My Cousin Sofia

(MFMF, inc, intr, oral, anal, 1st, swingers, orgy)

When Sofia found out that I often wrote sex stories,
she wouldn't leave me alone. I'm almost 30 and Sofia
is my cousin, barely 19 when this relationship began,
petite and quite a doll. I guess most people would call
her "cute" because of her looks. But she has always been
a precocious k**, graduating at the top of her high
school class, getting scholarship offers galore.


1: Sofia

A few weeks ago, I answered the door to find Sofia,
wearing shorts and a halter top. "Hi, Cuz," she said.
She'd call me 'Cuz' as a pet name. "Got a few minutes to

Sofia had wanted to go to the local business school
and work full time locally. She occasionally did some
modeling because, she's a doll. Her short reddish-brown
hair, freckled nose and bawdy sense of humor made her
popular with everyone, including me.

So I asked her in and no sooner had I shut the door than
she asked, "Is it true you write fuck stories?" I'd
heard Sofia say 'fuck' before, but always as part of a
joke. But this time it was different.

"Who told you that?" I asked. Writing erotic stories,
whether you call it smut, porn or 'fuck stories,' it
isn't something you announce to the general public. But
it pays well and there's less competition. My close
friends knew. My uncle, Sofia's father, knew. No one
thinks it's wrong or "bad." It's good money and I don't
write degrading crap. But I certainly don't tell
everyone I meet or know that I write erotica.

My grandmother doesn't know. And I didn't think Sofia

"Never mind how I found out," she answered. "But if it's
true, I think it's pretty neat. Well?" I felt a twinge
of embarrassment but I couldn't lie. "Okay, it's true.
But I don't call them 'fuck stories.'" Sofia's face
lit up. I suddenly became aware that my nubile cousin
was braless as her nipples poked the material of her

"Lemme read some, Cuz." What could I do or say? I led
her to my work room, showed her where my file copies of
sex magazines were, then I left the room. Embarrassed, I
guess. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a beer from the
'fridge, and gulped it down. I have to admit that I had
felt some sexual attraction to Sofia for some time.

Whenever I wrote about a girl losing her virginity, it
was Sofia's face I had in mind. Her young body, her
youthful eagerness, her intelligence, all had inspired
and influenced me. And now she was actually reading the
material I had written.

I grabbed another beer, popped it open, and went to my
workroom to find Sofia avidly reading the sex
magazines I'd been published in. From the look on her
face it was obvious she was enjoying what she was
reading. She was breathing rapidly, sweat shone on her
upper lip, and her nostrils seemed to flare, all the
signs of a woman in heat, even a cousin. She saw or
heard me and said, "I love to read about people fucking
almost as much as I love to fuck. Surprised?" How could
I be? I mean, she was smart, witty, attractive and old
enough. I felt a twinge at the thought of my cousin
getting dicked by some pimply teenager. Jealousy, I
guess. I also felt a twinge in my loins as I warmed to
the subject with my cousin.

"Does it embarrass you that I'm talking about fucking,
Dave?" she asked. "Well, not embarrassed, I'm just not
used to it," I answered.

"Not used to fucking?" she asked. "Oh, you know what I
mean," I said. She was enjoying this conversation
immensely. "I'm not used to talking about it with you."

"Don't you get horny when you write this stuff? God, I
know I sure would. I'm getting wet just reading. Ooh,
this is really hot." Sofia started reading part of a
story I had written. "'My cock had never felt so hard as
it did in Gina's mouth. Her tongue flicked the underside
of my meat and her lips seemed to caress and stroke my

"Fuck my tits," Gina pleaded as she took her mouth off
and held her big jugs together. Trouble was, I wanted to
eat her pussy first. After all, eating her pussy was
what I'd dreamed of doing for years.' Damn, Dave, I love
this stuff!" Hearing Sofia reading that passage had
excited me as well. And there was very little I could do
to hide my excitement, since a bulging cock is difficult
to hide in tight shorts. Sofia immediately noticed and
then she blushed. "I guess you do get horny, Cuz," she
grinned, standing up as she stared at the front of my

"Was it my reading that did that, Dave? It sure couldn't
be my tits 'cause mine aren't big enough to fuck. See?"
Sofia lifted her halter and showed me her pert
breasts, the nipples pink and rigid. My personal
preference is for small tits not large ones. I felt my
cock grow another inch as I looked at my cousin's mouth-
watering boobies.

"Sofia, you have great tits," I said. She beamed.
"Most guys like big tits," she told me. "A girl with big
breasts will have sagging chest bags when she's forty,"
I said. "Yours will still be young and suckable then."

"Suck them now, Dave," she said breathily. I couldn't
have resisted if I'd wanted to, cousin or not. And,
believe me, I wanted to suck those nubbins. So I lowered
my head to her left mound and stuck out my tongue. I
circled the perky nipple then popped the rigid nub
between my lips. Sofia gasped and her arms went around
me, holding me as I sucked and chewed, first one, then
the other, hot mound of flesh.

"Oh, Dave, that feels so good!" Sofia's body wiggled
as she tried to push more of her titty-flesh into my
mouth. I think she must have had a mini-orgasm from the
way she jerked around and gasped. Then she asked me if I
liked to eat pussy. I told her I did. "None of the boys
I've been with would lick me."

"Boys aren't old enough to know what's good," I said.

"Would you...will you... eat my pussy?" I picked her up
and carried her to my bedroom and laid her on the bed. I
pulled off her sneakers while she removed her halter. I
reached for her shorts but stopped. "Sofia, are you
sure you want this?"

"Yes, please."

"You won't hate me for it, will you? This is i****t, you

"Oh, Dave, you don't know how long I've dreamed of
having sex with you, my handsome, smart cousin. Please.
Do me."

I unsnapped and unzipped her shorts, gripped the
waistband of her shorts and panties and slid them down
her legs and off her feet. Her downy brown pubic
triangle contrasted with the pale, untanned flesh of her
belly. I gently spread her legs and put a pillow under
her ass to give me the best access to her pussy.

And what a beautiful pussy Cousin Sofia had! The
fragrance of her secretions made me even more eager to
feast. I used my fingers to part her slick folds and I
exposed the wet crimson of her cunt. Her clit was stiff
and the largest I'd ever seen on a woman. It was as big
as the end of my pinky finger, almost like a miniature
cock. No wonder she seemed to get so excited. With a
clit like that, it's a wonder she wasn't horny 24 hours
a day! But I've since found out that she does stay
excited 24 hours a day!

I let the flat of my tongue lick her slit from asshole
to clit. Sofia shuddered, her legs locked around my
head and she chanted, "Yes, yes, oh yes."

Sofia tasted tangy sweet and more of that love liquid
oozed from her hole and onto my tongue. My nose kept
rubbing against her clit so I stuck a finger into her
cunt and took that clit of hers between my teeth.
Needless to say, my cousin went crazy. "Oh, God,
oh...oh!" she wailed and she bucked and thrashed at the
mercy of my finger and tongue.

I eased my finger out of her pussy, sucked her cream
from it, then sent my tongue into her quim to quench my
thirst for her nectar. My finger toyed with her asshole
and I worked the digit up her backside to the first
knuckle when she came again, her muscles contracting as
if to nip off my tongue and finger.

Sofia's heels pounded my back and she went wild as she
came. Fortunately I live in a house, not an apartment,
because her screams of ecstasy were loud enough to
arouse others in an apartment building. As it was, I'm
glad my next-door neighbors were at work because Sofia
was loud when she came.

After a few minutes I stopped and she caught her breath.
"It's never been like that," she said. "Whew! I think
you've spoiled me." She put her hand on the bulging wet
spot on my shorts. "What can I do to repay you, Cuz?"

Sofia tugged my shorts down and my 8-incher sprang
out, strands of pre-cum strung between the tip and my
matted pubic hair. Her eyes got as big as saucers and
she gripped my bat in both hands. "Uh, this thing'll
split me if..."

"Don't worry, Sofia," I said. "We don't have to fuck."

"Oh, but I do want to fuck," Sofia assured me. "It's
just that this is so damn big!"

"Look, tell you what," I explained as she slowly pumped
my prick, staring at it as if hypnotized. "Right now I'm
too close to shooting to bother with a rubber, let alone
trying to squeeze my cock into you. How about making me
come and we'll fuck when we have plenty of time. Okay?"

"What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"Think you can jerk it off or suck on it?"

"All I've ever done was fuck, Dave. I always thought
sucking was supposed to be nasty, but after what you did
to me...." Sofia had milked a clear drop of ooze out
of the slit and she moved her head close and stuck her
tongue out. The tip of her pink oral muscle touched the
drop and retreated to her mouth, followed by the shiny
wet string.

"Hmmm, not bad," she said after tasting my pre-cum.
"Kinda sweet. I figured it would taste just awful." I
knew that I had to come, and soon, and I wanted plenty
of time to introduce her to cocksucking. "Just pull on
it, Sofia. I'm close to coming. Yeah, like that." She
was using both hands to jerk me off and she was staring
with fascination at my balls and prick.

"Squeeze it tighter! Pull faster!" I felt all my energy
focus on the twitching in my prostate, he familiar
signal. "Sofia, I'm coming!" I gasped. I felt my cum
race up my swollen shaft and I saw the first wad explode
from the tip. Sofia was watching closely, so closely
that first white gob of goo splatted high on her

She squealed with delight as she pumped yet another wad
up and out, and another. She was enjoying watching my
prick spew cum with the same glee k**s have at fireworks
displays. But for all the fun she was having, I had the
advantage because I was having the orgasm and I had the
added pleasure of watching Sofia excitedly milk my
jizz out of my cock.

By the time my sperm was only trickling from my cock,
the stuff was all over my stomach, Sofia's hands and
arms, even in her hair and on her face. She was still
giggling as she licked and sucked the head of my spent
prick. She kept sucking as my cock shrank and I managed
to settle down.

"That was great, Sofia," I said, using my finger to
wipe cum off her cheek. "I can't remember coming like

She took my cum-covered finger and, to my surprise,
sucked it into her mouth. "Hmm, this is good stuff," she
said. "Next time I wanna try sucking, Dave. How long
till you can do it again?"

My cock had not gone down yet, so I told Sofia to go
ahead and try. The first thing she did was to lick up
and down the length of my meat, lapping the cum that
oozed from the hole. She toyed with my balls,
instinctively knowing just how to squeeze without
bringing pain.

She finally opened her mouth and let my cock slip
between her lips and into her mouth. I felt as if I were
getting my first blowjob as her tongue tentatively
explored my pole. Slowly she learned, and soon her head
was bobbing up and down on my cock. Sloshy, sexy sounds
escaped her mouth as she worked on me, and soon I felt
the familiar tug inside that let me know I was about to

And shoot I did. I managed to warn Sofia but she kept
her lips around my cock and when my cum spurted, she
swallowed like a seasoned cocksucker. I have no idea
where this second load came from, but it felt like I was
pouring my guts out through my cock.

Well, several weeks have passed and Sofia has become
an enthusiastic cocksucker. She took to oral sex with a
passion, even to some rimming and reaming of my asshole
with her tongue when she found out how sensitive I was
to it. She even finger- fucked my ass and naturally I
returned the favor, sucking her sweet, petite bum.

We took our time when we first fucked, and with her on
top she managed to get almost all of my cock inside her.
She wants me to fuck her without a condom because "I
want to feel you shoot off inside me."

I told her I just wanted to be cautious because of AIDS.
When I'm sure things are okay and we don't have to worry
about AIDS or herpes, you can believe I'll fuck her
without the rubber. Of course by then I'll know she's on
the Pill and that we don't have to worry about her
getting pregnant.

For now, though, we've got plenty to do. We suck, we
fuck, we jerk each other off, we suck each other's ass,
and Sofia even fucks my asshole with a vibrator. She
bought a strap on dildo and loves to climb between my
legs and skewer my ass while I beat my meat until I
spurt my cum between us and all over her tits. I love
it, too.

She's really sexually imaginative. She met a woman at a
clothing store down the street who, Sofia swears, has
lezzie written all over her. She is slowly cultivating a
friendship to find out what it feels like to have sex
with a woman. But she wants me to be there, too.

In the meantime, Sofia wants to write sex stories, so
I'm helping her out. She certainly has the imagination
and we love doing the research!

2: Sofia's Quim

I wrote some time back about fucking my cousin Sofia.
She's 21 now and I'm in my thirties and I still
sometimes write for the adult market. As I previously
explained, Sofia found out what sort of adult material
I wrote ("fuck stories" she said) and she and one thing
led to another and we began having sex with each other.
At first we just sucked each other, partly for health
reasons, but frankly I was afraid my thick cock would
split her apart.

Sofia fell head over heels in passionate lust with my
joystick. She seemed to find it a source of security as
well as pleasure. Even when we weren't sexing it up,
Sofia's hand would nestle in my crotch, or she'd lay
her head in my lap when we watched TV. Day or night, my
cock was like a security blanket for her to hold or a
pacifier for her to suck.

Eventually, though, we fucked. Sofia had gotten on the
Pill and we were both anxious to do it. I mean, oral sex
is great, but if you ever saw my cousin, you'd know why
I dearly wanted to fuck her. Her petite 5'1" body is
topped by her long main of chestnut-colored hair and her
freckles and big brown eyes give her the look of
innocence that is so attractive. But this adorable young
lady has a vocabulary and imagination that have given me
so much material, I'm backlogged with stories I haven't
sold yet.

For the first fuck, I lay on the bed, my stiff 9 inches
rising like a rocket above my balls. We 69'd for a
minute then I applied some KY to my cock and to her cunt
before she straddled me. She spread her lips and lowered
herself until the swollen knob touched her hot flesh.

"I wonder what my daddy would say if he knew that you
about to dick his daughter?"

"I give up," I said as my hands lightly held her hips.
"What would he say if he knew?"

Sofia grinned and said two words. "'Fuck it!'" and
then sat down with all her 90 pounds on my cock. The
head and about an inch of the shaft disappeared inside
Sofia's tight, incredibly hot, cunt.

"Ooh, God, is it in?" she asked.

"Well, it's a start, but you still have a long way to

"How long?" my cousin asked.

"About six inches," I answered.

"Help me, Dave." I pulled down on her hips while I
slowly pushed upward. I could feel the flesh inside
opening wide as my prick pushed its way inside. Sofia
had told me she never had a guy do her but she had used
a vibrator to break her cherry and in the last two
months she'd used various dildos and vibrators to
stretch her cunt in preparation for fucking me.

"Shit, Dave, this is good! Ahh, I love it! Fuck! How
much? How much?"

"You've got half of it inside." I admit, even my voice
was shaky as I watched my swollen prick enter Sofia's
quim. Her cunt was stretched around me as she impaled
herself. Still, droplets of her secretions oozed from
the tight seal around my prick and matted my pubic hair
and ran in hot rivulets onto my balls.

"Oh, you feel so good inside me! More, give me more!"
Both of us pushed and slowly more of my pole vanished
inside of her. I was prepared to stop quickly when I
felt the pressure of her cervix on my prickhead, and
soon enough came the resistance. Sofia looked and saw
about two inches of prick still remained outside, and
she whimpered and started grinding her hips.

Suddenly, my cock slid past the entrance and suddenly
Sofia's reddish curls were meshed with my brown ones.
Her firm buns warmed my balls and my cock was out of
sight, completely encased in Sofia's hot pussy. She
just gasped and collapsed on my chest, partly passed out
at the sensation of having nine thick inches of cock
inside her. I didn't move, just enjoyed the grip of her
cunt on my prick, the softness of her body and the sound
of her breathing. Her lips pursed on my chest and I
hugged her tightly and kissed her head.

"I love you so much, Dave," she whispered softly after a
minute or two. Very slowly I pulled out. The flange
inside her tweaked the sensitive underside of my cock
and she shuddered at the sensation. Her cunt made loud
sucking noises as I pulled out. Raw flesh that likely
had never seen the light of day clung to my prick,
trying to pull me back inside.

