowy roads. Mom and Dad were in the front seat, and I was sitting in the back seat with my b*****r Tim. I hadn't seen him since he left for college in September and it was so wonderful being close again.

I would giggle and he would call me s*s.

He always calls me s*s, and I've always loved it. He's the only person in the world who can call me that.

He was still eating the ice cream cone that our aunt made for him at her annual Christmas party. It's been a funny tradition since Tim was just a little boy, she would put two big scoops of vanilla ice cream on a cone, and Tim would try to take as long as he could to lick it down to nothing.

There was something so adorable about how attentive he could be to that white smooth ice cream. Everything about him just seemed so beautiful right then.

Earlier in the evening we did our traditional Christmas Eve dinner with our cousins on the other side of town. It was the same thing since we were little k**s. It's funny, Tim and I didn't really socialize with any of my relatives, we just spent all our time in the corner talking to each other.

I have missed him so much since he went away to study art at college. It was Christmas Eve and he left in early September, so it's really only been four months that he's been out of the house. I know it hasn't been that long, but being away from him for all that time has been really hard on me.

Tim is just a year older than me. I was only 17 in September when he left home and moved away to college. The very next day was my 18th birthday, and something sort of life changing happened. My parents sat me down and told me something that really shook me up. They started by telling me how much they love me and that they will always love me. This felt strange to hear, because I know they love me, they are both wonderful and caring parents.

Then they told that I was adopted. Right then, it felt like the floor dropped out from under me.

This unleashed a flood of emotions and all I wanted was to talk with Tim. I felt so needy and freaked out. He has always been my closest friend in the world, and right then the feeling of shock was overwhelming. I really needed his shoulder to cry on, but he was away at school.

Mom and Dad were both so kind in the way they told me. But still, knowing that I was adopted was a shattering thing to hear. I called Tim within minutes of them telling me and he was so wonderful on the phone. He said that Mom and Dad told him the day he left for school and it was really emotional for him too. He didn't know either until they told him. They said they would be telling me on my 18th birthday and they asked him not to tell me anything.

Tim and I both cried and we both were in a kind of shock. There was so much to try to figure out, I mean, all the emotions and what it all meant.

It's been a few months since they told me. Right now, I guess I am doing okay, but there were a few weeks there where everything just felt so crazy for me. Tonight at this Christmas party was the first time I've seen Tim since Mom and Dad hit me with the news. I know they all love me, and I'll always call them Mom and Dad, and I'll always call Tim my b*****r.

Anyway, right now with Tim back home, I feel a huge sense of relief, and all I want to do is be close and talk with him. He got into town late this afternoon and we were both hurried into the car and dragged to our annual f****y Christmas Eve obligation.

Talking to Tim in the back seat of the car was emotional and reassuring. It was the best I've felt in months. He was really sweet and both of us ended up getting sort of silly and c***dish. It was so cute to watch him licking that dripping vanilla ice cream cone. I could sense that our parents were happy to see me act in a way that wasn't so tense.

When we got home it was late so it felt like everyone was eager to get to sl**p. Tim had a long day traveling home from college and I just assumed he was tired too. At the same time it was strangely thrilling, just like it used to feel when Tim and I were little k**s on Christmas Eve. I was actually really sentimental and it felt wonderful. I think was just nice being together again with my wonderful b*****r.

The way the upstairs is set up is that at the top of the stairs is Tim's room, next to there is the bathroom and at the far end of the hall is my room. Actually, our Dad started to turn Tim's room into an office right after he went away to college, so there isn't even a bed in there anymore. He'll be sl**ping on an old couch.

After we all said goodnight to each other, I went into my bedroom and found my long pink nightgown in the closet. I haven't worn it for ages, but it seemed to remind me of my life as a little girl with Tim when things seemed simpler.

I felt a need to get out of my dressy Christmas party clothes, but mostly I was eager to get my bra off. My breasts have grown a bit bigger in the last year or so, and the bra I had on all day felt so tight and confining. Oh god, it was a relief to finally get it off.

I did this thing I've done for the last few months. I took off all my clothes and stood in my bedroom, totally naked and I looked at myself in the tall mirror behind my door. I see myself so differently now that I know that I was adopted. My parents and b*****r are these adorable blond haired blue eyed Norwegian types. Looking at myself and seeing my dark hair, deep brown eyes and thick eyebrows I can't understand why it never even crossed my mind that we aren't actually related.

Seeing myself naked in that tall mirror I am amazed at how look. Even though my hair and eyes are almost black, my skin is unbelievably pale, almost white.

I have been through such a roller coaster of emotions in the last few months since Tim moved away and it's made me do some crazy things. I realize one thing I've done is compulsively shave my legs. For some reason, I didn't like seeing the tiny black hairs on my thighs, it made me really self conscious, especially in house with my blond Scandinavian looking parents.

I know it's not summer anymore and nobody can see my legs anyway, but I still feel really self conscious.

Just so you better understand me, there is a sort of nervous side to my personality, and I've been feeling so lonely without my b*****r here at home with me. I worry that without him I can be so gloomy and withdrawn.

But that's sort of how I am.

I feel really weird admitting this, but I'm not a virgin anymore. I haven't told Tim and I know I should, but the way it happened is just so embarrassing. It happened with this totally lame boy from school, we had been drinking. He invited me into his bedroom, and he kept the lights off so it was totally dark, so I didn't see anything. Everything about that night is a blur. I don't actually remember anything and I filled with regret about how it happened.

I wanted it to be something beautiful. Instead it was confusing. I guess I kind of wanted some kind of intimacy, but he just wasn't nice to me. I know I should tell Tim, I mean, he's my b*****r and we share everything, but the whole thing is so sad.

I just need to push all that out of my mind. Try and pretend it never happened. All I could do at that moment was focus on my image in the mirror.

I really don't know why I've been so weird about shaving my legs. I've been totally compulsive about shaving my black pubic hair too. I've been shaving every day and each time with a brand new razor. I shaved myself, my legs and my crotch just a few hours ago, and part of me wants so badly to take another shower and do it again. I looked in the mirror and reached down and felt my legs. They are incredibly smooth. The skin feels so amazingly silky, but I still feel this need to shave them again, it's almost all I can think about. Why am I so obsessed about it?

I stood there just a little while longer looking at my naked body in the mirror.

I turned around and looked over my shoulder at my bare bottom. I've gained a little bit of weight since Tim left in September. It looks like I have a new layer of baby fat. Actually, I think my butt is pretty cute, it's the one thing that I actually like about myself. It's a little bit round but it seems like it's firm too.

I turned back and faced the mirror. It seems like just a few months ago I was a skinny tomboy, but now my body looks so different. I used to be so flat chester, but now my boobs are bigger than they used to be. It's not just my boobs, my whole body looks a little bit fuller. Like I said before, it seems like I have this new layer of baby fat. It's hard to tell when I'm dressed, but I can really see it when I'm naked like this.

There is a photo taped to my mirror, it's of Tim and me together in our bathing suits, and it was taken this last summer. Both of us are wet from swimming and Tim looks beautiful as always. He's healthy and tall, while I'm sort of skinny and gangly, this picture was taken just before my boobs grew so much. In the picture I'm wearing my one piece suit, and you can just barely see my nipples under the fabric. That's one thing that seems so different, these days my nipples seem to poke out in a way that makes them SO obvious under my clothes. Even with a bra, a shirt and a thick sweater, my nipples are really conspicuous. It feels really embarrassing sometimes.

The one thing I am totally focused on whenever I look at this photo is, well, the area between my legs. You can really see the puffy outline of, uhhm, my vagina. It looks all plump under the tight wet fabric of my bathing suit. I guess it's called a camel toe, and it is super pronounced in this photo.

Tim has the same photo too, he told me he does, and he keeps it near his bed at school.

Part of me is so curious if he has ever looked at this same photo and noticed how distinct and puffy the outline of my camel toe is, I mean, does he ever stare on the photo like I do?

Looking in the mirror at my naked body, my newly acquired "baby fat" makes my puffy camel toe look even more plump. Since I've been shaving myself so compulsively I think it looks really pretty and smooth.

What is wrong with me? I've been totally obsessing about myself. I just feel so weird. I sighed and then I put on my pink nightgown and walked out into the hall.

I went into the bathroom and closed the door, it seemed colder than usual. Maybe it was my bare feel on the tile floor. I pulled up my long pink nighty above my hips, sat on the toilet and peed.

As I felt the pleasant relief I looked over at the edge of the bathtub next to me and grabbed the big bottle of lotion I use after I shave my legs. I don't know how I found this brand, but I really love it. It is a sort of oily and has a sweet vanilla scent and it makes my legs feel SO silky and wonderful.

I squirted a huge glob into my hands and then began to rub it into my legs and I was flooded with the beautiful vanilla smell. I feel like I can't help myself. I do this a lot and I just love the way it makes me feel.

Then I squirted even more in my hand and spread my knees and rubbed it all over between my legs and where I shaved my pubic hair earlier in the day. I don't know why I do this so compulsively, but I just love how it feels SO slippery and smooth. I worry that maybe shaving can make my skin feel dry, so the moisturizer helps, at least that what I've been telling myself. Yes, it probably helps but I use a lot more than I really need. After I rubbed it all in I filled my hand with the oily lotion once more and rubbed even more between my legs, making sure to get it up into the crack between my butt cheeks.

What's wrong with me? I felt like I was going crazy. I mean, I was sitting there on the toilet, eagerly slathering this oily lotion all over my vagina and ass. I felt like I can't control myself and my weird obsessions.

As I rubbed the thick white lotion in around my butt, all I could think of was I wanted to keep doing it, I wanted to use even more of the lotion. I felt some uncontrollable need to use the whole bottle. I know this must sound so crazy, but I absolutely loved the way it felt. The smooth rubbing sensations just made me shiver with eagerness. Everything felt creamy and delicious, and I was all swallowed up in the impatience of what I was doing.

Right then I heard a soft tap on the door and I heard my b*****r's voice, "s*s, are you in there?"

I was surprised but I was excited to hear his voice. I told him to wait a second and I stood up, adjusted my pink nighty and opened the bathroom door.

He smiled and said, "Hey little s*s."

"Hey big b*****r."

This is what we've both said since we were little k**s.

He was just wearing a pair of cotton boxer shorts and that's normal for his bedtime clothing. He looked absolutely wonderful as usual. He's slim and athletic, he's been on the swim team for years. I've always been amazed at how beautiful he looks with his shirt off.

We spoke as we both got out our tooth brushes. We stood side by side facing each other in front of the great big mirror over the sink. It was something we had done since we were k**s, we would brush our teeth together like this, side by side. It felt so magical to stand in front of a big mirror again next to my beautiful b*****r again, I can't believe just how badly I've missed him since he's been away.

Tim gave me this funny look, and I knew right away what he was going to do. When we both had toothpaste on our toothbrushes, he said just what he used to say, "Ready, one - two - three - GO!"

Then we both started brushing at the same time. As we stood side by side we could each look at each other in the big mirror above the sink. It seemed like both of us were getting a little silly as we brushed.

When we were little k**s mom and Dad encouraged us to brush our teeth for a long time, and Tim and I used to have a funny little contest each night to see who would brush longest. It was cute and we did it was right here in this same bathroom.

At one point I did what I used to do as a little girl, I put my elbow out wide in an exaggerated pose and sort of brushed quicker. Tim recognized right away what I was doing, and he joked, "C'mon s*s, if you wanna grow up to be a big girl with pretty teeth you need to brush for a long time, okay?"

Looking at my self in the mirror, I realized this silly brushing movement from my elbows out wide made my breasts jiggle. It was such a funny feeling because it was so new to me, it seems like just a few months ago my boobs were still too small to jiggle like this.

I looked in the mirror at my b*****r and realized he was looking right at me. I could see his eyes and he was staring at my chest.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and with the house being so cold, I could watch as my nipples got hard and prominent. Add to that the wiggling movement of my boobs against the thin fabric of my pink nighty and it made them even harder. The feeling was absolutely electric.

