Laura, Her s****r, and Friends

I have been dating Laura for a year now, and things have been going great. At 25, she's a full 15 years younger than me, but we get along fine.

We usually have sex at my apartment, since even though she's a buyer for a major NYC firm, she still lives at home with her mom and younger s****r Michele. This weekend though, with her mom out of town, I was going to spend the night at her house for the first time, which meant, aside from the fact that I was going to spend the weekend banging my gorgeous girlfriend, also meant I would get a chance to watch Michele bounce around the house in next to nothing all weekend in that oblivious teenage way of hers. I love Laura, but I'm only human ...and a guy besides.

When I showed up on Friday night, Michele answered the door in short shorts and a sports bra. All tanned arms and legs and her ponytail flying around. My cock flexed instinctively as she bounced up on her toes and kissed me hello before yelling for Laura and disappearing into the kitchen. Laura called from her room to come upstairs so I watched Michele's little bubble butt depart with a sigh and then headed up.

Laura greeted me at the door to her room wearing just bra and panties and enveloped me into a hug and kiss that had my cock straining against my jeans in moments. Laura is a classic Italian beauty, dark eyes and hair, perfect tits and a breathtaking ass that I wasted no time in getting my hands all over.

"What's in the bag?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Toys." I grinned. I had planned some firsts for our night tonight and proceeded to put the plan in motion by pushing her back down on the bed, sliding her panties off, and burying my face in her pussy till she was begging for my cock. I then reached into my bag of tricks and pulled out some handcuffs, which got me the arched eyebrow again, but before she could ask the question, I quickly flipped her over and cuffed her hands behind her back.

She squealed, but dared not yell because her s****r was still downstairs so she settled for harsh whispered threats if I didn't let her go. She looked so damn hot lying face down with her hands cuffed that in response I straddled her with my hard fat dick resting between her perfect ass cheeks.

I pulled her head back towards me by her hair and told her into her ear that if she misbehaved, she was going to get a spanking. She struggled a bit, which only got my cock even harder, and then I grabbed my belt from the foot of the bed and gave her a quick slap with it. That shocked and quieted her down a little. I then shocked her again by looping it around her neck and using it as a collar. I shifted position a little bit to give myself access to her wet pussy from behind.

Laura gasped as I slid it in, figuring the surprises were over for now, but I was just getting warmed up. I slipped another toy out of my bag, a small dildo that I slowly touched to my girlfriend's virgin asshole. She jumped in surprise when it touched and started protesting, but a yank on the belt and a full thrust of my cock in her pussy halted her squirming and got her moaning a little. After a few minutes of working the dildo into her ass, I felt like I was ready to try the real thing.

As I was pulling out to get my cock in position I saw movement out of the corner of my eye over in the closet that Laura and Michele shared between their rooms. I stared into the dark gloom of the closet and finally figured out that Michele was there watching us! Holy crap! I was unsure how to proceed, but saw no way other than forwards, so I pulled out of Laura's pussy and re positioned myself at the entrance to her virgin ass, all the time staring right at Michele who actually took a step forward allowing me to see her, and also to see that she was topless and had her hand inside her panties furiously rubbing herself to orgasm. My eyes met hers and she smiled at me. Crazy. Laura was wiggling underneath me, her face buried in the pillow, wanting me to get on with it. I stroked my cock between her ass cheeks while still staring straight at Michele.

"You like that big dick?" I asked...

"Yes!" said Laura. Michele nodded

"You want it inside you?" I asked again.

"Ooh yes, yes YES!" said Laura and Michele nodded again, her mouth open and her skin getting flushed as she worked herself to orgasm. I started slowly sliding my dick into Laura's wonderfully tight ass, looked directly into Michele's eyes

"I am going to fuck you so hard." I said.

Laura moaned while Michele just smiled....I was fucking Laura hard now, pounding that tight ass.

I couldn't focus on Michele anymore, just on pounding my sweet girlfriend's virgin hole. After just a few minutes I couldn't take it anymore, I pulled out and shot a huge load all over Laura's back. I took one last look at Michele and she blew me a kiss and disappeared. Later, as Laura and I lay together cuddling she told me

"Tomorrow I have to go shopping and to lunch with Cindy, remember" I had forgotten that. That meant me and Michele home alone(!) Before that thought could fully form, Laura looked at me seriously, and asked

"John, could you ever settle down with one girl?" WOA! I was not ready for that one. I loved her though, and wanted to be honest, so I said

"I'm not sure, I love you, you're the best girlfriend I ever had, but I mean, I'm a guy and...." I trailed off. Laura nodded.

"I understand." she said but she was clearly upset.

"Look" I said, " I love you, it's just sometimes I just have an urge to bang someone means nothing to me, it's just...." I saw her face now, and it had that scheming I Love Lucy look that meant trouble of some sort, but all she said was

"I love you too, and I want you to be happy, and I want to be the one that makes you happy." and then, incredibly, added

"What do you think of Cindy? Do you think she's hot?" Again, I was stopped in my tracks as Laura's friend Cindy is beyond hot, she looks like Buffy the vampire slayer or something, blond, leggy, perfect. She's haunted my dreams since the day I met her.

"Ummm...she's ok" I stammered. Laura laughed at me

"Yeah, rrrright," she said. " that was all I needed to know " and then she kissed me and rolled over to sl**p, leaving me one very confused and still horny fellow. I took a long time going to fall asl**p, thinking about what awaited me tomorrow morning.

I woke up in Laura's bed with a raging hard on. I was alone in the bed, which sucked, Laura was finishing blow drying her hair. She was already dressed, which was a bummer, even though she looked adorable as hell. When she moved over to kiss me, I smirked a little as I noticed how awkwardly she was walking. She caught the look, and said

"Yes, thanks, Mr. Horse Dick, I'll be afraid to sit down all day ...she kissed me deeply, I tried to pull her into the bed with me, but she pulled away after giving old Jack Johnson a quick tug.

"I'll be home later....and maybe not ALONE" she said with a wink and was gone.

WTF?? I thought. I didn't even want to go there because it was too crazy, I wasn't normally this lucky. I heard Laura's car leave...and was on to my next riddle...what the hell was I going to, if anything, about Michele? I mean, was she fucking with me, or did I really have a shot at that? Should I? I mean, I have this amazing girlfriend why risk it?

The thought started to dawn on me, I was now alone in the house with the girl who jerked off watched me fuck her s****r last night. I thought about that amazing little teenage body and started stroking myself. A knock on the door made me jump up with a start

"John?" Michele asked from behind the door.

"I'm making coffee, want some?"

Ok, John, that's an easy one, you can handle that one

"Y-Y-Yes" I said, my voice quavering like a 13 year old. Damn it. Michele said nothing, just went downstairs to presumably, make said coffee. Should I have asked her to come in? Right John, naked as a jaybird with hard on, tell her to come in...Jesus, I have to calm down....ok, go down and have some coffee. You can handle that champ, right? My boxers and pajamas were not going to do much to disguise this hard on, so I grabbed the bathrobe that Laura had bought me for the weekend (pang of guilt) and headed downstairs.

I had myself almost normal when I entered the kitchen and saw that Michele was wearing a t shirt and not much else. She had showered already and had her hair in a ponytail and smelled like soap and youth and bubblegum, making my dick start to rise again. She looked at me and I stared at her.