"Don't pull out," Sofia begged, sitting up and once
again encasing my fleshy sword in her tight sheath.
Sofia's clit was swollen and protruding from above our
joined piece as I reached down to stimulate the
protruding button. Sofia closed her eyes and whimpered
at the added stimulation and rode my cock faster and

I felt my cum boiling in my balls and told her I was
close. "Wait for me, wait for me!" she pleaded, grinding
down on my invading tool. Her face was flushed and both
of us had broken out in a heated sweat and I strained to
lick salty drops from her face and the ends of her

When Sofia's cunt began contracting around my cock, I
knew that I couldn't hold back any longer. She started
gasping and shouting, "Oh... Dave... cumming! Fuck...
oh, cum... cum in me!"

My thick cum was fired up my cock's long barrel and
exploded just as she slammed down hard, again pushing my
cockhead deep into her body. The wad ricocheted off her
inner wall with such f***e, Sofia gasped.

"I feel it! You're cumming inside me!" Her cunt squeezed
my prick, milking more and more lava of love into her
very depths. At that moment I realized that I was dearly
in love with Sofia, much more than I was ever in love
with anyone. Every ounce of my very being seemed to be
pouring out of my body into hers and when she collapsed,
exhausted, I took her into my arms and we slept a
satisfied sl**p, my soft prick soaking in the grip of
her cunt.

I awoke to find Sofia bouncing on my cock again, and
it quickly grew to its full length. I was still
fascinated at the image of my cock disappearing inside
her. I really expected to see her stomach pooch out to
make room inside for my cock. Sofia was operating on
sexual overdrive as she kept gasping through one cunt-
tightening orgasm after another, a combined mix of her
juice and my cum being f***e from her cunt with every
downward plunge until, finally, I again filled the cup
of her cunt with a generous helping of my sperm syrup.

We just lay there, catching our breath, relishing the
feeling of sweaty flesh against sweaty flesh, her cunt
eventually giving up its hold on my spent and sore cock.
I felt a torrent of hot fluid follow my released meat
and dribble over my balls and thighs. Sofia sighed,
kissed me and looked long and lovingly into my eyes. She
reached down, scooped up some juice, and brought it to
her lips. Her pink tongue lapped her fingers clean of
the stuff and she kissed me, the salty, tangy taste of
our juice on her lips and tongue.

After that, Sofia seemed to be a sexual dynamo. She
told her folks she was going to rent out my spare
bedroom, which they agreed to readily. They figured that
she would stay out of trouble and I'd be around to keep
an eye on her. She had her bedroom, alright, but she
slept in my bed, either with my cock soaking inside her
cunt or nestled inside her mouth like a pacifier. Yes,
her folks were partly right. She wasn't running around
and getting in trouble, but if they had known what we
were doing... ! Whew!

The move also put her much closer to the boutique where
she worked. She was always telling me the sexy stories
her customers would tell her. Sofia knew who was
cheating, who was fucking who, and those tales gave rise
to many erotic stories. They also gave rise to my prick,
which Sofia was only too glad to fuck or suck.

She knew I especially loved to hear about women who had
sex with other women, and she had several lesbian
customers who gladly told her stories, hoping to
convince my cute cousin to try the lesbian way of love,
or at least to be able to get in Sofia's panties and
dip their tongues into her sweet snatch.

"Would you like me to get it on with another woman while
you watch?" she asked me one evening. The thought made
my prick jump in her hand.

"It would be interesting to watch as long as you didn't
swear off regular sex," I answered.

"And give up this? Never!" She quickly popped my cock
into her mouth and hungrily sucked me off. She didn't
mention the subject again, which was fine with me. I
mean, I was sure satisfied with the way things had
developed with my nubile nympho cousin and I had
absolutely no complaints.

I came home from the post office one afternoon after
mailing some manuscripts and finally receiving a nice
paycheck from a publishing company, I figured it would
give me the chance to treat Sofia to an expensive
dinner and I was glad when I saw her car parked in front
of the house because that meant she didn't have to work
until closing. She called to me from my... our

I opened the door to see Sofia naked and smiling at me
on the bed. Beneath her was a female whose blonde-
fringed cunt gaped and it looked like Sofia had been
feasting on the furrow, judging from the wetness that
surrounded the cunt and Sofia's mouth.

"Happy birthday, Dave!" she yelled. "I know it's a week
way but Annie here is leaving town in a few day s so now
is the only chance. Annie, say 'Hi' to Dave."

The blonde managed to work her head from between
Sofia's legs. "Hi, Dave," she said and licked her wet
lips. "Sofia has one of the best tasting pussies I've
ever eaten." Annie looked about 24 or 25 but Sofia
told me later she was 30. She asked me if I'd strip so
she could see the big dick Sofia talked about.

"I prefer women but I enjoy having some man meat on
occasion As long as it's big and worth attention." I
quickly dropped my pants and shorts and Annie's eyes
bugged when she saw my prick.

"Holy shit, Sofia! I'm sorry that I ever doubted you!
God, what a whopper! He's even bigger than my dildo at
home! I must say, I like your taste in boyfriends!" From
the wink Sofia gave me I knew she hadn't told Annie I
was her cousin.

"I may have great taste," Sofia said from between
Annie's tanned and well-toned thighs, "but that cock
tastes great! And it's more filling!"

"Let me watch you two awhile before I get involved," I
said. "You seem to enjoy eating hair pie, Sofia," I
said as I sat on the bed and stroked my poker. Sofia
looked up at me, her lips and chin glistening with
Anna's sauce and her tongue gathered the wetness from
her lips.

"I like it fine, Dave, but given a choice between a
pussy and your prick, there's absolutely no contest."
She pursed her lips for a kiss and I complied, tasting
Anna's cream.

"Why not slip me that thing from behind?" she said with
a twinkle in her eye. "Annie can lick us both while you
fuck me." I got up and ran my hand down Sofia's smooth
back, feeling a thin sheen of perspiration. She was
groaning into the wet snatch of her blonde friend and I
could feel the vibrations running through her body as
well as her muscles straining as she humped Annie's
face. I squeezed her round buns and then reached under
her to grip one of her small tits. Then I grabbed hold
of one of Annie's full boobs.

"Hmm, c'mon, stud, fuck this sweet cunt," Annie said,
grabbing my dong and pulling me into position behind
Sofia. Sofia and I had fucked doggie style before
and she enjoyed it. Sofia felt my knob nudge her
opening and she wiggled her butt.

"Oh, gimme, gimme, gimme!" she whimpered over her
shoulder. I held onto her hips and eased forward,
parting her saliva-slicked folds and entering her oiled
tunnel of love.

"Oo-o-o-h!" Annie squealed. "I love to see that big dick
split your little cunt, Sofia!"

"If it... umph... looks half as good as it feels, it's
gotta be great," Sofia replied. I could feel Annie's
hot breath on my flesh and on my curly hairs and then I
became aware of the wet softness of her tongue as she
lapped at my cock and, I guessed, Sofia's electrified

I soon felt myself hitting bottom inside my cousin's
nice nookie and then her friend started licking and
sucking my swollen nuts. Then it was my turn to moan and
I leaned forward so that Sofia was the middle of a sex

Annie took the opportunity to trail her tongue to the
sensitive pucker of my asshole and she gave me a great
rim job. I circled my tongue inside Sofia's ear and
she gasped, an orgasm causing her cunt to contract and
her juices to flow from around the base of my cock and
eventually onto Annie's thirsty tongue.

"I love you," she whimpered. I kissed her tenderly on
the cheek.

"And I love you," I said.

"Cum inside me. Now. Please!"

I closed my eyes and focused my concentration on the
feelings in my groin. In less than a minute I breathed,
"I'm cumming for you, Sofia!" and my seed boiled from
my balls into her depths.

At the same time, Annie stuck a finger up my ass and the
sensation made me shoot even more of a load than I
usually do. I slowly pulled my cock out while Annie
sucked it clean and then she went to work licking
Sofia's jism-filled cunt.

The three of us showered cozily together and I was able
to get a good look at Annie. She was at least 5'8" and a
trim- full-busted blonde. She was a model and was
leaving town in a few days to make her fortune in

"I wish I'd met you a long time ago, Dave" she sighed as
she soaped my half-hard cock. "This dick and Sofia's
sweet snatch are enough to make a girl settle down.

"I know what," she said suddenly as an idea came to her.
"What would you say... what would both of you say... if
I asked you to fuck me in the ass with this?"

Sofia's eyes about popped out of her head and her
mouth dropped open when she heard the suggestion her
friend made.

"No!" she said in disbelief. "You mean you could take
that big thing up... there?"

"Well, I've been fucked in the ass by some who were
almost as big," Annie responded, leisurely rubbing my
growing meat. "I'll bet this would be absolutely
fantastic inside my ass."

My hard-on certainly communicated what I thought of the
idea. But I had reservations, too, but Annie was smart
and well-prepared.

"I brought some condoms with me. Sofia told me that
you couldn't use regular rubber. Most guys with big
dicks can't. But these are called MAXX and are
especially made for guys with thick, long dicks. Ooh,
yeah. Like this beauty."

"God, I'd love to see that," Sofia said. "Dave's huge
cock screwing that hole between your buns."

"Well, Sweetmeat, if you'd listened to me months ago,
you could have been fucking my ass with a dildo by now,"
the blonde said. "But if you fuck my ass with this,
Dave, it will sure give me something to remember you

Back in the bedroom, Annie unrolled the rubber over my
shaft and I was particularly pleased that the brand of
condom was larger at the base ring and was not as
painfully tight as regular condoms are to me. Sofia
was fascinated by the feel of my latex-covered cock and
insisted she be allowed to lube it with the K-Y as well
as help guide it into Annie's chute.

Annie lay on her back instead of getting on her hands
and knees, saying she wanted to see my face as well as
watch the action. Sofia first looked at Annie's
puckered pore and declared that such a tiny opening
couldn't possibly accommodate such a sizeable prick.

She kissed the pink bud then started lubing it with the
K-Y, sticking two fingers inside as far as she could.
Then she slapped a generous amount on my condom-covered
cock, relishing every moment as she lubed me. Sofia
guided it to the waiting backdoor and breathily told me
to do it.

I'd never fucked an asshole before, so I was excited as
hell. Annie's ass virtually sucked me inside like a
Hoover and pulled me deep. Yeah, it was tight, but even
though she moaned and groaned, she kept urging me on.
She wanted a big dick so I gave it to her.

Sofia was just fucking amazed as she watched me screw
her friend's asshole. She sucked and chewed Annie's
nipple while her hand reached around to squeeze and
caress my balls, never once taking her eyes off of my
cock. She would whisper, "Fuck her ass! Do it!" and that
spurred me on and I really gave the blonde's ass a good
plowing before I felt my cum rise.

By then, Sofia's finger was playing around my
sensitive sphincter and I couldn't hold back the torrent
of cunt juice that filled the end of the rubber.

Sofia squeezed my balls, milking my sperm up and out
until my cock began to shrink. I held onto the condom
when I pulled out of the stretched orifice, and I smiled
as Sofia looked inside Annie's gaping hole before it
closed. She even stuck four fingers inside as the
sphincter clenched shut. Annie removed the rubber and
emptied my spunk over her chest and tits.

Sofia lapped up the man-milk and passed it to her
friend with erotic kisses. When I saw Sofia's firm
butt sticking out so invitingly, I couldn't resist
kissing each cheek and letting my tongue explore the
tender pink pucker between the smooth globes and dip
into the soupy morass of her cunt.

Before Annie left for Atlanta, she asked me three more
times to plow her ass, which I did to Sofia's delight,
and mine, of course. She left saying it would probably
be awhile before she got plugged by another big cock and
we told her when she wanted more, she could visit

Oh, no, Sofia hasn't said she wanted me to try to fuck
her in the ass. She knows she's too small and still
prefers to either take me in her mouth or in her cunt.
Two out of three ain't bad.

3: My Cousin And I Fuck In England

For my cousin's 21st birthday, I had a big surprise. I
had finally received an advance from a publisher on a
book which required some research work in England. I
wanted to take Sofia, but I knew I'd have to ask her
father first.

Even though my uncle had never said anything to me, I
figured he had a strong suspicion that his daughter and
I were fucking. He'd made several comments about how he
and his wife were glad she wasn't running around with a
bad crowd or hadn't been knocked up by some uneducated
d**ggie. I truly believe my uncle approved of my
relationship with Sofia. And when I asked if I could
take her to England, he was all for it. In fact, he
asked me if he could help pay for the trip, but I said
it was all arranged.

Of course, when I told Sofia, she was ecstatic. We
were having lunch in a local burger joint and I could
just feel the envious stares as the nubile beauty hugged
me. Here I am, a 35-year-old balding writer and I've got
this young beauty all but dry humping me in public. And
of course, she was very demonstrative of her gratitude
when we left. She insisted on giving me a thank-you
blowjob right there in the parking lot until I delivered
my own special sauce.

Sofia was still appreciatively horny when we flew to
London. Our flight left New York at midnight and Sofia
asked for a blanket and curled up quietly in the seat.
Under cover, though, she gave me a slow, loving blow-job
while I fingered her hot little twat.

Sofia took to London quickly. At the hotel, she went
downstairs and came back twenty minutes later with a
brunette fox. The girl was in her 20s, very British,
very bi-sexual, and she'd naturally been drawn by
Sofia's young look and beauty. Leslie was her name and
she said she loved to make it with Americans.

"Then show me British hospitality," Sofia said,
whipping off her skirt and panties. Leslie licked her
lips at the sight of Sofia's American fur pie and she
moved toward my cousin. Sofia settled onto the bed as
Leslie settled comfortably between her legs. Sofia
grabbed Leslie's head and held her in place, though I
doubt Leslie was going to abandon her dining experience
anytime soon. I hurriedly stripped and walked behind
Leslie. I lifted her dress and ran my hand over her ass.
It was covered with a pale yellow pair of panties which
I slid off with no problem.

I grabbed a condom and put it on and my cock homed in on
the entrance to her cunt and slid in easily. She groaned
into Sofia's quim and wiggled her ass.

"Cor, but I love a big one," she said as I began fucking
her tight British box. Sofia squirmed under Leslie's
tongue lashing and let out squeals of delight. She
looked at me lovingly and I blew her a kiss as my cock
hammered the London lass's puffy lips. Hot pussy oil
dribbled down my dick onto my balls and ran down my
thigh as slowly as maple syrup.

"Fuck me, Yank!" Leslie urged, her voice muffled in
Sofia's folds. I was screwing her hard and fast and
could feel the pressure building as I prepared to seal
this international coupling with a hot load of cum.

Sofia saw how close I was and asked me to wait for
her. She pulled Leslie's face even more snugly into her
furrow and bucked her hips hard against the girl's face.
I could see Sofia's firm thighs quivering as her
orgasm approached and her tits flushed red, almost as
red as her stiff nipples. She gasped and wailed as her
climax consumed her and triggered my own release. My
spunk raced up the length of my stalk and exploded into
the reservoir at the tip.

Sofia insisted I pour my cum from the rubber onto
Leslie's big British boobs so she could lap it up. I
tongued my cousin's wet honeypot and even rimmed her
sweet little asshole before we all stopped. I asked
Leslie if she could recommend any interesting sex clubs
for a couple of carnal Colonists.

"Well, that all depends, ducks," she said. "How kinky do
you want to get?"

"Nothing i*****l or painful," I replied.

"How long have you two been married?" Leslie asked.
Sofia and I both laughed.

"Leslie, David's my cousin," Sofia explained. "This
trip is my 21st birthday present, not a honeymoon."
Leslie thought the arrangement was great and told us
about how her first fuck had been with her handsome

"He's a politician, and I guess you know how much
British politicians like to have it with whoever they
can get." She told us about several interesting scenes,
and suggested that we might enjoy visiting a "little
place" she knew in the Soho district. I agreed to pay a
visitor's fee to go to the club and perhaps participate.
She made a phone call and within the hour we were riding
the tube to the Oxford Street station.

