Injury leads to intimacy between b*****r & s*s

i****t/Taboo, group

Bec stared at her b*****r, lost for words.

"You want me to do what?" she asked, stunned.

"I need you to wash me. Geez, didn't Mum talk to you about this before she left?" Matt asked, his face flushing red with embarrassment.

"No, she bl**dy didn't or I probably wouldn't have agreed to stay home and look after you!"

"Crap, I thought that she would, I mean it's the last thing I want to have to ask you to do, believe me, but I can't go for three weeks without washing myself!"

Bec eyed her b*****r. She could see that he genuinely was embarrassed.

"Fuck, I can't believe I have to do this, but ok," she replied reluctantly.

"Thanks Bec, I'll owe you and I promise, I won't tell anyone about it if you don't."

"You'd better not!"

Matt had managed to crash his mountain bike in a race a couple of weeks earlier and his right arm was in a cast due to a break in the fore-arm. He had also done significant damage to his left hand, requiring it to be pinned. So it too was in a cast.

Bec hadn't really thought about what this meant for him in terms of bathing, but was vaguely aware of her mother having assisted him in the process.

Their parents were away for a month on a European vacation and Matt's casts weren't due to come off until the last week that they were away. Because of this, Bec, the younger of the siblings at 18, had been asked by her mother to take care of her 19 year old b*****r. She'd said that she would, knowing just how much her parents had been looking forward to the holiday and knowing that they couldn't afford to cancel it and go another time. But she obviously hadn't thought through all of the implications of her decision.

"So what happens?" Bec asked.

"Well, we can either do it in the shower or the bath," Matt advised. "I have to put my arms in plastic bags to keep them from getting wet and so I can either sit in the bath with my arms out or stand in the shower and hold them up out of the spray."

"What's more comfortable?"

"The bath," Matt replied.

"Then I guess we'll do that," Bec said, reluctantly following her b*****r upstairs from the living room to where the bathroom that had the bath in it was located. She wandered in behind her b*****r who started to undress. "Maybe I should wait outside. When you've run it, get in and drop this over your um, you know, your dick," she said, handing him a face washer.

Matt eyed it sceptically but said nothing. Bec went outside to wait for her summons. She heard the water running in the tub and waited. As she did so, she considered that she was about to go in and wash her older b*****r. She shuddered a little at the thought. But then she considered what her friend Jess had said the other day.

They'd been in her room chatting and Matt had come in to ask for some help opening something because of his temporary disability. Jess had suggested that given how hot Matt was, if she had him in that condition, she'd be taking advantage of his inability to defend himself.

Bec considered her b*****r critically from memory. He did have a nice face. It was almost chiselled. All the men of their f****y had that well honed and defined jaw. He had dark hair and dark eyes that could brood, kill or sparkle with delight in a matter of moments. She supposed that when it came down to it, there was a host of reasons why her friends would be enamoured of him. She even smiled to herself when she thought about what Jess would say if she were given the opportunity to see him in the bath.

Matt called from within the bathroom and nervously, with a strange leap in her stomach, Bec opened the door to go in. Matt was reclined in the bath, his hand and arm held out of the water so that the plasters and bandages wouldn't get wet. She tried to avoid glancing at his crotch and pretend that she was a nurse or something, someone with the ability to do this in a nice detached way so that she wouldn't consider that it was her b*****r lying naked before her.

"There's a couple of plastic bags and some tape on the counter Bec, if you could put them over these it will just help protect them a bit more," Matt said to her as she looked around for soap to start.

Bec strapped his hands into the bags and then rolled up the sleeves of her long --sleeved top before picking up the cake of soap that she found on the edge of the bath.

"Lean forward," she instructed her b*****r. Bec dipped the soap into the water and splashed some of it up over his back so that she could start scrubbing him. She couldn't help but notice how broad his shoulders had become in the last few years. They were well muscled and defined and on another man, Bec would have been more appropriately impressed. Once finished with his back, she had him recline back in the bath again, this time taking the soap to his chest. He had a little chest hair and his pecs were as well defined as the muscles of his shoulders. As her hands passed over them, kneading slightly with the soap, she found herself focussing not on the fact that this was her b*****r, but on the texture and feel of his skin and the tone of his muscles. She was embarrassed to discover that her insides were starting to react in a most inappropriate way to the washing of her b*****r's body.

"Leg," she said simply a few moments later, tapping his right knee. Changing the focus of where she was washing meant that her gaze travelled down his body from his chest and past his crotch. It was impossible to ignore the state of his cock. It had to be close to fully erect, the wash cloth now failing to cover its entirety. She could see his balls and the base of his thick shaft, but the top two-thirds remained covered, the cloth floating on the water but clearly outlining the shape of his manhood.

As Bec began the process of washing Matt's right leg, she tried desperately to avoid looking back at what she knew was floating so close to her. But given how impressive it was, she couldn't help but keep stealing glances. Though each time that she did, she ensured that she didn't meet her b*****r's gaze, not sure what to think and unwilling to see where he might be looking.

Matt, for his part was as embarrassed as his s****r was, though unaware of the effect that the bath had been having on her. From the moment he'd started undressing, he'd been fighting to keep his cock from becoming erect. His s****r was a beautiful girl. He knew it. He'd spent plenty of time admiring her curves as she'd acquired them over the last few years and now, at 18, it was hard to believe that she'd ever be more perfect.

He glanced at her as her hands now caressed his left leg. It was slightly uncomfortable for him as she'd pulled his leg across his body so that it was easier for her to wash, but that meant that he was crushing his balls slightly.

Bec's brown hair was tied in a pony-tail behind her head that hung down to her shoulders. She was wearing a long sleeved, pink top that clung to her breasts, which sat wonderfully on her chest. "Nice handfuls," Matt found himself thinking, "Not too large and not too little." Her waist was thin and her hips flared a little without being 'good c***d bearers' as his grand father used to say.

Her legs were hidden from view at the moment but that was of little consequence as he had completely lost the battle with his erection the moment that his s****r had started washing him.

At last the torture was over and Bec was standing, having finished as much as she was prepared to wash it seemed. Matt wasn't about to start asking for more as he wasn't sure if he could take it.

"Can you get out all right?" Bec asked him.

"Um, Actually, that could be a problem," he admitted. Thinking about it, he suggested that she pull the plug so that he'd have a dry bath to contend with rather than a tub full of water.

Bec reached down between his legs to get at the plug and tried desperately to ignore the fact that her fore arm brushed against her b*****r's scrotum. It was difficult to pull the plug and she had to fish around a bit, but eventually she managed it. As she stood up, she groaned, her back ached from having had to kneel on the bathroom floor and lean over the tub for the time that it had taken to wash her b*****r.

Having completed her task, she fled from the bath room to the safety of her bedroom, waving off her b*****r's thanks.

Bec lay on her bed, confused by her body's reaction to what she'd just done as a task to assist her invalid b*****r.

Matt managed to get out of the bath without incident, dry himself eventually and dress. The thing that he couldn't do much about though was his raging hard-on. It just wouldn't go away and he couldn't do anything to relieve himself.

He lay on his bed and tried not to think about the profile of his s****r's body as she'd washed him. He especially tried to avoid thinking about what might have happened if she'd decided that his cock needed washing because that did nothing to relieve him.


Matt left his s****r alone the next day, unsure as to how things would go down when he'd have to ask her to do it again. But he was used to washing daily and he didn't think that he could go another day without a wash and so as they sat down to dinner, he broached the subject.

"Bec, I know you don't like me asking you to do this, but could you help me wash again tonight?"

Bec sighed. She'd know that this was coming and had been trying to think what she might say when the time came. She knew that she really had no option.

"Yeah, I guess I can. But this time I think it will need to be in the shower, because my back was killing me after the other day," she replied.

"Ok, whatever is going to be easiest for you," Matt said. They finished their dinner in silence. Bec did the dishes and Matt went upstairs, trying to mentally prepare himself.

When Bec had finished the dishes, she made her way upstairs, cursing the lack of help that her b*****r was in his current state of disability. She found Matt in the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the bath, waiting. After strapping his hands and arm into the required plastic bags, Bec turned the water on for him and adjusted it until it was nice and warm. Matt undressed as she did so.

Bec stepped out of the way and allowed him to get into the shower, rolling up her sleeves and retrieving the soap. With Matt under the water, the splash from his body started to get her wet.

"Hang on, I'll be back in a sec," Bec said, abandoning him to wonder what was going on. Minutes later, Bec returned and Matt could do nothing but stare. His s****r had come back wearing her hot pink bikini. It left little to his imagination, her gorgeous figure was barely concealed. He tried not to notice the fact that her nipples stood out like diamonds against the top, but there was no avoiding it. His cock leapt to attention. He saw Bec glance down as it grew and there was no way he could do anything to hide it.

"I didn't want to get my clothes wet, so I figured this way I could wash you and not have to worry," Bec offered. She stepped into the shower with her b*****r and closed the door. Matt had to turn away to prevent his erection from making contact with his s****r's stomach.

Bec grabbed the soap and turned him away, using her hands roughly, ensuring that the message was that this was a no-nonsense occasion. As she washed his back and shoulders, she was glad that he couldn't see her. She was watching the water and soap bubbles skim across her b*****r's tight arse and was embarrassed and confused. The sight turned her on! Her hand drifted down across his lower back and briefly caressed his left buttock. It flinched and tightened. Well at least she wasn't the only one feeling uncomfortable!

It came time to turn around and she had Matt face the glass screen with his hands resting on top of it. She reached in from the side and washed his chest and stomach. She could feel the washboard that were his abs and had to bite her tongue to keep from complimenting him. His massive erection pointed skyward and she didn't want to give any reason for him to think this was anything other than a chore for her.

"I'm sorry about that, its just an instinctive thing," he mumbled when he caught her looking at his cock.

"Um yeah, I know," she said.

Matt couldn't help glance down toward his s****r's body. She was a foot shorter than him and from this angle he had a beautiful view of her breasts, straining as they were against the tight wet confines of her bikini. Beads of water glistened against her olive skin and ran in trickles down her cleavage. Her nipples were standing firmly against the fabric.

Bec was feeling very confused. She knew that this was her b*****r and that there shouldn't be any reason for her to get excited, but she patently was. She was just glad that female arousal wasn't as overt as that of her b*****r, who could do nothing to hide his erection. She wondered what he would think if he knew that her pussy was melting as she touched his nakedness.

Rubbing the soap on the back of her b*****r's leg, Bec squatted down in the shower so that she could wash it properly. She was staring at his hip, all too aware of the fact that her face was now level with her b*****r's raging penis. As she moved her hands up and down his left leg, she brushed his scrotum with her left hand. Matt flinched and turned slightly. His cock nearly hit his s****r in the face.

"Sorry," she said huskily, not looking up."

"Its ok," he mumbled, "Caught me off guard." As Matt looked down he couldn't help but imagine his s****r turning to his cock and taking it in her mouth. She was at the perfect height. He was surprised to note that there was a drop of pre-cum nestled in the little slit at the tip of his cock, just sitting there against all expectation. Geez, his cock hadn't even been touched! He couldn't believe how horny he was.

Bec knelt on the floor now and moved her hands on her b*****r, getting him to turn so that she could wash the other leg. There wasn't a lot of room with her on her knees and as Matt turned, she had to move her head out of the way to avoid his erection. By the time that she was finishing up washing his right leg, she was in a state of arousal that she would never have credited her b*****r with being capable of causing. She knew that if it were anyone else in here with her right now, she'd have their cock buried in her mouth, sucking hungrily upon it.

In the end, it was that thought that caused her to grab it. She'd started watching his cock twitch and bounce as she rubbed at his leg, washing it and she'd become transfixed. She wondered just how hard it was and without even really thinking about it, reached out with her right hand and wrapped it about the shaft.

God it felt hard. It was like an iron rod covered in a soft flesh sheath.

Matt moaned. Bec's hand moved up and down slightly, still soapy and a little slippery.

"Oh fuck," Matt said, staring, transfixed by the sight of his s****r's hand moving ever so slightly up and down his cock.

"Fuck!" Bec said suddenly, realising what she was doing. She quickly got to her feet and shut the water off. Bec grabbed a towel and dragged it over her body before throwing one from the rack at Matt. She fled the room without a word, ignoring her b*****r's pleas for her not to.