"Good morning" she said handing me a cup of coffee. I continued to stare, trying to think of something non idiotic to say figuring, "Hey, that was a great performance last night" was out of the question. At least until she said it first. The moment dragged out a bit till I finally attempted a lame comment about the coffee. Meaning to say, wow, that smells good...except of course, being distracted, I said

"Wow, YOU smell good" which aside from being true, was probably dumb. She gave me that arched eyebrow that clearly runs in the f****y and said

"Thanks?" and smiled. She went to get the sugar down from the shelf as I tried to concentrate on the coffee. Unfortunately the sugar being on the top shelf f***ed her to stretch up and reach for it, which pulled her T shirt up over her hips and exposed her perfect teenaged panty clad behind. Jesus, my cock was rock hard again, and it appeared to be looking to stay that way.

Michele made another two weak attempts to get down the sugar (which I suspected she could in fact reach if she was really trying to) then turned and asked me if could get the sugar down in a little girl voice that made me feel like the dirty old man that I clearly am.

"S-S-Sure." squeaked the thirteen year old boy who had apparently taken over my vocal chords. I moved over to her, hoping the robe was hiding my hard on. Michele made no movement to actually get out of the way so I had to reach over her to get the sugar. Three steps from decision time, as if I reached over her from behind, there was no way she wasn't going to notice Dicky Johnson standing at attention....

Step one! Dude, this is your girlfriend's s****r!

Step Two! She HAS to be doing this on purpose, right? Right?

Step Three! The moment of truth. A vision of last night, of Michele masturbating while watching me made my decision for me. I stepped close in behind her, and reached over her to grab the sugar. I tried to keep my dick from grinding on her, but she pushed her ass back onto me and suddenly I found my rock hard cock pressing against her panties from behind. She leaned further back into me, resting her head on my shoulder and exposing her neck as she started to slowly grind her ass on my dick.

"Holy shit "I whispered, and she laughed. I went to kiss her neck, but she spun around quick as a cat and kissed me passionately on the mouth, he hands opened my robe and she pulled me into an embrace. My hands found her ass and pulled her tight to me. I tried to get her panties off as we made out, but again she moved like lightning and dropped out of my grasp and down to her knees.

Before I could react or say anything, she had my cock in her mouth, feverishly working the shaft up and down with her soft lips. I bit down hard on my lip to keep from blowing my load and put both hands on her head and started to get a rhythm going, fucking her face a little deeper with each stroke. "Oh God Michele that's so good" I breathed She pulled off my dick with a pop and smiled up at me.

"Thanks!" She said, like I had bought her a lollipop or something. She stood up slowly, and keeping a firm grip on my dick, led me into the living room and threw me down on the couch on my back. She stripped off her shirt and panties in a flash, revealing a tiny little pussy which she proceeded to plant right on my dick. She straddled me and slowly eased herself down on it gasping at the size, which she was clearly not used to, but finally getting herself all the way down on it.

I grabbed that wonderful ass with both hands and started to bounce her up and down on my shaft, her ponytail flipping around and her little firm titties bouncing. I felt that familiar sensation and asked her if it was ok to come inside her to my dismay, she jumped off of me and said

"Yes and No." I was puzzled till she leaned over and whispered into my ear

"I want you to fuck me like you did my s****r." and when that only got her a blank look, she pulled me up from the couch and said

"I want you to fuck me up the ass, stupid!" she turned around, took her hair out the ponytail she normally wears, shook out her raven colored hair, bent over forward and shook her teenage ass at me, asking:

"Come on, don't you want to fuck my little ass?"

"Yes I really do." I said " Grab some baby oil though, or I'll end up killing you." She bounced up and ran upstairs and was back in a flash" Lube me up " I ordered her and she complied eagerly, stroking my dick with the baby oil till it was glistening, her face scrunched up adorably in concentration. Then she lied face down on the couch and closed her eyes, shook her ass a little and said

"Ok, now do me!" all my hesitations were out the window. Her little bubble butt seemed to appear from nowhere at the top of her skinny tanned legs. Laura or no Laura, there was nothing on earth that was going to keep me from pounding this perfect ass.

I squatted over Michele my hard cock touched her asshole and I just rested it there for a second as I asked her.

"Are you sure about this?" Her only answer was to push her ass back onto my dick impaling herself slowly. I rocked forward, pushing in another inch or so, so tight, incredible! I got another couple inches in slowly and then Michele pulled away, thinking to tease me, I guess. Wrong move. The feeling of my cock falling out of her ass prompted me to jam it back in harder, deeper than ever.

Two quick thrusts and I had beaten past her defenses and was halfway in. I was so turned on that instead of taking it slow the rest of the way, I grabbed her silky black hair in my fist, yanked back and pounded my cock balls deep in her ass in one strong thrust. She made a noise that was half moan, half yelp but I barely noticed as I was too busy pounding away, fucking her ass so hard I was literally bouncing us both up off the couch.

I let go of her hair and grabbed a hold of her tits and thumbed her nipples as I quickened the pace. Michele was spouting a constant stream of obscenities as I hammered away. I felt the urge in my balls and pulled out at the last second and blew huge load all over her ass and back and then collapsed in a heap on top of her. We lay there for a few minutes panting as the realization of what I had done started sinking in. Michele cuddled up next to me, kissing me over and over and telling me what a stud I was, which under the circumstances, I sort of had to agree. The realization that I had all day to continue enjoying this amazing young creature dawned on me as well. I let out a long contented sigh. That's when we heard the knock at the door. We both jumped up, and Michele looked out the window before saying,

"Oh, crap, I forgot, cheerleading practice today." Wait, What? Cheerleaders? That got my attention. I joined her at the window and peeked out. At the front door, were two teenagers in cheerleading uniforms, both adorable little things as well, I might add.

"I'll get rid of them" said Michele

"Really?" I asked, and the disappointment in my voice made her laugh.

"Wow, you are a horny bastard, aren't you?" I smiled sheepishly in reply. Michele grabbed my half hard cock and gave it an affectionate squeeze.

"Should we invite them in?" she whispered in my ear. Not wanting the 13 year old in my vocal chords to respond, I merely nodded.

She put her panties and shirt back on, kissed me hard, quickly, said "Be right back" and went to get the door.

While Michele went to get the door, I decided it might be best if I put some clothes on so as not to frighten our two guests to death right off the bat. I popped upstairs, tossed on some boxers, lounge pants and a t shirt and headed back down, where Michele was explaining to the two young ladies that she was blowing off cheerleading practice today. The girls were both looking at me suspiciously, so she introduced me as Laura's boyfriend, which seemed to satisfy the younger girl, an adorable little cutie named Elise. She was so shy and quiet as she said her name I had to ask twice. Her light brown hair was straight and shoulder length, and she used to it to hide her face behind most of the time.

The other girl, Meghan, a really cute blonde with long hair and extremely bouncy breasts, was taller and much more self assured. She took in the room quickly, eyed the bottle of baby oil, and gave Michele a look like she knew there was more going on here. She was very flirty and seductive with me when she introduced herself, which got her a look from Michele, and got me the arched eyebrow again.

"Hey!" Michele said."Why don't you guys forget practice and hang out? My mom's gone till Monday, we can makes some drinks and chill here all afternoon." Meghan was into the idea, Elise looked hesitant, but went along with everyone, which I guessed was her way more often than not...excellent. Michele said she would go make the drinks, and asked me to help. We went into the kitchen area, leaving the girls in the living room for a moment. When we had turned the corner into the kitchen, Michele pulled me in for a deep kiss, then reached into my pants, grabbed my dick and stroked it a few times.

"Disappointed we're not alone, lover?" she asked me

"Well yeah, sort of." I said

"Don't worry, I'll make it up to you." she said confidently" Let's make these drinks really strong! " we mixed up a batch of kamikaze's that were like 5 parts vodka and one part green stuff, added enough sugar and ice so that it would go down smooth and headed back to join the girls. Meghan was playing with the stereo, while Elise sat cross legged on the rug, and being an oblivious teenager, her legs were open, giving me a great view of her inner thighs and panties. She looked adorable, like a little doll.