Suddenly, brushing my teeth wasn't some silly game, it was seemed really serious in a way that surprised me.

Maybe I should have felt embarrassed and stopped, but I didn't. I couldn't help myself, I continued to move my arm in that little girl way, I sort of shimmied while brushing my teeth, and this motion would keep making my breasts jiggle under my pink nighty.

I don't understand what was happening, but both of us just kept brushing out teeth together for the longest time, and I could see that my b*****r was staring at me in the mirror, his eyes were focused right on my breasts. There was something so deeply emotional about how it made me feel.

The sensation of my nipples gently rubbing against the silky fabric of my pink nightgown felt wonderful. I didn't want to stop and I was filled with gratitude that Tim was watching me so intensely.

I thought that if I wiggled even faster, maybe I could make my nipples get even harder. I could see in the mirror that his eyes were focused directly at my breasts and—Oh God—I absolutely loved the feeling of him looking at me like that.

I brushed faster and I could feel my boobs jiggling even more.

Suddenly my b*****r leaned forward and rinsed his mouth in the sink. Then he quickly splashed a little water on his face.

He stood up and looked at me and said, "It's so good to see you again, s*s."

His voice sounded sheepish and scared.

My b*****r wiped his face with the towel, kissed me on the forehead and then he was gone. I was left standing alone in the bathroom with my toothbrush still in my mouth. I felt awkward and abandoned and I didn't understand why.

I looked at myself in that big mirror. I was ashamed that I had been so eager to let my b*****r look at me.

When I got back to my room I closed the door, turned-on the small bedside lamp and turned off the main light. The room was cold and I got under the thick blankets of my bed.

I thought about how much my life has changed since September. I reached down under the covers and pulled my nightgown up to about my belly button and put both hands between my legs.

This feels so funny to admit, but another thing that has happened since September is that I've been totally obsessed with being alone in my room, and—well—masturbating. It's become a weird compulsion in my life and it's been hard to control. I feel like I am constantly locking myself away in my room and trying to give myself orgasm. Sometimes I can, but mostly I can't. It takes a lot of effort to make it happen.

I lay there and began the process. I cupped both hands over my vagina, and I felt the smooth sensation of my freshly shaved skin. Everything felt oily from all the moisturizer I used just minutes before in the bathroom. I lifted my knees under the covers and spread my legs wide. I don't know if this is normal, but it takes me a really long time to arouse myself enough to actually climax.

I tried to focus on the sensations of my clitoris but all I could think about was what just happened in the bathroom with Tim.

It seemed so strange to brush my teeth like I would when I was a little girl and at the same time see my breasts jiggling so conspicuously. It seemed so intense to have my beautiful b*****r watch me like he did, it made everything more confusing. And why did he run out of the bathroom? Why did it make me feel so sad and abandoned?

In a funny anxious flurry I kicked the blankets down towards my feet. I was lying there uncovered and I wriggled my pink nighty snug up under my armpits. The room felt cold and lonely but I could look down at my body in the pale light of my bedside lamp. With my nightie all scrunched up to the way it was I was essentially naked and I tried to understand what I was feeling.

With the blankets off and my nightie pulled up I could smell the sweet vanilla fragrance of that oily lotion that I had rubbed all over myself in the bathroom. Oh God, I just loved how it smells.

I watched as my nipples reacted to chilly air in the room. My skin was cold and they tightened before my eyes. For some reason, I don't know why but right then, this was really emotional for me to see. Especially after my b*****r had been looking at my nipples get so hard under my nighty in the bathroom mirror.

With that, I took a deep breath let one finger lay against the moist lips of my vagina. Oh my God, it felt SO wonderful, and I worked to focus all my attention on trying to feel relaxed and enjoy the feeling. The sensation was beautiful, but the thing I always worry about is how wet I can get. I mean, it is actually sort of a problem.
I always seem to make a soggy wet spot on my bed and I really worry that Mom will notice it if she changes the sheets. If I plan ahead, I will get a thick towel from the bathroom, fold it in half, and lay it under my hips before I start to masturbate. This helps me lose myself because I don't need to worry as much about soaking the bed.

I should have grabbed a towel from the bathroom when I left, but I was just so flustered because of the way Tim had been watching me.

I feel so funny about this, I mean, I don't know if its normal to get this wet. I mean, maybe there is something wrong with me. Am I normal? I feel sort of scared because I don't know who I can ask.

I mean, lately I have been soaking the towel. I worry that maybe I should use two towels, one on top of the other to keep the bed dry. Anyway, when it happens, when I finally orgasm, it gets so wet that it feels like I'm peeing all over my bed. Now I was thinking that I should have grabbed two towels from the bathroom.

As I lie there on my back and gently rubbed myself I thought about how intense it felt that my b*****r was watching me. It didn't take but a few minutes and I was getting so wet that the liquid will run down and sort of collect in the smooth skin of my butt crack. Right then, I carefully positioned one hand over my vagina and, with my other hand, I reached under myself and slid my fingertips in between my butt cheeks. I was getting SO wet that the slippery sensations of my fingers just make me crazy. Plus, I had just used a lot of the vanilla lotion and it made everything feel velvety and oily.

I so much wanted to play with my hard nipples, but both hands were all busy (and wet) as they cradled my ass and vagina.

I was feeling so anxious, and I was really desperate to have an orgasm, a lot more than usual. This was such and anxious feeling. I knew it would take some time and I could sense that maybe tonight this might be a really powerful one. Then I slid my feet in toward me and lifted my knees up high. I loved being in this pose it really helps me achieve a climax.

Oh god, I love this feeling. I love how I just drift away as everything slowly starts to build. And I really love the feeling of being wet like this.

Suddenly there was a soft tapping on my door and my whole body literally jolted from the shock.

My heart was instantly pounding as I lay shaking on the bed.

I heard my b*****r's soft voice from the hall, "Hey s*s, are you still awake?"

I took a deep breath, and tried to answer without sounding like I was terrified, "Uhh - yeah - I'm still up."

He asked, "Can I come in?"

I franticly pulled the big thick down comforter up to cover myself, and told him of course he could come in.

I watched him sheepishly step in my room and close the door behind him. He looked so beautiful in the soft glow of my bedside light as he stood there wearing only his boxer shorts. He timidly moved toward me and stood at the edge of my bed, he was acting a little bit funny and I didn't understand why.

I asked, "What is it?"

He said, "I don't think I can sl**p in my room, Dad did something, and the window is open just a little bit, and I can't close it all the way. The room is freezing."

I looked at the way he was standing, and I could tell he was really cold.

I said, "Come on and get under my covers. It's okay."

And almost instantly he slid himself in bed with me, and I could sense a huge relief from the weight of my enormous down comforter. He pulled it up snug against his neck and whispered, "Oh god, this feels nice, thank you."

I giggled, "I love my down comforter, it's enormous."

He asked, "Why is it so cold in the house?"

I said, "Dad set the heater on a timer, and I can't figure out what he did, but the house is freezing this time of night, and around midnight the heat comes on - and then my room goes from frigid to sweltering."

He asked, "How long 'til midnight? That sounds nice."

I said, "It won't be for a little while, but when it comes on the room gets way too hot."

He said, "Well, I'm eager for that."

Even though we were talking like everything was normal, my heart was still pounding from the shock when he knocked on my door, and it seemed like just sort of magically appeared in bed with me. I realized I didn't pull my pink nighty back down before I covered myself with the blankets, and I was pretty much nude under the comforter. My pink nighty was still all scrunched up under my armpits, but from what my b*****r could see of my shoulders, it must look like I was wearing my nighty, just like normal.

And at the same time, I could feel there was a wet spot under my butt, and I was super aware at how soggy this felt.

The he said, "s*s, it's so nice to see you. I was really eager to see you and talk to you, I'm really glad I'm back home again."

We spoke for a few minutes about how funny it was to be together again, especially since all we've done since he walked in the door was to go to a Christmas party. I told him I thought it was so awkward being together at our relatives house because all I wanted to do was sneak away and talk with him in private.

He said, "Me too, I felt like we were stuck there at that silly party, like it was impossible for us to really talk."

One of the things that makes me feel so close to my b*****r is that we've always been so comfortable talking with each other. Since he's gone away to college we talk on the phone a lot, but it's not the same as when we are together.

He asked me, "How have you been? I worry about you and I really want to know how you are feeling these days."

He was obviously asking about how I felt about hearing that I was adopted. I didn't know quite what to say, "Well, I've been confused about a lot of stuff."

What was I supposed to say, 'Hey big b*****r, I've been totally weird about shaving my legs and masterbaiting, I think I'm going crazy.'

I wasn't ready to talk about it, and I think he understood. My voice sounded shaky and he changed the subject.

He said, "I wanted to tell you about some stuff at school, but I always felt so awkward on the phone."

He sounded SO serious and I asked, "What is it? Is everything okay?"

"I think so. I had a girlfriend for a little while at school, and it's been really intense."

This surprised me because Tim has never really dated anyone. It's funny, in a way, because he's super cute, and I can't understand why girls don't go crazy over him.

I was so excited and I said, "Really?"

"She and I have been really close, but something changed, and I think it ended just before I came home for this visit."

"What happened?"

He explained how he met this girl named Emma, and how they liked each other right away. He told me she was really nervous and shy, but he somehow won her over, and they had a really nice time together.

I said, "I can't believe you never told me any of this over the phone."

"I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you, I really did."

Then - I just blurted out, "I had a - well - relationship with - with this boy from school. It wasn't right, and it just ended."

Oh God, I sounded so tense.

He said, "You never told me."

"I know, I'm sorry. It was awkward, I wanted to tell you. But I just couldn't."

"Oh s*s, you should be able to share anything with me."

I looked over at him, at his kind eyes, and I nervously whispered, "I feel terrible - and - and - I'm not a virgin anymore."

I could tell that he was totally surprised, and all I could think was I never should have told him. I could tell he was trying to read my emotions.

Then he quietly asked, "s*s, are you upset about this?"

I spoke quietly, "It happened. with this boy, and it was after a party, when both of us had been drinking. It was in his room and it was totally dark, so I didn't see anything, and I don't really remember anything. Anyway, that night was sort of a blur, and I regret it."

He spoke tenderly, "Oh Baby, don't feel bad about it."

"Later, I found out he made fun of me to his friends at school. He told them that I - that I - that I got his bed all wet. He made a mean joke about it."

I couldn't believe I just said that - it was SO private. I was scared I would freak him out, and I tried to sense if Tim was upset by me being so honest.

He calmly spoke, "s*s, that's awful that he said that."

"I - I can't - help it, getting - all - wet like I do."

He tried to soothe me by whispering, "Don't feel bad, it's okay..."

"I wanted it to be something special - but it was just so - sad."

"Go on - I'm listening."

I looked away. I just seemed so scared, and I felt powerless. But at the same time, I felt like I really NEEDED to talk, that sharing this with Tim was somehow important for me.

I said, "Something just doesn't seem right - I've never had a boyfriend - and - he was so mean to me - I'm so confused"

I looked up at him and smiled nervously, and then I went on, "Oh my god, Tim - this is embarrassing..."

"Please, you don't need to worry about saying anything to me."

"Are you sure?"

"s*s, you can tell me anything."

I quietly thanked him. It felt good to talk like this, but I still feel so mixed up about everything. I was sort of hoping he would do something really wonderful, and make all my anxieties go away.

And then I said, "You started to say something before. You wanted to tell me something about a girl you met at school."

"You mean Emma."

I said, "Tell me about her."

He went on to tell me she had dark brown hair and she was a little bit taller than me, and he was worried about her because she was always so nervous.

I asked, "Why did you break up?"

"Well - I think it was because of what happened the other night."

"What was is?"

He paused nervously and said, "I'm a little bit scared to tell you. It's sort of - well - personal."

"Tim, I want to help, okay?"

"It's confusing for me. But, I think I need to share this, it's been really hard for me to keep it in."

"I understand."