Bec dropped the towel on the floor of her room, her mind awhirl. She'd grabbed her b*****r's cock! God what kind of a pervert was she? It had been so hard! It was big. She squeezed her legs together, feeling her body's natural reaction to what had been happening.

"What must he think of me?" she wondered. She pulled at the tie of her bikini, letting the two triangles of fabric fall away from her breasts. Her nipples stood out further than she thought possible. She cupped her breasts in her hands, feeling the diamond like points pressing against her palms.

Without even thinking about it, she squeezed her breasts. Then she released her breasts just enough to allow her palms to graze her nipples. She shuddered before releasing them and peeling her wet bikini bottom down her legs.

Grabbing her panties from where she'd tossed them on the floor, she commenced dressing herself again. She didn't bother with her bra, just slipped a t-shirt on and then collapsed on her bed, thinking.

But no matter how much she told herself what she'd just done was wrong, her body belied her objections with its arousal. As she lay there, the image of her b*****r's erection filled her mind and she remembered the sensation of holding it in her hand. Her fingers wandered down her body until they had slipped inside her panties, gently caressing her pussy lips, slick with her arousal.


Matt sat downstairs watching TV. His cock had barely subsided from the extended teasing that he'd suffered. He couldn't believe that Bec had grabbed his cock. He really couldn't believe that he wanted her to do it again; desperately.

Nothing in his life had been as arousing as having his s****r wash him in the shower and he dearly hoped that it wouldn't be the last time that she did. He knew that he shouldn't be having these thoughts, but given he'd been unable to relieve his tension for weeks now, it wasn't taking much to get him worked up. It sure was taking a lot to get him to settle down again.

He just wished that he could manage to wank. Maybe then he would get the image of his s****r's wet bikini clad body from his mind.


Bec's fingers worked over her clit, back and forth, back and forth, circling it, rubbing it, sending pleasure coursing through her body. She panted as she worked closer and closer to the point of orgasm.

And the entire time that she masturbated, the image of her b*****r's cock filled her mind until she was imagining that she actually had taken it in her mouth and felt the smooth warm flesh slide over her tongue. That thought was enough to send her over the edge and she exploded, her body twitching and convulsing with spasms of pleasure.


Matt looked up to see Bec coming into the room. He started to speak, but Bec cut him off, "I don't want to talk about it yet Matt, can we just watch TV?"

"Sure," he said. He allowed her to have her way, but his eyes followed her body closely as she walked into the room. She was wearing a pair of baggy track pants and a t-shirt. From the way her breasts moved under the t-shirt, he could tell that they weren't restrained by a bra. Instantly the realisation sent his cock stiff again. He almost groaned, but settled for adjusting his position.

All night he sat there, taking surreptitious peeks at his s****r, wondering what she actually did think about the fact that she'd grabbed his cock. She hadn't been coerced, she had done so of her own volition. That fact alone drove Matt mad. It made him horny.

Eventually Matt couldn't stand it any more and said goodnight to Bec, standing to make his way upstairs to his bedroom.

As her b*****r rose, Bec followed his crotch with her gaze. God, he was still stiff. His erection stood out against the shorts that he'd pulled on after his shower and there was little doubt about its state. Part of her wanted to rush over and yank his pants down. But the sensible part won out and she watched TV as he departed the living room.


"I guess you'll need washing again tonight?" Bec said to him over breakfast the next day.

"Um, yes?" Matt answered, surprised that she'd been the one to bring it up. He was trying not to get excited about the fact too, but his cock was already hardening.

"'Cause you've got that charity walk right? And so you'll be all sweaty?

"Oh yeah," Matt replied. He'd been hoping that she just wanted to wash him again, but it turned out she was just on top of his schedule.
"Oh and tomorrow night I've got Josh coming over, so can you kind of give us some space?" Bec asked, blushing. Matt eyed his s****r.

"I don't know Bec, you know what Mum and Dad said," he replied. Bec sneered at the reminder.

"Fuck Matt, if I have to wash you, you can at least cut me a little slack."

"ok, ok," Matt replied, backing down, "I'll give you some space. Just don't get too carried away. I don't want them coming home and finding out you've managed to go and get pregnant or something."

"Thanks. I'll see you later," Bec replied, rolling her eyes at him as she grabbed her bag and headed off to uni for the day.

Matt was left at home, horny, wondering about tonight and starting to get creative ideas about how he might possibly be able to lose his load without someone around to help him.


Bec came into the bathroom, the butterflies that were resident in her stomach swarming with activity. Matt was already there, naked and waiting for her to turn the water on. Bec instinctively looked at his cock. It was already semi-erect. She quickly averted her gaze and set to getting the water temperature right, trying to ignore the tension in her nipples.

Matt watched as Bec walked in, again wearing her hot pink bikini. And like last time, her nipples were as taught as springs, seemingly trying to find a way through the fabric.

"Right, time to bag them," Bec said, bringing two plastic bags over to her b*****r, who stood up in order to have his arms wrapped against the water. She couldn't help but notice as she did it that his cock was spearing out towards her in its semi erect state. She tried to ignore it. She tried to forget the fact that she knew exactly how hard it felt when she held it in her hand, how good it felt to feel the outer covering of skin slide over the iron-hardness of the shaft. And she especially tried to ignore the fact that her pussy was on fire, moisture already seeping into the fabric of her bikini.

Matt stepped into the shower and Bec followed him into the confined space. She washed him thoroughly, careful to avoid touching his erection, despite the fact that she wanted to. God she wanted to touch it. Occasionally it would brush against her. It was rock hard now, she noted. And huge. What would it be like to have it thrust inside her? No, she had to stop thinking like that!

She was just about finished when she lost control. She'd been about to turn the water off and Matt had turned and she'd felt his erection rub against her hip. As she turned as well, it then slid across her stomach. She reached down with her soapy hand and grabbed it.

Again, her hand slipped along its length until it came in contact with his balls. She held it, feeling it, wanting to stroke it, but a little frozen. Matt moaned. She felt him pull back and his shaft slipped through her hand. She thought he was being the good b*****r and pulling his cock away from her, but then he thrust forward again, his cock slipping within her grasp. The soap washed away with the water then and it wasn't particularly slippery. Matt moaned anyway. Bec released his cock, the friction bringing her mind back to where she was and what she was doing.

As before, she quickly left the bathroom, throwing Matt a towel on her way out. She couldn't help but note to herself that as stiff as he was, he could probably use his cock for a towel rail.

They ate dinner in silence that night and Bec tried to focus on the fact that she'd have Josh in the house the following night, not just Matt. And with Josh she could do whatever she wanted. As she lay in bed though, she felt guilty about the fact that all her thoughts had lately been about her b*****r, not her boyfriend.

Not guilty enough that she didn't think of her b*****r's cock though as she brought herself to an orgasm.


After Uni, Bec rushed home so that she could get changed before her boyfriend Josh could get there. Assuming that Matt kept his distance and gave them some peace, tonight should be great.

She quickly showered, taking the time to trim her pubes so that there was no hair on her pussy lips and just a small strip of cropped hair above them. She picked out a black satin thong to wear with a matching bra. Then she put on a nice short denim skirt and pink tank top. She surveyed herself in the mirror. Turning around, she eyed the hemline of her skirt. She decided that it was too low and so rolled the waist band a couple of times, lifting it until she could almost see the curve of her butt whilst she was just standing still.

Facing away from the mirror, she leant forward a little and was pleased to see that that was enough to expose her butt ever so slightly. That should be enough to stir Josh's juices she decided and went downstairs to await his arrival.

Matt was sitting on the couch when Bec entered the room and his jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw her. It wasn't that she was dressed any differently to how she did on many other days. But lately he'd been seeing his s****r in a new light and from the low height at which he was sitting, as she walked past, he could see her buttocks, with the thin strip of material disappearing between her legs.

He was almost instantly erect from the display. Bec sat down next to him on the couch and he was a concentrated study in not tyring to look at his s****r. It was a massive effort and when the doorbell finally rang, he was relieved.

Bec jumped up at the sound of the bell and as she went to leave the room, turned to her b*****r and said, "Remember, you said you'd give us some space."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, I'll be in my room." He stood up, conscious of the fact that just that brief interaction had given him a boner and as Bec headed for the doorway, he headed up the stairs to bury himself in his bedroom and keep out of the way.

"Holy crap, you look amazing!" Josh said as Bec pulled the door aside to reveal herself in the incredibly short skirt and tight top.

Bec grinned at the compliment and all but leapt into his arms, plunging her tongue into his mouth as he held her close, feeling her breasts crushed against his chest.

"Thanks Josh, I can't wait for later, tonight's going to be fun," she said when they broke apart. She took his hand and led him into the house, revealing the news that she'd not shared with him previously, the fact that her parents weren't home.

"We have the place to ourselves?" he asked, his eyes gleaming as his mind obviously processed the possibilities.

"Well not quite alone. Matt is here because he's kind of stuck because of his accident, but he's promised to give us space."

"Oh, well what did you have in mind then?" Josh asked, clearly a little disappointed with her b*****r being home, but also pleased that there were no parents about.

"Pizza and a movie?" Bec suggested.

"I can work with that," Josh replied. "Do you want to go to the video shop now so that we don't have to do it later?"

"Yeah, I'll just tell Matt." Bec ran up the stairs. Josh stopped at the bottom, watching as she trotted up, bouncing up and down. Her skirt did the same and he was treated to an erection pumping view of her butt, split in two by a black g-string. He barred up even more when he considered that they'd be watching the movie alone together.

"Hey Matt, we're going to go get a movie from the shop, did you want us to get something for you to watch up here?" she asked, busting into his room. Matt was lying on the floor, earphones on.

Matt looked up as the door to his room opened. He could just hear Bec above the music in his ears, but he barely registered what she was saying because as he glanced up, he was looking straight up his s****r's skirt at the front panel of her thong. Removing the headphones from his ears, he asked her to repeat herself.

"I said do you want us to get you a movie while we're at the shop so you can watch something up here?"

"Um yeah, that sounds good. What are you doing for dinner?"

"Pizza," Bec replied, "You're allowed to eat with us if you like."

"Thanks Bec, I could go for some pizza tonight and I don't really want to spend all of it in here."

"Coolio. Ok, see you when we get back." Bec closed the door behind her, Matt's eyes shifting back down to her skirt as she turned to go. As she left, he imagined what it would be like if she squatted over his face. Heavenly, he decided.

Bec and Josh hopped out of the car to go and choose a movie. Matt kept pointing out movies on the bottom shelf and Bec kept bending over to get them without bending her knees. She knew that she was exposing her butt and showing off her thong when she did so, but she didn't care. Matt seemed to like it though and she kept indulging him, even when it became clear that a group of 3 teenage boys had stationed themselves so that they too could appreciate her when she did it.

"You find something for Matt, you're a guy and might do better than me," Bec suggested and she wandered through the store. She found herself in front of the adult section, a place that she'd never bothered to stop before. Curiously, she picked up a couple and checked them out.

Meeting Josh at the counter, she blushed as she added one to the three that he already had. He raised an eyebrow at her as he checked what she'd put down, but then just grinned.

By the time they were in the car and headed to the pizza place, Bec's thong was soaked. It didn't help when Josh ran his hand up her thigh and under her skirt to caress the front panel of fabric over her pussy.

They arrived back at the house and Josh gave Bec the movie to take up to her b*****r. It was some b-grade comedy that was likely to be full of crass humour, tits and arse.

"Thanks Bec, make sure you behave down there," Matt said when she gave it to him. Bec just poked her tongue out and blew him a raspberry as she departed his room, closing the door behind her.

Josh and Bec sat down to watch the first of the movies that they'd rented, their hands idly wandering over each other's bodies, just stimulating and teasing. Towards the end of the movie, Bec attacked Josh's pants, releasing his cock to the air. She dropped her head down into his lap and he leaned back on the couch, giving her room. Sucking gently on the end of his cock, Bec enjoyed the rest of the movie, feeling Josh flinch and twitch now and then due to the attention that was being applied to his manhood.

Josh dropped his hand to Bec's breast, caressing and squeezing it as he slowly lost track of the thread of the movie.