Michele poured drinks, and insisted we all chug the first one, which we all did. It tasted great, and watching the girls down theirs, I was pretty confident it would affect them a little more than me, and my mind was already wandering down devilish paths. The next one went down pretty easily too, it was a hot day and the drinks were actually very delicious. Halfway through the third round Meghan got up and started dancing to a song on the radio, which was a treat considering I was still on the floor getting a great view, and Meghan's dance style could best be described as stripper-esque. I got a dozen great panty shots and would have had to decline any invitation to stand up at the moment, a condition made worse when Michele sat down close to me and rested her hand on my thigh. She clearly wanted to be all over me, but wasn't sure how the girls would react after she had introduced me as her s****r's boyfriend.

We weren't fooling Meghan, though, she caught everything Michele did. She sat down suddenly, opposite Michele, right next to me and put HER hand on my other thigh, leaned in close to me and started asking me all about Laura, looking at Michele's face for reaction the whole time. Michele wouldn't give her any satisfaction though, telling Meghan that Laura and I were probably going to get married and crap like that, there was some sort of girl fight going on at some level that I hoped to profit off of soon.

Meanwhile, Elise, who had to be buzzed, the girl weighs like 80 pounds, was looking a little nervous about where things seemed to be going. I caught her eye and gave her my warmest smile, which she instantly returned, lighting up her face and making her truly beautiful. The girl was going to be a goddess when she grew up hell, right now she was making my cock squirm. That's when Michele had the idea. She blurted out of nowhere
"I know!" and ran out of the room, returning in a flash with the empty vodka bottle she placed it on the floor and made everyone sit in a small circle around it. I figured it out a split second before the girls did. Brilliant I thought, spin the bottle! Great move! When Michele told the girls her idea, Meghan was all for it, the little slut, Elise looked petrified, but went along, although she almost passed out when Michele made her spin first. She hesitated a long moment and then reached out and spun the bottle. Looking around, I have to say, I liked my odds in this game. And bingo! Right off the bat, the bottle ended up pointing right at me, sweet! Elise didn't move, so I guess I had to go to her. I leaned over and tilted my head. The poor girl was shaking like a leaf, so I gave her a gentle soft kiss, no tongue, but I did linger and bite her lip the tiniest bit. She seemed frozen, her eyes closed. She tasted so sweet, too, like cherry Chapstick.

Meghan and Michele, however booed lustily, razzing Elise and asking "You call that a kiss??? Ha!" The younger girl flushed pink under the criticism and shot Meghan a dark look.

"I thought it was great" I said, which earned me a sweet smile. Best of all, it was my turn to spin. Looking around me, I already felt like a winner. I gave the bottle a spin and it pointed straight at Michele. She wasted no time in leaping on me, putting me flat on my back and planting a ferocious kiss on me. I saw stars as she passionately worked her tongue and lips over mine. With her straddling me, I also became acutely aware that she was still wearing just panties and a t shirt. She got off me about 3 seconds before I lost it and fucked her right there on the rug. As it was, I had to sit sideways to hide my hard on.

"Now THATS a kiss!" she said to Elise who was sitting there in shock at the display. Even Meghan seemed impressed, and maybe a little horny. Michele then spun the bottle and it ended up pointing at Meghan, who laughed and said "ooh baby come here" to Michele, jokingly. Michele had a serious look on her face as she crawled on all fours over to Meghan and went to kiss her. Meghan puckered up, expecting I am sure, a little peck from her friend. Michele, however, surprised the hell out of us all by taking Meghan's head in both her hands and kissing her sensuously, softly at first, but then deeper and more urgently as a the shocked cheerleader allowed herself to be pushed down onto her back as Michele's tongue explored her mouth. My cock jumped when she actually put her hand out and cupped Meghan's breast!

Michele broke the kiss and sat back looking very satisfied while Meghan composed herself She wasn't the kind of girl to step back from a challenge though, and joked,

"Damn girl, where have you been all my life?" She realized it was her turn and spun the bottle, which awesomely ended up pointing right back at me again. I wasn't sure what to expect, but by now, the blonde cheerleader was super horny herself, and no matter whose boyfriend I was, she was going to get some. She leaned over and gave me a deep, long, French kiss, my hands finding her waist and drawing her closer.

u*********sly, I slid my hands down to her ass under her skirt. She either didn't notice or didn't care as she concentrated on kissing me. My eyes were closed, but I'm sure that Michele was giving me the eyebrow again.

Meghan reluctantly broke the kiss and we self consciously disentangled ourselves. At this point, hiding my hard on was waste of time, so I sat back on my knees and let it stand out. All three girls noticed...Meg and Michele looking on it hungrily, Elise nervous and scared, and best of all? My turn again!

Elise stared at me as I leaned forward and spun the bottle hard, it rotated several times before pointing straight at her. Before I could move, Meghan and Michele started mocking the younger girl, asking her if she was going to give me another kiss on the cheek, or shake my hand. Elise went from looking nervous to determined, her brow got all crinkly and as I slowly moved in for a gentle kiss, she grabbed me by the front of my t shirt and pulled me in close and kissed me hard, surprising me. Her lips were impossibly soft and sweet.

I recovered and matched her intensity, running my hand through her silky hair. She had done it as a way to shut up the other two girls, but once we were into it, her body reacted in a way that took her by surprise. She was kissing me urgently, her arms holding me tightly. She also had me so turned on it was insane. Risking the fact that she might freak out, I slowly extended my arm between her legs and up her skirt, oh so slowly till my hand found her inner thigh. When she didn't react, I went the rest of the way and gently placed the palm of my hand on her panties she moaned a little as my hand pressed against her soft mound. I gently started to rub her pussy as we kissed. Her hips started to move involuntarily as her body reacted on its own. I could feel her panties getting wet from the treatment her pussy was getting. My expert finger found the edge of her underwear, and moved it aside. Then, with one quick movement, I slipped a finger inside of her.

She gasped sharply, her eyes opening, breaking the kiss and staring into my eyes with and taking short breaths as I fingered her. Slowly, we became aware again of the other two in the room who were watching us intently. I am not sure what she was thinking but she didn't take her arms from around my neck. I slowly withdrew my finger from her now soaking wet pussy. There was a moment or two of awkward silence until Michele got up,walked over to a small desk in the corner of the room, came back with a pack of playing cards and said

"Ok, new game ... Elise, you want to let go of my s****r's boyfriend now?" Elise quickly dropped her arms from around my neck, embarrassed, but she did keep a hand in mine. What a cute k**. We got back into our circle, all of us a little shaky from our exploits so far. Meghan suggested we all down another drink, which I heartily seconded and we all pounded another double kamikaze while Michele shuffled the cards like a Vegas dealer. She had that exact same scheming look that Laura had on last night, but I was starting to trust her instincts, to say the least. I wasn't wrong as she explained that the new game we'd now be playing was .... strip poker!

"OOH! That's my girl" I thought. She shuffled the cards and dealt out a hand.

"Lowest hand loses an article of clothing, the highest hand gets to remove the article from the loser " hmmm...that rule has potential for sure, I thought to myself.

"Also, you two lose your shoes and socks now, that's weak." She continued. All right, now we are in business, I was sure. I looked at my hand and was pleased to see a pair of aces. I dropped 3 cards, Michele gave me back nothing. We all showed our hands, and my pair lost out to Elise's three jacks. Meghan was the low hand so she had to lose some clothing and the younger girl was the one who got to remove it.