He went on to tell me how scared Emma was, and how she had sort of irrational fears. He said she was kind, and he really liked her and he wanted to do whatever he could to help her achieve some sort of peace.

I said, "That sounds really nice of you."

He was lying on his side, right next to me with his head on his pillow, focused on my eyes.

"I don't know what think s*s. It was so weird. Emma was so scared of everything, and at the same time, I felt like I was falling in love with her."

"Oh my god, really?"

"I think so, I wanted to help her any way I could. And, the other night, she asked me - well - she kind of begged me - she said she needed help."

"What do you mean?"

"She was, I mean, Emma was sort of nervous about things, and she was acting funny around me."

"What about?"

"Well, we talked a lot about her being so tense, and I really tried to be as supportive as I could, in every way. And I think I was helpful. Emma had a lot of fears and worries, and she told me about some of them."

"Oh Tim, that's really kind of you."

"Well, she was really worried about - well, about sex. I mean, she was so shy and vulnerable, and she had this fear of being touched, it just seemed so scary to her."

"Go on."

"s*s, I don't know. It's really - well - intimate..."

I quietly begged, "Please tell me."

"Emma was so uneasy about being touched that we couldn't ever hug or kiss. But she said she wanted - well, more like 'needed' to do something else."

I said, "Go on..."

He spoke calmly, "Okay, the other night, I knew something was bothering Emma, and she was hiding it from me. Eventually, she told me she never had a - well - had any kind of relationship with a boy. She said she was REALLY embarrassed about it."

"She was embarrassed?" I replied, with surprise in my voice. I was surprised because she reminded me of myself.

"Yeah, and it was something she REALLY worried about."

It was funny to hear my b*****r share something so personal and he sounded really sad, and I was lying so close - and I was worried about him.

I asked, "What happened?"

"Without hesitation, I told her I would do ANYTHING to help her. I wanted her to know that I would be as supportive as I could."

He carefully explained how they were sitting alone together on her dorm room bed, and how they talked for a long time.

I asked, "What does she look like?"

"Well, actually she looks a lot like you, except you are a little bit shorter, and she has shorter hair. Even though she's 18, just like you, I think you look a little bit younger."

"Are you serious, she really looks like me?"

"She does, except that..."


"She has brown hair, not dark like yours, and pretty dark eyes just like you, and she has beautiful pale skin like you, but..."

"But what?"

"Well, Emma has breasts that are - maybe - a little bit bigger than yours, well - I thought they were bigger, but now I'm not sure."

It was obvious that Tim had noticed that my breasts were bigger when we were together in the bathroom, and it was cute that he would say so like he did. But, it was also really obvious that he was staring at my chest in the big mirror just a few minutes ago when we were both brushing our teeth down the hall.

Somehow, the images of my beautiful b*****r being kind to this nervous girl made me really aroused. It was weird that she looked like me, and in a way it allowed me visualize them together so clearly. It was so captivating to listen to my b*****r as he spoke about being so emotionally intimate with this shy girl.

Under the covers my pink nighty was still pulled up above my boobs, and I slowly slid both hands onto my tummy as I carefully watched my b*****r next to me.

He said, "We talked for a long time, and finally, she sort of gave in. She seemed relieved that I would help her."

I whispered, "Oh God Tim, that sounds really nice."

"But she told me that I couldn't touch her, and that I could only do what she told me to do it."

I asked, "She really said that?"

"Yes, I know it might sound, well - perverted or something - but she was SO scared of being touched or hugged."

"Go on..."

"She asked me to turn down the lights, so the room was almost totally dark. And I got off the bed and did that for her."

"Go on..."

"Then she asked me to turn the little bedside lamp on, right next to her, and I did. I stood there looking at her in the soft glow of just that one light, I and I remember thinking she looked so pretty, but at the same time she seemed REALLY scared."

It seemed funny, because the only light in our room was the little bedside lamp, just like with him and Emma.

"Go on..."

"Emma told me how badly she wanted to feel some sort of intimacy, and she was worried that I would think she was too weird or something."

Then my b*****r rolled onto his back and looked up at the ceiling.

He went on, "And then she told me stand next to the bed, and to turn around so I couldn't see her, and I did that too. While she was lying there, she told me how scared she was of being touched, but at the same time, how much she really liked me. She seemed really confused. I really needed to tell her, what I was feeling..."

I was looking at my b*****r as he told me all this, and he was sort of lost in thought, with his head on the pillow and his eyes focused up at nothing.

I asked, "What did you say?"

After a little while he took a deep breath and continued talking. "I told her how much I cared, and I would do anything to help her."

"Oh Tim, I know she must have really appreciated you, and how sweet you are."

Right then we both heard the low droning sound from the furnace in the basement. We both knew what that meant, the heat had just come on.

My b*****r said, "Oh god, finally! The room should start getting warm."

"Yeah, but it'll be too hot in a little while."

"I'm still cold, so being too hot sounds awesome."

I asked, "What happened with Emma?"

"I was standing next to the bed. As I listened to her talking about her feelings, I could hear her moving around. It took me a little bit to realize that she was getting undressed."

I whispered, "Wow, that sounds really - I don't know - really sensual."

"It was. After a few moments, everything was quiet and Emma was lying still. Then she kind of nervously whispered that she was totally naked."


He spoke nervously, "Oh God s*s, I wanted to turn around and look at her so badly, but she begged me to stay still. So I kept standing frozen with my back to her. It was quiet for a long time, I could hear her breathing behind me."

Now I was listening with an almost hypnotic intensity. I knew this was hard for him to share what happened, I could hear it in his voice. We have talked about pretty much everything over the years, but we've never talked about anything like this.

I asked, "How close were you to the bed?"

"Really close, like just a few inches away."

It felt so exciting listening to my b*****r talk, especially with him so close to me in my bed. Oh god, I've missed him terribly since he's been away.

But at the same time, I was all absorbed with thoughts of myself. Of my own needs to touch myself under the covers. The yearning in me was really oppressive. I couldn't help it, I needed to touch myself. I just prayed he wouldn't notice.

I asked, "What happened next?"

"Then, she started talking about how she felt and how she needed my help. And her voice sounded different."

"Different how?

"She sounded a little bit scared, but really intense too."

"Go on..."

"She kept going on and on about how she felt. How she was scared I would run away because she was acting so weird. I promised her I wouldn't."

"Go on..."

"Then, she asked me if I was honest about helping her. I told her yes. I would do whatever she needed. And then she said she wanted to watch me take my clothes off."

"Oh God, Really?"

"Yes, I let her tell me what to do, she told me to keep my back to her. And she told me to take my shoes off, and then my sweater, and then my shirt. Until, finally..."


"Well, until finally, I was totally naked, and all I could do was stand there and listen to her."

I nervously whimpered, "Oh God Tim, that seems really - like - wow - like - really exciting."

He kind of laughed and said, "You're right, it was really exciting! After a little while, she told me to turn around and face her."

"What did you do?"

"I did exactly what she told me to do, I turned and looked at her."

I sort of begged, "Keep talking!"

"This gets really - well really intimate - are you sure you want me to tell you what happened next?"

I whispered nervously, "I think so."

"Okay, when I turned around and faced the bed, Emma was lying on there, totally naked, with her legs spread wide, and she was - well - she was rubbing herself as she looked up at me."

I blurted out, "She was masterbaiting?"

"Yes, she told me to stay still and not to say anything, but she told me she needed me to watch her."

I whispered a breathy, "Oh fuck, are you serious?"

It felt so strange to be talking to my b*****r like this, with both my hands hidden under the thick blankets, and my fingertips pressing and slowly rubbing against my slippery vagina.

Tim said, "I know this must sound so strange, but she seemed really grateful."

"Wait, she was looking up at you from the bed - and you were naked?"


I stammered, "Could she - I mean - from where she was - could see you - like - all of you?"

"Oh god yes."

I nervously stammered, "So - she really saw - like - all of you?"


Then I cautiously asked, "And - were you - I mean - were you - hard?"

My b*****r sort of gasped, "Oh my God s*s, I was so hard it almost hurt."

The image in my head of my beautiful b*****r standing naked with an erection suddenly appeared in my mind. It created a strong feeling in me and I wasn't sure what to do. I wanted so badly to rub myself faster. I even thought maybe I could try and reach a climax undetected, but I was right next to him and it would be impossible to even think I could do that in this tiny bed.
I needed to f***e myself to just move my fingers slowly. Oh God, it felt so good.

I asked, "What were you thinking? I mean, looking at her so close like that?"

"I thought that she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen - and - and ..."

"And what?"

He spoke in a halting way, "And - seeing her - rubbing herself like that, so slow with her legs spread wide like that - it was so - beautiful, I've never seen anything like it before."

As I listened to my b*****r, I was moving my fingertips as slowly as I could across my slippery vagina and with the dim light I felt pretty certain he couldn't tell what I was doing under the covers, but I wasn't sure. At the same time I could definitely feel that I was getting incredibly wet.

He said, "Emma told me she wanted to try to climax, like this, with me watching."

This conversation was bewildering to me because Tim and I had never really talked about anything sexual. Listening to his voice was getting me insanely excited.

I asked, "Did she eventually have an orgasm?"

"It took a little while, but yes."

After he said that we both just lay there in silence. I could see that my b*****r was looking up at the ceiling. He seemed all lost in thought and he looked so beautiful in the soft glow of my little bedside lamp.

We stayed quiet for a few minutes and my fingers continued to gently rub my plump little clitoris. I couldn't help it, but I was getting amazingly turned-on. I was really confused about how I was feeling. I knew that I just had to stop, but I couldn't. It just felt too good.

At some point I felt myself start to shiver. It was just a little bit of shaking, it came from the deep sexual sensations I was feeling. I was praying that my b*****r didn't notice.

He immediately asked, "Are you cold?'

Oh god, he felt me shiver. I was suddenly terrified he knew what I was doing.

As calm as I could, I whispered, "Uhhm, maybe just a little chilled, but it's okay."

My voice sounded so shaky, could her hear how scared I was? There was an awkward pause, and I thought he must have known.

He said, "Yeah, I'm still a little cold too."

Then he cautiously whispered, "If you are cold, maybe it would help, if maybe, we could cuddle - I mean - if you need to warm up."

Oh my god, for some reason the thought of cuddling with my beautiful b*****r right then under the covers aroused me in a way that I had never felt before. It was just too much to contemplate.

I rubbed myself at the same time I said, "Uhhhm - I'm fine. It's okay. But, that's sweet of you to - well, offer like that..."

Oh god, what was I doing? I mean, I was listening to my b*****r, who has always been so sensitive and kind to me, and at the very same time I was masturbating under the covers. I couldn't control myself and I rubbed a little faster.

I told my b*****r, "Keep talking, I wanna hear what happened with you and Emma."

"She seemed really nervous, but after a few minutes she asked me to get up on the bed, and get closer, and she - and she..."

"And what?"

"Oh s*s, I don't know if I can say..."

"Please, you can tell me."

"She asked me to - to kneel right next to her on the bed, really close, she said she wanted my - my erection - right over her..."

"Tim, are you serious?"

"Yes, it was so intense. She begged me to position myself right next to her so my erection right above her breasts."

With that I audibly gasped out loud.

Tim said, "Oh god, I'm sorry s*s. Should I stop talking about this?"

I instantly blurted out, "No!"

He obviously heard the needy emotion in my voice. I wanted to act calm, so I asked, "Where were you, I mean on the bed - like - uhhm - right next to her."


He calmly answered, "Yes. She was flat on her back and I was on her left side, on my knees."


This was exactly like we were right then, Tim was on my left side, and I was flat on my back. He wasn't on his knees, he was under the covers, but I sure could imagine it.

I was feeling the electric sensations of my fingertips on my wet cliterus when he started speaking again.

He nervously told me, "She was breathing kind of hard, and she was getting all lost and really turned-on and - well - she sort of begged me to - to jack off for her - she wanted me to cum all over her..."

Hearing his emotional words, I responded by shivering. My whole body literally quivered under the blankets, and I let out a an audible whimper.