As the credits rolled, Bec took as much of her boyfriend's cock into her mouth as she could, sucking long and hard and then swirling her tongue around the swollen head within her mouth.

"Want to watch the movie that I hired?" Bec asked, releasing Josh's cock for a few moments.

"Sure thing," he replied, grinning at her. Bec jumped up from the couch and grabbed the DVD and made sure that she bent over and exposed her butt with her thong splitting her cheeks as she changed the discs over in the player.

She then came back to the couch and as they waited for the movie to load, she dropped to her knees and sucked on Josh's cock some more, enjoying the fact that there was a little drop of pre-cum nestled in the little slit at the tip.

The movie started and Bec moved to sit alongside Josh again, one hand slowly tugging at his cock, trying to keep it stiff.

Bec found the movie funny. The girls were pretty fake, mainly with enhanced breasts and the story line was pathetic. But there was something about watching the nudity with Josh that kept her quiet enough for him to get some pleasure out of it as well. Josh seemed to enjoy it to some extent and when she questioned him, he told her that what he was really enjoying was the fact that she was there stimulating him whilst he watched it.

"Why don't I get to see his cock in her pussy?" Bec asked as the scene they were watching jumped just at the point that it was expected that you would see the guy penetrating the girl from behind.

"Because of the rating. You won't ever get that in a movie that you rent from a store, only something you buy from a sex shop or online," Josh explained.

"Well that's crap, there's not really much point to it then, is there?"

"Well if you want to see a cock in a pussy, I can help you with that," Josh offered, grinning at his girlfriend.

"I should hope so!" Bec laughed back.

Josh stood up from the couch and removed his jeans properly whilst Bec sat in front of him, her legs spread and her skirt hiked up so that her underwear was revealed. Josh knelt on the floor between her legs and leaned forward to kiss her, his stiff cock rubbing against the fabric of her underwear. Bec thrust herself at the erection. The last couple of days of washing her b*****r had made her incredibly horny and she had been desperate for this chance to do something about touching a cock that she was supposed to.

The evening of teasing Josh had had its effect on him too, his hands explored her body all over, groping and fondling and touching her as they kissed. She felt his hands dragging at her thong and it was pulled aside. His cock pressed against her lips and slid inside. She moaned audibly, thrusting against him as she felt his cock slide home within her.

Josh began thrusting frantically into his girlfriend's pussy. She'd been teasing him all night and finally he was getting to do something about it. It wasn't very long until he felt his climax coming and he warned Bec that this was the case.

"No, not yet, I'm not ready, fuck me longer," she urged him. He tried valiantly to stave off his climax but couldn't. He pulled out of her pussy just as his cock exploded, sending a warm sticky spurt of cum over her skirt and thong.

Bec sighed with disappointment, wishing that she was in a position to let him cum inside her pussy. Or even just that he'd lasted long enough to help her cum too.

"I think I'd better go clean this up," Bec said, looking at the mess that Josh had left on her.

"Ok, that was awesome," Josh said, grinning. As Bec made her way upstairs, she lamented the fact that what she thought was disappointing, her boyfriend considered awesome. There was obviously a bit of a need to align goals with this one.

Just as Bec was about to head into her room upstairs, Matt walked out of his room. Bec quickly dropped her skirt, which she'd been holding up to stop the cum dripping down her legs or onto the floor, which was exactly what happened right in front of her b*****r when she instinctively let the hem fall.

Bec went a bright shade of scarlet and her b*****r decided to just hurry past and not say anything. Clearly Bec didn't need to be confronted at that point in time.

Bec quickly ran to her room and discarded her skirt and thong and pulled on a pair of track pants before grabbing some tissues to clean the cum off of the hall carpet. She didn't see Matt before heading back down stairs and was thankful for it.

As she sat back down with Josh to watch another movie, it took some time for her to recover her former mood. It was only Josh's persistent attempts to get her bra off that managed to do it in the end.

"You know that scene where the guy stood behind the girl leaning over the couch in that other movie?" Josh whispered in her ear.

"Yeah.," Bec said non-comittally.

"Well that was hot, I want to fuck you like that," he said, grinning as she turned to look him in the eye.

"Think you can manage to do that, do you?" she teased him.

"Didn't look too hard," Josh said.

"Well it had better be hard," Bec laughed, teasing him as she stood up from the chair. Josh followed her. Bec moved behind the couch that they'd been sitting on and pulled her track pants down her legs before leaning forward and placing her hands on the back of the couch. She wiggled her bum at him and Josh made appreciative noises as he guided his cock between her legs.

They stood there, fucking like that, trying to watch the end of the movie, but Bec couldn't concentrate. She loved the feeling of her boyfriend's cock in her pussy, spearing into her over and over again.

Matt wandered out of his room, wondering if it was safe to go down to the kitchen and grab a soda. He came down the stairs and as he walked past the door to the living room, stopped. There was his s****r, bent over the couch, taking her boyfriend's cock from behind. Instantly he was rock hard. He knew he shouldn't, but he stayed, watching. He tried to imagine what his s****r would look like from that angle. At the moment, all he could really see was her boyfriend's bare arse and that didn't do a lot for him, so he tried to imagine what she would look like in that position if Josh wasn't there.

As she thought about Josh's cock sliding in and out of her lips, she wondered what Matt's would feel like. It was clearly bigger than Josh's and her mind kept skipping back to it. She blushed as she realised that she was thinking about having her b*****r fuck her right in the middle of sex with her boyfriend. It sure got her horny though. Unfortunately Josh got hornier quicker, announcing that he was going to cum again.

Not prepared to face going upstairs covered in cum again, Bec told him to cum in her mouth. She turned around for him and dropped to her knees.

As Matt watched, Josh said something and then Bec was moving. Matt didn't want to be busted and quickly stepped aside, hiding.

Josh stroked his cock, holding the tip of his cock over her tongue as he finished himself off. When he came, it spurted into Bec's mouth and she swallowed it down before sucking the tip of his cock clean.

When Matt dared to glance back again, Bec was getting up from her knees and wiping her mouth, smiling up at her boyfriend. Matt realised he was jealous. He snuck back upstairs to his room, wondering if there were anyway he could make himself cum with both hands out of action.

"Fuck you're amazing," Josh told Bec. Bec grinned at him, waiting for some proposal as to how he was now going to make her feel as amazing as she was for him. But Josh had cum and twice and apparently wasn't interested in any more activity.

Bec felt cheated. She led Josh up to her room and they spent the night together. When they awoke the next morning, Josh was clearly horny again, but Bec, remembering the disappointment of the night before, used the excuse that she wasn't prepared to do it when she didn't know what her b*****r was up to. Josh accepted the argument and left a little later on when Bec had to leave for uni.


"I guess you'll be needing a shower tonight," Bec said to her b*****r as they ate dinner together.

"If you don't mind, I missed out yesterday and I don't actually like to go too long without washing," Josh replied.

"I'll do you after we finish here," Bec said, unaware that the words 'do you' echoed in her b*****r's mind in a way that sent him rock hard.

When Bec entered the bathroom, her b*****r was waiting for her. His cock was already rock hard as he had been waiting and failing to think about having his s****r in the shower with him again.

"Does that thing ever go down?" Bec laughed, pointing at his cock.

"Well yeah, but normally it's had a little more attention than I've been able to give it lately," Josh said, blushing.

"Oh, I hadn't thought about that," Bec admitted. She went quiet as she thought about what it would be like if she was unable to sate her desires when she wanted to.

Without further discussion, they both made their way into the space of the shower, Bec wordlessly washing her b*****r's body, now conscious of his predicament and aware that if touching him was setting her body afire, then it must be getting very very difficult for him.

Matt watched his s****r's hands caress his body and then followed the line of her arm up to her body. His eyes fixed on her breasts and he wanted more than anything to be able to rip off her top and see them in their bare naked glory.
"Matt?" Bec said, breaking his trance.


"Do you, do you um want me to help you, um, er oh God, do you want me to make you cum? Would it help you?" She finally managed to get out.

"Really?" he asked, his cock twitching as his mind started to chase down the full meaning of what his s****r had just asked him.

"Yeah, I mean, if it's that bad for you, I guess I could wank you to release the tension."

"Wow, I, um, er, yeah," he said, nodding. "God you don't know what this means to me Bec," he said. "Thank youl"

Bec just nodded and took the soap in her hands, lathering them up with suds. Then she told Matt to stand so that the water wasn't washing over his cock and slipped her hands onto his shaft. Matt moaned. Bec marvelled again at how large and stiff her b*****r's cock was. Then she watched as she worked her hand up and down its length, enjoying the way he thrust his hips at her soapy hand, fucking her fist. She used her other hand as well and Matt redoubled his efforts.

It didn't take a long time, but it sure seemed like it as Bec's hands moved over his cock again and again. She could tell from his breathing and insistent movement that he was getting close to cumming and started to wonder about where to aim him. There was a small part of her that wanted to shock him further by having him cum all over her stomach, but the sensible part of her said just let it hit the shower. "Fuck, I'm cumming Bec," Matt grunted and at the last second, she stepped in front of him so that end of his cock was pointed up against her stomach. His cum spurted out in a thick stream, hitting her tummy. It was more cum than Bec had ever seen a guy release. He pulsed again and again and then a final fourth time and Bec marvelled at how much he'd blown. She felt his warm seed as the water began to wash it down over her stomach and onto her bikini bottoms before washing off down her legs.

"God Matt, that was huge," she said, looking at him finally.

"Well I guess that it's been awhile," he said sheepishly. "And thanks, I owe you big time s*s, you're amazing." Bec blushed at the compliment and slightly bemused that her b*****r had paid her the same one that her boyfriend had used.

They shut the water off and got out, Bec sorting towels and this time helping her b*****r to dry himself. She made sure that she dried his cock nicely, marvelling at how stiff he was again already. She was acutely aware of how wet she was. Making her b*****r cum and turned her on and she was starting to wonder whether she'd get away with doing it to him again, but thought that that might be pushing things too far.

"How often do you usually masturbate?" Bec asked Josh as she rubbed the towel over her own body.

"Um every day pretty much, well before the accident that is," Josh replied, blushing.

"Well then, I guess we need to make sure that we keep the standard up, don't we, Bec laughed, enjoying the look of utter surprise that adorned his face.

"Well I don't know that we should Bec, but if you're willing, I'll stand here while you do it to me," he replied.

"We'll see how we go then," Bec said, blushing.


Three days later, and Bec had wanked her b*****r in as many visits to the shower. Matt couldn't believe how lucky he was to have such a hot younger s****r that was willing to do it and Bec was just as thrilled to get to play with the biggest cock she had yet seen in her life. She'd pretty much stopped thinking that it was her b*****r and now it was a massive toy that she got to enjoy and play with everyday.

That night as they showered together, Matt broached something he'd been chewing on for days.

"Bec, I have something to ask, but I'm not sure how you'll take it," Matt said as she started the process of scrubbing him down.

"Well, given that I've just started wanking you everyday, surely you can ask me anything by now," Bec laughed.

"Well ok then, no point beating around the bush," he said, taking a deep breath, "Will you take your bikini top off?" he blurted out before holding his breath, waiting for her response.

Bec looked at him, a little stunned. "You know I really had no idea what to expect you to follow that up with, but that wasn't it," she said. "I need to think about it."

"That's cool and look, if you don't want to, I completely understand, I don't want you to feel pressured. It's just that we've been in here together for like a week now you've been wanking me and its been awesome, but I have been fantasizing about seeing them every night. I fall asl**p dreaming of what they might look and feel like.

Bec continued to wash her b*****r and whist she did, wondered what it would mean for them if she agreed to his request. Would it stop at him just wanting to see her tits? He'd mentioned that he dreamed of what they felt like as well. Did that mean that once he'd seen them a couple of times he'd want to touch them? What about her pussy? Would he then want to see that as well? She found that thinking these thoughts was making her wetter and wetter. After all, she had seen him naked and was doing more than merely touching his cock. And with his arms all wrapped up in the bags like they were, it wasn't like he could do much about it anyway.

With the decision basically clicking into place in her mind, Bec reached behind her neck to where her bikini was tied and pulled on the string, releasing the top and allowing it to fall away from her breasts. Matt's jaw nearly hit the floor.

"Oh my god Bec, they're perfect," Matt said as he studied his s****r's breasts. Bec blushed.