She walked over to Meghan, relishing the feeling of having something, however small over the older girl. She walked over and said

"hands up!" When Meg raised her arms, Elise pulled her uniform top up and off leaving the cheerleader in just her skirt, panties and a pink bra that barely contained her amazing tits. It was incredible that a girl that skinny could carry around a rack like that but there they were. How cool was it, I though, that I could be just a few poker hands away from seeing them without the bra. Meghan noticed me staring at them and gave them a little jiggle for me while I grinned sheepishly. The girls were all still drinking pretty quickly, but I had stopped, I wanted my dick in peak condition for whatever developed.

The hands went quickly. Meghan lost her skirt to me exposing long legs and matching pink panties. Michele lost her t shirt to Elise who was surprised that Michele was wearing no bra underneath. She let her pert little titties hang out without embarrassment, her rock hard nipples a reminder to us all of how horny she was. She then won three hands in a row, making me start to suspect she was cheating, it would be just like her, but since it was working out in my favor, all good.

Michelle took Elise's shirt and skirt in successive hands, then I lost my first hand to her, and she triumphantly came over to remove my shirt. She did it slowly, both other girls watching intently and adding some whistles and catcalls. I am an old fool, but I keep myself in shape with a ton of weightlifting and kickboxing. Still I was hoping these luscious young things wouldn't be disappointed. They didn't look it, at least.

Michele dealt out the next hand and Meghan took Elise's bra, to her horror. She attempted to cover her small but adorable tits and turned red again. Amazing that a girl who just got finger fucked in front of her friends could still be this shy, but it was cute as hell that's for sure. Elise then won a hand from me and shyly came over and slid my lounge pants down and off. The girl had me so turned on that just her proximity to me sprang my cock to attention, which she certainly noticed. My boxers weren't doing a great job of keeping it contained.

I then rebounded and won a hand from Meghan and got to remove her bra. (With my teeth, to much laughter from the ladies) Once I had it off, I felt I had no choice but to bite one of Meg's nipples, which led to more laughter. A little too much, which told me that the girls were way tipsy. Things got a little more serious as we all realized we all had only one piece of clothing left. The girls were all pretty comfortable being topless at this point but nervous about the immediate future.

"Ok" Michele said, "This is it, one hand, winner take ALL. One winner, three losers." Now I knew she was cheating, but damn if I was going to ruin the fun. She won the hand with 4 aces (cheater!) and made a big show of licking her lips and cracking her knuckles before she started over to Meghan. She knelt between the beautiful cheerleader's legs and slowly, oh so slowly, slid her panties down her legs. We all watched silently as Meghan's little pussy came into view, perfectly shaved except for a little patch of blonde hair. Also a little wet which told me she was super turned on...hey join the club.

Michele then moved over to Elise but the younger girl was hemming and hawing. Michele would have none of it though, when Elise tried to fight her off, she rolled the smaller girl over onto her face, yanked the younger girls panties off and gave her a hard smack on that tiny little ass for defying her. The little cheerleader was pink with embarrassment all over trying to cover herself but finding it impossible. I could barely take my eyes off of Elise's tiny box...her youthful look made it so illicit I was super turned on. Michele turned to me.

"Ok big boy, your turn now." Both of the other girls watched intently as Michele crawled over and slowly lowered my boxers. When my giant hard on popped up there was a gasp from the ladies. Michele grabbed it by the base and squeezed it, and, to the amazement of all of us, quickly popped it in her mouth and deep throated me quickly,twice, then stopped and looked at me.

There was a full 30 seconds of awkward silence. I was afraid if I attacked Michele right now the other two would panic and leave, and I had no intention of letting anyone leave un-fucked this afternoon if I could help it. Michele saved the day as usual. She got up, went to the hall closet and came back with a box.

"Last game." she said, and revealed the game as TWISTER! Awesome! I was beginning to appreciate this girl more and more as the day went on. Michele went first,

"Since I'm the only one without my junk hanging out." she explained.

Right foot green no prob. Meghan next with a left foot blue that put her standing directly behind Michele back to back. Elise then spun, right foot red. She looked at me for a long second then quickly downed the rest of her drink, stood up without covering up and chose to occupy a position which left her a decent size interval from the other two girls.

Ok, my turn. Left foot green...hmm...the only way I could fit in there was to slide in between Meghan and Elise, facing the younger girl. She eyed my half hard cock nervously. Her diminutive size put her barely up to my chest. Meghan put her hands on my shoulders from behind to "steady herself "she said. Michele announced she'd be spinning for everyone to make it "easier", the little cheater.

She spun and announced her color, which led to her turning around and facing Meghan from behind. Even though I couldn't see them behind me, a gasp from Meghan told me Michele had wasted no time in taking advantage of her new position. She "spun" again for Meghan, who conveniently was f***ed to turn and face Michele. There was a long pause, and a soft sigh from Meghan and then Michele finally said

" Ummm Elise right hand red." Elise knew damn well that Michele hadn't spun anything, but complied, horrified to discover that kneeling as she was now, she was face to face with my dick, which had also noticed and was slowly but surely making the climb upwards literally right in front of the tiny cheerleaders eyes. She seemed transfixed, like a mouse watching a cobra.

Michele called out my new instructions.

"Right foot blue." oh boy. My move now was to take a step forward. I did slowly, my dick proudly leading the way. Elise tried to lean back as far as possible but still my now rock hard cock was left resting gently against her face. She met my eyes. I looked at her pleadingly for a second then slowly started to move my dick the tiniest bit against her face. She responded by moving her face up against the side of it and breathing heavily onto it.

I rested my hand softly on her hair, not to direct but merely to savor. She soon started placing kisses on my cock, hesitantly at first, then more seriously, licking it and kissing it all over. As a blowjob, technically, it wasn't great, but it was erotic as hell and I was fighting the urge to cum as blowing a giant surprise load over this angel's face would surely scar her for life.

I was barely aware of what was going on behind me, but apparently things had changed to where Michele was now standing with her legs spread and Meghan was kneeling in front of her. What a surprise. Her next instruction to me had me turn around completely and put my hand to the mat. As much as I hated to pull my dick away from Elise's hungry lips, I was a little curious as to the scene unfolding behind me.

When I completed my move, I found myself face to ass with Meghan's incredible teenage behind. I was inches away and I'm sure she could feel my hot breath on her pussy. Elise decided she had had enough I guess and settled herself on her back on the mat underneath me and started tonguing my cock and balls. I think that technically made her lose the game, but who cared at this point. Michele was no longer calling out anything. Whatever was going to happen had to happen now.

I took my hand off the mat, grabbed Meghan's hips from behind and literally buried my face in her ass, tonguing her like crazy. Her wet pussy, her asshole, just feasting like a condemned man. She gave out a muffled moan that let me know exactly what she was doing with her mouth as Elise was working my cock and saying

"Squirt it on me! Squirt it on me!" mmmmm...some other time baby.

I stood up, grabbed a firmer hold on Meghan's hips, judged the wetness of my cock and her pussy to be enough and slammed my dick home in one giant, emphatic thrust. Meg's head snapped back from her pussy eating and she let out one loud "Fuck!" before setting herself against me as I slammed her from behind. Elise was behind me now, kissing my shoulders and running her hands across my back. Michele looked at me over Meghan's shoulder and said

"Do it!" Do what? I thought, I'm doing it! I just looked at her stupidly as I continued to plow her friend from behind. She gave me a look.