Oh god, I couldn't help it. Tim noticed, and I was suddenly frozen with fear.

He acted concerned and asked, "s*s, are you all right?"

I didn't answer, I just stared wide-eyed up at him, totally ashamed at what I had been doing. I couldn't move, both hands were cupped tight over my groin.

He saw how scared I must have looked, and he asked, "Are you okay?"

All I could do was nervously whisper, "I'm so sorry."

I could tell he was confused. Then he propped himself up onto his elbow and he looked down at me as I lay there next to him. He was staring at me in disbelief. I tried to act all innocent, but I know I must have looked totally guilty.

He looked down at me. For the first time he looked at the blanket over me and I was so worried he could see the shape of my hands between my legs.

In complete surprise he asked, "Oh God, s*s - are you - touching yourself?"

I realized I was caught and I whimpered, "I can't help it..."

He thought for a second and asked, "Should I leave?"

I responded with a needy, "Oh no - Please - Don't go!"

At that point, both of us were silent for a long time. We both just stared at each other, I kept my hands between my legs, but I was afraid to move. I was all swallowed up in shame and I was so scared he would leave.

He broke the silence, "Oh God s*s, I didn't know..."

And then I whispered, "I'm really embarrassed."

He replied, "No, please don't feel bad."


"It's okay, really. Please, don't feel bad."


He interrupted, "Please s*s, it's okay. I mean, I understand, I've been talking about some pretty sensual stuff about me and Emma."

I was surprised that he wasn't freaked out because I was touching myself. The sense of relief was overwhelming.

I whispered, "Thank you for not being upset at me."

I looked up at him, and I couldn't tell he was thinking. He seemed so intensely focused.

After an awkward silence, he nervously asked, "Do you think that - maybe - you can have an orgasm?"

I was shocked and replied, "Oh my god - Tim?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm curious."

I didn't answer. I just stayed still and looked at him and I could tell by the look on his face that he was serious.

He persisted, "I'm really curious. Could you?"

I thought for a moment and I meekly whispered, "I don't know - Maybe. I mean, sometimes it takes me a really long time, but - maybe."

I looked over at him and he seemed really peaceful. He wasn't upset in the least.

He asked, "Did I say too much, I mean, about Emma? Is that why you started - well - touching yourself?"

I sheepishly replied, "I don't know, maybe - a little bit."

He set his head back down on the pillow and said, "I'm sorry if I said something I shouldn't have, but I really needed to share what happened with Emma. I didn't know who else to tell. It always feels so nice to talk with you."

I kind of whimpered, "I know, I miss talking with you."

"Thanks for listening to me go on and on. I really didn't realize how much I was going to say, and I didn't know I would share such private details."

I whispered, "It's okay, it felt nice to be able to listen."

It was so strange, just a second ago he realized that I was masturbating just inches away from him and now we were both talking in a perfectly calm way. It was really amazing how nonchalant he was acting. It made me feel all tranquil.

Then I cautiously said, "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course, anything."

I looked over at him and cautiously asked, "What happened, I mean with you and Emma?"

"Oh God s*s, are you sure you want me to tell you?"

"Please, I'm really curious."

"Okay. I was on the bed, and I was kneeling right next to her, and she was on her back. And - my - well - my erection was right over her breasts."

"Keep talking."

"And she was insistent that she wanted - well - she needed to cum, while she looking up at me, like this."

"How close were you to her?"

"Well, she was - like - just a few inches from me. I was up on my knees, and they were almost touching her arm, and the way I was on the bed, close to her, she was looking right up at the underside of - well - my erection."

"And did she like it? Looking up at you like that?"

"Oh God, she LOVED it."

I whispered, "That sounds like it must have been really intense for Emma."

He sort of sighed and said, "It was pretty intense for me too!"

I involuntarily started rubbing myself again, and I let out a little gasp of excitement. I know he heard me and he must have known I has started rubbing myself again.

We were quiet for a moment and then I looked over at him, and his expression had changed.

I asked, "What are you thinking?"

He smiled and said, "I'm thinking that the heat is blasting, and I'm suddenly roasting."

I said, "I know, it's insane how hot the room gets."

With his head on his pillow, he looked straight up at the ceiling in a way that made me think he was confused.

I asked, "What is it?"

"I'm getting all sweaty."

"I know, the room gets hot fast."

And then he looked at me, and he seemed so concerned. Then in a serous voice he asked, "Do you really think you can cum? I mean, with me right here?

I meekly replied, "It might take a long time but - maybe."

When I said that, he looked at me with such a haunted expression of longing. It almost looked like he was in pain.

Then he did something that, at first, I didn't understand, he reached both arms under the covers and wriggled around a little. Then he was moving his legs under the covers.

Then he sort of quietly sighed, "There..."

I asked, "What did you do?"

"I'm sorry but needed to pull my shorts down a little bit. I just couldn't take it anymore."

It took me a moment to realize what had happened, but my b*****r obviously had an erection under the covers right next to me. Oh my god, that really startled me.

I let out a frightened, "Really, you did?"

My b*****r sounded ashamed when he said, " I'm sorry s*s, I couldn't help it. I mean, talking about Emma, and what we did, I just had too."

Right then I was totally freaked out knowing he was hard, but I wanted to try and act calm. I nervously said, "No - I understand - it's okay - really."

All I wanted to do was to rub myself faster and faster, but I was terrified. All I could do was make slow little circles with my fingertips.

I tired to sound normal, and I spoke in a shaky voice, "You're right, it really is roasting with the heat blasting like this."

He said, "It's funny, I mean I was freezing just a little while ago."

I cautiously asked, "Did it help to pull your underwear down?"

"Oh God Yes, it feels a lot better now."

I was feeling so lost and confused, but at the same time I felt so deeply moved by the emotional closeness with my b*****r.

Then I nervously whispered, "Tim, if I do something, please don't be mad at me."

"What do you mean."

"I'm scared you'll get mad at me."

"Oh c'mon s*s, you know I've never been mad at you."

I quietly stammered, "I'm sorry - but I think I need to - to do something - I mean - please - just don't be mad, okay?"

He whispered, "Don't worry."

Then, almost as if I were in a dream, I reached under the covers and carefully grabbed the scrunched up fabric of my long pink nighty that had been all tucked up under my armpits. I slowly pulled it up over my head being careful to keep the blankets snug around my chin as I pushed the old night gown off my body and then I pushed it onto the floor.

Oh God, it felt SO good to liberate myself from something so confining.

Right then I was completely naked under the heavy blankets. I was afraid to look at my b*****r and I kept my head on the pillow and I looked straight up at the ceiling.

I anxiously put both hands back down in between my legs and felt the smooth wet skin of my vagina.

My b*****r cautiously asked, "s*s, you don't have any clothes on now, do you?"

I knew he was looking at me and I shook my head no.

Then, in quiet voice my b*****r whispered, "I'm gunna take my boxers all the way off, is that okay?"

I didn't say anything but I nodded.

Then I listened as my b*****r squirmed under the covers for a few seconds. I could feel his weight moving on the bed just inches from me. After just a few seconds, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him slide his boxers out from under the covers and then watched as he pushed them off the bed and onto the floor.

Then he calmly said, "Oh God, that feels so much better."

It was hard for me to truly comprehend what was happening, but now both me and my b*****r were naked, side by side, under the thick blankets of my tiny little bed.

We were both silent for a little while as I gently rubbed my wet cliterus. I was so amazed at the slippery smoothness of the skin against my hand. I loved that I had so recently shaved.

Finally, I spoke up, "Can I ask something else about Emma and what happened?"

"You can ask me anything, s*s."

I thought for a moment. Part of me was curious how much Tim would tell me, I wanted to know if he would share any really explicit details.

"As she was rubbing herself, could you tell if she got wet?"

"Oh my god s*s, she got SO wet, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was amazing."

I wanted to know more.

"What did you see?"

"Well, being so close, I could see that there was - I mean - everything looked slippery and wet."

I whispered, "How wet? Was it - like - a lot?"

He said, "It sure seemed like a lot, there was a big wet spot on the bed."

I sort of gasped, "Oh God..."

What was happening? My beautiful b*****r was naked just inches away from me, in my bed, looking into my eyes, he was talking about such intimate experiences - and I was, at that moment, enthusiastically rubbing my slippery wet pussy lips, and I was getting frighteningly close to cumming.

I whispered, "Is it okay, can I ask you another question."


"Did she have, well - a lot of - pubic hair?"

"No, she had shaved herself."

I thought about how I had been shaving myself so obsessively.

"Did that seem pretty to you?"

"Well, I think so, it reminded me of..."

His voice trailed off, and I asked, "Of what?"

"s*s, I hope this isn't too weird, but it made me think of you."

"It did?"

"It really did, it reminded me of you, when we would take baths together as little k**s."

Right then, hearing that, I was so glad that I had been shaving myself, it was a huge feeling of relief. I don't know why, But I loved that he said that.

He followed up with, "I'm sorry, I feel funny that I told you that."

"No, it's okay, I understand."

"I thought Emma looked just beautiful."

I cautiously asked, "Did you really - well, uhhhm - rub yourself until you came?"

He answered, "Yes, I really did."

"And did you really cum on her like she asked?"


"Oh God, what was that like?"

He spoke excitedly, "s*s, I loved it. I loved it so much. It was SO exciting. And it felt - really - well - intimate and - really loving..."

I quietly begged, "Please keep talking."

"Emma had been acting so scared, but I think she was grateful that I was doing exactly what she asked - and - it was obvious she loved watching what I was doing."

"Go on."

"She was kind of begging me, she said she wanted me to - to..."


"She asked me to squirt my cum on her breasts."

I gasped, "Oh my God, really? She said that?"


"What happened?"

"It was so intense. I was watching Emma, and the way she was lying on her back - her breasts just looked so beautiful. They looked soft and smooth and her nipples seemed really hard - and - and - as she rubbed herself, the movement, it made her breasts sort of jiggle. I could tell she wanted me to look at them."

"Oh my god..."

He went on, "I could tell that she was - well - getting really turned-on because I was so close - watching her breasts."

Hearing him say that, I was immediately reminded of how he watched me and my breasts when we brushed our teeth together, sided by side in the bathroom.

"And, I was kneeling there, and she was totally staring up at my erection. And the faster she rubbed herself, the more her breasts jiggled."

I thought to myself how my breasts jiggled too, and how focused he was as he watched me in the bathroom mirror. He was staring right at my chest.

I was on fire with excitement, I begged, "Keep talking."

"I know it sounds totally perverted, I mean - she was begging me to - well - pump my - erection faster. She seemed really desperate to watch me cum."

I gasped, "Oh my God!"

"I loved it. She was so beautiful and the faster she rubbed herself, the more her breasts jiggled, and she was SO insistent that I - well - masturbate close to her, like right over her breasts, until I came."

I asked, "What happened?"

"This may sound funny, but right then, everything felt magical. I felt SO connected to Emma in a way that was really beautiful..."

"Oh Tim, it sounds amazing."

"It was..."

My b*****r sounded so enthusiastic when he talked about her jiggling breasts. It was like he was getting overwhelmed trying to describe a deep personal obsession. I really loved hearing his sound so excited!

I asked, "Her breasts were jiggling just from how - well - the way she rubbed herself?"

"Yes, I mean, she was rubbing really fast. And, I think she was trying to make them move like that, she wanted me to look at them."

I nervously asked, "When it happened, did you - I mean - did you really squirt your cum right ON her - I mean - right on her breasts?"

He took a deep breath and then whispered, "Oh my God yes."

My mind was suddenly flooded with the powerful image of my beautiful b*****r, naked on his knees, pumping his cock with his fist and gushing cum all this shy frightened girl's soft breasts. I could imagine her nipples dripping with Tim's warm milky wetness. I had never seen a boy naked in real life, but what I was seeing in my mind was insanely vivid.

I was totally overwhelmed at how thrilling this all seemed, and I said, "Oh my God - She must have loved it."