"You're just saying that so that I don't put them away again," she teased him.

"Nuh uh," he responded, "I've spent a lot of time looking at tits on the internet and for me, yours are just perfect. They're not so big that they're horrible and saggy, they're not so small that they hardly exist and your nipples, wow, they are nice and tight and small, perfect little light pink pointy caps for your boobs, not great big massive flat things."

"Geez, you've really spent some time thinking about this, haven't you?" Bec laughed as she listened to his praise of her breasts.

"Well yeah," he laughed back. "And thanks so much for letting me see them; I just wish that my hands weren't sealed away."

"Well maybe if they weren't I wouldn't have taken my top off," Bec said pointedly. She then took his cock in her hands and started to wank him.

"God that feels good," Matt told her, feeling her hands sliding along the length of his cock whilst his eyes were glued to his s****r's breasts. Bec felt hornier than she'd ever felt before, standing semi naked in front of her b*****r, his erection slipping between her hands. She started wondering again what it would be like to have his erection slip between her pussy lips, spreading her nice and wide as it penetrated her. Then Matt was cumming, his cock twitching and pulsing as it ejaculated, sperm spraying from its tip.

They dried off outside the shower and Bec said good night to Matt before rushing into her room. She quickly discarded her bikini and towel and jumped into bed, where her fingers started to dance on her pussy. God she was wet. With two fingers slipping in and out of herself, she looked about the room, seeking something. Finally her eyes settled on the hair brush that was on her dresser. She moved quickly across the room and then returned to her bed, where she started to use the handle of the brush to penetrate her pussy.

She worked the handle in and out at a furious rate, the fingers of her other hand working at her clit, whilst in her mind she imagined that it was her b*****r, driving his cock in and out of her.

Bec exploded; cumming like she'd never cum before. When she finally got out of bed to return her hair brush, she was surprised to see just how wet her bed was from her self-pleasuring. Sighing, she climbed back into bed to drift off to sl**p, imagining again her b*****r's cock.


Josh picked Bec up to take her out to the movies with some of their other friends. They bought their tickets, but had some time to kill before the session started and so they went into the pub just down the road for a couple of drinks before the movie started.

As a consequence, they were all a little tipsy as they made their way into the theatre to take their seats. Bec was horny and with a little alcohol in her system, her inhibitions weren't quite where they would normally have been. It wasn't long into the movie when she moved her hand to Josh's cock and started stroking it through the shorts that he was wearing.

On the other side of Bec, their friend John was sitting wondering if Bec and Josh would ever break up. He'd been lusting after Bec for quite some time and was only too aware of the proximity of her bare arm to his on the shared arm rest. How he wished he could reach out and stroke his fingers along her arm ... or further. He wondered what would happen if he pretended to fall asl**p and have his hand land on her leg. She was only wearing a short skirt and so it was likely that he'd get to caress her thigh. The thought of doing so sent him hard as a rock.

Josh shifted his butt forward in his seat so that Bec could have better access to his cock as her hand worked over it through his shorts. He couldn't believe that she was being this brazen as she was usually a lot more reserved, particularly in public and around their friends.

Bec was enjoying herself and started to work at the fastenings of Josh's shorts. She wanted to get her hand inside and feel the flesh of his cock against her hand. As she concentrated on doing this, she was surprised to feel another hand touch her left leg. She suppressed the urge to jump, but looked over towards John who was sitting on the other side of her. It looked like he'd fallen asl**p and his arm had slipped over the side of the rest, his palm now sitting against Bec's thigh.

She'd always liked John and the presence of his hand on her thigh sent a bit of a thrill through her. She'd nearly asked him out before she started going out with Josh, but Josh had managed to get in first and she'd agreed to date him. There was something very naughty about her friend's hand on her as she played with her boyfriend's cock. She didn't do anything to move it, just used it as a secret bit of stimulation as she aroused Josh.

Slipping her hand inside Josh's shorts, she grabbed his cock and started to work at it with her hand, feeling his hard warm cock moving in her fist. She glanced at Josh's face. He was studiously trying to look like he was watching the movie while his cock was being worked over.

John was hard as a rock. The contact between his hand and Bec's thigh was awesome. That patch of warmth seemed to be his entire existence at that moment and he just wished that perhaps he'd had the balls to do it and not have to pretend to be asl**p.

Bec could feel her pussy reacting to her daring and wished that she had a way to satisfy herself. She considered masturbating right there and then, but didn't know how Josh would react to that. She kept playing with his cock and then put her left hand on top of John's. Very carefully, she moved it up her thigh, closer to her pussy. Then she adjusted her skirt so that it fell over the top of his hand and moved it just a little further until his fingertips rested against the fabric of her panties.

She watched his face very carefully, trying to be sure that he wasn't waking up; God that would be embarrassing.

John couldn't believe what had just happened. His hand was now further up Bec's thigh than he ever would have dared and she had been the one to put it there. He could feel the fabric of her panties under the skirt and found himself wondering what colour they were. They felt like cotton from the minimal contact that he had.

Josh was just about ready to cum. He couldn't believe how much he was turned on by Bec playing with his cock like this. He was actually close to hoping that she'd stop soon so that he didn't cum in his pants. Bec knew exactly where he was at though. She could feel the precum seeping from his cock and ran her hand up over his knob to lubricate him, gripping him hard in her fist as it slid down over the head. She heard his breathing getting a little more ragged and when his hand moved down to still hers, she told him to let her have some fun.

"Bec, not here," he hissed at her. Bec was determined and tried to keep wanking him, wanting to make him cum in his pants, but he wouldn't let her. She removed her hand, disappointed.

At that point she bumped John who stirred and 'realised' where his hand was. He mumbled an embarrassed apology and moved to pull his hand away.

Bec couldn't believe what she did then, she put her hand on top of his, holding it there. She even moved it slightly so that she could feel his fingers touching her panties more f***efully, and parted her legs slightly. Then she reached over with her left hand and ran it up John's thigh until she reached his crotch, where she found his cock rock hard within his pants.

John stared straight ahead, not daring to move. Bec was touching his cock! And he could feel her panties with his fingers. He moved them, running them over the fabric of her underwear and felt her grasp his cock harder in return. When he moved his fingers down to her crotch he felt that Bec's panties were wet. His daring knew no bounds now and he worked his fingers along the seam of Bec's panties until he managed to slip two underneath, feeling her pussy lips. Bec seemed to turn herself towards him and his fingers slipped over her pussy, feeling just how wet she was.

Bec felt John's fingers on her pussy and sighed. She wondered what Josh would think if he saw his friend's fingers in Bec's panties. She decided that she was better off not knowing and began to work her hand into John's pants. Part of her wondered at her own audacity, but she was so horny she almost didn't care. When she got her hand in his pants, she grabbed John's erection and began stroking it as she had been doing to Josh, glad that the movie was nice and dark. She reached out with her right hand to touch her boyfriend again. He'd obviously relaxed a little and come back from the edge of cumming because he didn't stop her.

Bec quickly worked her right hand inside to grab his erection again. For the first time in her life, she held a cock in each hand.

At that point, the movie shifted to a day time shot and the theatre lit up as the sun splashed across the scene. Bec quickly pulled her hand from John's pants and he pulled his from her panties, where his fingers had been gently teasing at the lips of her pussy.

The movie ended a bit later and they all left the cinema, John lingering close to Bec.

"What now?" John asked of the group of friends.

"Pub again?" Bec suggested.

"Sure," Josh replied. A number of others agreed and they made their way into the bar. Slowly the group broke up until the only people left where Josh, Bec, John and Mark.

"I reckon we should all go back to your place Josh. I feel like a spa." The guys were all happy to do so, though Mark noted that he'd have to do so in his boxers if Josh didn't have some spare swimmers for him to use.

They hopped in a cab and headed to Josh's place. Once there, they grabbed some beers and headed out the back to where the hot tub was.

"Underwear or shorts guys?" Josh asked his mates.

"In my boxers will be fine thanks mate, though I'd be happy to borrow a towel," john replied. Mark agreed and they both started stripping out of their clothes. Josh went inside to get towels for everyone and Bec started stripping out of her clothes as well. Both guys were watching and she loved it. She stripped down to her black cotton panties matching bra and then stood up on the deck before stepping down into the hot tub.

She looked back at the two guys, smiling when she noted that they both had tents erecting in their boxers as they watched her climb into the tub.

"Why boys, flattery will get you everywhere," she said, making it clear that she was speaking of their erections. Mark blushed and John just grinned as they both climbed up to get in the spa with their mate's gorgeous girlfriend.

Josh appeared with towels for everyone and dumped them on the table before climbing into the hot tub with the others.

Bec sat in the warm water and used her foot to tease John, snaking it out to rub his crotch while her hand was busy working on Josh again. She looked across at Mark, who was oblivious to everything that was going on and wondered how big his cock might be. It had seemed to fill out his boxers nicely.

They made small talk and Bec found John's foot rubbing against her own, up her calf to her thigh and then a few moments later, up her side to her breast. She grinned at John and slid down so that only her chin was above the bubbles of the spa as his foot rubbed against her boob.

"How about some more beers honey?" Bec asked of Josh as she finished the one that she'd been drinking.

"Um, now?" he asked, his hand closing over Bec's on his erection, clearly troubled about getting out of the water in his current state.

"Yes, now," Bec said firmly, grinning at him. Josh reluctantly stood up to leave the spa, his boner clearly evident against his wet shorts. The other two guys gave him some good natured grief about it.

With Josh out of the spa for a while, Bec decided that Mark needed to be included in the fun. She ran her left foot up his leg, caressing and teasing, waiting to see if he would react. He looked over at her quizzically and she smiled at him, her foot moving closer and closer to his cock. She was pleased to see that he did nothing to stop her and in fact started very deliberately talking to John as well as shift position slightly. Bec felt his erection through his shorts with her foot as she finally made contact.

Three cocks in one day. She hardly believed that she'd got up the nerve. Ever since she'd been wanking Matt, she'd found that her inhibitions had been sliding. She'd started looking at porn on the net, she'd fucked herself with the hair brush and now she was teasing 3 guys at once!

Josh returned with the beers and got back in the spa sitting with his arm around Bec, his fingers dangling at the top of her breast, lightly touching her.

As they neared the end of that drink, Bec decided that it was time to lift the stakes. Over the course of the last week, since she'd been enjoying her b*****r in the shower and Josh had let her down first at home and then at the movies earlier in the evening, she'd been wondering if he was really the guy that she wanted to be with. She'd just decided that she wouldn't be overly upset if she ended up single at this point and so she spoke up.

"I reckon we should all get naked," she declared.

"No way!" Josh said immediately. The other two guys seemed to be waiting for further reaction from Bec before jumping one side of the fence or the other.

"Why not?" Bec asked, turning to look at him.

"Why should I have my girlfriend get naked in front of my mates?" he asked her.

"Maybe because I want to feel the water against my naked body," Bec said.

"Can't you do that some other time?" Josh asked.

"I can, but I want to do it now," Bec said, standing up and reaching behind her to release her bra.

Mark and John sat a little nervously, wondering what was going on, but when Bec released her bra and tossed it to the side of the pool, they couldn't help but stare at her perfect tits.

"Don't be such a prude Josh," she said to him. Leaning over to grab his shorts and try and pull them down his legs.

"I'm not a prude, I just don't see why you suddenly have to get naked in front of our friends," he said, hanging onto his shorts.

Bec sat down next to him. "Prove you're not a prude," she challenged him. "Stand up right there and get your cock out for me to see. His friends echoed the challenge, enjoying seeing Josh so uncomfortable (and hoping that if this went ahead that Bec might get even bolder).
Josh stood up in the middle of the spa and slipped his shorts down, revealing a semi-erect penis. He even made a show of turning slowly so that his mates had to look away if they didn't want to see it. Bec clapped her hands and congratulated him, kissing him deeply as her hand grabbed his cock.

"That wasn't hard was it?" she asked.

"Huh," was Josh's only response."

"Well it wasn't hard then," Bec said, grinning as she tugged his cock some more, feeling it stiffen in her grasp, "but it is now! Come on, your turn guys, let's see what you're packing.