As we walked along Threadneedle Street, I couldn't help
comparing the attitudinal differences about sex between
London and the United States. Shops selling adult
merchandise like books and toys and clothing had
attractive window displays and did not have the dirty,
sleazy appearance as is often the case in the states.
Even movie posters displayed in front of theaters
unabashedly show the female breasts, just as the
newspapers do. The British people, and even the European
people, I understand, are far less afraid of human
sexuality than Americans tend to be.

Leslie led us to a brick building and down a long flight
of narrow stairs to a sub-basement level which was
cheerfully decorated and well-lighted. We encountered
several attractive people in various states of undress.
I paid the agreed fee and we were ushered into a room
where we were given lockers.

After voicing my particular concern about disease,
Leslie led us to a large room where maybe twelve or so
people were actively engaged in oral sex.

"Until someone is a member for awhile, they either use
condoms or come in here," Leslie said. Sofia's fingers
instinctively wrapped around my hardened cock as we took
in the amazing spectacle before us. Men and women were
sucking each other, to put it simply, both in couples
and in groups. One man and two women formed a tight
circle as one of the women devoured his cock while he
burrowed hungrily between the thighs of the second
woman, who was, I might add, older than the man by at
least 20 years and quite hefty as well. She, in turn,
was feasting at the shave trough of the first woman.

Next to us was a big-breasted girl and a man who was old
enough to be her father. Leslie told us that he was, in
fact, her uncle. She was celebrating her birthday and as
a gift her uncle was bringing her into the club. He was
licking her slit as she writhed in pleasure. As we
watched, another couple, the man's son and wife, joined
for some i****tuous delights. The girl sucked in her
cousin's stiff poker with enthusiasm while her aunt
chewed on her sizeable melons.

"David, look!" Sofia whispered in awe as she pointed
to another pile of flesh. A man who'd been jacking off
his immense cock in front of two women was spraying
gallons of thick white cream all over their wide-eyed
faces and onto their flickering tongues. The stuff
looked like glue as it clung to their cheeks in
glistening globs. One woman, a sexy blonde, caught a
thick wad smack across the nose and droplets of the
stuff oozed slowly down the sides of her nose and her

Suddenly, Sofia joined them and began thirstily
lapping the syrupy semen from the women's faces. The man
even offered her his dribbling spout and Sofia opened
her mouth to try to engulf the immense cockhead. Just
watching Sofia try to gulp that big cock was quite a

I felt lips on my cock and looked down to see a
beautiful black woman nibbling on my prick. Her skin was
ebony in color, the blackest I'd ever seen.

"You're American, aren't you?" she asked, her British
accent clipped and very refined. She was the daughter of
an African diplomat and had been raised and educated in

"I love having sex with Americans," she said as she
lazily licked my balls and lightly traced my prick with
her long, gold-tipped fingernails. "Americans are so...
f***eful. Fuck my face with that big cock!" In an
instant, her soft, full lips were surrounding my cock
and her fingernails dug into my ass cheeks as she pulled
me deep. I held her head and began fucking that hungry
mouth of hers, hard and fast and rough.

I saw Sofia as she ate a woman's hairy snatch while a
man and a woman tongued her own cunt and asshole. Even
from where I was, I could see that my cousin's body was
vibrating with pleasure and I fucked the African's
sucking mouth. Wet, sloshy sounds came from her mouth
and whimpering groans growled from deep in her throat as
I plunged my pistoning prick in and out. My balls
slapped steadily against her chin until, with a shout,
my cum exploded from my cock, pouring down her throat
like syrup. She gulped and swallowed, never gagging and
not missing a drop.

Sofia was having a grand time sucking cocks, licking
cunts, devouring assholes and gobbling tits. I just
watched her as she enjoyed herself and explored. There
were plenty of other attractive women to watch and I
certainly watched plenty.

This club wasn't the only one we visited while in
England. We attended a live discipline show where men
and women acted out scenarios which ultimately ended
with someone baring a spankable ass which soon became
red when the spanking was administered. But probably the
most intriguing encounter was with a gentleman I'll just
call The Earl.

The Earl lives in one of the many mansions which dot the
English countryside. He was aware of our desire for safe
sex and had already outlined what he wanted. His
particular turn-on was watching i****tuous sex of any
and all sorts. Europe has always been a stronghold of
i****t, particularly among the wealthy and the nobility
to "keep the royal bl**dlines pure and untainted."

Sofia wore a long, blue dress to the estate and looked
sexy as hell. The partying was already in full swing
when we arrived in a rental car. The Earl met us at the
door and led us into the grand hall which was lavishly
decorated with erotic nude paintings and sculptures.
Everyone in the room was dressed, but hands were easily
caressing breasts and cupping crotches.

The Earl introduced us to a couple I'll call Catherine
and George. Catherine appeared to be in her late forties
and George was around 30. Catherine was George's mother,
but they behaved like the lovers they were as George had
his arm around his mother's shoulder and was firmly
holding a large breast. Catherine seemed quite
nonplussed by this, even in front of strangers.

"How long has he been slipping his manhood into your
grotto?" Catherine asked Sofia. "Georgie and I have
been at it for... how long has it been, dear."

"Now, Mother, you're embarrassing Sofia," George said.

"Nonsense," Catherine dismissed the comment. "She has
fuck-me eyes and loves talking about it almost as much
as she enjoys doing it, isn't that right?" Sofia was
embarrassed, all right, but she smiled and nodded.
Catherine reached out and stroked Sofia's bare arm and
commented wistfully about her smooth, youthful skin.

"Perhaps before the evening is over, you'll allow me to
taste you," Catherine said. Then she reached down and
wrapped her fingers around the sizable bulge in her
son's crotch.

"Right now I must wrap my lips around this. Come along,
George," she said, leading him away. Sofia's eyes were
wide with surprise at the sensual displays we
encountered at The Earl's manor. Eventually, we found
ourselves in an orgy room where maybe 20 or so people
were fucking and sucking, reaming and rimming. In no
time, we had joined the festivities, easily melting into
the hot mass of writhing bodies. I tasted the cunts of
nieces and aunts, grandmothers and granddaughters and I
had many mouths explore my f****y jewels and ass.

Sofia seemed to enjoy so many dicks and pussies as
well. She was reamed, rammed, sucked and had her stomach
filled with pussy cream and cum. By the time we left,
both of us were tired and sore but satisfied. We slept
into the next afternoon and spent the rest of the day
and evening snuggling in the bed.

We also took a few days to go see the adult sights in
Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Hamburg, but that is another

4: Sofia And I Do Europe

My cousin Sofia and I had a great time when we visited
England. I guess we really made a big hit with The Earl.
He was the one who insisted on e****ting us to Europe's
hottest sex capitals.

Amsterdam was a sex fiend's delight. Sex shops galore,
legal prostitution, everything imaginable, much of which
is either i*****l or just not popular in America, was
readily available there. You can be bound, gagged and
fucked or pissed on or you can do the pissing. Sofia
walked around wide-eyed and eager to see everything.

The Earl knew of a place that catered to his special
interests, of course, and took us to a large house out
in the countryside. The three-story house was probably
someone's private home but it was outfitted in most of
the rooms for sex.

Each room had cushions, mattresses, beds, bottles of
body oils, towels and sex toys. There was a very large
bathroom on each floor outfitted with toilet, bidet, two
showers and a big bathtub. The tub in the ground level
bathroom was a large sunken affair made of marble.

When we arrived, the door was opened by a strikingly
beautiful young blonde who looked to be 18 years old.
Oh, and she was naked except for a white garter,
stockings and high heels. The bright red nipples on her
full breasts were quite stiff and the shimmer of wetness
I saw told me that they'd recently been sucked or

Her smile was warm and she greeted us in Flemish and led
us into the dressing room. Actually, undressing room was
more like it. She chatted as we undressed, telling
Sofia and me about how much she loved American
television shows and how she was hoping to visit America
one day soon. She was very friendly and I wondered if
she ever entered any beauty pageants. She and Sofia
seemed to take to each other immediately. Her name was
Marta and she and her f****y were our hosts.

Marta eyed my semi-erect cock and complimented me. She
asked permission to welcome us to her home, then dropped
to her knees. She took my balls in both hands, hefting
them in her cool palms. Pursing her lips, Marta kissed
the tip of my hard cock. Her tongue darted out and
started teasing the sensitive spot on the underside
right behind the head. Damn, she sure knew how to make a
man feel welcomed. She looked up at me with those
beautiful blue eyes of hers and smiled.

Then she quit, going over to Sofia. She kissed
Sofia's small tits, then they locked lips in a deep,
passionate kiss. Marta was sliding two fingers into
Sofia's snatch and when they finally broke the kiss,
Marta raised her fingers and sensuously licked Sofia's
quim cream from them. I could see from the look in their
eyes that they wanted more time together but Marta, the
conscientious hostess, kept her cool and led us down the
hall to the ball room.

I watched Marta's ass as she led the way, my cock
gripped in Sofia's hand, and I remember thinking how
hot and tight Marta's asshole would feel and how I hoped
I'd get the opportunity to do something with her.

And quite a ball room it was. About a dozen people were
in the room in various stages of fucking and sucking. A
silver-haired woman who looked to be in her sixties was
sucking a huge black cock while a woman plunged her ass
with a dildo. Marta, her fingers tickling my asshole,
told me that the woman sucking the black dick was the
mother of the woman who was fucking her ass.

In fact, The Earl told me, the elderly lady was Marta's
grandmother and it was Marta's aunt who was drilling her
own mother's asshole. i****t is a very acceptable sex
practice throughout Europe.

Marta told us that her twin s****r, Gerta, was in the
playroom in the basement. Marta gave us a tour of the
house, and in every room there was heated action of
every sort going on. In one of the bathrooms a woman sat
on the toilet awaiting men who would pee and splash
their amber onto her pussy and chest. The Earl obliged
her, pissing a hard stream onto her clit and splashing
her tits. I was too stiff to pee, though. Marta, Sofia
and the woman offered to help by relieving me of my
load, but I politely declined.

Marta's mother was upstairs in a bedroom participating
in a seven-person daisy chain. She had a mouthful of
cock when I saw her and we stood watching while the
group sucked away. I guess it was too much for Sofia
who dragged Marta into a corner and they quickly started
eating each other out.

Naturally I watched until I just had to join in. I put
my hands on Sofia's ass and Marta guided my bloated
cock into my cousin's fuck hole. Marta lapped away at my
balls and she fingered my asshole as Sofia worked on
her blonde box.

Considering all the stimulation I'd had since our
arrival, I'm amazed I lasted more than a minute fucking
Sofia but I eventually dumped a load into her tight,
familiar pussy. My cock slipped out into Marta's hungry
mouth and she eagerly licked and sucked me clean and
dry. Then I watched as Marta went for the spunk I'd
unloaded into Sofia.

Marta's hands roamed all over Sofia, caressing and
teasing and stimulating her every sensitive spot. He
mouth seemed to devour Sofia, the lips of Sofia's
pussy surrounding and enveloping Marta's lips and tongue
as though trying to pull the girl inside.

Sofia was thoroughly enjoying the action, and she
reached out for my hand. As she kept reaching satisfying
climax after climax, I realized that my feeling for
Sofia were much stronger than cousin-cousin affection.
Despite the 17 year age difference, I realized I loved
her deeply. That we enjoyed exploring our sexuality
together just made that bond stronger.

I felt a hand caress my thigh and saw Marta's mother
joining us. Her hand stroked my half-hard cock as she
introduced herself and asked what my relation to Sofia
was. Then she asked how long we'd been having sex and I
told her that we had started on Sofia's 18th birthday.
I told her that Sofia had wanted to read the sex
stories I wrote and eventually we began to enjoy one
another. She asked if any of our families knew and I
told her that I strongly suspected that Sofia's father

"Yes, the father will know," Gitte said. "But he will
approve. He may even be jealous. Sofia is a lovely
girl. Marta likes her very much, I can tell." Gitte and
I watched Marta still scooping my semen with her tongue
and slurping it down along with Sofia's flow.

"Marta is good, yes?" she asked Sofia.

"Ooh, yes-s-s!" Sofia gasped as she rode another

"Yes, I taught her how. Mine was her first pussy." Gitte
matter-of-factly probed her daughter's cunt with three
fingers, then she withdrew them, glistening with cunt
dew. Gitte licked a finger then offered me her other
basted digits. "Marta and Gerta taste wonderful, yes?" I
told her that we hadn't met Gerta yet but if she tasted
as good as her s****r, I hoped to meet her soon.

"Do they get their good taste from their mother?" I
asked. She offered to let me find out for myself. As I
lay on my back, Gitte straddled my face and lowered her
trimmed twat to my lips. Her heady juice was tart and
good. Her clit was almost as large as my finger and I
wrapped my lips around it as she sucked my cock into her
moist mouth. We didn't rush but lazily enjoyed the

I sensed when Marta and Sofia moved and Sofia joined
me in dining at Gitte's portal while Marta's tongue
lapped at my balls and teased my sphincter. I recall
thinking that sex education at home must indeed be an
important aspect of their lifestyle because Marta was
surely an honor student!

When she insinuated her tongue inside my asshole, I
realized why Sofia had enjoyed her so much. Marta has
an exceptionally long tongue which writhed and squirmed
deliciously up my ass. No wonder Sofia had enjoyed
being eaten by her. She and her mother soon had me on
the verge and when I came, Gitte swallowed, letting some
of my cum drip down my cock so Marta could enjoy it.
Then they kissed and pulled Sofia and me into a four-
way kiss of dancing tongues and the sharing of my cum.

The four of us took a refreshing shower together, then,
looking for The Earl, we made our way to the playroom,
in actuality a room equipped with a great many restraint
devices, straps and chains. The Earl was on his back,
strapped to a leather-covered bench, while an elderly
woman ground her sparsely-haired slit over his face. I
didn't understand what she was saying to him, but Gitte
explained that The Earl liked to have a fantasy
fulfilled of eating out his grandmother's pussy. The
woman was not, of course, his real grandmother, but he
enjoyed it nevertheless.

"He will orgasm without being touched," Marta added.
"See?" Sure enough, The Earl's slender red cock trembled
and then began spewing streamers of cum into the air.
The elderly woman grabbed his spewing cock and urged
him, Gitte translated, to "cum lustily for Granny." He
did just that, spurting an incredible amount of semen up
and out of his cock.

Sofia touched my arm and indicated a couple across the
room. A woman was bent over a table, her legs spread and
her ankles bound. A man was behind her, plunging his
cock in and out of her asshole.

That's Gerta,' Sofia told me. I saw her blonde hair
and Gitte's look of pride assured me that I was indeed
watching Marta's twin being soundly reamed by a sizeable
cock. I wondered if Marta was into assfuking, too, then
I figured that in such a liberated environment, the
s****rs probably did everything imaginable as long as it
felt good.

We were invited to stay overnight with Gitte and Marta
and Gerta. Since we all slept in the same big bed (when
we did sl**p) we groped and grabbed and sucked and
fucked in many combinations. Gitte's husband was out of
town on government business so I was the only male among
the four sexy women. Fortunately for me, and for them,
too, they were able and eager to satisfy each other when
I was unable.

I loved watching Sofia being pleasured by the greedy,
avid tongues of the twins as their mother and I watched.
I gave Gitte a long, tender fuck before I drifted off to
sl**p, only to be awakened to breakfast in bed: four
scrumptious slices of sweet womanhood.

By the time we left the next afternoon, Sofia had
developed a real bond with the girls. Accompanied by The
Earl we went to Hamburg. He took us in a roundabout way
to a secretive, private club located in a warehouse near
the docks. The club is a very private one with a select
membership who could bring discreet guests. Naturally we
felt honored and when we saw the plush interior of the
club and were offered drinks, we quickly felt
comfortable and at ease.

The Earl spoke with someone and returned to tell us that
we were in luck. He led us to a small, dimly-lit room
where he was joined by a red haired, busty woman who was
naked. We sat down and The Earl pressed a button and the
d****ries parted. The window looked into another, larger
room, brightly lit and with mirrored walls. In the
center of the room was a bed and a single doorway
provided the only entrance.