Then he quietly said, "Right then she acted like she did, but - maybe - she was scared that it was - I don't know, too perverted, because she hasn't talked to me since that night."

He seemed like he was ashamed and it broke my heart to hear him sound so distressed. I didn't want him to feel bad, I wanted so badly to help him.

I said, "Oh Tim, you shouldn't feel bad. What you did for her sounds so wonderful. I mean it, you did exactly what she asked, so please don't worry about what you did."

"Part of me feels so ashamed."

"Oh no. Don't feel that way. It sounds like it must have been really beautiful for her. For both of you."

He was silent for a moment, and then said, "Thank you s*s, it really helps me to hear you say that..."

He sounded a little like a heavy burden had been lifted, and it made me feel good that I could somehow soothe him.

I was still all obsessed with that picture in my mind's eye of my beautiful b*****r, I could so clearly see him naked and rubbing his hard cock above that girl's jiggling breasts, and - oh god - it seemed so beautiful.

I wanted to help him, "Please don't feel bad about what happened, I'm sure you made her very happy."

He softly whispered, "But, I wanted so badly to touch her..."

Oh god, hearing him say that was an example of how sensitive my b*****r really was, and I was shocked at how receptive he was to my questions, but I needed to ask something more. I wanted to try and ask something more extreme, just to hear how he responded.
I cautiously asked, "Tim, did it feel nice - I mean - when she watched you cumming?"

"Oh my god, s*s - I loved it!"

And right then I realized I was squirming under the blankets, I couldn't hold it in much longer. I was still staring at the ceiling, flat on my back.

I sort of panted, "When you came, could you - like - aim it?"

He replied, "Yes, I aimed for her nipples."

Then, I felt my b*****r slowly roll toward me. The bed sagged as he moved over a little bit closer to me and he put his lips up to my ear and softly whispered, "Oh God s*s, I've missed you SO much."

He leaned toward me and softly kissed me on my cheek. His lips just barely touched me, but I was shocked at how beautiful it felt. My heart was suddenly racing. An electric emotional shiver ran thru my entire body.

It was crazy, I mean - with just that delicate touch from my b*****r's lips I literally trembled. And then I cupped my hands firmly over my vagina, and put just a little more pressure on my slippery clitoris, and I reflexively spread my knees a little wider. I realized my whole body was shivering from the sensations.

He propped himself up on his elbows and looked down at my face. I could tell by his expression that he could see that I was shivering with excitement, and he knew exactly what I was doing under the covers.

I looked up at him and meekly said, "I'm sorry - I can't help it."

He replied, "Please s*s, I want you to."

I whispered, "Are you sure?"

"Oh God yes, this is so beautiful."

Hearing him sound so supportive, I rubbed myself just a little more f***efully and I felt the warm wetness dripping down between my legs, I could feel my anus was getting all wet.

He sat up on his elbow a little bit higher and looked down at me, and it was so obvious that although all he could see was my face, he was mesmerized by what he was happening. It felt so magical to know he wasn't upset about what I was doing, instead he was encouraging me.

Both of my hands were still under the covers held snug against my vagina, and I couldn't rub myself slowly anymore, it was impossible to control, I started rubbing frantic little circles around my slippery clitoris.

Again, my whole body shuddered, and I let out a an audible gasp.

My b*****r looked down at me as I lay there next to him. He stared at me wide eyed in amazement.

I was so aware of the intense way that my b*****r watching me, but I just couldn't stop. The blanket on top of me was moving from the rhythm of my hands.

He nervously begged, "Please s*s - keep going - please."

I looked up and said, "It might take a long time - but I'll try..."

My b*****r cautiously leaned in and whispered close to my ear.

He was encouraging me, "Please s*s, please keep going..."

Hearing him say that felt SO good, and I began desperately squirming under the blankets.

It felt SO wonderful that he was watching me, paying close attention to what I was doing. it felt SO unbelievably intimate.

Knowing he was watching me, I purposely lifted my knees up higher under the blanket, and spread my legs a little wider. He watched the blanket rise up. I felt the plump surface of my clitoris between my wet slippery fingertips.

I whispered, "Can I ask you something?"

He looked at me and said, "Anything."

I asked, "Did Emma finally climax?"

"She did, it was beautiful, it happened right after I came on her."

I loved hearing him say that. I don't think my b*****r truly realized how exciting it was for me to hear his voice, but it was absolutely hypnotizing for me.

"What happened? How did she act?"

He answered, "When I finally came, I knew she was really close, and squirted it all over her breasts, and she watched as they got all wet like they did, I think it kind of pushed her over the edge."

Oh god, the visual image of my beautiful b*****r pumping cum on her breasts was electric. I needed to lift my knees taller and spread my legs a little wider.

I said, "Oh fuck, that sounds SO amazing."

My b*****r said, "It was really intense, I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure I watched her having a multiple orgasm."

I was surprised, "Really?"

"Yeah, it sure seemed like it. Whatever happened for Emma, it just went on and on."

I kind of replied without thinking, "That's only happened to me once"

I was immediately worried about what I just said, like it was too much, but my b*****r sounded so reassuring as he replied, "Really? I'm totally envious."

"Well, it actually kind of scared me."

"It did? I mean, if it was anything like what Emma experienced it must have been something beautiful for you."

"Actually, it was scary. I mean, it was almost TOO powerful."

What I said was really honest, about it being scary. I thought to myself about the one and only time that it happened, I realize it when I rubbed my anus really hard at the same time I came. And I realized I was so wet and I had used so much lotion in the bathroom that, right at that moment, my anus felt really slippery.

My b*****r watched as my knees rose up under the blanket.

His voice got more emotional, "When she saw me start to cum, she sort of sat up a little, and I squirted some on her neck and chin, but most of it was on her chest."

I think he must have been aware that listening to his voice was making me crazy. I couldn't help but think that he was trying to get me even more excited.

All I could do was reply with a shaky, "Oh my god..."

He spoke in sort of desperate whisper, "I think that when Emma watched me cum like I did, it helped her. I mean, I was so close to her, and she was really clear that she wanted me to do it. I tried to squirt as much as I could on her nipples. And right away she rubbed herself even faster and her whole body started to shake."

"Please, tell me more..."

"Oh God, seeing her - with her breasts all wet with my cum and jiggling - and shivering - with her legs spread wide - it made me crazy. And - and..."

I wanted to hear more, "What? Tell me."

"And - when she was cumming, she reached up with one of her hands and rubbed - my cum - all over her breasts..."

"She did?"

"It was like she was rubbing lotion all over her breasts."

At that point I shuddered a little, and Tim felt it.

I whispered, "Oh God, Tim..."

He said, "I'm sorry s*s, I didn't mean to make it sound so intense."

I stammered, "No - no - it sounds - really - beautiful."

The picture in my mind, of my beautiful b*****r, was so vivid and emotional. I imagined watching him cum as that nervous girl shivered next to him. I thought about how he said she looked like me. And how loving and excited my b*****r seemed. Oh God, everything felt absolutely overwhelming.

I asked, "Are you sure you watched her having multiple orgasms?"

"I'm pretty sure, I mean, she just seemed to be cumming and cumming for such a long time, it just went on and on and on..."

Right then, I took a deep breath and reached one hand under my leg and touched my wet slippery bum hole.

I whispered a breathy, "Oh god..."

He heard the emotion in my voice and it felt like he was trying to excite me, "Watching Emma cum was - it was so beautiful - her wet breasts shook - it seemed to last forever."

"...it did?"

Tim quietly told me, "After Emma had climaxed, she just stayed still on the bed, she was kind of out of breath, and she started crying and she kept on repeating, 'thank you - thank you' and I couldn't touch her, and I just felt so helpless."

"Oh Timmy, I think she must have released something, some fears or something."

"Maybe, but I just wanted so badly to hug her."

"You helped her, you really did."

"s*s, you said you had a multiple orgasm."

"Yes, just one time."

"It must have felt amazing."

"It was really intense."

He eagerly asked, "How did it happen?"


"Please s*s, I want to know."

I was so turned-on I couldn't help but tell him. "I was right here on my bed, doing - what I'm doing now - but I was - I was..."


I cautiously told him, "I needed to rub my - my bum hole - at the same time - to make it happen."

Saying that out loud to my b*****r felt so forbidden. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed telling him such intimate details of exactly what I had done.

Tim sounded surprised and said, "Oh my God s*s, really?"


"Why just once?"

"Because, well - I've tried to do it again - but it's hard to do - I mean - it's hard to do both things at the same time."

"Does rubbing, your - your - bum hole - does that feel good?"

"Oh my god, yes!"

I looked over at him, and he had this really concerned expression on his face. I could tell he wanted to ask me something more.

I urged him to tell me, I asked, "What is it, what are you thinking?"

"s*s, are you - well - rubbing your bum hole - right now?"

I felt so much excitement that he would ask me that, I felt I needed to answer him honestly.

I whispered, "Yes."

"You are? Really, right now?"

"Yes, it feels so good..."

Looking over at him, I could see that he was so intensely focused on me, on what was happening. He looked so kind and beautiful with his head on the pillow so close to me.

He sounded really emotional as he nervously stammered, "s*s, can I - I mean - I want to help - would you let me..."


In the softest voice he cautiously asked me, "s*s, would it be okay if - if you let me - rub your - your asshole?"

Just hearing his words, I thought I might cum right at that instant. I stopped rubbing and moved my wet hands away in panicky reflex.

I gasped, "Tim?"

He begged, "Please, I want to help."

"I don't, I don't know..."

"s*s, I would love it - if you could - cum like Emma did, I want to help you."

Oh fuck, we were just inches apart, both of us naked under this heavy blanket and I now my beautiful b*****r was begging to rub my asshole. It was too scary for me, and I didn't know what to think.

I whispered timidly, "Oh God - Tim - I don't know, maybe."

He eagerly gasped, "Really?"

Right then I felt so overwhelmed, I felt my whole body tense up and I pulled my hands away from between my legs and pressed them flat on the sheets on either side of me.

I realized that I had been just a breath away from cumming, and I just had to stop. Everything felt way too emotional.

I was breathing hard, and I let out a desperate sounding, "Oh fuck..."

I actually thought I might start to cry. I looked over at Tim, and his eyes seemed so worried.

He asked, "You stopped didn't you?"

"Yes, I had to."

"Was it me? I mean, what I asked?"

"I don't know, maybe, it just felt way too intense."

He meekly whispered, "I'm sorry s*s."

It made me sad to hear him sound so worried, "No, don't feel bad. I couldn't help it, I just had to stop, it was - it was - just too..."

And my words faded away.

He asked, "Were you close?"

"Oh God yes, really close."

I know I had asked that already more than once, but I loved asking him and I think he loved telling me.

I squirmed a little under the big thick blanket and let my legs slide out flat, so my knees were no longer up high and spread wide. The way I moved, I could feel the wet spot under my butt. I felt so restless, I wanted to sit up, at least a little bit.

I carefully reached to my right, and grabbed another pillow. I moved slow so I would stay covered by the blanket. I set that pillow behind me, so it was stacked on top of the other one. Then I eased my way up. I was still on my back, but I now my head was propped up just a little bit higher. I pulled the thick blanket up to my neck.

My b*****r watched every move that I made.

After I settled myself down, I let out a uneasy, "Okay, that's better..."

He said, "s*s, I'm sorry. I feel funny about, well, about urging you like I did."

I didn't want him to feel bad so I replied, "Don't worry, it's okay, really."

"I could tell you were getting close, and I felt like I was encouraging you."

"Uhhm, it's okay. I just need to chill out for a little bit."

Then my b*****r did the same thing, he sat up a little, grabbed a pillow (I have a lot of them) and put it up against the head board and he sat up against it. He was sitting up a taller than me, I was still pretty much on my back.

He didn't try to stay covered like I did. The blanket was pulled up to around his stomach, so I could look over and see his bare chest.

He sort of adjusted the blanket by lifting it up near his lap. Right then I felt a warm flow of air from under the covers. I could smell myself, the unmistakable fragrance of my own wetness. I am certain Tim could smell it too.