John stood up slowly, trying not to look too eager as he took the centre position in the spa and dropped his boxers, turning as Josh had, his cock clearly erect. Mark then did the same. All three boys were now sitting in the nude and Bec was only too aware of her proximity to three cocks.

She slipped her panties down her legs under the water and then whilst the boys chatted, waved them slowly before their eyes and flung them away from the spa so that it meant that when she got out, she couldn't do so without either waiting for someone to retrieve them for her or stepping out at least bottomless.

Josh's hand crept down to her pussy and played with her gently as they sat side by side and Bec took every opportunity she could to touch the other two guy's cocks with her naked feet. Her pussy was on fire. If she wasn't in the spa, she'd be soaked anyway.

When it was time for more beers, Bec sent Josh again, who complained bitterly about the fact that he was being ripped off.

"That's what being the host is all about, Josh, or do you want me to go get them for you?" she laughed, guessing that he wouldn't want her parading about naked.

"No no, I'll go," he said.

As he disappeared inside, Bec said to John and Mark, "Stand up, I want to see your cocks again." John and Mark looked at each other. Nothing was said, but then John stood up, closely followed by Mark.

"Such lovely cocks you have," Bec said and reached out a hand to each of them. They both watched her as she stroked them briefly, but Bec wasn't satisfied with just that. She moved quickly forward and enveloped John's cock in her mouth, sucking it hard before turning and doing the same to Mark. The both stared at her in disbelief as she quickly sat back in her seat, indicating they should sit down too.

They both sat down rather hurriedly as Josh came back outside carrying more beers. When he was comfortably back in the spa, Bec moved to the centre of the spa, facing him. Then she moved in to kiss him. He was clearly feeling a bit uncomfortable about the fact that she was doing this in front of their friends, but she was persistent. When she straddled his lap and ground her pussy against his cock, he started to protest. "Not here Bec, not now," he whispered.

"Yes here and now," Bec said, guiding the head of his cock to her pussy and wriggling around so that it started to slide inside her.

"Fuck Bec, what's got into you?" he asked, glancing over her shoulder and noting that both of the other guys were watching her move.

"You have silly, I can feel you in me," she replied.

"That's not what I mean and you know it," he said a little testily.

"Well just enjoy it while it lasts," she countered, burying his cock completely within her. She sat grinding on him for a few minutes before sliding off, noting a look of relief on his face. But she wasn't about to let it go that easily, she simply turned around and sat down on his cock facing away from him, her position on his lap keeping her high enough that her breasts were exposed to his two friends.

"Bec, I really don't think that you should be doing this," Josh said.

"Well I am, so you can either enjoy it or leave," she retorted. Josh shut up. He didn't know what to think. He really didn't know what had happened to Bec. She was always fun, but she'd never been this brazenly open about sex before.

Bec was thinking hard. She knew what she wanted, but she was also sure that it would be the end of her relationship with Josh. She just wondered how much she could get away with before that was the case. She placed her hands on her breasts and started to play with them, enjoying the reactions that she saw on Mark and John's faces as they watched her caress herself and pull her own nipples.

She wiggled a finger at John where Josh wouldn't be able to see it and he slid around so that her body blocked Josh's view. Then he moved his butt closer to Bec and she reached out and took his cock in her hand, wanking him as she ground herself down on Josh's cock.

Mark was watching as well and Bec could tell that he was masturbating under the cover of the bubbles. She winked at him and he too moved a little closer so that she could hold his cock in her other hand.

This continued for a few moments until Bec said, "Hey John, stand up for me?" John did as he requested and Bec leaned forward, away from Josh and took his cock in her mouth.

"What the fuck Bec?" Josh cried out, pushing her off of his cock. "That's it, get out of here and you can fuck off too John."

"Sorry you feel that way Josh, but it's probably for the best. I'd hoped that you'd be cool and able to share so that I could have some fun, but that obviously won't work. I'm really sorry that its ended this way, I know I should have just ended it."

"I don't care Bec, you've changed, you're fucking crazy and I don't know you anymore. Just leave. And take those two with you; I don't want anything to do with you."

Bec grabbed her bra and then left the spa, walking naked to get her panties and use a towel. Josh stormed past her, dripping water, stalking into the house, not even looking back.

"You guys still up from some fun?" Bec asked the other two as they got out of the spa, their eyes drinking greedily of the sight that was her nakedness.

"I don't know Bec," Mark said, "maybe another time, right now I think I should get going."

"What about you John?"

"Bec I want you, I won't deny that, but I don't think tonight is the right time."

"Fuck. Well alright then, maybe some other time," Bec sighed. She grabbed her mobile phone from her purse and called a taxi. Then she pulled on her skirt and top, stuffing her wet underwear into her handbag. The guys also dressed and both made sure that Bec was going to be ok getting home, offering to share the cab with her.

"Ok, come with me and then you guys can take the cab on," she relented.

Through the whole cab ride home, Bec teased both guys, stroking their cocks in the back seat, knowing they had no underwear on. They might have said no in the wake of the spa incident, but neither was willing to ask her to stop playing with his cock in the back of the cab.

When they arrived back at her house, Bec gave John some money towards to cab fare. "It may not be tonight, but I will fuck you both," she said as a parting jibe, enjoying the look not only on the two boy's faces, but that of the cab driver as well.


The following night, Matt waited for his s****r in the bathroom. She'd been out with friends the night before and so Matt had missed out on his nightly wank. He was certainly looking forward to making up for it tonight.

When Bec walked into the bathroom, he barred up immediately. She was only wearing a pair of panties. Not even a bikini bottom, but a pair of low-rise briefs that he thought must have only just barely covered any pubic hair that she must have. And her breasts stood proudly before her, her nipples stiff and erect.

She set about running the water and soon Matt was standing beneath the cascading flow, his hands wrapped in plastic bags. Bec stood outside the shower until he was ready for her to enter and then to her b*****r's complete and utter surprise, she slid the panties off and stepped into the shower, naked.

"I think we're past the need for them," she said by simple way of explanation as Matt struggled to find the words to ask the question that he clearly wanted to get out.

Bec set about washing her b*****r, acutely aware of how it seemed a step naughtier now that she was naked as well. Her b*****r's massive erection felt good in her hands as she slid them up and down its length. She washed him several times, letting the shower wash all the soap off each time before lathering up and starting again. Bec had been thinking hard about this and was enjoying building him up and then letting him ease off slightly. She started washing his legs and dropped down to her knees to wash around his ankles and feet. When she was finished, she reached out and grabbed his cock while her head was level with it. Matt looked down at the contact and at that point, Bec opened her mouth and sucked her b*****r's cock into her mouth.

Matt didn't react. He was too stunned. He stared down past his chest to where his little s****r's mouth was sliding up and down his stiff cock. He had never felt so horny in his life. Each time she did something new to him, it was as if he had never experienced it before, nor felt anything quite so spectacular.

He knew that he should stop her. There was no way she should be sucking her b*****r's cock. But it felt so amazing that he couldn't bring himself to do it. He just watched her mouth working on him and when she glanced up at him with her mouth full of his cock, he grinned; and came.

His cock erupted, spurting its seed into his s****r's mouth, pumping his seed to the back of her throat.

Bec swallowed. She took her b*****r's cum in her mouth and then she swallowed it. She felt dirty and horny and alive. Then she stood up and rubbed her naked body against his and Matt marvelled at the feel of his s****r's firm wet breasts against his chest and stomach.

"Fuck Bec," he said when she finally stepped away from him a little.

"I know," she said. "I can't believe it, but I wanted to more than anything, so I did. Is that ok?"

"Probably not," he replied and her face soured, "But then I didn't stop you because nothing that I've ever done ever felt so good as that. I wanted it Bec." She smiled at him.

"Good. Just don't tell anyone." Matt insisted that there was no way in hell that he was about to do that as Bec dried them both with a towel. Then she went into her room to spend some quality time with her hairbrush, the lingering taste of her b*****r's cum reminding her exactly what she had just done.


Bec left the uni bar smiling. She had managed to arrange something she'd been toying with in her mind. She had a third. George was a guy that she'd met a couple of times that had made it patently clear that he wanted to get into her pants. Today Bec had told him that she was going to let him ... as long as he was prepared to share her with two other guys. He was good looking enough and though not quite Bec's type, he was a good third to go with Mark and John.

Then she rang Mark and John, inviting each of them over tomorrow afternoon, telling them that that was when she was going to fuck them and they were going to help her fulfil a fantasy. She was relieved when neither of them said no. But there was one thing that she'd decided she needed to do before she fulfilled that fantasy.


She walked naked into the bathroom where her b*****r was waiting, also naked. Rather than start the water of the shower, she dropped to her knees in front of him and started to suck his cock.

Matt couldn't believe his little s****r. He had loved their last shower, especially the ending, but he'd really been expecting that that would have been the end of it. Now he was watching her suck on his cock again.

After several minutes of doing this, she took his hand and led him in to her bedroom.

"What's going on Bec?" he asked as she turned him around and pushed him back towards her bed.

"We're going to have sex Matt. I want my b*****r's enormous cock inside me. I've been dreaming about it ever since I saw it and I want it now." Matt was already stiff and hearing her say this so confidently did nothing to assuage the tension in his penis.

"Do you really think that's a good idea Bec?" He asked.

"Yes I do. You have the biggest cock I've seen, I love you and I want to fuck you," she said, climbing on top of him. She slipped two fingers into her pussy as he watched. "See how wet I am? It's because I want you Matt, I want to fuck you. Will you let me do this?"

Matt could see his s****r's juices on her fingers. She certainly looked plenty wet. He started to think about the ramifications of saying yes, but then closed his mind.

"Fuck me Bec," he said. She grinned at him and grabbed his cock with her hand before moving forward so that her hips were in front of his cock. Then she slid herself backwards, feeling her pussy filled with more cock that she had ever had before. He felt so big and it felt good as it stretched her wide apart, piercing inside her.

Matt reached up with a thumb and fore finger and felt the breast that he'd wanted to touch ever since Bec had started washing him. His s****r's pussy was so tight and wet on his cock; he felt every movement that she made on his rock hard shaft.

If he thought he'd had trouble holding back his orgasm when she first wanked him, this was just as bad. In not time at all he was ready to cum. He warned his s****r and she smiled at him, riding him some more before allowing him to slip from her pussy. She grabbed his slick erection and pumped it with her hand until it exploded, shooting an arc of warm cum up over her hand to land with an audible splat on his stomach.

"Mmm that was great," Bec said to her b*****r.

"It was amazing," Matt replied, eyeing off his naked s****r as she grabbed some tissues and cleaned up the mess that she'd left on him. "But what about you, don't you want to cum too?"

"I knew I loved you Matt," she grinned at him, "Will you lick my pussy for me?"

"There's nothing I'd like better just now Bec,' he said. Bec climbed off of him and lay herself down on the bed while Matt set about getting himself into a position where he could use his tongue on her pussy. Bec spread her legs and even spread her pussy with her fingers, urging him to lick her.

Matt ran his tongue up the slit of Bec's pussy, marvelling at the fact that he was getting to taste his own s****r. He could see her clit standing ready, wanting attention and he decided not to disappoint it, lapping gently at it, loving the pleasured sounds that it drew forth from his s****r as she felt the contact.

"Fuck that is so good Matt, lick me harder," Bec said, leaning forward to see her b*****r's tongue making contact with her pussy. Matt applied more pressure to her clit with his tongue, rubbing back and forth, listening for the little vocal cues she gave when he was getting it right.

Bec was surprised at how quickly she reached the point where she knew that she was going to cum. She could feel the electric tension building in her body and urged Matt to keep going, to bring her to the point of elation that she craved. Matt continued pushing with his tongue, rubbing it back and forth until he heard Bec cry out as her body shuddered and she came.

"Oh God, thank you Matt, that was so good," she said to him a few minutes later when her body had calmed down again.

"Oh you're welcome Bec, I have to thank you for letting me help you cum!"

"Good, then you're not going to get all squeamish and tell me that because I'm your s****r, we won't be doing it again?" she asked.

"I don't think so. I know we shouldn't, but I doubt I'd be able to say no to you, you're so fucking hot Bec."

"Good, because if you try and stop me from fucking you again, I'll be reminding you that you said that," she laughed.


The following day Matt was out with some friends and Bec was waiting for friends of her own to show up.