The Earl explained that the "mirrors" were one-way glass
panels and that some half-dozen rooms surrounded the
room with the bed. As he spoke the woman was taking his
clothes off. I wasn't yet sure of what we were about to
see, but I sensed an electric air of anticipation. I put
my arm around Sofia and she pressed her body to mine.

The Earl told us that we were going to witness a young
man being fucked by his mother for the first time. Since
his own first sexual experience had been with his
mother, this was a particular favorite scene for him to

After a few minutes' wait the door opened and a brunette
woman entered. She was about my age, 37 or so, maybe
five-and-a-half feet tall, attractive, though not
strikingly so. She looked as though she was someone's
mother, if you know what I mean. She wore a loose-
fitting, floor-length white robe as she walked in.

She took the robe off and let it drop to the floor, then
she crawled onto the bed, her arms modestly covering her
heavy tits. Sofia began stroking the inside of my
thigh as she, too, felt the growing tension. I tweaked
her stiff nipples through her sweater as we watched the

It opened and in walked a strapping young man about six
feet tall who bore an obvious resemblance to the woman
on the bed. He, too, wore a robe, which he shrugged off
by the bed. His cock was average in size and
uncircumcised was already stiff and jerking with
excitement as his mother looked at it. The Earl adjusted
the controls of a speaker so we could hear them. I don't
speak German but I imagined I could understand the gist
of their conversation.

"My son, I have wanted you for some time," she seemed to
be saying as her hand stroked his hip. Sofia's fingers
were gripping the hard-on in my pants and I put my hand
under her sweater to feel her wonderful cupcake tits.
The young man closed his eyes as his mother began
fondling his sex, stroking his cock with one hand and
playing with his balls.

The mother lovingly kissed her son's knob and then
opened her mouth and let her son's cock slide between
her full lips and over her tongue. The Earl groaned and
I looked over to see the red-head sucking his cock. My
hand had made its way from Sofia's tits downward under
her waistband. She was busy unzipping me to release my
swollen cock.

The mother let her son's erection slip from her sucking
mouth. Her expression told me that she wanted to taste
her son's liquid love offering, but she also wanted to
feel him in her cunt and to fuck his mother. But first,
he bent down a planted a kiss on his mother's pussy,
showing love and respect for the same orifice he had
exited some years before. We could see his tongue
lapping her flow and we could hear her moan and whimper
with pleasure.

here is something special about relatives having sex
together, whether it be cousins, like Sofia and I, a
mother and son, s****rs like Marta and Gerta or
whatever. Two consenting people having sex is wonderful,
but when two people who are related are physically
intimate, it really is beautiful to watch. I understood
why The Earl enjoyed watching. Without a word, Sofia
slipped her clothes off and I did the same. Facing the
window,my petite cousin, her feet on my chair, straddled
my lap and lowered her pussy onto my straining nine
inches. She was hot, slick and tight as she impaled

By the time all of my shaft was inside her, the young
man had his prick inside his mother and was fucking her
fast. I knew he would cum quickly but I also knew that
he was young enough to be able to go for several bouts
in rapid succession.

After only a minute or so he yelled, "Mein gott!" and
drove his prick deep into his mother. I had been
tickling Sofia's clit and she shuddered and her cunt
muscles spasmed around my cock. I heard The Earl grunt
and saw the woman's cheeks puff out as he filled her
mouth with cum.

The son eventually resumed fucking his mother's cum-
filled hole and Sofia rose and fell on my cock as I
held onto her hips. I flooded her pussy at about the
same time the young man came for the third time. His
cock slipped out of her saturated snatch and she sucked
him then gave him a loving blowjob as only a mother
could give.

Sofia and I watched The Earl fuck the red-head's
Teutonic twat and then we left the club. We returned
that night to watch some other interesting shows but the
following day we boarded our home-bound flight, tired,
satisfied, and more in love with each other than before.
We even discussed our next move once we got back to the
states. We didn't expect anything like what happened
when we got back, though.

5: The Twins In America

Sofia's father met us at the airport. My uncle, I had
felt, knew that I was fucking his daughter. But he
didn't seem worried or concerned. Not even when we told
him that we had decided to live together. Actually, he
seemed relieved. He also handed Sofia a telegram.
Marta and Gerta, the lovely twins from Copenhagen,
planned to visit the United States and wanted to know if
they could visit with us.

Within a week Sofia had moved in with me. Fortunately
I had plenty of room, and since we share a bed, she
didn't need to worry with bringing one along. Her mother
was a bit less accepting of our situation than her
father had been, but she got over it. Sofia and I soon
established a great domesticity. She attended school and
worked part time. Our home life was great and our sex
life was even better.

We had been living together for a month when the twins
arrived from Copenhagen. When we met them at the airport
we couldn't tell them apart. Marta has a small mole on
her right breast, though, so when we got home we were
soon able to tell them apart. The first thing we did was
form a daisy chain with me lapping at Marta's pussy
while she sucked Sofia, who in turn went after Gerta's
cream. And Gerta, of course, had her mouth busy on my
cock and balls, getting me ready for the assfucking she
wanted from me.

Marta rolled the condom onto my hard-on while Sofia
fingered and relaxed Gerta's puckered asshole. She even
tongued it, getting it primed for probing. Sofia got
her head under us so she could lick Gerta's cunt and my
balls as I fucked the blonde Dane. Marta squeezed her
s****r's tits and kissed me, the taste of Sofia's quim
still fresh and sweet on her lips.

As happened when I had fucked Sofia's friend, Annie,
in the ass, I didn't last long. An asshole is so much
tighter than a pussy, even more so when the cock is big.
Gerta had told us she loved being bumfucked by a big one
and I was only to glad to oblige. With Sofia's saliva
in her ass and a gob of saliva Marta dripped onto my
sheathed cock, I was able to slide into Gerta's rear
chute without much strain.

The blonde loved being shafted in the ass; she had told
us so when we met her and her twin in Copenhagen. She
preferred it to fucking because she didn't have to worry
about getting pregnant or having her period. And while
she was getting her ass fucked, her pussy was available
to be eaten, as Sofia was doing. Gerta writhed and met
my thrusts and she grunted and mumbled about how good it

I felt the familiar twitch inside as my prostate reacted
to the stimulation. My cum started its swift, final
journey as Sofia squeezed my balls. "Shoot, Dave!" I
heard her say. Marta stuck her wet tongue in my ear and
Gerta's ass clenched around my cock like a vise. My cum
started filling the end of the condom and Marta fingered
my asshole, probing inside to coax even more of my seed

When I pulled out of Gerta's stretched anal pore,
Sofia grabbed the condom while Marta bent down to kiss
and tongue her s****r's gaping orifice. When I saw
Marta's long, pink tongue slither into her twin's rear
tunnel, my cock gave a jerk and drooled a final few
drops into the bloated condom. Sofia deftly removed
the sheath, gave my reddened cock a kiss, then emptied
the milky contents onto Gerta's butt cheeks.

With my warm spunk dripping onto Gerta's ass, Sofia
and Marta began lapping the sauce from Gerta's still-
quivering buns until it was gone. Then Gerta turned
around and the four of us exchanged long, deep kisses
before I just had to lie down to rest. I watched the
three inexhaustible beauties pleasure one another for
the next hour. The twins had brought along a couple of
strap-on dildos which they used on Sofia and each

At one point, Gerta had Sofia don the fake cock and,
after she impaled her cunt on her s****r's prong, she
directed Sofia to fuck her ass. It was the first time
I had ever witnessed a double penetration as the two
sizeable latex cocks skewered Gerta's two orifices.

Sofia sure seemed to enjoy her dominant position
behind Gerta, and she kept looking at me and smiling as
she thrust powerfully into Gerta's ass. That's when the
thought occurred to me: what would it be like to have my
cousin fuck my ass? The more I thought about it, the
more the idea turned me on. I kept mulling it over while
we showed and I waited until we were eating dinner
before I mentioned it.

Sofia got tremendously excited at the suggestion. The
twins were amazed that I was an anal virgin. Among their
vast circle of friends in Copenhagen and throughout
Europe, men regularly took cocks in the ass, both fake
and real ones. It had nothing to do with homosexuality
or bisexuality. Just sexuality. If it felt good and made
you cum and didn't hurt anyone, what was the harm?
That's when we got into a serious discussion about
American attitudes about sex.

By the time we got to the bedroom, I was stiff with
anticipation of what was to come. Rather than get on my
hands and knees, I laid on my back so I could watch
everything. Sofia again strapped on a dildo, a thinner
version of the cock she had used earlier on Gerta, and
it was now standing erotically from between her legs.

While I held my legs behind the knees, Marta began
licking my sphincter and pushing her tongue deep inside.
Gerta lubricated Sofia's cock with some K-Y jelly and
then Marta stuck several jelly-covered fingers up my

Gerta lodged the head of the cock at the round entrance
to my bowels. I looked deeply into Sofia's eyes and
saw the excitement and love inside her. Marta held my
steely cock as Sofia slowly pushed the knob past my
relaxed sphincter and began the probing journey into my
never-fucked passage. My cousin my own flesh and bl**d
looked deeply, lovingly, into my eyes and her smile
spoke volumes. She was fucking me, just as I had fucked
her for the past three years.

The twins were on either side of me, watching closely as
Sofia's cock disappeared into my ass and then
reappeared. They took turns licking the leaking head of
my cock and sucking my balls and nibbling Sofia's
small but stiff nipples.

"Fuck him!" Marta whispered throatily, though Sofia
needed no encouragement. "He welcomes you in his ass.
His prick is stiff and leaks so much tasty juice." On
cue, Gerta lapped up some pre-cum and offered her
extended tongue to Sofia, who licked my stuff right
off and then sucked Gerta's tongue into her mouth.

That dildo was massaging my prostate like mad and I
knew, just as when I fucked someone else in the ass and
couldn't hold off long, I was going to cum soon. Marta
and Gerta knew it by the way my cock got darker and
swelled even more.

"Oh, yes-s-s," Gerta hissed. Sofia drove her dick into
me hard and deep as my entire body jerked powerfully and
uncontrollably. My cum seemed to burn as it erupted from
my cockhead like lava from a volcano and spurted high in
the air, splatting onto Sofia's right boob. Gerta
immediately began licking Sofia's small icing-covered
tit while her s****r attached her sucking mouth to my
spitting knob and drank down the semen Sofia's ass
fuck had pounded out of me.

Naturally my ass was sore but dear Sofia administered
soothing kisses and cooling wet caresses from her tongue
after she withdrew the dong. The twins kissed each other
and me, swapping oysters of my cum. I was exhausted and
quickly fell asl**p, the three young women kissing and
caressing my body.

I awoke after about eight hours of much-needed sl**p.
The girls brought me breakfast in bed and wouldn't let
me lift a finger. Well, they fed me breakfast but I did
finger the trio of juicy pussies, two blonde and one
chestnut tufted cunts. For dessert, I was treated to a
triple blowjob. WOW! The two more days the girls visited
were mind-boggling when it came to sexual thrills. Their
knowledge of sexual thrills seemed enormous and by the
time they left I was drained, tired and wiped out.

It was good to be with Sofia, alone and with no sexual
tension between us for a few days. We talked, we
laughed, we communicated, we solidified our feelings for
each other. We both felt the tenderness and love we had
for one another. And after a few days, we felt the
desire to express our feelings. It was when we were in
bed, listening to Classical music, when Sofia began
undulating her butt against my oiled cock, which began
to straighten out and thicken, much to Sofia's

"Dave," my cousin said, slightly parting her legs so my
cock could slide between her thighs. "How would you like
to fuck my asshole?" She had told me long ago that she
wanted my cock to be the only one she'd fuck, now she
wanted me in her backside.

"Sofia, I don't want to hurt you," I said, hugging her

"Gerta and Marta told me how to do it. They even left me
some butt plugs so I could stretch my hole for you." She
turned, her freckled nose inches from mine, those brown
eyes full of love. "Besides, I want it. I love you,
Dave. So what if it hurts a little. Annie loved your
cock in her ass. So did Gerta and Marta. It feels good
to me to have my asshole fingered or even to put the
butt plugs in there. I want you now."

We made something of a romantic production of my taking
Sofia's anal cherry. Candles and soft light, romantic
music, a little wine, some well-placed pillows and
plenty of lubrication, we were prepared. With her lovely
pert butt thrust out and up and with her legs drawn up,
her pink pucker was really inviting. Before I lubed it,
I just had to kiss it and stick my tongue into the hot,
musky interior. Sofia had her hands on the sides of my
head and played with my ears while I rimmed and reamed
her. She whimpered and moaned, sighed and squealed as I
tongued her passage until she told me she was ready.

I put plenty of the cool gel inside her asshole and then
applied a generous amount to my cock. Sofia then
firmly grabbed my cock and guided the mushroom knob to
her awaiting sphincter. Her cheeks were flushed with
excitement, her eyes wide with anticipation and her
nipples were like rockets.

I pressed forward ever so slightly and Sofia inhaled
sharply, but still smiled. I waited for the round muscle
to relax and let my cock inside. I could feel the
sphincter's tension slowly ease and my thick crown
slowly moved into her portal.

She sucked in her lower lip but I didn't see any sign of
pain or discomfort on her face. I knew that my cock was
stretching her wider than she'd ever been stretched,
butt plugs or not. I looked down and watched as the rim
of my knob slid inside her sphincter and the muscle
clamped down on the top of the shaft.

Sofia felt it and gleefully laughed. "Your cock feels
wonderful in my ass, Dave," she said softly. "I just
knew it would."

"I hope it feels as good to you as I felt when you
fucked me the other day."

"Probably better," she said. "Your cock is real. Hmm,
give me more." There was still quite a way to go before
all 9 inches would be inside; I just hoped like hell I
could delay cumming long enough to get all of it inside.
Sofia held my shoulders as I pressed forward and again
felt my cock slowly make its way into her tunnel,
widening the walls as the head led the way. My cousin's
pixie face twitched and her body trembled every fraction
of an inch my cock advanced. A constant moan of delight
came from her throat and her hands slid behind my neck
as she slowly pulled me inside.

Deeper my prick slid and the tightness was incredible.
The only thing that prevented me from giving in to the
pleasure was that this was a special experience that
both of us were to enjoy. I could feel Sofia's inner
muscles spasm around my cock both resisting my invasion
and welcoming it.

I felt the hairs on my balls when they made contact with
Sofia's ass and I looked to see barely an inch or so
of my cock yet to go. "Almost there, Sofia," I said
through clenched teeth. The freckles stood out on her
nose; her nostrils were flared and beads of sweat were
forming on her forehead. That she was going through such
discomfort as a means to pleasure both herself and me
only increased my desire to be gentle and to give her
all the satisfaction and joy that I could.

I licked the sweat from her forehead and covered her
face with kisses as I felt my pubic bone meet hers. My
entire nine inches of thick, steel-hard cock were buried
entirely, almost impossibly, inside my petite cousin's
backside. Sofia was laughing with delight, her bowels
stuffed with cock, cock that was ready to explode.

I eased backward, my cock sliding smoothly as it
withdrew. Sofia hugged me tightly and I again filled
her. The sweet scent of her pussy filled the room as her
juice flowed from her cunt and ran down to help
lubricate my cock and cling to my pubic curls.

"Fuck me, Dave," Sofia said as she rode the crest of a
climactic wave. "Ooh, love me! Deep! Hard! Cum in my
ass! Oh, God, love me!"

"I do love you, Sofia," I answered as my hips drove my
cock smoothly in and out of her ass. I knew I was only
seconds away from shooting and I wanted us to cum
together. Sofia whimpered and started gasping as my
cock swelled inside her, setting off her own body-
wracking orgasm. Her spasming ass muscles clenched
around my cock and milked my juice up and out to soothe
the burning heat in her rectum.