He seemed to react to the smell, I watched as he moved the blanket again, and we were flooded with that same warm air and the obvious smell of my sopping vagina. I was really embarrassed that he must be able to smell me.

He was sitting up higher than me, he was leaning back on the pillows and the headboard of my bed. I was lower, so my head was about even with his right hip. I had to really turn my head to look up to see his face.

We sat like that for a little while, both of us stayed quiet. The silence felt really awkward and we would occasionally looking over at each other. Me and my b*****r were both naked under the big blanket, and I could tell he was still drinking in the aroma of my wetness. I was so lost in the intensity of everything that was happening.

Finally, he asked, "Was it okay that I told you about what I did with Emma."

I immediately said, "Yes."

"I didn't say too much?"

"Oh no, you didn't"

Right then, I felt that same needy feeling, I wanted to hear him talk again, I needed to hear the things that were getting me all excited.

I quietly added, "I liked hearing it."

He said, "I felt like, maybe what I said, was unfair to you."

"Oh no. Your descriptions sounded beautiful."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. It felt really good that you could share something so private with me, your little s****r, I feel honored."

Tim cautiously leaned in towards me and gently kissed my forehead.

He whispered, "Thank you..."

Feeling his tender kiss reminded me of just how loving and sensitive my b*****r really was.

Then I asked, "Was it frustrating for you, that Emma didn't want to be touched?"

He answered thoughtfully, "Well, it was hard for me, it really was, I wanted to hold her and hug her."

"I can understand that."

"But, at the same time it was kind of a weird turn-on. I mean, it was sort of exciting that I couldn't touch her. I hope that doesn't seem too perverted."

I said, "Please. No, that isn't perverted, so don't feel bad."

"Thanks s*s."

I asked, "You said that Emma, sort of looked - uhhhm - a little bit like me, did she really?"

"Yeah, she does. Actually, she looks a lot like you. You're a little bit shorter. And your hair is longer."

This was so strange, to imagine that my b*****r's girlfriend looked like me. I could hear a warmth in his voice as he described her.

He went on, "It's funny, that's a big part of why I liked her so much, I mean, she's really pretty - and - and she reminded me a lot of you."

Hearing him say that, I could so clearly see that image again. I saw my beautiful b*****r eagerly jacking off and cumming all over her breasts. The image in my mind was so vivid, but I was picturing myself now.

Then I quietly asked, "Tim, when we were in the bathroom, earlier tonight when we were brushing our teeth. Something felt funny. It felt like you kind of ran out, like you were upset."

He said, "Well I did run out, but I wasn't upset."

"What was it?"

"I was worried and I just needed to get out of there."


"Oh s*s, I'm sorry, but I could feel that - I was - I was starting to - uhmm - to get hard."

I was intrigued, and I asked, "You were?"

"You just looked so pretty and I couldn't help it."

Oh my God, he thought I looked pretty? And it made him get hard? I felt my heart suddenly speed up.

I said, "I could tell that you were looking at me, in the mirror."

"I know I was staring, but I just couldn't help it."

I whispered, "You were looking at my boobs weren't you"

"s*s, you looked so beautiful, and the way you were brushing your teeth - your - your breasts were jiggling."

Then I felt my b*****r move his legs. The way I was lying there with my head propped up on the pillows I could look over at the covers and see his knees lifting.

I said, "I'm sorry, I feel like maybe - I was - I don't know, showing off or something."

He said, "I really liked it. It was exciting to watch you - and - I think - maybe - your breasts are a little bigger than when I left for school."

I said, "Yeah, you're right. They are a little bigger, I don't know, but they kinda grew a lot in the last few months."

As I said that, I could see his hands moving under the covers. I could see them easing down between his legs. Oh God, I think my b*****r was touching himself. I think maybe it was because we were talking about my boobs.

I went on, "It's funny, just a little while ago, maybe two weeks ago when I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror, it was the first time I really noticed, I mean, I could see that they weren't as small anymore."

My b*****r sort of shifted a little next to me, and then I felt his right leg resting against my left thigh.

I asked, "Did you really feel like, maybe, you might get hard when we were brushing our teeth together?"

He breathed a shaky, "Oh God, yes. It was happening. All I was wearing was my boxers and I was really scared you would see."

I couldn't believe how much I loved hearing him say that. It felt so arousing to think that he would get hard from looking at me.

I said, "The motion of brushing my teeth made my boobs jiggle, it felt funny that you were watching me like you were."

Then I saw an obvious up and down motion under the blanket in my b*****r's lap. Oh my god, he was stroking himself. My b*****r was hard and he was starting to masterbate, right next to me!

He softly whispered, "It felt funny for me too."

I said, "I knew you were looking at my boobs, I was looking right at your eyes in the mirror, so I didn't see - that - you were getting hard."

I was transfixed by the slow up and down motion under the blanket right next to me.

Tim spoke as he stroked himself, "Oh s*s, you had on that old pink nightgown, the one you've had since you were, like, 12 years old. I couldn't control myself. I know I was staring at you breasts and I could feel myself getting hard, I mean, you just looked so cute."

My bother was saying he loved my breasts at the same time he was slowly rubbing himself up and down. He was so close to me and it just seemed riveting. I eased my hands back down in between my legs, I was still insanely wet from almost cumming just a few minutes earlier.

As I started to lightly rub myself again, I said, "I feel kind of self conscious now, I mean, It's only been in the last little while that my boobs grew a little bit bigger. I feel sort of embarrassed when I don't wear a bra."

"I could tell you didn't have a bra on when we were brushing our teeth."

I wanted to hear him say more, "Really? You could?"

"Oh God yes, it was obvious. You looked so beautiful."

His stroking under the covers got a little bit faster. I was completely captivated by what he was doing, and I couldn't believe how tall it seemed under the blankets. I couldn't really tell, but I think his erection was a lot bigger than I could have ever imagined.

My head on the pillow seemed so close to his lap. I was staring right at the steady up and down motions, just inches from my eyes. He absolutely knew I was watching what he was doing. Even though everything was covered by the blanket it was so obvious that he was rubbing his erection up and down with his right hand.
I needed to hear more. I whispered, "Tim, how could you tell I didn't have a bra on?"

"The way your breasts moved. They just seemed so beautiful and soft."


He sounded really emotional, "Your breasts are so perfect, it was obvious you didn't have a bra on."

"Obvious how..."

"Through your nighty, I could see your nipples."

Oh fuck, my b*****r was telling me he noticed my nipples. I lifted my knees up and slid my feet along the sheets so they were closer to my butt. The way his leg was against me, he needed to move a little but we still stayed touching. Now my legs were spread wide, making it a lot easier to touch myself.

I said, "It felt nice, when we were brushing our teeth together. I mean, the fabric of my nighty felt really nice the way it rubbed against me, against - my - my nipples."

I felt my b*****r ease his way a little bit toward me, until his right elbow was touching my left shoulder. I could feel his right arm rhythmically moving from the way he was stroking himself under the blanket.

He softly spoke, "Your breasts looked so perfect."

I was rubbing myself again and it felt so good. My pussy lips felt smooth, plump and incredibly wet.

I could watch the blanket next to me as he stroked himself with his right hand. I could feel his motions the way my shoulder was pressing against his right arm. The way I was lying there with Tim sitting up a little next to me, the steady pumping motion under the blanket was so close to my face.

I said, "My nipples are a lot more sensitive than they used to be, and they aren't the same shape that they used to be."

My b*****r said, "I know, I could tell."

"Tim? You haven't seen me, I mean my nipples, since I was like eight years old in the bathtub."

"I could tell from seeing you this summer, when we were swimming at the lake, I could see their outline under your yellow bathing suit. I know that wasn't long ago, but they were smaller then."

"Tim? You looked at my nipples? When we swam together?"

"Oh God s*s, I couldn't help it. You just looked so wonderful."

I needed to hear more. I asked, "What were you thinking, earlier tonight in the bathroom, when you saw me in my nighty?"

"I thought about Emma."

His answer surprised me, "You did? Really?"

"I couldn't help it, your breasts were jiggling, and I thought about how her breasts would jiggle."

Oh fuck, now I was really turned-on, "You really thought about that, when you were looking at me."

"I couldn't help it. You both look so much alike, and to watch your boobs jiggle like that, it's all I could think of..."

I whispered, "That seems so intense, I mean, because - you squirted your cum on her breasts."

"I know, but I couldn't help thinking that."

We both continued to rub ourselves, I think we were both desperately trying to stay as slow as possible, so we wouldn't get TOO excited.

I asked, "Do Emma's boobs look like mine?"

"Yes, maybe a little bit, but her's are just a little bit bigger and maybe more saggy."

That was a funny thing to hear him say and I asked, "What do you mean?"

He spoke nervously as he stroked himself, "s*s, your breasts are a little bit smaller - and - and they look a lot more - well - more firm - they look so much prettier - and they poke out more than Emma's."

I think he knew how excited I was getting listening to him talk about my breasts.

I submissively asked, "What do you mean, they poke out more?"

"I know that must sound funny, but they really do. You know how when a girl first starts to get breasts, they just seem to be perfect and firm in a way that will only happen when they are young."


"Yes, really, that's just what your breasts are like. There is something so - well - irresistible about that time when a girl first begins to get breasts, like they are blossoming. Your's look like that, they sort of defy gravity. They are magical."

Oh my god, I was so moved by the kindness of his description of me.

I replied with very real gratitude, "Thank you so much for saying that."

"Oh s*s, it's true. And I love telling you how I feel."

I stammered, "Could you really tell that - that - my - uhhhm - my nipples had changed?"

"Oh God yes. They look like they look bigger, and they look like they get harder too."

I reached up with one hand and felt my own nipples under the blanket. They were stiff and incredibly sensitive.

I submissively asked, "Could you really tell, just from seeing me tonight in the bathroom, that - that - my nipples were getting hard?"

He replied with a shaky, "Yes, they looked big and hard - and - I could clearly see that their outline against the fabric of your nightgown - I was amazed, they seemed so pretty."

Then I did something that really surprised me. I moved my left leg under the covers and lifted it over Tim's right knee so now my legs were spread incredibly wide, and one of them was resting over his.

I whispered, "I need to tell you - that - I love it so much that Emma asked you to cum on her breasts."

"Oh my God s*s, I loved it too."

I tried to visualize Tim cumming on Emma's bigger breasts, but I couldn't, all I could see in my mind was my own pale breasts and him squirting all over me.

I asked, "I know she didn't want you to, but were you temped to touch Emma?"

"Oh God s*s, I wanted to touch her so badly, it was making me crazy!"


He spoke haltingly, "I wanted to rub my - hard cock - all over her breasts - against her nipples - to cum all over her."

Hearing his feverish words and watching the steady pumping under the blanket was insanely exciting for me.

I whispered, "Really? You wanted to - rub yourself - against her nipples?"

"Oh god s*s, I wanted it SO bad."

He sounded like he was hypnotized. He was lying so close next to me, our legs and were touching. I was flat on my back and my head was turned towards him, I was totally engrossed in the unceasing up and down motion under the blanket next to me.

I said, "Oh Timmy, rubbing yourself against her nipples sounds like it would be so beautiful for both of you."

When I said that, he moved under the covers, sliding his hips closer to me. He eased his way a little bit towards me and I suddenly felt something hard against my left arm.

He gasped, "Oh s*s..."

Oh Fuck! My b*****r was pressing his erection against me!

My heart started pounding wildly, and at the same time I felt my whole body go rigid. It felt so hard against me, and the sensation was beyond belief. I was in a kind of panic and I didn't know what to do. Part of me just wanted him to talk more.

I franticly asked, "Tim? Tim? Did it - feel good - to squirt cum on her?"

"I loved it - I loved it..."

He moved even closer to me, and now he was pressing it hard against my side, right along my ribs. I could feel his hand on the bottom holding it, and the rest was above that. He was sliding against the side of my body.

I sounded almost panicky as I asked, "You really tired to squirt - your cum - on her nipples?"