John was the first to arrive and she greeted him at the door, bestowing him with a lingering, tongue-curling kiss.

"Hey John, I'm so glad that you came," she told him as she led him into the living room. "I know that this is a big ask of you, but I wanted you to be part of it."

"Well it wasn't an easy decision Bec, I've wanted to ask you out for a long time, but you were seeing Josh. And I don't know if its even a good decision to do this with you, but I'm kinda hoping that if you do it and get it out of your system, maybe there's a chance that I can see you in the near future in a less busy way."

"Are you asking me out John?" Bec asked him, smiling.

"Not really just yet," John replied, "I guess I just want to put the thought there so that it might leave the door open for the possibility."

"Ok, well thanks anyway John, I really do like you," she said, stepping in to kiss him again. As they kissed the doorbell rang. Bec went to answer it and found both George and Mark there waiting.

"Come on in guys," she said. She led them into the room where John was waiting and let them all greet each other.

"So, what I want is to fuck all of you," Bec said once they were all settled on couches, "because I've got this fantasy and I've decided that I really want to fulfil it. But I want to be clear that I don't want anyone saying anything after the fact. If you don't there s a chance it could happen again. But if word gets out, I can guarantee that I will find a way to make your life a living hell, yeah?"

"No problem Bec," John quickly said.

"Sure," Mark said. George just shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal.

"Sure you understand George?" Bec asked, attempting to be 100% sure that she had control over the situation.

"Yeah, no problem," George replied. "How do you want to do this?"

"Well I think to start with I want you all to strip off and stand around me so that I can suck on your cocks," Bec said. She knelt back on the floor away from the couch and watched as the three guys stripped out of their clothes and then moved to stand around her, their cocks in varying states of erection.

Bec went to John's first, taking it in her mouth, her hand wrapped around the shaft as she licked and sucked at it. Then she reached out with her free hand to grab Mark's cock, pulling him in closer to her. Removing her hand from John, but keeping his cock in her mouth, she then reached out and grabbed George as well, revelling in how slutty she felt to be playing with three cocks at once.

After a little while, she turned her head to the left and started sucking Mark's cock, getting it as hard as she had just managed to make John's before then turning her back to the right and sucking George to maximum size as well.

"This would be a lot better if we could see you naked Bec," George commented as she slid her mouth down over his cock, her tongue gliding along the sensitive underside.

"You're probably right, but I was in a hurry to get started," Bec laughed. She released the two cocks that she had in her hand and stood up, "please undress me guys," she said, glancing from one to the other.

Mark knelt down and started to undo her shoes, John started to undo her shorts and George brought his hands to the front of the blouse that she was wearing. She expected him to start undoing the buttons, but instead he gripped one side with each hand and tore them apart, popping the buttons from the front as she went.

"George!" Bec called out as her bra was so quickly exposed and her blouse destroyed.

"Sorry, its something I've always wanted to try," he said with a wry smile. "It probably won't happen again." Bec glared at him, but he just grinned and walked around behind her so that he could undo her bra, releasing her tits as she stepped out of first her shoes and then her shorts. As she looked down to watch John sliding her pink thong down her legs, she felt George's hands snake around from behind her and grab at her breasts somewhat roughly.
"Easy there tiger," she said over her shoulder to him. She felt him close his mouth down on the back of her neck and gave a little yelp as his teeth grazed over her skin. Then John's hands were caressing her buttocks and one slid between her legs, grazing against her pussy. Bec knew she was wet and moaned at the contact with her pussy. She really needed to get someone inside her.

"Lay down George," she instructed him, hoping that if she mounted him, she'd have a little more control and he might relax a bit.

George grinned and did as he was bid, lying on the floor with his stiff cock up against his stomach. Bec squatted over the top of him and grabbed it with her hand, guiding it to her wet pussy. He wasn't particularly big and she easily speared herself down the length of his shaft. Then she asked John and Mark to stand either side of her so that she could alternately suck on their cocks as she ground herself down on George.

George reached up with his hands and pulled roughly at Bec's breasts, capturing her nipples with his thumbs and forefingers, rolling them hard between them, causing her to flinch and wiggle, her pussy moving on his cock. She stopped sucking on Mark and John and put her hands on George's chest, her arms squeezing her breasts together and holding George's arms away from her breasts. She worked her pussy up and down his cock, feeling him slip between her lips and then spear into her on the return movement.

George dropped his arms back over his head as he was ridden towards the point where he'd blow his load. Bec told the other two boys to play with her tits. A hand closed over each breast as she slid her way up and down George's cock and when she heard George's breathing go crazy and he was really starting to thrust back up into her, she slipped her pussy from him and moved to take his cock in her mouth. She sucked him until she felt his cock twitch and then pulled him as he came, shooting his sperm up over his belly and chest. She grinned at him as he complained about having to clean his own sperm off himself.

Then Bec got down on her hands and knees and asked Mark to kneel in front of her while John moved in behind her, ready to fuck her doggy-style. John slid his cock home inside Bec and Bec opened her mouth to work on Mark's cock. George was busy fetching some toilet paper to wipe himself down as they started their work out.

Bec loved the feeling of her mouth being f***ed down over Mark's cock with each thrust into her from behind by John. He was deep inside her and she felt split wide as his balls slapped against her with his thrusting.

"Oh yeah, fuck me hard, John," she cried out in between mouthfuls of Mark's cock. Mark was thrusting at her mouth as well and Bec opened her mouth wide, almost gagging when she felt his cock spear toward the back of her throat.

"I want you two to swap," Bec said after a few minutes. She turned around and the guys remained still as Bec took John's cock, slippery with her own juices, deep into her mouth. Mark was left to admire the delightful view of Bec's arse and pussy from behind, at least up until the point that he aimed his cock at her pussy and drove it home.

A few minutes later and John announced that he was going to cum. Bec kept sucking at his cock, keeping it in her mouth even as he came and short spurts of cum down the back of her throat. As John fell away, spent, Bec thrust herself hard back at Mark, feeling him slide between her lips. She felt a hand in her hair, pulling her head up and was surprised to see a cock in front of her. George had recovered and his cock was stiff again. He pulled her to elevate her head and then thrust his cock at her mouth. Bec opened her mouth and let him in, at which point he began fucking her face quite hard.

Mark announced that he was unable to hold it any longer and pulled his cock from Bec's pussy, his sperm shooting in an arc to land on Bec's back and butt. George grinned at him. "Nice shot," he said before releasing Bec's hair and taking his cock from her mouth. He then moved next to Bec before she had a chance to move and rolled her over onto her back.

Bec felt the cum between herself and the floor and then George was between her legs, spreading them wide and pushing her knees up towards her chest. She could feel George's cock at the entrance to her pussy and then it was being thrust inside. There was little that was gentle about George's movement and soon he had her knees almost either side of her head as he buried himself over and over again in her pussy.

After a couple of minutes, George slid from her pussy and holding both her ankles up towards her head in one hand, he grabbed his cock with the other and started rubbing the tip of it against her anus.

"No George, none of that," Bec said insistently as she realised what he was tyring to do.

"Don't knock it 'til you've tried it," George said, grinning as he continued to try and work his cock into Bec's arse.

"I said no."

"Come on George, she doesn't want it," John said. Mark hovered nearby, ready to back up John if required.

George slid his cock back into Bec's pussy with a sigh, "I can't believe you say you want three guys at once and then won't even take it up the arse," he said, pushing her legs back and thrusting as hard as he could at her pussy. He leaned over her, his arms pushing her legs wide as he lifted his weight from the ground. Bec's butt was lifted from the ground and George started pumping f***efully inside her. Bec moaned. She'd never been treated this roughly during sex before but was surprised at how good it felt to have someone ram his cock into her repeatedly.

George approached his orgasm and put on a burst of rough speed as he pounded into Bec's pussy. Then he pulled out and sprayed his second load of cum down over Bec's body, hitting her stomach and belly button.

"See how you like the stuff," he laughed as he backed away. Both John and Mark looked at him with disgust, surprised at the way that he had behaved through the encounter. George was already grabbing his clothes and dressing.

"Thanks for the fuck Bec, let me know if you need a real man again some time," he said as his parting words.

Mark returned to the living room with some toilet paper for Bec to clean herself up and John turned to ask her, "Did you get what you want from this Bec?"

"I think so," she grinned. "George is a bit of a wanker, but he served his purpose."

"What I'd really like to do is eat your pussy Bec. Do you think that you'd let me do that?" Mark asked as he stood over her and admired her naked body.

"Hell yes, get down here and make me cum Mark," Bec exclaimed. For all that she'd enjoyed things so far, she hadn't cum and welcomed the fact that there was someone here willing to help her out.

Mark lay down between Bec's legs and applied his tongue to her pussy, licking for all he was worth at her swollen lips, slick with the moisture of her excitement.

"Come here John, you should be a part of this too," she said, reaching out for his cock. He knelt over the top of her and lowered his hardening penis into her mouth as she opened to receive him, Bec grabbed John's butt and encouraged him to thrust his cock into her mouth as she enjoyed the attention that Mark was providing her pussy, sucking now upon her clitoris.

Bec was so worked up from the day's activities that she wasn't going to require a whole lot of attention to get her over the line and Mark was diligent in his work, barely letting her clit have a rest, his tongue sliding back and forth over it again and again and again. Combined with John thrusting his cock into her mouth, the sensation was enough for Bec and she came, her pussy a convulsing mass of exultant flesh. She had to stop sucking John and instead sucked air into her lungs and cried out in pleasure.

"God that was good Mark," she told him as she lay on the floor twitching, "but I don't think I can leave poor John here in this state! She pushed John onto his back on the ground and knelt between his legs, placing a hand on the floor on either side of him. Then she took his cock in her mouth without using her hands and started sliding her mouth along the length of his shaft.

"Yeah, well he's not the only one that's in a state of arousal," Mark exclaimed, "so if you don't mind, I'm going to take advantage of this wonderful pussy!"

"Mmm, please do!" Bec said as Mark moved in behind her and worked his cock into her pussy. He fucked her slowly from behind, sliding his dick back and forth, feeling her lips as they slid along the length of his shaft, pulling himself completely free and then sliding back inside her.

Bec matched her motions on John's cock to the pace that Mark was setting behind her, at least up until the point that John started thrusting back at her and she could tell that he was close to cumming. She bobbed up and down quickly then and when John moaned that he was losing it, sucked as much of his cock into her mouth as she could and moved up and down ever so slightly as he tensed and then released his cum into her mouth.

Bec swallowed the sperm and Mark increased the rate of his thrusts from behind. Bec asked him to stop so that she could roll over and once she was on her back, Mark resumed fucking her, this time in a missionary position.

"Fuck me hard Mark," she said as he continued to build the pace of his screwing. Bec looked up and admired his muscles as he held himself over her, ramming his cock into her pussy over and over again until he could take no more.

"I'm gonna cum," he announced.

"Cum on my tits Mark," Bec said, pulling herself away from him and sitting up. Mark grabbed hold of his erection and stood before Bec, tugging at himself until he erupted and cum sprayed from his cock to hit Bec on the chest between her breasts.

"Oh yeah, that's so cool," she said as she watched the cum eject from the tip of his penis. She brought her hands to her chest and smeared the sperm over her breasts. "God I feel like such a porn star," she laughed. The boys joined in with her laughter. "But I really feel like that's enough for today, thanks so much guys."

"Anytime," Mark said, grinning at her.

"You know how I feel," John said to her quietly and Bec promised to give it some thought.

She kissed them each goodbye once they were all cleaned up and dressed and then sat down to watch TV until her b*****r came home. She wondered if she'd manage to be up for anything by the time that he actually got there.


When Matt did eventually come home, he was d***k from having been out with his mates and Bec decided that the last thing that she wanted to deal with was him pissed and trying to cooperate in the shower, so she sent him to bed with a promise to look after him the following day.


In the morning, Matt woke up with a stinking hang over and stumbled down to breakfast, bleary-eyed and hurting.

"Nice day out?" Bec asked her b*****r as he slumped into one of the chairs around the breakfast table.

"It was at the time ... but not so much now," Matt laughed, waving a hand to indicate that he didn't want any of the milk that Bec had silently offered him.

"Ahh well that's what happens when you play up," Bec laughed.