Sofia hugged me tightly as she gasped and writhed
beneath me. I made guttural grunts as my prick spit gobs
of semen into her squirming ass and my mouth found hers
and we kissed, gasping and breathing into one another.
Sofia's ass was filled with cock and cum and she
wanted both inside her for as long as possible.

We were sweaty and exhausted when we both finished
cumming. When I saw the tears in Sofia's eyes, tears
of happiness and love, not pain, my own eyes got misty.
Her ass eventually gave up its hold on my drained piece
and cum poured from her raw rear when my reddened cock
slipped out. We slept entwined in one another's arms.

6: Virgin Territory

Sofia and I recently participated in an event that I
just have to write about. A few months ago I received a
letter from a f****y in Tennessee who had been following
my stories and how I had developed this relationship
with my cousin Sofia. It turned out that this f****y
was very much into i****tuous relationships and wanted
to correspond with someone who understood the sort of
f****y loving they enjoyed.

When they invited us to attend one of their f****y
gatherings, Sofia and I got in the car and drove. We
went through the Great Smoky Mountains and about a half
hour from Gatlinburg was where we met the "Jones"
f****y. The Jones farm is composed of 200 acres of
pasture, fields, forested mountainside and a few clear
mountain stream. The main house is a huge Victorian-
style structure with two huge old oak trees in the front

Jake Jones had explained that the annual party we were
attending was a combination f****y reunion and a rite of
passage. This year, three f****y members, two girls and
one boy, had turned eighteen and would be welcomed into
the sexual fun the f****y enjoyed.

Sofia was excited and antsy for most of the trip. Her
nipples poked her t-shirt and she rubbed her horny
crotch through her shorts. I was half-hard and had to
refuse Sofia's offer of a blowjob at one of the scenic
overlooks because I didn't want to risk blowing my load
and missing anything that weekend. I mean, I love
Sofia but I can always get a blowjob from her; this
was a once-a-year event and I wanted to save all my

It's a good thing I waited.

The driveway to the main house was about a mile long and
when we arrived there were a dozen vehicles with license
tags from all over the country. Jake came out of the
house to greet us. Jake is 46, tall, rugged and with a
shock of prematurely-gray hair. He was dressed casually
and he was accompanied by two attractive women he
introduced as his daughters, Jeanne and Martha. Both
were in their early to mid-twenties and both wore loose
dresses ("Easier to get out of," Martha told us later.)

Jake was friendly and made us feel welcomed and relaxed.
Jeanne whispered in his ear. Jake smiled. "Jeanne likes
bald heads, Dave. She want to hold your head between her
thighs!" Jeanne grinned at me. I felt a bit embarrassed
by the boldness. However, my cock was stiffening in my
jeans. Sofia rubbed the front of my jeans.

"He's a great pussy eater, Jeanne," she said. "And so am
I. I hope I can get a taste while we're here."

"Hot damn!" Jake laughed. "Honey, show Sofia that
honeypot of yours. You, too, Martha!"

Both young women immediately lifted their dresses to
reveal their unpantied lower bodies. Their pubic
triangles were neatly trimmed and their lips were
visible. Martha had an extremely large clitoris which
jutted out. Sofia reached out with both hands and
cupped both pussies, wiggling a finger between the lips
and making the s****rs groan.

Jake laughed again. "Sofia, you'd best wait until we
get inside or you'll start an orgy right here!"

All three women, Sofia, Martha and Jeanne, looked at
Jake and simultaneously said, "An orgy sounds good."

We all laughed then and then made our way onto the big
porch and into the house. Inside, it reminded me of the
many country homes I'd been inside, including my
grandmother's. However, my grandmother was never, to my
knowledge anyway, caught sitting fully clothed on an
ottoman sucking on the stiff cock of a guy young enough
to be her grandson.

That's what we saw when we entered the living room. Jake
confirmed that the silver-haired woman was his 68-year-
old aunt and the cock she was sucking belonged to her

"Rob just loves his granny's gum jobs," Jake said. I saw
her false teeth lying on the coffee table and we watched
as Rob gave way to the pleasure and let his spunk shoot
into his grandmother's hungry mouth. She swallowed his
offering without letting a drop escape her lips. After
she let his softened cock slip from her mouth, she
replaced her teeth and came over to greet Sofia and

"Girls, why don't you give our company here a real
Tennessee howdy do while I go back to the kitchen to
help with supper?" Well, their idea of a Tennessee
welcome is to strip the guests and give them a tongue
bathe. In no time, Martha and Jeanne were joined by a
half-dozen other women, s****rs, mothers, all related
and all eager to meet, greet and eat the visitors. I
watched as one woman I later learned was Jake's s****r,
got between Sofia's legs and devoured my cousin's
sweet cunt, much to Sofia's delight.

I got my share of the oralism as well. The girls all
loved my cock, or "that big wanger," as one called it,
and it received plenty of lip service and tongue
lashings, I assure you. Glenda, a 40-ish red-head, with
a million freckles and huge, pillowy tits, got her
tongue deep in my asshole and let that muscle squirm
away in my steamy rear passage. I finally spewed my
pent-up load and it was thirstily shared by most of the
women. Jake's s****r was sucking Sofia to a screaming
orgasm and didn't get any, though.

I asked where the men in the f****y were. Jake was
probing his niece's asshole with his cock when I asked.
"They're out in the woods huntin' or fishin' down to the
trout stream," Jake said. "Never could figure why a man
would want to shoot a rifle when he could shoot his wad
or why he'd want to mess with a fishin' pole when
there's women around who want to play with his pole. But
that's okay. Just means we got our pick of pussy and

"And ass, Uncle Jake," his niece said as he pumped away
between her fleshy cheeks. "Hmm, you fuck my ass so
good," she said as she lowered her face into Jeanne's

Meanwhile, Glenda got behind Jake, spread his cheeks and
plunged her active tongue into his ass. Sofia cuddled
up to me and I automatically put my arm around her and
cupped her small breast while we watched this segment of
the Jones f****y do what seemed natural, rimming and
sucking and fucking, the picture of pleasurable i****t.

After a while, we showered and dressed and then Jake
took us on a tour. He pointed to a house in the distance
and said that was where the "young 'uns" were as well as
the adults who didn't get involved in the intimate fun.

"We got two preachers in the f****y, Dave," he told me.
"My b*****r's one and my aunt's husband. Both of 'em are
over to the other house. Oh, they don't preach against
what we're doing. They just don't party and all. My
b*****r likes to fuck Martha and maybe a couple more. My
aunt's husband loves to read a sermon while a woman
fucks his ass with a fake dick and he jacks off. Weird,
huh?" Jake laughed and said that the world was full of
strange things.

When we got to the barn, Sofia and I got an idea of
just how strange things could be in the Jones f****y.
Jake explained the ceremony we would watch that night.
He said the three newcomers would lie naked on the three
waist-high platforms there in the barn and all the
members of the f****y would stroke, lick, kiss, suck,
feel, whatever, except the privilege of the first fuck
went to the parent. Tom's mother, Glenda, would be his
first fuck, and the girls would get dicked by their

"Charlotte, one of the girls, is my preacher b*****r's
daughter. I know he's lookin' forward to this. That girl
is a beauty, too. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tits out to
here, lips that beg to be fucked. She's already gonna be
a cheerleader at college. I can't wait to get some of
that myself!"

Supper was a picnic held outside with everyone clothed
and on their best behavior because every member of the
clan was there. Martha introduced Sofia and me to the
rest of the f****y, including the three soon-to-be
inductees. Several of the men took a fancy to Sofia,
of course, but they also knew that they first had to
satisfy their own f****y needs.

It was early evening when the consenting adults made
their way to the barn. Since Sofia and I were there to
observe and not to participate in the f****y ritual, we
took up a position in the loft where we could easily see
everyone and everything below us. We had removed our
clothes as we came in and had climbed to the loft quite
naked. We sat on a blanket and watched everyone else
enter the barn and strip. Both Sofia and I were
excited and my hand fingered her cooze even as she
fondled me. We kept commenting on the people who walked
in and undressed for the ceremony.

"What tits!"

"Big balls!"

"Nice legs!"

"Those lips were made to suck cock!"

It was Jake's father who really surprised me, though. He
was the oldest person in attendance, 71 years old. Jake
had told me that the old man had a physical condition
which caused him to have a perpetual hard-on. "Priapism"
it's called. And when he stripped down, I saw for
myself. His cock was as stiff as that of a man half his
age, close to 10 inches long, pink and waving before him
as it thrust out over a pair of massive balls.

"Damn!" gasped Sofia as she watched the old man sit in
his chair. He called to one of the women (a daughter or
granddaughter or niece -- you can't be sure in
situations like this) and in a loud voice asked if she
would suck his "clapper."

"I got me a nice wad to let loose and I haven't had your
mouth in days." While he got some eager head, the old
man fingered some pussies and stroked a few cocks as
other f****y members gathered around to watch. Hands
roamed everywhere as everyone watched Grandpa climb
closer to the brink. Sofia's pussy was wet and hot as
I strummed her throbbing clit there in the loft.

The old man started bucking his hips and jerked his cock
out of the mouth that had coaxed this orgasm. He grabbed
his cock and jerked it a few times. "Fuck!" he yelled as
a jet of spunk fired high into the air, followed by
another and yet another. I had never seen so much semen
come from a cock during one orgasm. His cum landed on
arms and legs; tongues sought to catch the pearly drops
in mid-spurt; others licked it off bodies and faces.
You'd have thought there was something magical or
religious in that old man's cum.

Hmm. Considering his age... the amount he produced...
his constant erections... hell, maybe it is

During the next few minutes, Sofia and I were
engrossed in a hard, passionate fuck which left me limp
and she had a quim full of hot cum. When we looked down
from the loft, the lights had been dimmed and the three
to be welcomed to the adult fun were lying on the three
platforms. The male was sporting a thick eight-inch
hard-on which had the attention of most of the women,
but none so much as his mother, Glenda, who couldn't
keep her hands away from his parts.

The two girls were both desirable. One had short black
hair and large breasts with huge, suckable nipples.
Charlotte, about whom Jake had raved, was, indeed, a
beautiful blonde, definitely a body any magazine would
love to have as a covergirl or a centerfold. Her father
wasn't wearing any clothes, but he just looked like a
preacher, except of course, for that steely erection
that stood stiffly, waiting to sink into his daughter's
virgin pussy.

The initiation ceremony was presided over by stiff-
cocked Grandpa who told a history of the f****y and its
tradition of f****y fucking. Then he approached each of
the newcomers, his swollen cock jumping and drizzling
clear pre-cum and each in turn kissed his truncheon as
if it were a symbol of some secret religion. Then Glenda
climbed up on the platform, straddled her son and
lowered her cunt to his upthrust staff.

"Fuck me, Tom," Glenda said to her manly stud of a son
as she guided his cock to her hole. "Give your mother
your fine dick and fill me with you cum!"

Neither Sofia nor I could see that joining, but we
could see the rapturous expression on Tom's face as his
mother's wet cunt enveloped his hard flesh. In seconds
Glenda was sitting on Tom's thighs, his entire length
buried inside her.

The fathers of the two girls were as eager to fuck their
daughters. The brunette's father had a large stomach and
we could not see his cock from the loft, but we did see
his daughter's face when he first thrust into her. She
flinched ever so slightly, but the pleasure soon took
control. The same with Charlotte.

"Such a tight nest, Charlotte," her father said as he
thrust in and out. It wasn't long before her thighs
tightened on her father's hips and her feet spurred him
on as she thumped his thrusting ass.

"Do me, Daddy!" Charlotte pleaded. "Juice in me!" She
wanted him, all right, and I cynically thought she might
have been fucked before by one of her cousins or
somebody. At the very least, she must have watched
before, because she was moving that lovely body in ways
a virgin wouldn't know. Sofia and I could hear the
pleasurable moans and groans coming from the three
i****tuous couplings.

Tom came within minutes of impaling his mother. Glenda
was bouncing up and down, encouraging her son to, "fill
your mother's pussy with your love." We could see him
turning red and huffing as his cock exploded inside her.
Sofia groaned as a small climax shook her body. Glenda
climbed off and grabbed her son's still-oozing piece and
sucked it then she climbed onto the table and told him
to fuck her ass. He was still hard and not about to
refuse his mother, nor the offer of "corn-holing" her
inviting asshole.

The two fathers could not last forever, of course. The
brunette's overweight father panted, thrusting hard and
twitching as he filled his daughter's virgin pussy with
cum. Charlotte's clergyman father was not long in
cumming, either.

He thrust deep inside his gorgeous daughter and spewed
his semen into her, just as he had done to her mother
some 19 years earlier. Charlotte's mother was there, of
course, sitting nearby, watching her husband take his
daughter's virginity. Her mother was there to lick the
thick semen as it oozed from her cunt.

That action seemed to signal to all in attendance to
participate. Slowly, mouths attached themselves to
breasts and stiff cocks and wet cunts. Cocks were
engulfed by willing cunts of all ages and in no time we
were watching a crowd of naked bodies, young and bold,
grinding and sweating and moaning as they joined in
their f****y love ritual.

Of course, observing this familial love had its effects
on Sofia and me. My cock was rock hard in her hand and
her pussy was hot and wet. She mumbled, "I love you,"
into my ear and I couldn't resist. I mean, after the
stimulation of watching what went on, added to the love
I felt for my cousin anyway, I just had to have her.
There, in the loft. I sank my cock into Sofia's always
tight quim and we held each other tightly as we made
love with a passion.

I know that watching the interaction of the members of
the Jones f****y was very emotionally gratifying. They
truly love one another. Their sexual relationship is a
healthy extension of the caring friendships they have
with each other. Friends and lovers are chosen; f****y
is not. But it sure is great when everything comes

A mother lovingly sucking her son's cock, a daughter
willingly giving her virginity to her father, b*****rs
and s****r happily giving each other orgasms. Sofia
and I were part of that feeling of f****y bonding as we
made love in the loft. We were both teary-eyed and
muttering words of love to each other as we reached
climax there, unnoticed by the orgiastic crowd below.

Martha later showed us to our room in the house where we
slept comfortably, curled up warmly in each other's
arms. During our weekend stay with the Jones clan, we
watched many interesting encounters and we were even
treated to several more of those "oral orgies," but the
f****y wouldn't actually fuck non-f****y members. I did
get to experience a gum job from one of the elderly
women, and Sofia told me that one of the Jones women
had the longest tongue she'd ever had wiggle inside her.

It was an enjoyable, but intense and tiring, weekend. On
the drive home, both Sofia and I were subdued and
quiet. I kept my arm around her as we both thought about
everything we had seen and done and felt that weekend.

7: f****y Fun In The Woods

Sofia recently started work as a clerk at a store
which specializes in camping and outdoor stuff, like
hiking boots, tents and stuff. It's owned by a woman
Sofia met who, it turns out, is a bisexual. To top
that off, her lover is her younger s****r. So Sofia
got around to suggesting that the four of us should go
camping. She told Pam, her boss, about our i****tuous
and fulfilling life and Pam thought such an excursion
would be fun. It wasn't that she and her s****r hated
men; they just preferred one another. Sofia wanted to
taste Pam's twat anyway, and this way she might get the

Quite honestly, I figured that it might be a replay of
our encounter with the young Scandinavian s****rs.
Sofia had told Pam that I wrote sex stories and Pam
had passed along some of her own erotic efforts which
naturally were about lesbian loving, although she did
indulge in some interesting heterosexual fantasies.

My love and I crept into the softly-lighted room where
the man lay naked on the table, his towering erection
pointed at the ceiling. He didn't blink as my hand
gripped his pulsating phallus. The heat of his male
flesh was intense. Barbara hugged me from behind, her
nipples hard against my back, her left hand cupping my
left breast. She put her right hand on mine and
encouraged me to stroke the turgid shaft until a
sparkling drop of juice appeared at the slit.

Barbara's head nudged mine toward the purple head. My
lips trembled. Yes, I had to taste him.

"Oh, Daddy," I whispered just before I let his organ
slide into my mouth.