The way he was lying on his side, my left arm was now pinned between my side and my b*****rs torso. He was so close now that he was leaning against my left side. He was a little bit up on his right elbow, and holding his erection against me with his left hand.

He panted, "Yes - I did - right on them."

I nervously asked, "How - how - close were you - when you came - on her - her nipples?"

"Really close, maybe only an inch away. Almost touching..."

I listened to his words and at the same time I could feel as he rubbed his hard shaft back and forth against my body. He was holding it, guiding it along my side, sliding it back and forth between my hips and my ribs. It felt so stimulating I thought I might start to cry.

I was so euphoric and I responded to his kindness, "Tim, you know - that - that I've never had a boy friend."

"s*s, you are so beautiful, and I know - that inside, you are filled with love."

I lay still as he continued to rub himself, pressing his erection even harder against me. I could hear his breathing change, it sounded quicker and feverish. His body was now pressed tight along my left side.

He said, "I loved watching you - tonight - I loved - watching your beautiful breasts - the way they jiggled. "

I submissively whispered, "You did?"

"Oh fuck s*s, seeing you - in the mirror - your firm breasts - seeing your nipples all hard - I loved it so much..."

Then I felt him start moving slowly under the covers, he was inching his whole body even closer to me. His hard erection was now on my tummy, it was heavy and warm against my skin. His face so close to mine. He was staring down at me with this expression of absolute devotion.

Our eyes were locked on each other as he told me, "Seeing you - staring at your perfect breasts - I was getting so hard - I was thinking about how much I love you."

My b*****r started moving under the heavy blankets that covered both of us. I felt him deliberately move his hard cock up along my body until it touched the underside of my left breast.

Right then he quietly gasped, "Oh God - Oh God..."

I felt him gently caressing the smooth skin of my breast with his stiff erection. It was all happening under the blankets.

The blankets were moving, I was barely covered, and my b*****r kept on moving up along my body. His chest was near my chin, and I was trying to look up into his eyes. Then he moved one leg across my tummy and he put his knee down on the other side of me. He was right on top of me, straddling me.

He stammered, "Oh s*s - please - I - I love you."

I whispered back to him, "I love you too..."

Suddenly the blanket was pushed aside and he was sitting up on his knees. Oh fuck! I was looking directly at his throbbing cock, inches away from my face. He was holding in his hand and rubbing it across my breasts. Oh my God, it was really hard - and it looked huge.

Right then, I was totally in shock and I was too scared to move. I had never ever seen a boy naked, and to see my b*****r's beautiful erection - SO close - was simply breathtaking. I was absolutely flooded with emotion.

Tim was looking down at me, seeing my smooth naked breasts, seeing my hard nipples.

He whispered in a shaky voice, "I love you so much..."

Then, my b*****r did something that felt so beautiful, he moved in even closer and he held his cock in his hand. He started to eagerly rub the big head of it against my hard nipples. Oh my God, I couldn't believe what I was seeing and feeling. The feeling of his huge hard cock against my sensitive nipples was like electricity.

He spoke warmly, "Oh God s*s, thank you for letting me do this..."

I timidly whispered, "It's okay, I like this. It feels good..."

It was happening so close to my face, I was watching the very tip of his thick cock pressing against my hard tight nipples. It just looked so beautiful, I was totally riveted by what I was seeing. It felt insanely sensitive.

He spent a long time rubbing me like that. I can't even try to describe how electrifying this was for me.

I whispered, "Thank you Tim..."

I was shocked at how glorious it felt. I was absolutely swept away, it was just so emotional for me. I was trying to stay completely still for my b*****r and this added to the amazing beauty of what was happening.

"Tim, what you are doing, this is beautiful..."

My face was so close to what was happening. I was watching everything so intently, my soft breasts and his big hard cock, I could feel that my eyes were wide with amazement.

The way he was straddling me his knees were on both sides pinning my arms close against my side. I still had my hands between my legs and I was still rubbing myself. He was moving so slow and gentle, he pushed his penis up toward my neck, and then gently eased it back along my soft smooth breasts. It felt so wonderful. My b*****r's penis felt so hard - and my skin felt so sensitive. The sensations were was absolutely magical.

I watched intently and I was literally hypnotized by what I was seeing just inches from my chin.

He panted, "I love you - I love you..."

Somehow, I mean, my breasts aren't too big, and I have a sort of tiny body - but Tim's cock just seemed unimaginably huge as he guided it across the milky pale skin of my breasts. It was so obvious that he loved what he was doing, and he started to pump it back and fourth right between my breasts. It was so heartwarming to see Tim being so desperate, and it felt so good to let him do exactly what he wanted.

What he was doing felt so good, I mean, his erection was just so close to my face - it was incredible. We were looking right at each other, and the intensity in his face was glorious.

Oh my god, Tim was so turned-on, it was like he was possessed. The sensations were overwhelming and intense.

I gasped out, "Tim, this feels SO amazing - thank you..."

Tim said, "I want you to see..."

He reached behind me, and propped up my head and moved another pillow behind me. Now, I was sitting even more upright looking down at what he was doing.

Now I could see myself perfectly, my own breasts, and his hard cock. I eased my arms out from under his legs and I gently put my hands - as gentle as I could on my own breasts - and Tim instantly quavered. And I pressed them together, and cradled my b*****r's hard penis in between.

He began to move - slow and gentle - and he pushed his beautiful penis up toward my neck, and then gently pulled it back between my smooth little breasts. And it would glide forward, over and over.

My breasts were so sensitive, I mean, his rock hard cock was squeezed between them, pushed in the middle, pointing up - and the response was SO intense. It felt so wonderful.

"Oh my god," gasped Tim.

It was happening so close to my face, I was watching him pumping between my little boobs. It just went on and on and on, I was totally riveted by what I was seeing.

I was shocked at how glorious it felt. My eyes were so close to what was happening. I was absolutely swept away, it was just so beautiful. I was trying to stay completely still, and this added to the amazing beauty of what was happening.

My b*****r was gliding it back and forth in a slow desperate rhythm. Each time it got closer and closer to my chin. I watched intently and I was literally hypnotized by what I was seeing just inches from my chin.

The beauty and emotional intensity was beyond words. I was astonished at how much I loved what I was feeling. I looked up at my b*****r's face, and he seemed lost in some magical place, like he was living out a dream.

Then my b*****r cautiously inched his hips forward, towards my face. I watched as his beautiful erection got closer and closer.

Then I watched as my b*****r moved up even further towards my face, and I was looking up at the underside of his beautiful hard penis - it was looming above my mouth. It looked wet and exquisite.

And then Tim moved himself forward and before I knew what was happening, he was gently caressing my neck and chin with the head of his erection.

He whispered, "Oh s*s - oh s*s..."

I stayed still and let my beautiful b*****r do what he needed to do. Tim moved his hips so the beautiful head of his erection slid along my cheek, and then up to my ear. Then ever so delicately, he moved so he was caressing my forehead and eyelashes. I was overwhelmed with emotion, it felt so absolutely loving and tender.

Then he carefully moved it down along my nose, and across my lips. I responded in an involuntary way, I opened my mouth and let the tip my tongue touch the head of my b*****r's erection.

Before I knew what was happening, my b*****r had moved away from me. He was breathing hard, and he seemed sort of astonished. He said, "I can't believe we are really doing this."

"Oh Tim, I love it."

He spoke haltingly, "s*s, I wanna make you cum - cum really hard..."

Then I felt his hand reach behind him and he was running it across my tummy and hips.

"s*s, I'm gunna rub your asshole"

I kind of gasped and shivered when he said that.

He spoke eagerly, "Please, I really I want you to have multiple orgasms - just like Emma."

I just lay there, and I timidly whispered, "Okay."

Hearing me agree, he rolled off and along side me. He moved his left hand and he slid quickly it under my left leg. I could feel him slide his hand between my butt and the sheets.

Then he sort of gasped, "Oh my God, s*s?"

His voice scared me and I replied, "What is it?"

"The bed is all wet."

I was frozen with fear.

He asked, "What happened? Did you pee?"

I suddenly felt so embarrassed, and I stammered, "No. I'm sorry - I can't help it - I just - I get so wet.

Then he sort of sat up in amazement, and looked right at me, "Oh God - s*s, this is all from you, I mean - just from touching yourself?"

"I'm sorry - I can't help it..."

Then he ran his hand all over the sopping sheet and under my slippery wet bottom.

He suddenly had this haunted expression on his face, and he whispered, "Oh fuck s*s, the bed is REALLY wet."

I was so scared and I nervously stammered, "I - I - can't help it..."

"It's okay s*s, don't feel bad."

My head was spinning in a desperate attempt to make sense of a flood of emotions. I felt like I was going crazy.

Suddenly, my b*****r moved down along the bed, he was on his knees right between my legs. He was looking directly at my freshly shaved vagina.

He said, "Oh fuck - s*s - You're so beautiful..."

I could feel his fingers slide in between my slippery wet ass cheeks and then I felt him make contact with my anus.

Feeling him touch me there, I spontaneously gasped, "Tim, I love you."

This moment was absolutely magical, it just felt so powerful, so tender, and so beautiful. Timmy was focused on my tiny wet anus, he was rubbing slowly in tiny circles.

He pleaded, "s*s, I want you to cum. What can I do?"

I replied with a submissive whisper, "Please, you can do anything you want to me."

He didn't say anything, but I could see that his eyes were scanning my naked body. I was amazed at how wonderful it felt.

I felt his fingertip rubbing against my anus, and I repeated, "Timmy, you can do anything you want. Anything."

As soon as my b*****r heard me say that, he started to squirm in even close to me, pressing his erection hard against my pussy.

He encouraged me, "Rub yourself - just like you've been ding under the blanket."

I did what he asked, I eagerly rubbed my clit as he watched. Tim was staring directly at my sopping wet pussy. Tim took both his hands and held my legs under each knee, and he pushed them up towards my shoulders.

This pose felt so bold. He was firmly holding my legs open wide and it allowed him to see me. I desperately wanted Tim to look at me. I arched my butt and pushed my hips a little bit upwards so he could get a better look between my legs.

It felt amazingly thrilling, and I whispered, "I feel SO pretty..."

In a serious tone he said, "s*s, please, I want you to cum."

I couldn't respond, all I could do was try to spread my legs a little wider.

Then, he looked at me and whispered, "Oh s*s, I love you..."

Before I knew what was happening, Tim was pressing his erection firmly against vagina. Oh my God, I was thunderstruck by the sensation. I stopped rubbing myself and I reached down and touched the head of his hard dick with my wet fingertips. He was breathing deeply, his chest rising and falling. Seeing my b*****r acting so hungry made me feel entranced, like the whole world was telling me yes.

I sat up a little bit, I needed to see. Tim knew I was watching him, and I was shaking with excitement. Then, I watched as he pushed his erection firmly against my slippery vaginal lips.

I blurted out, "Tim - Oh God - Fuck me - Please!"
And he pressed a little harder.

I pulled my knees closer to my shoulders. I spread my legs even wider, hoping maybe it would help. My b*****r arched his hips and pushed harder, the sensation was smooth and beautiful. I could feel the big head slowly enter me, and it felt different than I imagined, it felt so much more slippery and smooth.

Tim was cautious and tender, helping me as he cautiously inched his erection into me. The sensations were so loving and wet - it was completely overpowering.

Oh God - It was happening - it was really happening. I could feel my b*****r's beautiful hard erection slide its way up inside me - further and deeper. I was in such a dream state, the staggering feelings - the love between us - was something mind-blowing in a way I had never felt before.

My beautiful b*****r was fucking me.

He whispered, "Oh s*s - Yes - Yes..."

He continued to slide it in even deeper, I felt him filling me, I tried to stay still until he was all the way inside me, the entire length of his huge erection. It felt like I could grip his hard penis, like I could squeeze it.

I whimpered, "Oh fuck - Tim - this feels - SO good!"

Then, he gentility moved his hips against me, and it felt so delicious. I melted, I was transfixed by what I was feeling down between my legs. Tim's erection felt absolutely enormous inside me.