"Fuck her up the ass!" she said. Any protest of Meghan's was muffled as Michele closed her legs around the pretty cheerleaders head. I looked down at Meg's wonderful behind in front of me, her little asshole almost hidden by the tightness of her ass cheeks, and decided to take Michele's advice. I slid out of her pussy with a pop and placed my glistening tool between those amazing buns. My dick was throbbing so bad it was vibrating so I didn't waste any time, pushing Meghan further down onto the floor and penetrating her most private spot slowly and steadily. She clenched her cheeks in fear, but Michele had a good hold on her and using my weight I soon f***ed past her resistance.

About halfway in her ass started grabbing at me instead of fighting me. A few more deep strokes and I was banging her fully, her breath coming in short rasps as Michele slid underneath her and starting licking her pussy.

My head was spinning as my senses were overloaded with the experience. I reached around and grabbed hold of the hot little blonde's perfect tits to steady myself as I drove my rod deep into her tight ass.

I no sooner realized that I had lost track of Elise when I felt her hot mouth on my balls from behind me. That was was a miracle I hadn't blown my load already...only the sex with Michele earlier had allowed me to last this long... when Elise's tongue hit my sack, I went off with a bang, pulling out and shooting my load...everywhere, I guess.

I fell back onto the twister mat as Elise and Michele licked me clean and Meghan collapsed into an exhausted heap on the rug. I lied there staring at the ceiling, enjoying the smell and feel of the girls on me, and wondering what was coming next?

Everyone was a little wiped from the morning activities so Michelle suggested we go out back to take a dip in the pool. The girls put their bras and panties back on, except for Michelle who went topless cause apparently, she just didn't give a fuck.

I was lying on the chaise lounge in my wet boxers watching Meghan pose on the diving board. Her dripping wet undies not doing much to conceal her curves. Michelle and Elise emerged from the water, giggling and talking.

"Come on, I'll show you" Michelle said, holding Elise's hand and walking her over to share the lounge chair with me. Without preamble, Michelle flipped her wet hair back and proceeded to suck my cock slowly but steadily in long, deep strokes, then offering my shaft to Elise and coaching her along. With such an excellent teacher, Elise's technique was improving rapidly.

I laid back and enjoyed the attention the two girls were giving my dick while watching the show Meghan was putting on for me.

Pretty soon all three of us ended up in a tangle in the Jacuzzi, intertwined like one giant Hindu god with extra arms legs and tits, but only one very lucky dick. Elise moved up and started kissing me like crazy, and I eventually started to shift her onto my lap. Her tiny body was almost weightless in the water. Just as I was about to swing her leg over and settle her onto my cock, Michelle whispered in my ear

"She's a virgin."

Crazy, I thought, but I couldn't stop now. I brought the little cheerleader's leg slowly across my body, leaving her straddling me, her tiny box rubbing gently against the base of my dick. Michelle and Meghan were taking turns kissing Elise and me, our lips, necks, ears, etc. Their hands roamed non-stop over both our bodies. I took a long deep breath to savor the moment, got a firm grip on Elise's teeny little bubble butt and started to slowly lower her onto my fat cock.

With the buoyancy of the water and Elise's tightness, gravity wasn't enough to f***e my 8 inches into her tiny box so I motioned for Michelle and Meghan to help and they took hold of her shoulders and brought her down slowly but surely onto my dick. Elise bit her lip and hugged me tight as she fought through that first bit of pain as I broke through her cherry, she kept biting her lip for different reasons as she got into a rhythm on top of me, working herself up to her first orgasm, Meghan and Michelle kissing her neck, rubbing and twisting her perky nipples as her breathing got heavier and her eyes got glazy.

With her hair wet and slicked back and her freckles showing on her face, she looked so much like a little k** that I felt like the world's biggest pervert defiling this innocent young thing, and it felt good. I adjusted my grip on her little ass, and slid a finger slowly up her asshole. She gasped in surprise and here eyes popped wide open, but I just quickened my pace and started really bouncing her up and down on my cock, but I felt I wasn't getting enough thrust going, so I collected Elise in my arms, brought her out of the water and laid her on her on her back on the chaise lounge, got her legs up over my shoulders and started pounding this little beauty like crazy. If Elise thought she was being fucked before, she was now experiencing a whole new level as this new position allowed me to get that last inch or two into her, my dick amazingly disappearing into this tiny body.

Elise started to moan, signaling all of us that she was ready to finish, Michelle's mouth on her nipple brought her over the line, and she grabbed onto me with everything she had, lips, arms, legs, so tight I could barely breathe, then she shuddered like a car with engine trouble, and came like crazy. I was right behind her, but I did remember to pull out at the last second, with Meghan talking me in her hand as my cock twitched and Michelle doing her one better by taking it in her mouth. I came so hard it hurt, with Meghan feeding my cock to Michelle, who swallowed every drop.

I collapsed on the lounge, Elise cuddling in next to me, quiet now, satiated and probably, in love with me forever now. Michelle noted the lateness in the afternoon and suggested we "hit the showers" which sounded good to me!

Now thoroughly wiped out, the girls and I staggered upstairs to the master bedroom, collapsed on the huge king sized bed and promptly passed out.

A couple hours later I awoke to find myself spooning Meghan with my rapidly hardening cock resting between those wonderful teenage buns. I started to do a slow grind in her crack, but she turned over quickly, saying

"No way, I'm sore as hell right now!" She slapped my hands away playfully and did some sort of cat stretch that had to be seen to be believed.

Michelle and Elise were up now, Elise quietly and smoothly into my arms as she clung tightly to me, Michelle of course going right for my dick as she knelt over me, stroking it slowly. I tried to slide her into position, but she twisted out of my grip, saying

"Not a chance, cowboy. I need like a week to recover." She gave my dick a long slow lick and added

"Someone still has a virgin butt!" she laughed, but the statement hung there for a moment as Elise froze stiff in my arms.

"Yeah, that's true." Said Meghan as she took my dick from Michele, continuing to stroke it slowly and allowing my girlfriend's little s****r to slide up next to Elise, whispering in her ear and roaming her hands all over her ass and tits from behind. She soon slid downwards as she used her mouth on the younger girl's most private regions.

She added a little baby oil to the mix and finally sat back, looked over her work like an artisan, seemed satisfied, and presented me with this impossibly tight rear end, glistening and ready to be taken.

Michelle and Meghan then made a long show of applying the oil to my dick, finally pronouncing me ready. There was a long silence.

"I don't know about this." I protested. Even by my own admittedly low standards this was a little crazy. Elise was clearly petrified but so used to going along with whatever the other two girls wanted she didn't know how to say no. Also, she was by now a little bit smitten with me and wanted to make me happy.

Michelle was having none of my complaints, and slowly pulled my dick into position between the shaking young cheerleader's exquisite ass cheeks.

My cock looked gigantic in comparison, like too much hot dog nestled between two small buns. I took a deep breath, centered the tip of my dick on her tiny rosebud, which I had to part those little butt cheeks to even find, as tight as she was. It didn't look possible for her to take my cock in there, but at this point I had to try it at least.

I eased just the head inside of her, which was enough to make her whimper a little and increase her shaking. Meghan stroked her hair soothingly, whispering encouragement in her ear, while Michelle was doing the same to me, telling me what a stud I was and using her hand on my butt to push me deeper into her friend's virgin ass.

I used just a little of my weight to punch another inch deeper into Elise, and that, for some reason is where she flipped out, she literally started almost screaming, she was moaning so loud. I tried to pull out, but Michelle used her weight to prevent me, and actually pushing me a little deeper, causing Elise to moaning even louder.

"Shut her the fuck up!" Said Michelle nervously. "I don't need someone calling the cops!"