After reading that, I figured Pam and her s****r would
be an interesting and fun pair. I met both women over
dinner one evening. The four of us sat at a quiet table
in a new Italian restaurant. The first thing that struck
me was just how attractive Pam and Donna are. Both women
were in their early 40s, though both looked much younger
and were quite fit. Both had shoulder-length thick,
brown hair, though Pam had bangs and waves and her
s****r, Donna, wore hers straight.

The next thing I noticed was how intensely they stared
at me. Sofia's hand was in my lap, rubbing my cock to
semi-hardness under the table as the four of us chatted.
I didn't even say anything when I felt her unzipping my
fly. Both Pam and Donna heard my zipper being pulled
down and I knew that the three of them had something in
store for me. Sofia managed to work my cock out of my
fly and into the open air undercover of the table.

"I guess you know that Sofia has told us about you,
Dave," Pam said, her voice low and sexy, her eyes
piercing. She told us that you have a beautiful, hard
cock. Mind if feel it?" Before I knew it, I felt
the ball of Pam's bare foot travel up my leg and between
my thighs. Sofia could see under the table and as
Pam's foot neared my cock, she withdrew her hand. Pam's
toes touched my stalk and then felt around, tickling and
teasing my flesh as they explored.

"Hmm." She smiled and arched her eyebrows. "Nice. You
were right, Sofia, He's stiff, alright. Nice and big,
too. Do you really take this inside your tight little

"Every fucking inch," Sofia beamed with pride. Again
Pam's brows arched as her toes continued to explore my

"Sofia also tells us that you taste good, Dave. Donna,
why don't you find out?" Donna smiled mischievously and
then ducked under the table. It was a good thing we were
tucked away in an out-of-sight booth, I thought as I
felt Donna's hands spread my legs and her strong hand
and long fingers gripped my prick. I felt her breath on
the head just before she slid my knob between her lips.
I moaned as hew wet mouth enveloped me.

Our waitress came to the table then and asked if we
wanted another drink before dinner. Naturally, Pam
engaged her in conversation while I struggled to keep my
composure. The waitress turned toward me and winked,
then bent to peer under the table. "Looks good, Donna,"
she said, letting me know that the waitress was already
in on the game and, as I found out, is a bisexual friend
of the s****rs.

I was already giving Donna a steady flow of pre-cum and
I knew I was going to cum soon.

"He looks like he's close, Donna," Pam said to her
s****r. Donna sucked harder and faster. Sofia held my
hand in her lap and I could feel the heat in her crotch
rising through her skirt. "Give her your cum, Dave,"
Sofia told me. "Let it go."

As Donna moaned around my cock, I gave in to the
pleasurable inevitable and let the orgasm sweep through
me, sending a load of hot sauce into Donna's mouth.
Sofia ducked her head under the table and Donna let my
cousin have the last drooling rivulets as she returned
to her seat.

"Well?" Pam asked. Donna opened her mouth and I could
see that she hadn't swallowed any of my cream. Pam held
her s****r's face and kissed her. I could hear the
sloshing and I saw them both swallowing. Sofia tucked
my cock away and sat up as her employers broke their
decadent kiss, a drop of my cum glistening at the corner
of Donna's mouth for a second before her tongue got it.

"Hmm, he does taste good, Sofia," Donna said.

"Yes, I believe our camp out will be quite enjoyable,"
Pam added. She smacked her lips and smiled. "Enjoyable
and tasty!"

We hiked to a camping spot Pam and Donna knew about in
the mountains, miles from the nearest road and
civilization. We pitched the tent next to a clear
mountain stream, about 50 yards downstream from a
waterfall which Pam said was a wonderful spot to bathe.
"If you have the strength to get there" she added.

No sooner had we settled in than Donna announced that it
was time they got to see if Sofia was as good as she
and her s****r figured she was. I was told that I was
just going to watch, although, like them, I was going to

"And feel free to stroke that lovely big bat of yours,"
Pam said as she shrugged off her flannel shirt and
unfastened her jeans. "But don't cum," she continued.
"We don't want a drop of that good spunk of yours to go
to waste, now do we?"

By the time the four of us were naked, my cock was
standing at its full 9 inches because I was enjoying the
beauty of my small-titted cousin and her nubile body,
but I was also enjoying the loveliness of Pam and Donna.
Both had full, luscious breasts and both had brown pubic
curls, but Donna had trimmed and shaped hers so that it
formed a heart above the split of her pussy lips. Pam's
pubic hair was not trimmed but grew in profusion between
her strong, 40-something thighs.

They had spread a blanket on the ground and Pam laid
down and told Sofia to "park that lovely cunt on my
face, you little slut." I sat on the trunk of a fallen
tree, only a few feet from them. Donna kept eyeing my
cock and licking her full lips. "I think I could fall in
love with that prick, Dave," she said, as she took hold
of Sofia's head and guided my cousin's face between
her thighs. I saw Sofia stick out her tongue as her
mouth neared Donna's labia and the stiff clit which
protruded from the scarlet gash.

Pam began fingering herself and I thought about getting
down and fucking her, but as if reading my mind Donna
caught my attention and cautioned me.

"Don't even think about it, Dave. Just watch. And don't
cum. Ooh, yeah, Sofia, such a nice tongue you have!
Eat my pussy!" Donna closed her eyes and ran her fingers
through Sofia's long, chestnut-colored hair.
Meanwhile, Sofia was moving her hips, grinding her
sweet gash on Pam's mouth. I could hear Pam slurping
Sofia's juices hungrily and she fingered her own
swampy cunt with gusto.

After a few minutes, Pam pushed Sofia off of her
cream-smeared face, licking her lips and smiling. "Damn
fine cunt," she said. Then she sat beside me on the
trunk, spread her legs and told Sofia that it was time
to give her boss's pussy a going overt. Sofia eagerly
knelt between Pam's strong thighs and dove face first
into Pam's grotto.

Donna got on her back and scooted under Sofia so she
could slurp the young snatch. Pam reached over and
wrapped her fingers around my pole and pumped it a few
times, milking out a few dollops of pre-cum, which she
wiped off with a finger. She brought that finger to her
mouth and licked my stuff off, long strands glistening
from her finger to her lips.

"Hmmm," she moaned, closing her eyes as she savored the
flavor of my pre-squirt as it mingled with the taste of
Sofia's quim. She rested her hand on Sofia's head
and slowly humped her pussy against Sofia's mouth.

Pam looked at me and I saw her eyes as they quit
focusing and she groaned, "God, cumming! Cumming!" I
could hear the wet sounds increase as Sofia hurried to
keep up with the flow from Pam's spasming pussy. Pam's
nipples were so swollen that they looked like the were
about to explode. Sofia was whimpering into Pam's cunt
and from the motion of her hip I knew that she was
cumming herself, sending her syrup down Donna's throat.

My balls were feeling painfully full as I watched all
this. Pam leaned over and popped my cockhead between her
lips, which of course only aggravated my condition. Her
tongue tip teased the sensitive nerve ending on the
underside and she groaned, the vibrations travelling
down the shaft to my balls and even to my prostate.

"Do you want to cum, Dave?" Pam asked needlessly after
she took her mouth away from my pulsing prick. She
fondled my aching balls and looked down at her s****r
who was rapidly fingering herself. "Fuck Donna with this
big cock, Dave. Make her cum and then squirt her full of
your cum."

In no time, Donna was on her back, I was between her
thighs, Pam was sitting on her face and Sofia was
teasing my asshole with her tongue. I knew that I
couldn't last long and fortunately Donna was close
herself. When her pussy went into orgasmic spasms around
my cock, she easily pulled my load out of me and I
started shooting hot bullets of semen deep inside of

My cock was still dribbling when Sofia pushed me off
of Donna and went after my juice-covered cock like a
fish going after a nice, fat worm. Pam dropped her head
so that the two formed a s****rly 69 and she began
eating my stuff from her s****r's full pussy.

Minutes later we all just lay there in the clearing,
catching our breath and listening to the chirping of the
birds, the rushing of the stream and feeling the air
cool our bodies. What a feeling!

Donna and Pam whispered with each other and then added
Sofia to their conversation. Finally, Donna took hold
of my cock and started squeezing it, pumping bl**d into
it, nd it responded to her ministrations. Pam started
licking my ear and Sofia sucked on my nipples. By the
time Donna started sucking my balls, I was sporting
another full-blown erection.

"Dave," Pam whispered, sliding her wet tongue around the
sensitive flesh of my ear. "We want to watch you fuck
Sofia's cute little ass with that big ramrod of

"Yeah," added Donna in between licks on the cock they
were talking about. "I just can't imagine this big thing
going into her tiny little asshole.

Sofia looked up at me, her face flushed and her
freckles prominent. She smiled and winked at me. "Let's
show them," she said. She got on her knees and stuck her
ass out. Pam followed her suggestion and began tonguing
Sofia's anus to relax the sphincter and lubricate it
with saliva. (Sofia later told me she'd never heard of
a boss sucking an employee's ass!) Donna helped by
lubricating my cock inside her own warm, wet mouth.

The s****rs got on either side of Sofia's firm butt
and spread her cheeks apart, letting that glistening
rosebud beckon. I eased forward and let the knob of my
cock press against the pink, round muscle and then
Sofia sighed as her sphincter relaxed and started
opening to let my persistent prick inside.

Donna gasped in awe. "Oh, God! Look how he's going in!"

"Damn!" was all Pam could say in answer as my cousin's
oh-so-tight bunghole sucked my shaft inside. I could
feel her hot insides as her muscles gripped my cock and
her pulse was pounding rapidly.

"Ooh, shit, Dave, that feels so fucking good!" Sofia
moaned. "So goddamn good! Hmph!" Sweat began popping out
all over my body and dripping off the end of my nose. I
could feel one of the s****rs toying with my balls and
the other traced my own pore with her fingernail. Now,
that always gets to me and I pushed hard, sinking all 9
inches into my cousin's ass!

"My God!" Pam gasped.

"I don't believe it!" Donna managed to say.

"Hmm, yeah!" Sofia groaned. I held still, letting
Sofia adjust to the intrusion of my plunger deep in
her bowels as I regained a bit of self control. Pam and
Donna were thrilled at what they were seeing. Pam leaned
up to give me a passionate, deep kiss and her tongue
seemed to swab my tonsils. Donna got on her back between
my legs and licked at my balls and, I guessed, Sofia's
aroused clit and soggy slice.

I jammed my cock in and out of Sofia's clasping chute.
She was moaning with delight as I fucked her butt and
the s****r's kept licking and nibbling each and every
sensitive area of skin on our bodies. I felt Pam's
finger worm into my asshole and I let everyone know that
I was about to unload.

"Hose her hole good!" Pam said. Her finger pressed
rhythmically against my prostate and urged my second
coming. I pulled Sofia's hips to impale her on my
cock; my pubes were mashed against her firm cheeks.
Donna's frantically licking tongue and Pam's probing
finger added all the encouragement I needed to release
my load of love juice into my cousin's ass.

Her ass muscles were spasming as she came, too, and the
constriction was almost painful as my semen exploded
inside her. I just know that cum had to leak out and I
felt Pam join her s****r to lick up my cream as it
dripped from Sofia's ass onto her pussy and onto my
emptying balls.

I was drained and exhausted, but the four of us took a
dip in the cold mountain stream. I must admit that the
cold water was invigorating and, after a hearty dinner
cooked on the campfire, Sofia and I watched as the
s****rs showed us what lovers who really were s****rs
could do with each other, as if we didn't know from our
time with the s****rs from Scandinavia.

Pam and Donna had brought along their collection of sex
toys and used them with dexterity and imagination.
Sofia helped them insert a double-headed dildo as they
got on all fours. One end in Pam's ass and, as Donna
backed toward her s****r, Sofia pushed the other end
into Donna's chute. Then my young cousin got under them
and licked at both cunts while I dined on her wet

The next morning I was awakened with a tongue in my
asshole, my balls inside someone's mouth and my cock in
another. The three women kept trading places until I
came, then all three eagerly shared my morning spunk.
Sofia nursed on my softening cock as the s****rs
kissed, swapping my cum back and forth.

We took a refreshing swim under the waterfall and
returned to our camp for breakfast. We went for a hike
and did some normal camping and outdoors stuff, but the
highlight was when I fucked Sofia as she lay on her
back and Pam, wearing a strap-on dong, fucked my asshole
and Donna, also wearing a cock, fucked her s****r in the
ass. It took some coordination, I'll admit, but it was a
wild time!

Of course I did fuck Pam, both in the pussy and in her
steamy ass. Donna never did try to let me bugger her
butt ("You'll split me apart with that!") despite Pam's
assurances that I was a great sodomist.

I had to ask Pam a question about her erotic writings.
"Did you really fuck your father?" Pam glanced at Donna
and explained that their parents had divorced when the
girls were young and their father had little contact
with them afterwards. When they were much older, they
had driven to the city where he lived and followed him,
picking him up in a bar.

He thought they were girls just looking for a good time.
They took him to a motel, stripped him, sucked him and
fucked him. As he was leaving, they kissed him goodbye,
slipped an old picture of the three of them into his
hand, and together said, "Thank you, Daddy." He walked
away pale and shaking.

Pam and Donna are anxious to repeat our outing adventure
sometime soon. I'll keep you informed.

8: The Inner Circle

I received an interesting invitation recently from
someone who had been reading my accounts of my
relationship with my cousin Sofia. Myra wrote that she
was forty and divorced and had been emotionally and
sexually involved with her son for three years. He lived
with his father until he turned 18 and then he moved in
with her. Within two months, he had worked his way into
her bed.

Myra said that she represented a group of people
throughout the country who are involved in loving
relationships with people who happen to be related.
Mothers and sons, fathers and daughter, aunts and
nephews, uncles and nieces, cousins and cousins, entire
families, grandparents, virtually every possible
combination. But no relationship was f***ed or coerced,
Myra explained. All had been voluntary and natural.

Myra said that she and others in the group had read my
stories in these pages and had decided to ask if I'd
like to know about the group and perhaps write about it.
Naturally I wanted to find out more and so did Sofia
so I telephoned Myra, who had a pleasant voice with a
slight drawl. After some discussion, we agreed to meet
in South Carolina at a motel restaurant.

Myra certainly looked much younger than forty. She is
strikingly beautiful at 5'6" and with thick auburn hair.
She wore a blue dress that accentuated her curves and
showed off her shapely legs to perfection. Her son,
slightly younger than Sofia's 22 years, looked closer
to 28 or so. Handsome and tall, they made an attractive
couple. Certainly, no one would guess that they were
mother and son.

I was attracted to Myra instantly and I easily sensed
that Sofia was interested in Kyle, Myra's handsome
hunk of a son. Over dinner, Myra told us how they had
felt guilt about their relationship before joining The
Inner Circle, the organization made up of people
involved in relationships, emotional and sexual, with
f****y members.

It seems that people in The Inner Circle have been
following my stories of the i****tuous goings on between
my cousin Sofia and myself and Myra and Kyle wanted to
be the ones to contact us.

"Dave," Myra said as we ate dessert. "You say in your
stories that your dick is 9 inches long. Is that
literary license or is it true?'

"Ask Sofia," I replied. Myra arched her brow at

"The last time I measured him, it was just a tiny bit
bigger than 9-inches. Like 9-1/4 inches or so. And as
thick as my wrist. It feels = great in my pussy or in my
mouth or wherever!" Myra smiled and shuddered.

"I just adore big ones," she said. "Kyle has a little
over 7 inches and he certainly can ring a woman's bells
with it, but a big dick feels wonderful, especially in
an old, stretched out twat like mine."

"Mom, you aren't 'old' and you aren't stretched out,"
Kyle gallantly interjected.

Myra patted his hand. "That's sweet of you to say,
dear." She let her hand slip under the table and it was
obvious she was feeling his crotch. "Hmm, why don't you
and Sofia go dance awhile. Something tells me that she
inspired this erection here and she should have the
opportunity to check it out."