"Yeah yeah, I wasn't looking for sympathy. What about you, did you have a good day?"

"Yeah, it wasn't too bad all in all," Bec replied, blushing for no particular reason. "So did you want to wash all the stink off you before you start the day, or wait until I come home from Uni?"

"God I think I need a good soak in the shower right now and if you've got the time, that would be magic Bec."

"Come on then, I was about to leave, but I can afford to be a little late, just so I get to say hello to my special friend down there," Bec grinned at her b*****r, looking to his crotch, "assuming you didn't do him any permanent damage that is?"

"Huh, he seems to bear up remarkably well under these circumstances, much better than this head at least," Matt said, pushing himself up from the table so that he could go upstairs to the shower.

When they were under the cascading water, Bec massaged and stroked Matt's muscles, knowing how crappy a good hang over could feel. Matt leaned against the glass of the shower, constantly moaning in appreciation of his s****r's attention, but so hung over that he barely even managed to appreciate the fact that she was naked in the shower with him.

Bec took her b*****r's cock in her hand and started washing it, feeling its girth and length increase as she slid her hands along it.

"I'm always amazed how a little masturbation can drive away the hang over pain for a brief time," Matt said as he watched his s****r's hands working their way back and forth over his cock.

"Really?" Bec asked.

"Yeah, I always seem to end up wanking in the shower when I'm hung over and for that period of time, I feel great, but once it's over, it's straight back to misery town."

"Weird," Bec replied. "So does that mean you want to cum or not?"

Matt looked at her, "I always want to cum with you Bec, I don't think I have the capacity to say no."

Bec grinned at her b*****r and then released his cock and stood in front of him, resting her hands on his hips, looking into his eyes. As he looked back, she pulled him into a hug, crushing her breasts against him and the tilted her head back.

"Kiss me Matt," she declared, her lips parting in a tantalising invitation. Matt couldn't resist, he lowered his lips to hers and for the first time, felt his tongue invade his s****r's mouth. They held each other and kissed for a long time, their bodies, pressed together, their hands exploring and caressing. And then Bec slid her way down her b*****r's wet body and took his cock in her mouth, sucking it long and hard.

"Fuck I love sucking your cock big-b*****r," she said before taking it deep in again.

"And I love you sucking it," Matt declared, flinching as she wound her tongue around the tip, tickling the most sensitive parts.

Bec worked her b*****r's cock with her mouth until he shot his sperm. She pulled her head away and let his cum splash over her neck and breasts and then washed him off.

"Shit, I'm going to be really late now!" Bec said, hurriedly dressing and leaving Matt to his own devices. "I'll catch you later." ------------------

"Fuck I'm horny," Bec said to her b*****r as they sat watching TV that night. "I think you've turned me into a deviant Matt, I just want to have sex all the time."

Matt laughed at his s****r. "Maybe you're just a boy in girl's skin 'cause that's what guys are like,"

"Naah can't be, I like cock too much," she laughed. Then she reached over and started undoing Matt's pants, freeing his cock. She started sucking on it for a few moments and then stood up in front of him. She lifted one of his feet from the ground and took his shoe off, then repeated the movement with the second foot before pulling his shorts off so that he was naked from the waist down.

Kneeling between his legs, she played with his cock for a few moments before pulling her top off over her head, revealing the fact that she'd not been wearing a bra.

"God I love those tits," Matt said, grinning as they were revealed to him.

"Then suck them for me," Bec said, climbing up onto his lap. She ground her pussy down on her b*****r's cock, her panties the only thing that was stopping it from sliding inside her. At the same time, she thrust her chest toward her b*****r's face and he sucked hard on her left breast and then again on her right.

Bec allowed him to do this for some minutes before she pulled aside the crotch of the pale blue panties that she was wearing and slid his cock inside. She rode up and down, trying to ensure that she kept her tits within reach of his mouth as she did so.

Matt was grunting and moaning around her breasts as Bec worked herself on his cock. Then she reached down between them to apply her fingers to her clitoris as she fucked her b*****r. The effect of her touch was electric and she threw her head back in ecstasy, squealing with the twin pleasures of the attention on her clit and the cock in her pussy.

When she came, she did so with a gush; there was something about the position that had her b*****r's cock rubbing just right and her added finger pleasure was insane.

"Holy crap Bec!" Matt said as he felt her pussy gush its release over his cock and balls.

Bec just sat there shuddering. Her insides were still going off. She'd never experienced such intense pleasure before in her life.

"Fuck, that was incredible," she finally panted to Matt as she extricated herself from him and looked down to see how wet her b*****r was.

"I've never felt a girl cum like that before," Matt said.

"I don't think I've ever cum like that before," Bec said. "There was one night with my hair brush that came close, but even that wasn't that intense."

"Your hair brush?" Matt asked. Bec explained to him about how she'd been rushing off to give herself an orgasm after their early showers together and how one night she'd been fucking herself with her hair brush and how intense it had been.

"Man, I want to see you fuck a hair brush," Matt said. Bec laughed at him.

"You never know, If you ask nicely, I just might let you watch," she replied slyly.

"God I wish this cast was off, I'd love to be able to touch your body properly Bec," Matt said as she put her clothes back on.

"How much longer is it?" she asked him.

"A week today," he told her.

"Well at least its before Mum and Dad get back!" Bec said, a glint of excitement in her eyes.

"Well that's true," Matt replied.

"I think we'll be able to have some fun when you're arm and hands are better," Bec said cheerily. "We might even be able to find a hairbrush!"
Matt walked into his s****r's bedroom. "Hey Bec, how's things?" he asked.

"Pretty good," she replied, looking up from the book that she was reading as she lay upon her bed.

"I was just wondering, out of idle curiosity, as to whether you might like to have your pussy licked?" he asked her.

"You know, I can't say that I've been lying here thinking about it," Laughed Bec. "But since you're offering, I think I'd have to be crazy to say no. After all, I don't think its going to be quite this easy for us to get together like this once Mum and Dad get back from Europe."

Matt grinned and moved over to the bed, sitting down on the end near his s****r's feet.

"Yeah, I don't know what we're going to do then, maybe we'll have to encourage them to go out to dinner more often. Or I'll have to move out and get a place of my own so that you can come over and visit.

Do you mind stripping yourself off for me? It will save me a bit of frustration."

"Sure, what is it, three days until those things come off now?" Bec asked as she put the book aside and slipped her track pants and panties down her legs to reveal her pussy. Matt spent some time admiring his s****r's pussy before lowering his face to her crotch and applying his tongue between her lips. He lapped gently and slowly at first, ensuring that he covered every inch of her delectable skin.

Bec moaned her appreciation of the attention that he was paying her and reached down to part her lips for him. Matt knew what was being asked of him and ran his tongue around the entrance to her pussy before sliding it inside and then running it up to her clit. He flicked it back and forth repeatedly, occasionally pausing to travel back down to dip deep inside her delights.

He listened carefully to his s****r's breathing, taking notes on when it quickened or when she moaned, knowing that these were indicators that he was achieving the result that he wanted. He took his time. He wasn't in a hurry to make her cum, but was simply happy to enjoy the fact that he was getting to lick his s****r's pussy. There was something so taboo about it that it drove him wild and he only wished that he was able to stroke his incredibly hard cock while he enjoyed licking her.

"Fuck that's good Matt," Bec told him, releasing her pussy to caress her breasts momentarily. She pulled at her nipples, watching the way they elongated away from her breasts, stretching tight, then settling back down to sit erectly upon her pert breasts when she released them. Then she returned her hands to her pussy, again spreading her slick swollen labia for her b*****r to delve between.

She felt him begin rubbing his tongue rhythmically back and forth against her clit, the pressure increasing as he continued to work it over clit again and again and again.

"Fuck yes, Matt, harder!" she said as she felt her orgasm approaching. To think that she hadn't even been horny when he'd walked into the room! "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" she cried out as her body spasmed. She flopped back on her bed, pushing her b*****r's head from between her legs and clamping them together, crushing her lips as they continued to squeeze and release with the pleasure that flooded her being.

Matt grinned at her from the floor. "I take it you liked that then?" he asked.

"duh," she laughed back at him.

"Well good, I'm glad that I could make your night pleasurable," he said, standing and making to leave the room.

"Hang on, I can't just let you leave like that," Bec said to him as she glanced down to where his cock was clearly tenting out against his track pants.

"No it's ok Bec, I came in here only with the thought to give, not to receive," Matt replied.

"Yes, but maybe you haven't given me enough yet!" Bec said. "I demand that you fill my mouth with your wonderful cock!"

"Well if you're sure. I'd hate to have you think that I came in here with ulterior motives," Matt said, turning back towards her. Bec had sat up on the edge of he bed and reached out and grabbed his cock through his track pants, pulling him toward her.

"I don't care what your motives were, I just want your cock," she laughed, stripping his pants down to reveal his erection. She grabbed it in her hand, wrapping her hand down around the base, sliding it against his balls to maximise the length left to play with. Then she ran her tongue up along a swollen vein on the side until she reached the head of his cock, which she swirled her tongue around before enveloping it in her mouth. She swallowed his cock down to where her other hand was wrapped around it before sliding her mouth up and down along his length, pausing to lick at the tip occasionally.

"Oh fuck Bec, that's amazing," Matt said as he watched his cock disappear into his s****r's mouth over and over again.

Bec just continued to suck on her b*****r's cock. As she sucked him, she decided that she wasn't going to be happy with just the oral sex and decided that she'd need to fuck him as well. She released his cock from her mouth and climbed onto her bed, kneeling down and facing away from him.

"Put your cock in my pussy Matt, I want you to fuck me from behind." The bed put her at the perfect height and Matt stepped in behind her and slid his cock into her sopping wet pussy. They both moaned as he buried his large shaft entirely within her and then started to slide it in and out. Bec pushed back against every thrust.

"Fuck, I can't wait until you can use your hands properly," Bec said to him as they fucked, "I really want to feel your hands on my hips as you slam that cock into me."

"God I just want to be able to run my hands over your beautiful skin, especially the bumpy bits we like to call tits!" Matt laughed as he continued to thrust his hips at her, burying his cock in her pussy.

Bec reached between her legs and stroked her clit briefly before deciding that she wanted to do something else for Matt. She flopped forward on her bed, off of his cock and he nearly fell on top of her as he thrust automatically forward and met no resistance.

"Oh shit!" he laughed as he regained his balance.

"Sorry," Bec replied, laughing as well, "there's something I want to do for you." She jumped off the bed and went to her dresser where she grabbed her hair brush. She then lay down on her bed as Matt encouraged her and told her just how much he'd wanted to see this.

Bec slowly worked the handle of the hair brush into her pussy, managing to get it in a little further each time she slid it in as the handle became coated with her pussy juices. When she had it wet enough, she was able to slide it back and forth like a cock invading her pussy. She kept her eyes on her b*****r's face, loving the mad grin that split it as he watched her hair brush disappearing inside her pussy.

Having an audience to do this for drove Bec wild and soon she was ramming the brush in and out at a rapid rate, making sure the angle was just right to maximise her pleasure.

"Let me suck your cock Matt," she panted, wriggling on the bed until her head was hanging off the edge. Matt knelt where she could access it and moaned as she felt her mouth envelope him. She sucked him hard and worked her pussy over until she felt that familiar sensation that announced she was going to cum.

"Oh fuck!" she cried as she released her b*****r's cock from her mouth. She craned her head forward and both she and Matt watched as a stream of cum sprayed from her pussy as she withdrew the hair brush.

"Holy fuck!" Matt said as he saw his s****r's pussy squirt its pleasure off the other side of the bed and onto the floor. Her hips and legs were convulsing with the f***e of her orgasm.

Bec recovered and then grinned at her b*****r. "That was intense," she laughed.

"Intense? That was fucking amazing!" Matt said in awe.

"Now I need to make you cum before that thing bursts," she said, nodding at his cock; which stood erect and pointing toward the ceiling. She had Matt sit on the edge of the bed and then knelt between his legs, taking his cock in her mouth, enjoying the fact that she could taste herself on him. She sucked and sucked until finally Matt exploded, filling her mouth with his cum. She swallowed the first spurt, but he flinched the second time and it hit her on the chin and breasts. Bec laughed it off and when he was finished, went to the bathroom to clean up.