Meghan couldn't calm Elise down, so I panicked and did the only thing I could think of from where I was, which was clamp my hand over the young girl's mouth to quiet her. Of course, while shutting her up, that caused her to really and truly bug out, she started bucking and fighting me like crazy, trying to get me off of her, which is when I sort of lost it.

The combination of this tiny innocent thing under me, my dick halfway up her virgin ass, my hand clamped over her mouth while she struggled, brought out the deepest darkest inner me, and I am ashamed to say, I gave him free reign.

Elise has long since forgiven me, and no one has ever said a word, but I ****d that little thing right there on my girlfriend's mother's bed that day. I pinned her down to the bed and gave her every inch of cock I had, over and over and over.

Eventually, she stopped struggling and just took it, I think she may have passed out for a moment or two. Meghan had backed up a little, wary of my mood, but Michelle of course, slid over to Elise's ear and said

"You like that big dick in your ass, don't you, slut?" Which annoyed me for some reason, and as I wasn't going to last much longer, I surprised Michelle by pulling out, grabbing her by the hair, and straddling her face.

She opened her mouth to make a smart remark but I wasn't in the mood. I jammed my cock into her mouth before she could say a word. My position allowed me to dominate her, her arms pinned above her head. With a few long thrusts I was passed her gag reflex and deep in her throat, I fucked her face almost as hard as I had Elise's ass for a full minute and then blew my load down her throat without breaking my pace one bit. She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed till finally I released her, wiping my dick on her before finally sitting back and letting her up.

She seemed properly chastened, but I knew it wouldn't last for long. I was so done for the moment it wasn't funny anyway, old man that I am.

"I'm starving." I said, "Anyone want to order a pizza?"

Laura held up the skimpy lingerie to Cindy and asked her what she thought of it. Her friend considered for a moment, and responded

"I think John would have that off you in about 5 seconds!" She said with a smile. The two best friends were having fun, had been shopping at the mall all day, and rummaging through the Victoria Secret store had made them both a little silly.

"I think 5 seconds is optimistic." Laura replied with a wink. "John is the horniest guy in history!" She held up the skimpy garment in front of her friend and added "I actually think this color would look better on you, why don't you try it on?"

Cindy agreed, and they moved into the dressing rooms, Laura waiting outside while Cindy shimmied into the clingy material. She opened the door, and Laura felt a momentary shock at the sight, her best friend was simply the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, her trim athletic body accented wonderfully by the gauzy material, her perfect tits seemingly defying gravity even without a bra.

"Wow." Was all she said.

"Thanks!" Cindy laughed "That's exactly the effect I was hoping for! Maybe I'll end up walking bowlegged like you are today when Mike sees it." But she doubted it. Her boyfriend Mike was, to put it kindly, a shlub. They had been dating since like 7th grade, and as the years went on, the mismatch became apparent to anyone except apparently Cindy. Mike wasn't all that well endowed, and he compounded it by not being very good in bed. Despite having lost her virginity to mike at 16, she was still in search of her first orgasm. Laura caught the slight look in Cindy's eyes and asked her quickly what was wrong.

Cindy sighed, sat down on the dressing room chair and related her story to Laura, most of which Laura knew already.

"I mean, I love Mike and all, but sometimes I want a little more." She said, then hesitated.

"More what?" Laura asked.

"Oh, more passion, more interest, and let's face it, more dick!" She then covered her mouth in mock horror. "I didn't mean that." She added lamely.

"Yes you did." replied Laura, adding "It's ok, Cin, you're my best friend we can talk about anything." She was still acutely aware of her pal's near nakedness and couldn't imagine anyone not wanting to jump her bones all day every day. What a loser Mike is, she thought, far from the first time.

"Well, I hear you talk about John, how amazing the sex is, and I've never felt that. Mike talks about getting married, and I wonder if I'll ever feel what it's like to have a real cock inside me." She said.

"Oh you will." Laura replied with a devilish grin, before quickly adding, "I mean, I'm sure you will, someday." Maybe today, she thought to herself. "And as far as Mike goes, anyone who doesn't want to hammer that hot bod of yours all day long is probably gay anyways." Both girls laughed, and Cindy, feeling a sudden surge of love and appreciation for her friend, hugged Laura fiercely.

They held the hug for a long moment, long enough for Laura to start feeling a little buzzing in her panties. When they separated, Cindy's eyes were a little moist, so Laura said

"Ok, girlfriend, get dressed, we need a drink for sure."

Laura went to leave the dressing room, but Cindy, without waiting, quickly pulled the skimpy teddy over her head, causing Laura to almost gasp out loud at the sight of her perfect shaved box, accented by only the thinnest of tan lines. When Cindy turned and bent over to retrieve her skirt the floor, the urge to grab that amazing ass was incredible. She bit her lip and restrained herself, for the moment. It was time to put the plan in motion.

An hour later, the girls were on their third giant margarita and feeling great, talking about sex, the old times, anything and everything. They were sharing a booth, and Laura had made sure they were both on the same side of it. Cindy asked Laura all about her sex life, and Laura was relating it in great detail, graphically, and it was getting both girls hot.

"So he came home, handcuffed you and fucked you in the ass? Just like that? With Michelle downstairs?" Cindy couldn't imagine it. When she had sex with her boyfriend, it was always the same, always her idea, and never lasting more than 10 minutes. "That must have been so hot."

The conversation continued along this way as another couple margaritas bit the dust, Laura making sure to take every opportunity to wax poetic about her boyfriend's sexual prowess.

Along the way, she also cleverly insinuated the fact that John thought Cindy was beautiful, sexy, smart, etc, etc. John had taught her this trick, calling it "laying the groundwork." She knew if she threw her idea at her friends before she was ready, it would all blow up in her face. And by now, she wanted it as bad as John probably did.

The conversation turned to specific sexual acts, Cindy not believing Laura's claim that she often had an orgasm just from her boyfriend's talented fingers. Laura sensed an opening, leaned closer, placed her hand on her best friends inner thigh, and whispered in Cindy's ear

"Act natural." Slowly she worked her fingers between Cindy's legs, expertly moving her thong to one side and going right for the G spot on the very top of her friend's box. Cindy did anything but act naturally, going rigid and opening her eyes wide.

When Laura eventually slid a finger inside her, she gasped loudly enough for the table across from them to turn for a moment. Laura kept up the pressure, working her finger in small circles, slowly increasing the pace. Her friends fair complexion turned pinker as she became flushed with pleasure.

Both girls were startled and jumped when the waiter came by. When he asked if they needed anything else, they both said

"Check please." At the same time and broke into mild hysterics. After paying the tab, neither girl was able to drive, so they called a cab.

Almost as soon as soon as the cab left the curb, Laura was all over her pal, her hand between her legs, and, in the(relative)privacy of the back seat, surprised cindy even further by kissing her neck and ear as her finger again found Cindy's button.

"W-What are you D-Doing?" Cindy breathed. "This is crazy."

"It's crazy that you've gone this long without experiencing what you are about to experience." Laura replied. She knew, better than Cindy did, how close her pal was to orgasm. She knew the signs.

Laura looked up into the rear view mirror and saw the cab drivers eyes in hers. She winked at him in the mirror, and added cattily

"Enjoy the show, but just don't crash." She knew guys well enough to know that the man was driving one handed by now. She returned to her friend, looking to finish what she had started. As Cindy approached the point of no return, she whispered into her friend's ear

"I want you to cum for me." Cindy looked at her, unable to reply, unable to even form a word, her mouth open in a small "O" and her breath getting raspy. She nodded inanely, like she had any choice at this point.