Sofia and Kyle left the table to dance in the motel's
club and Myra sat next to me. We discussed my writing
and her job as a paralegal and i****t and we got along
fabulously. Her perfume was intoxicating and soon I was
sporting an erection myself which her hand rubbed.

Eventually, Sofia and Kyle came back. I could see the
tell-tale wet spots on Kyle's pants "pecker tracks" we
call them down South and the four of us agreed that it
would be best to go back to the room Sofia and I had
taken for the night. We were all aroused and eager for a
hot foursome. And considering how close in age I was to
Myra and Sofia to Kyle,, it even crossed my mind that
we could pass as a married couple with two grown

Once we were in the room, Myra wasted no time in
climbing out of her dress and skimpy underclothes.
Sofia followed her lead and when Myra suggested to my
cousin that they get Kyle and myself ready to romp, Myra
helped Kyle strip down while Sofia helped me. My cock
was already bone hard,, but Sofia gave it some of her
special oral attention and made it even stiffer, if
that's possible.

I kept watching Myra as she stripped her son and pulled
on his cock, watching me with one eye the entire time.
She sighed when my stiff meat popped out and she was
quick to suggest that she and Sofia trade off.

Myra pushed me into a chair and wrapped her hand around
my cock. "God, I love big dick," she said, more to my
cock than to me. Her left hand held my cock firmly as
her right hand hefted and fondled my balls. She kissed
the head reverently, as though she was worshipping it.
Her wet tongue licked up and down and around and then
she went for my balls, licking my sac and sucking each
cum-maker between her hungry lips.

Sofia and Kyle had gotten down to work as well.
Sofia was on top of the young man, his head between
her thighs and obviously eating her tasty pussy. She, in
turn, was slurping his cock, a slim fuck-stick with an
upward curve to it. It had been some time since I'd
watched my cousin get physical with another man but I
felt no jealousy. Just pride and love for her.

"Dave, I want this dick doggie style. Okay?" Sofia and
Kyle made room for us beside them on the big bed and
they watched as Myra knelt on all fours and I put my
hands on her hips and slid my cock into her cunt. Myra
reached for her son's stiff cock and began stroking it
and when his pre-cum bubbled out, she wiped it with her
finger and then sucked on the finger and groaned.
Sofia bent down and licked the knob, pumping to draw
more of his juice out.

I snapped my hips and quickly sank my thick cock deep
inside her. Air rushed out of her lungs and she moaned.
"Oh, god, I just love big dick. Fuck my horny hole with
that fucker! Shove it! I want to cum! Have = to cum...
make me cum!" I fucked her alright. Sofia helped me by
reaching to tickle my asshole and fondle my balls. Kyle
fed his mother his leaking cock and she sucked on it as
though it was a sexual pacifier. Come to think of it, I
guess a cock is a pacifier for Myra.

It was obvious from his expression that Kyle was excited
watching me fuck his mother. Her groans and gyrations
showed that she enjoyed it as well. The view he had and
his mother's cock-sucking soon had him holding the reins
of her hair and fucking her mouth. He came hard and I
could hear Myra gulping every drop, but he was still
young and I knew he'd still be able to give Sofia a
good fucking.

Sure enough, it was a leaking but rigid cock he pulled
out of Myra's mouth. Sofia got over and flicked a drop
of cum from the slit and smacked her lips.

Sofia lay on the bed with her head by me so we could
look at me and so that Myra could watch closely as her
son fucked Sofia's beautiful pussy.

"Yes, Kyle, show Sofia what a wonderful fucker you
are!" Myra encouraged him. "Ooh," she sighed as I drove
my cock into her hard and with a twisting motion. "She's
used to being well-fucked!" Her pussy muscles were
strong and squeezed around my piston with remarkable

Kyle threaded his stiff shaft between my cousin's spread
thighs and I reached to pinch one of her stiff nipples
and her eyelids fluttered and she welcomed him into her
pussy with a moan. "Hmm, oh Kyle, that's good! Fuck me!
Fuck me while Dave fucks your mother!"

Kyle put it to my eager cousin with hard, rapid strokes
and with the energy and enthusiasm of a young fucker who
wants to pleasure his partner and make his watching
mother proud of him and his lusty performance. Myra's
cunt spasms told me she was cumming hard and I knew that
I couldn't hold back for long but I wanted to squirt in
his mother at the same time that Kyle filled Sofia
with his juice.

Fortunately, Kyle couldn't resist the tightness of
Sofia's quim and he drove his cock deep at the same
time I showered his mother's vagina with my sauce. Myra
and Sofia joined in an orgasmic duet as their cries of
delight filled the air. I filled Myra's cunt with my hot
semen as Kyle pumped his second load of the evening into
Sofia. Her glazed eyes locked onto mine as we both

Myra was the first of us to get off the bed. She slipped
on her dress, grabbed her car keys, and returned in a
few minutes with a canvas bag. Opening it, she removed a
huge strap-on dildo which she handed to Kyle. He quickly
slipped it on over his own half-hard cock while Myra
explained that this was how Kyle satisfied her craving
for big cocks. Myra lay on her back, her legs spread
wide and her titian-haired pussy brimming with my cum.

Kyle rubbed the big head of that dong along her swollen
lips and then leaned forward, slowly and easily entering
his mother's scarlet snatch until, as she whimpered and
mumbled words of love, all twelve inches of that thing
were inside her accommodating pussy. If you include
Kyle's prick, which was tucked in the hollow shaft, Myra
had almost nineteen inches of cock inside her.

Sofia was fingering herself, coating her index finger
with a sheen of Kyle's semen. She offered it to Myra who
eagerly sucked her finger dry. Kyle then said in a low
voice, "Mom? Now?" Myra explained that Kyle wanted to
see his mother eat pussy.

"I've never eaten a pussy before and Kyle has long been
after me to try it. It's quite a fantasy for him. Isn't
it, Kyle? Sofia, since your pussy is filled with
Kyle's delicious cum, can I... could you...?" Sofia
quickly straddled Myra's face and eased her pussy down
to within an inch of Myra's mouth.

"Can you see, Kyle?" Sofia asked. Kyle managed to
twist his head enough to look. Sofia closed her eyes
and concentrated and Kyle and I watched as a thick gob
of his cum oozed from Sofia's cunt and Myra parted her
lips to accept the stuff.

"Oh, God, Mom!" Kyle murmured, driving that dong hard
and Myra's response was to slip her tongue out to lick
at Sofia's tender slit. Sofia shuddered and grabbed
Kyle's shoulders to steady herself and, when Kyle looked
at her, Sofia put a passionate lip lock on the son as
she sat on Myra's face. I could see Myra's jaw and
throat moving and swallowing as she feasted on Sofia's

It wasn't long before Kyle disengaged the dildo from his
mother's pussy and took it off to reveal his own
engorged weapon. He replaced the fake cock with his own
and I motioned for Sofia to climb off Myra's mouth. We
watched mother and son embrace and kiss, sharing the
combined flavor of Sofia's quim and Kyle's cum.

Sofia lay her head on my chest and fondled me as we
watched the mother and son consummate their love. I
could easily have made love to my cousin then... I was
hard and she was horny... but there was such an
emotional atmosphere as we watched Kyle pleasure his
mother that we just watched.

There's almost a magical feeling in the air when a son
shoots his seed into the very vagina that gave birth to
him. "Give me you love, Kyle!" Myra shouted as she came
and Kyle unleashed yet another load, pumping so much
into his mother that it oozed from around his pistoning
cock and dripped down her ass cleft onto the bed sheets.

The four of us rested and talked and Myra told us that
she also had a daughter, Linda, who would soon be old
enough to join in on the sexual goings on. "She's made
it clear she intends to keep Kyle busy," she added. Then
she asked if I'd be interested in introducing her
daughter to the pleasures of a big cock. She showed us a
photo of her daughter, the image of her sexy mother. I
told her that I'd be glad to, if her daughter wanted to
try. Sofia remarked that she would like to be intimate
with Linda as well, if she were so inclined.

The rest of the night we spent talking, sl**ping, and of
course enjoying the pleasures of one another. Myra told
us more about The i****t Network. She explained that it
was made up of people who had been, or currently were
involved, in positive relationships, emotional or
sexual, with a f****y member.

"The newspapers and such only mention the headline-
grabbing negative stories," Myra said. But there are
many people who have positive, loving relationships.
Like you and Sofia do. Or Kyle and I.

"Much of the negative feeling is a result of outsiders.
We have people who were f***ed to leave their hometowns,
friends and f****y because people said that what they
were doing was 'bad.' We have an entire f****y -- a man,
his wife, daughter, two sons and the man's single s****r
-- who were literally run out of New England when
someone found out that they were involved sexually with
each other.

"Not everyone is into having sex with others, though.
Like any other group, there are those who prefer privacy
and come to meetings just to talk and listen and make
friends. Then there are people like me who like to get
more personal." Myra said that the Network felt that I
might be the right person to write about the
organization. I told her there was a big problem in that
the "legitimate" magazines and tabloids would only want
the negative and sensational details and the sex
magazines would want to concentrate on the sexuality,
not the psychology of i****t. But maybe I could do
something. She said she'd tell the others and someone
would contact me.

At one point during the night, Kyle and I looked on as
Myra and Sofia got into a torrid 69, a sight which so
rocked Kyle that he got behind his mother and was
slipping his horny cock into her, but he started cumming
before he got more than the head inside. Ah, youth! But
he still gave her a good time.

I'll let you know if I hear anything else about this

9: Sofia And I Go To The f****y Reunion

My cousin Sofia and I attended a f****y reunion this
past fall. We'd avoided going for a few years but we
went this time because some of our relatives are getting
on in years. We figured the word about us had gotten
around about us. We don't flaunt our i****tuous
relationship, but we don't lie about it or go out of the
way to hide it. We love and care for one another despite
our age difference and the fact that we're first
cousins. After all, this is almost the 21st century and
first cousins have been getting married since Old
Testament times.

I figured a hush would greet us at the picnic area when
we showed up together. I was wrong. People seemed non-
plussed and as friendly as ever. I was a bit surprised
and, of course, relieved, when nothing negative
happened. But it was an elderly great uncle who broke
the silence.

Uncle Zack maneuvered me out of anyone's earshot. He
looked into my eyes and grinned.

"Dave, word is that you're puttin' it to Sofia real
good. Can't nothin' beat pussy that's f****y, huh?" He
lightly punched me in the shoulder then put his arm
around me. "Look, I used to give it to some of the women
in this room besides Ellie." (Aunt Ellie was his wife.)
"My s****r liked it and so did your Aunt Shirley." One
of Shirley's b*****rs was my father. Sofia's father
was her other b*****r as well. So f****y fucking wasn't
so unusual in our own f****y, either.

Not long after Uncle Zack talked to me, Aunt Shirley
cornered me. She's 52, petite, with light brown hair and
she looks a lot like an older Sofia.

"Dave, I understand you and Sofia are living
together," she said quietly. "I'm assuming your sharing
more than a roof, right? Like maybe the same bed? Oh,
don't be embarrassed! Our f****y loves sex and we're
pretty loving within the f****y, too." She leaned close
to me and breathed in my ear. "Do you have the trademark
big dick?" she asked. No one could see her hand slip
between my legs and take hold of the hardening cock
inside my pants. Her wet tongue darted into my ear and
the stimulation made my cock spring to its full length.

"Oh, yes-s-s," she whispered. "How about giving me some
of this? Or maybe I should ask Sofia. And maybe
Sofia will give me a taste of her love nest, do you
think?" My Aunt was a very attractive woman. She lives
in another state so we don't see her often and I'd never
thought of getting it on with her. Till now, of course.
Would Sofia be interested, I wondered. I was imagining
seeing Aunt Shirley bouncing up and down on my cock, or
entangled with Sofia in a sweaty, Sapphic 69, tongues
wildly exploring each other's feminine charms.

I wasn't surprised when Sofia told me that Aunt
Shirley was going to come to the house a bit later.
Sofia's brown eyes had that horny twinkle that let me
know she was excited. And whenever she gets aroused, so
do I.

"And she's bringing Debra!"

Now let me explain about Debra, Shirley's daughter.
Debra was born beautiful By the time she was eighteen,
she had won scores of beauty pageants, appeared in over
a dozen television commercials, had a brief role in a
network soap opera and had appeared in a couple of low
budget feature films. She was and is one of the most
beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on, and she has
never had plastic surgery. She is 5'9" tall, thick
blonde hair, an absolutely gorgeous figure (she was once
a calendar girl in a bikini) and with legs that would
give hard-ons to impotent men.

According to the f****y g****vine and an occasional
little blurb in a supermarket tabloid, our cousin was
something of a sexual wild woman, some said "kinky
degenerate," one tabloid called her a "lesbo nympho
pervo on Rodeo" Drive. But Debra never visited us and we
hadn't seen her in person in over 12 years. Aunt Shirley
hadn't mentioned her to me, but the possibility of
sexing it up with Sofia and Aunt Shirley and Debra had
me wired all afternoon. By 7:00 I had a bulge in my
pants that Sofia kept rubbing gleefully.

The doorbell rang and Sofia jumped up to open the door
while I stood and struggled to conceal my aroused
condition. In came Aunt Shirley, smiling and looking
sexier than I'd ever seen her, wearing a short, tight
dress. I saw Sofia's body seem to go limp and I knew
why before I saw the vision that caused her to react.

Trumpets should have announced Debra's entrance. Maybe
they did, I don't think I would have heard them. Debra
walked into the room, her long blonde mane perfectly
wild, her blue eyes flashing. She was wearing an
overcoat which she was opening and removing as she
walked in the door. Underneath she wore only a bustiere
and stockings, a Madonna-type outfit. But on Madonna it
looks cheap and sleazy; on our cousin Debra, it was tres
magnifique. Her breasts seemed barely contained and her
legs seemed to go on forever.

Sofia closed the door, unnerved by Debra's
overwhelming presence, let alone that she was looking at
Sofia ravenously. She hugged Sofia tightly and I
supposed she gave her an un-f****y-type kiss. I couldn't
see because Aunt Shirley was giving me a very intimate
greeting, rubbing her pussy mound against my bulge and
swabbing my tonsils with her tongue.

"Hmm, Deb, he's nice and hard," Aunt Shirley said as she
unbuttoned my shirt. "And he seems to be carrying the
traditional big gun." Debra, though, seemed to be
absorbed in Sofia.

"Mamma, I had no idea cousin Sofia was so fucking
cute. Hmm, looks so good, good enough to fucking eat,
which I plan to do, doncha know?" She had put her hand
under Sofia's skirt and was cupping her pussy mound,
which, judging from the way Sofia was breathing, just
had to be swampy with her desire. Her other hand was
rubbing Sofia's small tit mounds. Debra seemed truly
hot for Sofia.

"Mamma, let me say 'Hi' to Dave properly and you can
help Sofia here." Aunt Shirley left me standing
shirtless, almost breathless, and with an enormous bulge
beneath my fly. She shrugged her dress off as she went
to Sofia and she wore only her high heels and a gold
chain around her waist when she reached her. By then,
Sofia's skirt was off and Debra had pulled Sofia's
shirt over her head and left her naked for her mother to

Then Debra headed in my direction. My knees got shaky
because this drop-dead beauty was oozing sensuality and
was headed toward me with her eyes staring below my

"Hello, Dave," she said, her right arm going around my
shoulder, her left hand cupping my swollen cock. "Hmm, a
woman likes to know she's welcome and appreciated.
Thanks for the welcome, cousin." Her Chanel No. 5
overwhelmed me even as she locked her lips onto mine and
sent her tongue darting into my mouth. She squeezed and
rubbed my confined cock and I was almost afraid I'd
sperm my shorts right there. I thought I'd died and gone
to heaven.

When her lips left mine, I realized she had my pants
undone and my cock was out, wrapped in her loving grip.
"I just adore a nice, big, firm dick, Dave," she cooed.
"Especially if it's f****y." I glanced across the room
to see Sofia in a soft chair holding her legs up and
spread wide. Aunt Shirley was kneeling in front of her,
fingers busy in Sofia's quim and her tongue buried in
Sofia's ass.