"How does it feel?" Bec asked Matt as they got into the car to drive home.

"Fantastic," Matt replied, flexing his fingers with his hands in front of his face. They were pink and scarred from where he'd been pinned together, but at least now his hands were his own again. He turned to his s****r and said, "I can't believe how much I've wanted to do this," and he reached out with his hand, about to seize her breast, but she slapped it way.

"Hey! Not here you idiot!" she laughed.

"Damn, I suppose not," Matt laughed in return. Bec started the car and drove them home.

"I think you'd better sit on those hands," Bec teased him when they were half way there. "I can tell from that glint in your eye that any moment you're going to be tempted to reach out and grab me.

"Hmm, maybe telepathy really does work," her b*****r laughed, consciously putting his hands back into his lap.

The ride seemed to last for an eternity to Matt and when they finally did arrive back at the house, he followed Bec inside, his eyes glued to her butt as it wiggled its way in front of him, clad in a pair of tight brown track pants. As she passed over the threshold of the door, he reached out his hand and cupped one pert cheek.

Bec jumped forward and away from him in shock, turning around to glare at him, but Matt just shrugged, trying to look innocent.

"Hey, I'm a guy, we're not built with much in the way of restraint you know," he said.

"Obviously," Bec said. "So maybe I should teach you some patience. Maybe I shouldn't let you touch these today." As she said it, she cupped her breasts in her hands and squeezed them together, loving the reaction on her b*****r's face as the idea penetrated his head.

"Or maybe I should apologise and beg a lot," Matt offered.

"Begging ... I quite like the sound of that," Bec said, grinning, "Get down on your knees and beg b*****r. Matt laughed, but closed the door behind him and dropped to his knees in front of his s****r.

"Please Becky, please please please may I hold your perfect little breasts in my hands?"

"No," Bec replied and turned away.

"Why you little ..." Matt said, laughing, getting up from his knees and moving to quickly close the distance between him and his s****r. Bec laughed harder and dashed away from him, running up the stairs, intending to make the security of her bedroom where she'd be able to lock him out. Despite his period of convalescence though, Matt was still too quick for her and caught up to her on the stairs. He grabbed her ankle and she fell forward, catching herself with her hands.

Matt moved up the stairs over the top of her so that she was pinned beneath him.

"Maybe I didn't do this begging thing right," Matt laughed, his hands grabbing his s****r's hips and turning her so that she was on her back beneath him. His cock was already erect and he lowered his weight on to her, grinding his erection against his s****r.

"Pretty please may I touch your breasts my gorgeous wonderful beautiful s****r?"

"Well I don't think it counts as begging if I'm not in a position to say no," Bec replied. Matt descended a couple of steps, leaving the path well clear for Bec to get away should she so desire.

"Please????" he drawled c***dishly.

"You know, I think you can, because although you've been a bit naughty about it, you haven't actually touched them against my will and for that you can have your reward."

Matt's hands travelled near the speed of light to close over his s****r's breasts, but when they arrived, he was cautious and gentle, taking them in his hand and squeezing ever so slightly. He could feel that she was wearing a push-up bra and desperately wanted to get to feel the actual flesh of her breasts against his hands, but wasn't about to ruin the experience by rushing. He increased the pressure of his hands on Bec's breasts and then released them, before squeezing gently again. They felt awesome.

"My god Bec, I can't tell you how much it turns me on to finally touch these," he said, unable to remove the grin from his face.

"Well you're not really touching them yet," she laughed, "But maybe if you let me off the stairs I can arrange a more intimate physical inspection?" Matt leaned over his s****r and kissed her, pleased with the willingness with which she accepted it, feeling her tongue snake out to join with his between them. The he stood up, freeing her to move completely.

Bec glanced at her b*****r's crotch which was around her waist level due to the difference in their elevation on the stairway.

"Hmm I think I'm getting an idea of how turned on you are," she said, winking at Matt before standing up to move to her bedroom, feeling Matt's hand caress her butt as she set off.

Matt followed his s****r into her bedroom, loving the fact that as soon as she was inside, she started pulling the white t-shirt that she was wearing up over her head to reveal the yellow striped push-up bra that housed her breasts.

"Wait, can I take it off for you?" he asked as she turned to face him with her hands reaching behind her to the bra clasp.

"No, I think I'd like to tease you," Bec said, "Why don't you sit over there?" she indicated the chair at the desk in her room. Matt wasn't about to argue and took a seat. Bec stood in front of him and turned away so that he was looking at her back . His eyes drank in the sight of her skin, admiring the smooth taut curves that disappeared into the top of her brown pants.

Bec started working her hips, dancing slowly and seductively, her hands playing with the bra straps on her shoulders, slipping first one and then the other off before turning to face him so that her breasts were almost free, but still held within the bra. She reached up to the cups, crushing them against her breasts, squeezing them before pretending to pull the cups down to expose them, but releasing the material and pulling her empty hands down instead. She slid the straps back up onto her shoulders and turned away from him again, this time her hands releasing the clasp at her back and letting the two pieces fall away to expose her back. Matt would have loved to have knelt behind her at that point and placed delicate kisses on the small of her back, but she turned again, holding the cups of her bra against her breasts. She reached up to slip off first one and then the other strap so that only her hands now held the bra against her flesh. Then, leaning back slightly, she removed her hands. The angle of her torso prevented the bra from falling but as she straightened up she replaced her hands and hence continuing to hide her pert breasts from Matt's view.

Matt rubbed his hands against his crotch. His cock was as stiff as a board and he would have loved to just take it out and start tugging it.

Bec turned away from him again and he saw the bra fall to the ground. As she turned herself back to face him, her hands again covered her breasts, giving herself a hand bra. She pressed her breasts flat and moved her hands in circular motions and even though he'd seen and sucked on his s****r's breasts, it felt to Matt like he was about to see them for the very first time. Bec moved her hands slightly and parted her fingers and Matt realised that she was revealing her nipples through the part in her fingers. He stared.

Bec then slid her hands down from her breasts and over her abdomen, caressing her stomach as her b*****r's eyes feasted upon the sight of her breasts. She ran her hands back up to her perfectly smooth, pert orbs and took her nipples between her thumbs and fore fingers as she advanced on her b*****r, pulling and twirling them gently.

Just as he reached out to touch her, she turned away from him and backed into him, dropping her butt onto his lap where she could feel the length of his cock as she ground down against it. Matt moaned and his hands reached around his s****r and took her breasts within them for the very first time. As with when he'd held them when she was dressed, he was gentle, carefully caressing them, squeezing them within his hands and crushing them gently against her rib cage, delighting in the soft, yet firm feel of them.

He sat there, playing with Bec's breasts whilst she continued to grind herself against his erection, sighing and moaning. Then she stood up again. Matt reluctantly released her breasts from his grasp as she stood and was going to stand as well, but Bec told him to stay there. He remained seated and Bec bent over and touched her toes in front of him. Matt eyed his s****r's butt in her tight pants and the way that it clung to her pussy between her legs.

He rubbed his crotch again as Bec stood and her hands moved to the top of her pants. She wiggled her butt as her hands slid the pants down, exposing a black thong nestled between her butt cheeks. With her pants now sitting just below her firm little bottom, she again touched her toes and this time, pulled the pants down her legs as she went. Matt leaned in to peer closely at his s****r's pussy, the thong barely covering her lips. He placed a palm on each cheek of her bottom, caressing it, allowing his fingers to dance lightly upon her tight arse. He ran a finger down the crotch of the thong, pushing it slightly, causing it to slip between Bec's now clearly moist lips. Bec moaned and didn't move.

Encouraged, Matt traced his finger alongside the fabric, connecting with her skin. Bec shuddered slightly but didn't pull away. With his other hand, Matt slipped a finger under the thong and pulled it out from between her lips and to the side, exposing his s****r's gorgeous, swollen and wet lips. Revelling in the freedom that he now had with his hands and fingers, Matt slid a finger directly down his s****r's wet slit and then slid it inside her pussy, pushing it in as far as he could. Bec groaned loudly, rocking back against the intrusion. Matt leaned forward and placed a kiss first on her left butt cheek and then on her right, before spreading them with his hands and running his tongue over her slit.

"Oh fuck that's good," Bec said allowing him to lick her a couple more times before standing up and turning around to remove the thong. Standing naked, she reached her fingers down between her legs and felt her pussy. It was sopping wet. She slid a finger inside herself and then rubbed her pussy juice on her nipple. She pulled the nipple away from her breast, and then allowed it to slip from her grasp.

After repeating the move on her other breast, she slipped her finger into her pussy again before looking Matt in the eye, pulling it out and then sucking her finger clean. Matt groaned as he saw his s****r taste herself. But then she simply dropped down on her knees and told Matt to remove his pants.

Matt stood up and shed his pants in moments, his large cock springing free, pointing skyward as it strained to become even bigger than it already was. Bec put a hand on Matt's stomach and pushed him back into the chair. Then when he was seated again, moved in to take his cock in her mouth whilst he sat and watched. She sucked and slurped and licked and bobbed her head up and down along the length of his massive erection.

Matt groaned over and over as he watched his cock slipping in and out of his s****r's mouth. He wanted to fuck her now. He wanted to shove his cock deep within his s****r's pussy and ram it home over and over again, but she was relentless in her sucking and eventually Matt had to warn her that he was going to explode. She didn't even miss a beat. Bec just kept sucking until she felt the explosion within her mouth and quickly swallowed down the warm salty seed of her b*****r.
"Fuck Bec, that was amazing, but I really want to fuck you."

"Well I would be pretty disappointed if you didn't," she laughed as she stood from the floor and led her b*****r over to her bed.

Matt let Bec lay down on the bed and then knelt down beside her. Like a blind man reading his favourite text, Matt then proceeded to get to know his s****r's body intimately with his hands, touching and caressing every inch of her. It was incredibly arousing for both of them as he ran his fingers and palms all over her skin, but avoided the obvious sexual areas until the very end.

Finally he touched her breasts and nipples again before letting his right hand trail down to her pussy, where he allowed two fingers to begin exploring her inner folds as he used his mouth on her right breast.

After sucking it briefly he kissed Bec and used his fingers on her clitoris. He kept kissing her, their tongues dancing together until she had cum hard and subsided again. Then he moved onto the bed and positioned himself between her willing and welcoming legs. With his hands either side of her, he watched her face as he pressed his cock against the slick entrance to her pussy and smoothly slid it home.

Bec allowed her b*****r to gently fuck her for a while before wrapping her legs around him and pulling herself f***efully against the thrusts of his cock. She begged him to fuck her harder and Matt obeyed, pumping and thrusting so that his cock slammed home within her pussy over and over again.

Bec loved feeling her b*****r fucking her hard, but wanted to feel him as deep as he would get inside her and so told her b*****r to fuck her from behind. She rolled over for him and got on her hands and knees before collapsing her chest to the bed, her arms stretched out before her. Matt slid in from behind and rammed his cock into her, his balls slapping against her each time he hit home.

Bec imagined that her hands were tied out in front of her and that she had no choice but to accept the fucking that she was getting. She was surprised by how much the image turned her on.

Matt looked down upon the gorgeous shape of his s****r as her shoved his cock into her. She truly was beautiful he thought. He eyed her butt hole, wondering if she'd ever had anyone try and fuck her up the arse. Just the thought of it suddenly brought him over the edge of the climax that he'd been trying to forestall and his cock erupted just as he thrust home within his s****r's pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Bec said as she felt his warm cum spray inside her. She started to cum in response to the feeling and she was overwhelmed by the pleasure. Matt quickly pulled his cock from her and the remainder of his sperm shot against her anus before dribbling down over her pussy. Bec collapsed completely onto the bed.

As she lay there recovering, Matt met his s****r's eye.

"Fuck Bec, I'm sorry, fuck, I mean, shit," his mind was in turmoil.

"What?" she said, having not yet really finished with her orgasm.

""I fucking shot cum in you!" he said.

"I know, it felt awesome!" she said, smiling dreamily.

"Yeah, but Bec, fuck, are you on the pill?" Matt asked with a hint of panic in his voice.

Bec didn't answer, but her dreamy smile disappeared in a flash as the realisation hit home.

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That's the way it happens - and happen's more than some people realise......
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