When she finally came, Laura stifled her yelp by kissing her full on the mouth and holding it while Cindy's body was wracked by spasms. A low grunt from the front seat told Laura that her cabbie had completed his mission as well. Cindy slumped into the seat, as Laura noticed they had been sitting at a stop sign for several minutes now.

She kicked the seat in front of her, snapping the driver into action.

Cindy spent the remainder of the cab ride with her head laid on her friend's shoulder. Confused but happy, and annoyed at her dipshit boyfriend for being unable to do in 10 years what Laura had pulled off in 15 minutes. When they pulled up in front of Laura's house, the cabbie refused the fare with a smile.

"I should pay you!" he laughed. "Just please call me anytime you two are going out!" He was an older guy who probably just had the experience of his life. Laura rewarded him with a smile, and laid her hand (yes that hand) on his cheek for a long moment. He breathed deeply, then thanked the girls again and drove off.

Cindy was still quiet and disoriented, trying to process her day and not doing it quickly. She realized she was at Laura's house without her car, but allowed Laura to hold her hand and pull her towards the house.

"Let's go get naked!" Laura said. Cindy's heart flipped a little at that, halfway up the driveway she noticed John's truck in the driveway, and mentioned it to Laura.

"Yes, he's here. Come on." She said with no further elaboration. Seeing John's truck brought back every detail of Laura's account of her sex life. He was inside? She was going to get naked with him there? Her panties were drenched in anticipation, while her mind whirled. She still couldn't really believe Laura intended to share her boyfriend with her, despite her words.

Entering the house, the girls were confronted with a mess. On the floor lay an empty bottle, a Twister matt, unfinished drink glasses, and, most shockingly, piles of clothes strewn around, including two complete cheerleading outfits.

Cindy was perplexed, but Laura was unfazed, seemingly not noticing, leading her friend over to the couch, laying her on her back, and stripping her down to her thong.

Cindy was still floating, like it wasn't happening to her and she was watching it on TV. She meekly allowed Laura to push her onto her back, kissing Cindy's neck and ears and lips. When she slowly moved down to Cindy's perfect breasts, Cindy closed her eyes and abandoned any resistance. Laura finally made her way between Cindy's legs, cupping her best friend's ass as she slowly kissed Cindy through her panties.

After a few minutes, Cindy felt the now familiar feel of an approaching orgasm, but her pal sat up, pulled Cindy to her feet, and said

"Let's go upstairs."

I lay on my back on Laura's mom's huge comfortable bed, with Elise asl**p, curled up in the crook of my left arm, her head on my chest, having not said a word since her brutal butt fucking, but seemingly not blaming me at all either. Michelle lay opposite her, my hand cupping her ass as she kissed me, slowly and sensuously.

Between my legs kneeled Meghan, slowly working my cock in her mouth, making me a perfect 9 for 9 on teenage holes for the afternoon. I couldn't imagine feeling more contented and relaxed, so relaxed in fact that I had completely forgotten the fact that my girlfriend lived here and would be home eventually. It sounds stupid, I know, but that's the truth.

So you can imagine how startled I was to hear the front door slam downstairs. I tried to sit up, but Michelle pushed me back down.

"Laura's home!" I hissed at her.

"So?" she asked, arching that eyebrow. "Do you think for one minute I would fuck you without my s****r's permission? What kind of person do you think I am?"

Well. And well. Hmm.

"I see." But did I? Meghan looked up for a moment, saw Michelle unconcerned, shrugged, and went back to work. I tried to relax, but was still very apprehensive as I was damn sure whatever deal Michelle had made didn't include two extra cheerleaders. But at this point, there was no way out but through.

After several long minutes, I heard muffled voices coming up the stairs, and my cock jumped in Meghan's mouth when I recognized Cindy's voice. I braced myself, but still wasn't ready for the sight when the door opened.

In the doorway stood my baby doll, the love of my life, and her best friend, both wearing only thong panties. Elise had awakened, Meghan's head popped up in surprise, and all four us stared in amazement at the sight.

I had spent the afternoon with three adorable girls, cute and sexy as hell, but before us now were two beautiful women, in their physical primes, trim without being skinny, busty without a trace of fat. Like two models from a Victoria's secret catalogue. Absolute perfection.

Cindy seemed shocked by the sight of us, and who could blame her, but Laura put her hands on her hips and demanded

"What's going on here?!?"

Michelle smirked, but Meghan and Elise, not in on the joke, both looked scared to death. When Laura strode quickly over to Meghan, grabbed her by the hair, and said

"Sucking my man's dick? Slut! You owe me." To the amazement of all of us, she f***ed the petrified cheerleader down on her back on the bed and straddled her face, her pussy settling over the younger girls mouth.

"Get to work, you little bitch!" she demanded.

Meghan, scared witless, complied as best she c could. Elise tried to hide behind me. I was in shock, my girlfriend had never shown the slightest lesbian tendencies, and believe me I had tried. Things had changed, obviously, because Laura was clearly relishing the younger girl's tongue work. She looked straight at me.

"And You!" she said, accusingly. "Fucking my s****r? And these little k**s? Pervert." But she shared our secret smile when she said it so I knew we were all good. But it never hurt to play along so I came over to her and said

"I'm sorry baby, I've been bad, can I make it up to you?" I asked, kissing her once, then moving to her neck as she grabbed my re hardening cock in her hand. She stroked it idly while she pretended to think it over, actually tapping it on Meghan's forehead like she was drumming her fingers or something.

"I'm sure I'll think of something." She laughed. All of a sudden she seemed to remember Cindy, her friend still standing in front of the bedroom door, goggle eyed, unable to process what she was seeing.

"Why don't you two make yourself useful?" She said to Michelle and Elise. Michelle got it instantly, Elise a beat later, but they jumped up, went over to Cindy, dragged her over to the bed and threw her down on it. Michelle took the lead, moved between Cindy's legs and picked up where her s****r had left off, sliding the blonde beauty's skimpy panties off and attacking her amazing little box, perfectly shaved and adorable.

Elise and Meghan pushed Cindy's shoulders down as Laura hopped over, dragging me along by my cock, and kissed her friend once, deeply, then allowing Meghan to do so, then Elise and so on. Cindy was beyond turned on at this point, she barely knew where she was, or who was doing what to her, just knew her whole body was on fire. I watched in amazement, total and complete amazement that I had lived to see this sight.

Then, somehow, things got better.

Laura turned to me, gave me the sweetest smile, and said "She's all yours."

I kissed her quickly, hard, then turned my attention to Cindy. I moved Michelle aside in order to get a better view, and found myself face to face with perfection. With most girls, no matter how beautiful, the fantasy is always better than the reality. The ideal is always better than the real.

But not this time. If Cindy was a picture in a magazine, he would swear she was airbrushed, her perfect skin without a blemish, her tummy flat and toned, her perfect breasts spaced evenly, and standing out proudly without a hint of sag. I settled in between her legs, cupping her beautiful behind and getting my first taste of that amazing little snatch.

A low grunt from Cindy told me she had noticed the feel of my rougher man hands on her, and a long exhale when my lips touched her told me I was hitting the right spot. Elise slid down and tried to get her mouth on my cock, which responded instantly. I kissed my way up Cindy's flat tummy to her tits, taking each nipple in my mouth and working it slowly while Michelle and Meghan continued to tag team the smoking blonde with French kisses.

I moved up still further and when I was finally face to face with Cindy, my swollen dickhead just barely touching her box. Michelle and Meghan backed off a little while Cindy stared into my eyes, open mouthed and shocked, even a little scared.

I gave her my warmest smile, which she hesitantly returned, and lowered my mouth to hers, gently at first, then deeper as she responded, putting her arms around my neck and pulling me closer, her tits mashed against my chest. With her wrapped around me like this, I was pleased to discover that this perfect body wasn't merely for show, every part of her was perfect in every way, even her shoulders were sexy, for crying out loud.