Except for our breathing, both of us were silent, we were riveted by what was happening. Everything felt so smooth and dripping, and I could tell I was incredibly wet. My fingertips were still rubbing against my clit.

Then I felt my b*****r ease away from me, and I felt his erection gently slide back out me, my b*****r was moving slow and smooth. And then he tenderly slid in back in again.

I couldn't believe the ecstasy I was feeling. I stayed still as he slid it out again, I reached down and wrapped my hand around his hard shaft, it felt oily and slippery, it slid smoothly in my hand as he pushed it back in.

In the softest voice he whispered, "Oh s*s, this is beautiful..."

He was slowly gaining speed with each rhythmic thrust. There was something so amazing about what we were doing. I love the feeling my b*****r fucking me, it felt electric.

My gaze was fixed intently on his beautiful face. I could feel the big shape as it would glide in and out of me, over and over, everything felt so much wetter than I could have ever imagined. It felt velvety and slippery, and my sopping vagina just seemed to swallow his long shaft with each pumping motion. Oh God, it was heavenly.

I whispered, "This feels - so beautiful."

He was gaining speed with each push. The way I was lying, and looking at my b*****r, I could watch as my breasts would bounce with each thrust from my b*****r's hips. I could see he was looking at my breasts, and it made it feel even more exhilarating. I was breathing with short little gasps, and the only noise that filled the room was my panting.

My little nipples where SO hard, and it seemed like Tim was getting hypnotized as he watched them jiggle. I was amazed at how emotional it felt. All I could think of was how emotional he sounded when he said he had watched my boobs jiggle tonight.

Then he softly gasped, "Oh Fuck - s*s..."

Oh God - I loved hearing him call me s*s, I loved it SO much. Hearing him say that, made my heart began pounding even harder. There was a pleading in his voice, it was so sincere.

I responded by gasping, "Tim - you're fucking me - I love it - I love that you're fucking me!"

I was losing myself, what we were doing together felt so beautiful.

I watched - I looked down at myself, and I watched my breasts move as my b*****r pumped even harder. The sensations unleashed emotions that pushed me even farther, and I knew I was steadily approaching an orgasm.

I was gasping in a quickening rhythm that matched my b*****r's pumping hips. I started panting, "I love you - Tim - Please - Fuck me - Fuck me - Please - Fuck me..."

He responded by almost grunting, "Oh God s*s - I love you - I - love - you."

Hearing him say that was unimaginably thrilling, and we continued fucking in a powerful beautiful rhythm. Everything felt so oily and slippery, I was so wet that it was gliding effortlessly. My b*****r began to increase the rhythm, the long shaft would glide in and out, over and over, faster and faster. My vagina just seemed to swallow him with each pumping motion.

My b*****r lifted my ass up a little bit off the wet sheets, and he eagerly reached under my leg and pressed his finger hard agains my anus.

I gasped, "Yes - Yes!'

My asshole felt so beautiful and wet, the pressure from his finger made me even more excited, to the point where I felt insane with lust.

Oh God - his thick cock was sliding so far up inside me - faster and faster - further and deeper. His finger against my bum hole. Everything felt so smooth and dripping. The squishy sound of my own wetness was so sexual, and Tim continued to pick up speed.

I lay submissive on the bed as my b*****r fucked me. I put my arms out to the side so my b*****r could look at me, and my shaking breasts.

He began to pant, "s*s Baby - oh God - I wanna cum on your tits..."

Right as he said that, my b*****r f***efully pumped his hips against me, and it felt like he was pushing himself even deeper. I was whimpering with excitement!

His motions were so passionate as he pumped harder, my sopping pussy swallowing his erection over and over and over. I could feel his finger against my asshole getting wetter.

My emotions were spiraling out of control, the room felt incredibly hot. I stretched my arms further out to the side - I loved knowing Tim was looking at me - at my shaking breasts.

I whimpered, "Oh God - Tim - I'm - I'm gunna cum..."

I felt wet tears running down my face, my whole body was quivering; I could feel my hips start shuddering.

He was encouraging me, he begged, "Please s*s - please..."

Then I felt his wet finger slide up into my anus. I experienced a jolt of sexual electricity like I had never ever felt. Oh fuck - I loved the feeling of his cock inside me. I loved his finger in my ass! I love his eyes on my shaking boobs.

I was lost in passion. His erection was slamming in and out with such power. His finger was up inside my tight little asshole.

He begged me, "C'mon s*s - cum for me baby..."

That might seem perverted or something, but his voice sounded so eager and loving. The f***e and the passion of his pumping into me was glorious, I could feel my breasts bouncing up and down with each thrust of his hips. I could see he was entirely focused on me, on my boobs, on fucking me.

Then I felt his wet finger sliding in and out of my slippery anus, he was moving it at the same loving rhythm of his pumping hips.

He pleaded, "Please let me cum on your tits, please let me..."

I know this was a dream of his, hearing him talk so passionately about Emma, it sounded so heavenly. Just the though of him living out his desires pushed me even closer to the abyss.

This throbbing intensity continued for a little while longer, each second things got more and more frenzied. I was trying to make my boobs shake, imagining him watching me in the mirror.

He panted out a needy, "I love you s*s - I - love - you..."

Right then I absolutely exploded, I was shivering, an orgasm was ripping though me.

I cried out, "Oh God - Tim!"

It felt like the whole would just dropped out from under me. I was shaking uncontrollably. His finger in my asshole felt like euphoria. I never knew I could feel anything so powerful!

My b*****r's eyes were entirely focused on my shuddering breasts - he was pumping so hard that they were bounding with each f***eful thrust - and I was literally convulsing on the bed - my naked chest was trembling with ecstasy. I was cumming - so hard - so intensely. Oh God, it just went on and on and on.

I was insane with eagerness, and I wriggled on the bed as my b*****r stared wide-eyed at my jiggling little breasts. It was incredible how long it lasted.

All during that convulsing spiral of ecstasy, I was simply swallowed up in devotion - in an explosive love for my b*****r. He was fucking me hard and everything in the world was screaming with lust.

Then I realized that my b*****r's erection was out of me, and his finger too. I lay there shivering as he watched me in the final spasms of my orgasm. There was a moment when we just stared into each others eyes, the feeling of love between us was overpowering.

After I stopped my quivering, he eagerly climbed up on top of me, straddling my torso. He was up on his knees, and I was looking up at him, at his bewildering erection, and it looked SO HARD, like it was somehow straining for relief. And it was dripping wet - from me.

I was so turned-on at that moment, All I wanted was for Tim to feel what I had just felt. I wanted - I desperately NEEDED him to cum too.

"This is beautiful..." I gasped.

Tim was up on his knees, and he was feverishly panting, "I love you - I love you..."

I was on my back, melting into the bed, and my b*****r's erection just seemed unimaginably huge. It was so close to my face - and his dick was soaking wet - from me!

Oh God - I wanted to see him cum.

Then, my b*****r eagerly inched his hips forward, towards my chin. I watched as his beautiful erection got closer and closer. I was looking up at the underside of his beautiful sopping cock - it was looming above my mouth. It looked wet and exquisite.

I eagerly leaned up and wrapped my lips around the big wet head of my b*****r's erection.

He instantly gasped, "Oh God - s*s!"

The feeling was so delicious - I was tasting my own wetness - I was shocked at how wonderfully smooth the big hard head felt against my wet tongue. It felt slippery and firm in a way that seemed magical.

Without hesitation, I started sucking the head of my beautiful b*****r's throbbing penis. Everything was happening with such a haunted intensity. The sensations were mind-blowing.

I didn't move, I simply held myself still as I sucked. I loved what I was feeling. My wet tongue was lovingly wrapped around the throbbing head. I knew he would cum any second.

I looked up and watched my b*****r as he watched me, as I sucked the head of his dick. I was mesmerized by the image of my beautiful b*****r getting so lost and excited.

Tim was leaning over me, on his knees, and he gently held my head in his hands, he was tender and loving. And somehow, the feeling of my b*****r being so sympathetic made everything SO much more intense. And I sucked harder and faster. And I looked up as he started whimpering. Everything was multiplying.

He whimpered, "Oh God - Oh FUCK - s*s - I love you..."

It was so obvious that he was losing himself, he looked down at me with such devotion. More than anything in the world, I wanted him to feel the joy i was feeling.

He began to whimper, "I love you - I love you - I love you..."

I was sucking hard and I was amazed at how emotional it felt, the feeling of his pulsating erection in my mouth just felt so beautiful.

Everything was building, I felt my b*****r started to shiver with passion, I sucked faster, and louder. The noise was sloppy and wet, and I felt so connected from the glorious sensations.

He gasped, "Oh Fuck!"

And then - Oh God - I could feel his penis throbbing with a dynamic f***efulness - it was pumping, and I could feel him cumming. My mouth was suddenly filling with something warm and thick - Oh God - it was beautiful.

Suddenly, the wet purple head of his penis out of my mouth, and he was still shuddering from his orgasm, he was squirting a stream of pale milky cum out onto my chin, he sat up taller on his knees and I could watch it pumping out onto my pale breasts.

I gasped, "Oh God - yes - YES!"

I was astonished at what I was seeing - I watched as he climaxed - he convulsed above me, and his glossy erection was moving with each strong spurt - and then my smooth breasts were wet with come - it was pumping out and everything became slippery and warm. And it got all over my chin and neck too.

He was breathing hard as the squirting subsided. I was so in love with what we had just done together.

Then he pressed his big beautiful penis against my breasts, and now it was gliding - back and forth across my nipples in a glossy puddle of thick milky cum. This was what he wanted to do so badly to Emma, I was watching him as he was finally experiencing his wonderful dream.

Oh my God - I felt SO beautiful!

Tim's eyes were electric and wide. He was utterly transfixed by the site of my chest all wet and warm. His thick heavy erection smearing his cum all over each of my nipples.

He lovingly pleaded to me, "s*s, I love you - I love you so much..."

I whispered, "I love you too..."

He was smiling, this haunting and beautiful smile, he was focused on the warm wet puddle on my chest. The powerful smell of my b*****r's cum filled my bedroom.

I was breathing hard and deep. And it took both of us a little while to calm down.

Little by little, my beautiful b*****r just seemed to melt into me. We peacefully joined together in tight and loving embrace. When we hugged, the wetness of my chest was pressed against him. The smell of his cum was thick and it made me feel so exhilarated.

He softly spoke, "That was - that was beautiful."

I replied, "Yes - Oh God - yes..."

He whispered, "s*s - You are so beautiful."

"You make me so happy."

Then Tim just squeezed me tight, I eagerly wrapped my legs around him just to get him closer.

We both seemed to relax, and Tim leaned down, and gently kissed my sopping nipples, wet with his cum. They were so hard, and so pretty. And then he kissed my neck, and then my chin. I felt beautiful.

And then, Tim leaned in and carefully kissed me on my mouth, he was delicate and kind, and the feeling of his warm salty lips made my heart soar. My lips were wet with his cum, and the joy that I felt is hard to describe.

I felt a joy so perfect and enormous, that I thought my heart would burst from happiness.

After a few minutes, Tim curled up against me, like a little boy, with his cheek resting on my soft flat chest.

I whispered, "Go to sl**p my beautiful b*****r."

I lay there holding him, and he leaned over and pulled the blanket up off the floor and carefully covered both of us. It was warm and delicious.

He whispered softly, "Oh s*s, I just love you so much..."

As I drifted off to sl**p, all I could think about was that my b*****r would be home from college for the next two weeks.

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1 year ago
1 year ago
A fantastic story with a great lead up to the action and a beautiful way of telling it. Nice Work
1 year ago
Great story.
1 year ago
Has to be one of the best and sexiest stories I have read on here.
Great story thanks - hope I can read some more of yours.
1 year ago
god I loved it please do part 2
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a little long-but good !
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1 year ago
true, it was long but worth it..
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a little long............. but wow very erotic
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sure look in the mirror alot