Kissing her, with my eyes closed, I almost forgot we weren't alone, and when she slowly wrapped her legs around me, it was easy to slide my dick right up inside her. Cindy stiffened when I first entered her, breaking off the kiss and giving me the frightened bunny look, but I whispered in her ear that everything would be ok, and slowly but steadily worked my cock deep inside her.

She began breathing deeper, and holding me tighter as she enjoyed her first real dick. I never even picked up any speed before she came like crazy, moaning and crying out. Her orgasm took me by surprise, and thanks to the workout my dick had gotten earlier, I wasn't on the verge of finishing. So, I sat back while she recovered, my dick still inside her, as the girls all gave her a mock round of applause. Laura whispered in my ear

"Nice job, now let me get some." Then kissed my cheek before quickly removing her panties before promptly straddling her disoriented friend's face, lowering her wet pussy and telling Cindy,

"You owe me one now!" Cindy knew that Laura had a point after two earth shattering orgasms and her first real cock which was still filling her box. Besides, she was so turned on now that she would probably do anything her friend asked, even this, so she used her tongue as best she could, trying to make her pal happy. Laura did more for herself by grinding her pussy onto Cindy's face.

I slipped out of Cindy and motioned for Michelle to take over. Cindy couldn't see it happening, but she felt it, and let out a mewl of complaint as my dick left her, and then a short yelp of surprise when Michelle attacked her G spot. Meghan settled in next to Cindy and worked her buzzing nipples again. The second I pulled out, of course, Elise was all over my cock, but I knew this was my last orgasm of the day, maybe the month, so I bit my lip and cleared my head.

My girlfriend's sweet ass looked so damn good in front of me that I almost fucked it, but I could do that anytime, so instead, I pushed her off Cindy's face, and took her place, and suddenly, Cindy opened her eyes to find herself face to face with my fat cock.

She opened her mouth in surprise, and I took that opportunity to fill it with dick. Cindy recovered quickly, she was actually a very good cocksucker, although she wasn't used to anything this size.

I was amazed at her softness, everywhere, her soft lips, soft tongue working my cock as I stroked her soft hair, her big green eyes staring up at me, as I gently fucked her face. I felt that familiar feeling in my balls, and was tempted to let it go, but unsure when the planets would ever align for me this well again, I decided to boldly go where I was pretty positive no man had gone before.

I reluctantly pulled out of Cindy's mouth, surprising her, as she had sensed my closeness and been ready to take my load.

All the girls looked at me for direction, all I said was

"Flip her over."

The girls moved like lightning, and had Cindy flipped over onto her stomach in a flash, and causing all of us to pause in admiration at the sight.

Cindy, as I have said, was perfect, her body could have been chiseled out of marble, no wrinkles, lines, or anything to mar her beauty. Her long blonde hair down the middle of her perfect back just accented her ass all the more. And as far as her looks were beyond most girls, that's how far her ass was ahead of the rest of her. What's beyond perfect? Science may never find the answer, but I know it now.

Every girl in that room has a great behind, but looking at Cindy's made them all feel inadequate, fat and ugly. It appeared as if by magic atop those long perfect legs, and again, not just for show, Cindy's butt was arched and perfectly suited for fucking. I looked at Michelle and she just smiled at me.

"She's your Sistine chapel." She laughed, taking my dick and slipping it into Cindy from behind. Cindy was glad, she knew she could get herself to another orgasm with this fat cock inside her. Even now, she didn't suspect what was coming for a second.

Again amazed at how perfectly her body was angled for fucking, I hammered her for a dozen long strokes, time enough for Michelle to slide her twat under Cindy's face, allowing Cindy to compare f****y resemblances as she worked her mouth on the younger girl's hot box.

Meghan slid in next to me, pressing her tits against me as I grabbed a hold of her ass with my left hand, matching my girlfriend's cheek in my right. I thought with a grin that a day ago, the idea of being naked with this adorable teenager and my girlfriend at the same time would have been an impossible dream, yet now it was just an afterthought, an appetizer to the delicious main course in front of me.

I tried to take it all in, Cindy's amazing body, the feel of Laura and Meghan on me, Elise starting intently at my cock as it moved in and out of Cindy from behind. Michelle, with her legs spread and hands in Cindy's silky hair, smiled at me as she worked herself to a finish, and gave me that look again, this time, though, I knew what she meant right away.

I slid my cock out of Cindy and rested it between those perfect buns, savoring. I motioned to Meghan, who bent down, and promptly stuck her tongue up Cindy's ass, causing the blonde bombshell to gasp and stiffen in surprise. I pulled her up to her knees, my cock still nestled between those sweet cheeks, and my hands on her hips, again amazed at how this girl could be perfect from literally every angle.

Michelle took the opportunity to slide underneath Cindy in a 69 position and attacking the blonde's clit with abandon. My balls were now resting on Michelle's forehead, my cock tip on Meghan's cheek as both girls worked Cindy furiously, her body shuddering under the double stimulation.

It wasn't until I shifted position and slipped my cock slowly into her asshole that she figured out what was happening. She started to protest, but Michelle quickly applied the reverse front face pussy lock on her, Cindy's words muffled by a face full of snatch.

Cindy's ass was incredibly tight, and with no lubrication other than Meghan's tongue, it was slow going, I rocked back and forth, getting only a little bit deeper with each thrust, amazed at how our bodies fit together like two parts of a whole. This is a girl who was born to be fucked in the ass.

I pushed deeper and deeper, Cindy's breathing becoming shallow as Michelle attacked her clit. I reached forward and grabbed Cindy's hair in my fist, pulling her back towards me, allowing me to whisper in her ear

"You're perfect." She smiled at me and turned her head to kiss me, and when my mouth found hers, I gave one final thrust that pushed past her last defenses and left me balls deep in this goddess's asshole. She moaned into my mouth, arching her head back as I kissed her neck. I shoved her forward onto Michelle again and increased my pace, fucking that tight ass for all I was worth.

Elise slid over to Cindy, by her ear, and asked her

"You like that big dick in your ass?" Which made everyone laugh, well, everyone not busy at the moment. Cindy didn't answer, but her moans were becoming more steady, and I knew she was close.

I hugged Laura tighter to me, as she asked me

"Are you happy?" With a sweet smile. I was suddenly overcome with appreciation for what was clearly the best girlfriend on the planet, so I kissed her and told her I loved her, which seems like a weird thing to say with your dick buried in another girls ass, but it was true. I kissed her and kissed her as I pounded her best friend and felt my orgasm building.

Elise, always one for great timing, chose that moment to attack my balls from behind with her mouth, which sent me over the edge. I pulled out and came so hard it hurt, Laura taking me in her hand as I sprayed my load all over Cindy's ass and Michelle's face while Elise licked my balls and Meghan licked me clean.

As I collapsed, probably to sl**p for a week, I felt a little bummed that Laura's mom would be home tomorrow, ending my idyllic vacation. But, as I closed my eyes, I noticed the f****y portrait on the nightstand, Laura, Michelle, her mom, aunt and cousin. I looked at the picture, noticing that Laura's mom Stephanie looked a lot younger than her 40 plus years. I remembered some sunny days this summer by the pool noticing what a nice body mom had, and also remembered Laura telling me her mom wasn't dating anyone.

Hmmm. Maybe mom coming home wouldn't be so bad after all!

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Great story need to hear about while family at pool
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awesome & yes more
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Damn, That was one HOT Story, had me hard and ready to blow, Thanks for sharing