Debra pushed me back into a chair and looked at her
mother and Sofia. "Let's get fucking naked, too," she
said. In seconds, the bustiere was lying in the floor
along with her shoes and stockings. My gorgeous cousin
was naked except for a tatoo of a small red rose she
wore on her left breast. My cock felt larger than it had
ever felt before, threatening to explode. Pre-squirt was
flowing from it as Debra grabbed hold of it and bent her
head into my lap as she knelt in the floor.

"Fuck juice," she murmured. "Fucking love it!" Then her
mouth engulfed my cock and I knew that I was getting my
cock sucked by a woman that millions of men wanted. My
cousin! My cock in her mouth! Talk about dream come

Debra sucked on my cock like she was born to it. I
looked at Sofia and Aunt Shirley and Sofia was
dreamily enjoying the reaming she was getting from our
aunt. Her eyes fluttered as she looked to see Debra
wantonly nursing on my nozzle and she looked at me,
smiled, winked and blew me a kiss. She was close to
cumming, thanks to Aunt Shirley's fingers in her cunt
and tongue in her ass.

As much as I wanted to cum between Debra's lips, I
didn't want to miss out on other action because of a
drained dingus, so I reluctantly stopped her. I pushed
her head away from my cock and told her that I just had
to taste her pussy.

"Hmm, all right!" she said as we swapped positions, "Eat
me out, cousin!" Her labes were swollen with excitement,
red and wet from her secretions. And the smell of her
made my mouth water. When my tongue made contact with
her raw flesh, Debra grabbed my head and pulled me hard
into her furrow. Her tanned, well-toned thighs held me
in place and I could hear her as she called to her
mother and Sofia.

"Hey, why don't you two come here and let's fucking
party hardy, okay?" I couldn't see but I soon felt Aunt
Shirley behind me. She licked the crack of my ass and
fondled my full balls and excited cock. Her tongue
wiggled into my asshole even as my own tongue dipped
into her daughter's well. I sensed that Sofia managed
to stand on the chair's arms to give Debra access to her

The four of us were really having a good time, but I
still wanted the Ultimate fantasy--to actually fuck
Debra. Reluctantly I pulled away from eating her juicy
box and I asked Aunt Shirley to hold off on her reaming,
as good as it was. I managed to stand, my cock vibrating
and leaking a long string of sticky pre-cum.

I tapped Sofia's back and suggested that the four of
us go to the bedroom where we could be a bit less
gymnastic. As she climbed off the chair, she reached
over an snagged the juice dripping from my cock and
licked it from her fingers.

"She's gonna love being fucked by you, Dave," she said.
"Almost as much as I love it!" Sofia took Aunt
Shirley's hand and Debra and I followed their pert buns
down the hallway. "Sofia, I want some more of that
fucking good pussy cream of yours," Debra said as we got
on the bed. "Why don't you lay yourself out and I'll
give you head while Dave fucks me doggie style?"

That's just what we did, too. Debra got between
Sofia's thighs and her lovely ass stuck out, the
thick, wet lips peeking from between her thighs, just
itching to welcome my hard-on. And the way her puckered
sphincter winked, I just knew that I'd have to try that
hole, too.

Aunt Shirley insisted on holding my cock and guiding it
to her daughter's waiting fissure. She sighed as my knob
split Debra's lips and glided inside the hot cunt. Debra
made some muffled sounds into Sofia's pussy as I
invaded and stretched her insides.

"Ooh, she likes your cock, Dave," Sofia giggled. "I
just knew she would! And she can tongue pussy, too!" She
was squirming and squealing and sweating and clutching
Debra's head as our starlet slut relative slurped sauce
and fucked cousin cock. And my Aunt, who obviously has
an anal fixation, kept her lips on my ass and her tongue
kept drilling into my rear.

We made quite a scene, I'm sure. Four f****y members
fucking and reaming and sucking. Aunt Shirley was
squeezing my aching balls as she tongue-fucked my ass,
preparing me to unleash a load of love liquid into her
daughter's waiting channel. And believe me, cumming
inside Debra's pussy was a fantasy I had wanted to turn
into a reality for years.

I let out a primal roar when my juice exploded into
Debra's pussy. I could feel every drop as it rushed up
the length of my cock and exploded deep inside of her.

"Fuck, yeah, Dave!" Debra shouted, her voice barely
muffled in Sofia's swampy slit. "Gimme your spooge!
Let me feel every goddamn glob!"

I could feel her cunt muscles milking and squeezing my
cock, pulling my juice out and into her steaming vagina.
Aunt Shirley squeezed hard on my balls to empty them and
two inches of her squirming tongue tickled my asshole
and pressed against my spasming prostate.

I was half-dazed and I collapsed on the bed. I watched
Aunt Shirley hurry to the living room and return with a
small leather case, which she handed to Debra. Then
Debra took Sofia into the bathroom and... well,
judging from the screams of pleasure, I'll only say that
what they did in there was quite kinky but enjoyable.
And Aunt Shirley and I kept busy, of course. I feasted
on her spicy pussy and she sucked my cock, still coated
with her daughter's secretions.

Sofia's eyes were glazed when she wobbled out of the
bathroom after half an hour. Her face was flushed
crimson and she had a dreamy, satisfied smile on her
face. Debra followed, leather bag in hand, and she
looked at my hard-on as her mother worked her tongue
around the head.

"Well, looks like you're 'up' to fuck my sweet brown-
eye." She turned around and grabbed her butt cheeks,
bending at the waist and spreading her buns. Her
puckered anus winked invitingly and a small dribble of
juice oozed from my cock onto Aunt Shirley's tongue. We
arranged a new scenario with Debra on her back and
Sofia sitting on her face, bending so that Debra could
tongue-fuck Sofia while our anal aunt reamed Sofia's
sensitive rectal portal.

I filled Debra's bowels with a load of cum that left me
drained. I got to watch Aunt Shirley siphoned my deposit
out of her daughter's ass and then they grabbed a pair
of dildos from the leather bag and double-teamed
Sofia, making her the middle meat of a lesbian
sandwich. Sofia impaled her pussy on Debra's dong
while Aunt Shirley skewered her asshole. Sofia loved
it, of course, and even insisted that I be involved. She
licked my cock and balls while Debra sucked and reamed
my ass.

It was certainly a memorable visit we had and Debra
insisted that we visit her out in Los Angeles.

"Now that is Fuck City, USA," she said. She promised to
show us some of the wild, kinky sides of "El Lay" only
and insider knows. "Some of the big names in Hollywood
do some stuff that even the tabloids can't hint about.
Hell, i****t, butt-fucking, you name it, if it wasn't
invented in "Holly-weird," it was probably refined and
perfected there." She mentioned a couple of familiar
celebrities to tease us.

Naturally, that's one trip we're really looking forward

10: Sofia, John, Renee and Me

I had told Sofia long ago about John. In our school
days we had experimented with each other sexually, as
most young men do (Sofia assured me that girls play
with one another, too.) John is married now and he and
his wife Renee had no trouble accepting my relationship
with my own cousin, Sofia, despite our age difference.

Although John is still my best friend, our youthful
forays in mutual jerking off did not continue over the
years, nor did it interfere with our development and
relationship with the opposite sex. John and Renee had a
strong marriage of nine years and they were delighted
that Sofia and I got along so well. Renee knew that
John and I had explored each other and she had been
understanding, and, as it turned out, curiously
fascinated. So was Sofia.

Recently, Sofia and I were invited to John and Renee's
condo for a dinner in recognition of my fortieth
birthday. After a pleasant meal, Renee announced that I
was going to get a surprise that she and John and
Sofia had planned. You guessed it.

"The thing is, David, we had absolutely no idea how to
go about surprising you. So... " Renee then stood up.
She's 5'6", with short, dark blonde hair. She was
wearing a simple party dress, and she reached behind her
and in a second the dress puddled around her high-heels.
Wearing black underwear and stockings, Renee was

Sofia then stood up and quickly removed her dress. I
was quick to respond to this erotic display and I
watched as Renee sat next to John and opened his pants.
She deftly removed his hard-on and held it for us to
look at.

"David, John has a wonderful 6-inch cock. He has told me
that yours is bigger. May I see it?"

Sofia was already unfastening my pants. I lifted my
butt so she could pull my pants and shorts down and my 9
1/2 inch hard-on sprang out like a jack-in-the-box.
Renee's eyes widened when she saw it, and both she and
John smiled appreciatively.

"Oh, my," Renee said. Sofia had removed my shoes and
socks and as she took off my pants, John quickly
stripped and he and Renee walked toward me. As Sofia
held my cock in her small hand, Renee and John sat in
the floor between my legs. I could see that hungry look
in Renee's eyes. So could Sofia.

She pointed my cock at Renee who smiled and leaned
forward. Her wet tongue poked from her mouth and she
licked the knob. Placing her hands on my thighs, Renee
opened her mouth to admit the knob and Sofia removed
her hand as John's wife took my prick into her hot
mouth. She groaned and I saw that she was stroking
John's cock and it was already seeping pre-cum from the

Sofia turned my head and kissed me. "Happy birthday,"
she said. Renee ran her tongue up the underside of my
cock as she pulled her mouth off my cock.

David, John wants to try sucking this beautiful prick.
Is it okay with you?" I smiled and nodded. Sofia
rubbed my chest and Renee held my cock for her husband.
My best friend stared at my cock as he moved forward.

"Lick the balls, first," Renee told him. "David has such
big balls." Obediently, John's tongue began licking at
my sac. We had never done anything other than jerk each
other off all those years ago. Maybe John had fantasized
about other things over the years. Just as I had.

"Ooh, David's prick is dribbling, John. Lick it up. I
know you want to." Again, without hesitation, John went
after the drops of clear pre-cum oozing from my cock
head. Then his lips wrapped around me and I groaned.

"John has wanted to do this for years, David. This is as
much a present for him as for you. Sofia assured us
you'd approve. It looks as though he's doing a very good
job. Yes, dear, suck David's beautiful prick. My own
cocksucker." Renee kissed John's cheek.

I had told Sofia of several fantasies I'd had about
John over the years. I looked at her and asked,

She smiled and nodded. She held up her hand and opened
it. In her palm was a condom. "Everything," she replied,
smiling. I kissed her and our tongues intertwined. At
the same time I felt Renee's tongue join John's as
together they licked my aching cock.

Over the years, I'd often had fantasies about John. I
had thought about fucking him and, yes, taking his cock
in my ass. Even during our sessions of mutual
masturbation, thoughts of sucking and fucking had
occurred to me, but I'd never done anything. I had,
though, told Sofia. And now I was enjoying the
sensation of John's lips and tongue on my cock, along
with his wife's, and Sofia was indicating that I was
going to get to fuck his ass.

Renee looked at me. "Yes, David. John wants you to fuck
him.. I want to watch this splendid prick of yours fuck
him. He can take it, can't you, John." He nodded, still
sucking my throbbing meat. "I fuck him all the time with
my strap-on. He loves it."

We headed for the bedroom, and Sofia and Renee removed
the rest of their clothes, though Renee kept her garter
and stockings on. Renee got a tube of K-Y and she lay
down on the bed and instructed John to straddle her
head, facing her feet, so she could watch as I fucked
his ass. He followed her instructions and she took his
cock into her mouth as she smeared the lube around and
inside John's pore.

Renee handed Sofia the tube, and after we got the
condom on, she stroked some of the slippery stuff on.'
"John, I've had this cock in my ass before and it's
wonderful! You'll love it." Sofia did enjoy being
screwed there, and she regularly fucked me with her

Renee positioned the head against John's sphincter and
rubbed the knob around the closed opening. Sofia stood
beside me, one hand caressing my ass, the other between
her legs. Renee was talking, almost whispering.

"Oh, John, this is so incredible. i wish you could wee
this as close as this. David's prick needs to get
inside, dear. Relax, relax." Slowly, John's sphincter
did relax and my flared knob eased inside.

"Ooh, yes-s-s!" Renee hissed. John groaned and his head
dropped between Renee's legs. "Oh, God, fuck, yes!"
Renee said as my cock impaled her husband's ass. I was
holding John's hips and felt him breaking into a sweat.
But then, so was I, more from excitement than anything.

Sofia hugged me. "Happy birthday, David. Fuck him
good." Her hand returned to my ass and one of her
fingers circled my own sphincter. My belly soon met
John's flesh, my entire length was firmly embedded in
John's tight, hot channel. I was smiling, not just from
the physical pleasure I felt, but also the sense that a
fantasy I'd had for half my life was no longer just a
dream but was now a reality.

John's voice, muffled from between his wife's thighs,
pleaded, "Ah, fuck my ass, David. It hurts so good. Ooh,
God, fuck me!"

"Fuck him, David," Renee urged.

"Give it to him," Sofia said, making it unanimous. I
had held still, letting John adjust to my cock. Renee's
fingernails tickled my balls and I slowly, reluctantly
withdrew from the snug opening. "Lovely, oh, God," Renee
mumbled as she watched, her face only inches from the

Soon, John and I had established a regular rhythm. He
exhaled and groaned each time my cock bottomed out. With
Sofia and Renee adding their own moans and audible
expressions, I was encouraged to increase my speed.

"Give it to him," Sofia breathed into my ear.

"Fuck me!" John pleaded.

"Do it, David," Renee urged.

I had to cum. Sofia could tell. My hips were quickly
slamming John's ass. With a powerful thrust I sank my
cock into his asshole and felt my cum rush up my shaft
and erupt from the slit into the condom's reservoir. I
could feel John's ass spasm around my cock and he
groaned and gasped, "I'm cumming!" Sofia's finger
slipped inside my anus and she shuddered and made noises
which indicated that she, too, was cumming.

My cock soon started to lose its firmness and I held
onto the condom as I withdrew from John's ass. I saw
that Renee was sucking John's cock, though he had
evidently shot spunk onto her cheek before her mouth had
captured him. Sofia removed the condom from my cock
and I leaned down behind my friend and held Renee's head
in my hands.

I kissed her forehead and she let John's limp cock slip
from her lips and rolled away from her. I licked the
warm, salty splash from her cheek and the kissed her. My
tongue sought and found more jism in her moth, which she

When we looked up, Sofia had poured the contents of
the condom over her breasts and John was kicking each
breast clean of my liquid. Renee scurried to John's side
to lap my spunk from Sofia's other breast. Sofia
hugged them as they nursed, sucking my man-milk from her
pert tits.

Renee went out and brought some wet washcloths and we
used them to freshen up and we rested then, entwined on
the bed. We talked of things we wanted to do with each
other and when Renee admitted that she had never had sex
with a woman before, Sofia asked if she would like to
try now.

"I'd love to, Sofia. How... what?"

"Just lie back," Sofia said. She crawled forward and
kissed Renee's full lips, then inched downward, sucking
the brown nipples of Renee's breasts. Sofia's tongue
left a wet trail over Renee's belly as my lovely young
cousin made her way to Renee's moist pussy. Renee's face
reflected her enjoyment as Sofia pleasured her sex and
trilled her clit. I felt my cock responding and I
noticed that John's pole had already risen to attention.
I reached over and wrapped my hand around his shaft.

"Go ahead, David. Do it." Sofia had stopped her oral
ministrations and both she and Renee were smiling, their
eyes wide and twinkling. Yes, I had wondered what it
would have been like to suck John's cock. I had never
thought of doing it with any other male, only my friend
John. His cock was hot in my fist. bl**d pulsed in it
rapidly. I bent my head toward John's cock. Sofia kept
whispering, "Yes, David, yes." I felt the heat from the
knob when it was still an inch from my parted lips.

All four of us held our breath. Silence filled the room
as the smooth knob of John's cock slid over my lower
lip. My tongue met the tip and I opened my mouth to let
his hard-on inside. It was John who broke the silence as
my tongue wriggled against the nerve bundle underneath
his cock, just behind the glans. I instinctively knew
what would make his cock feel good.

"Oh, God!" he gasped. His hips thrust involuntarily,
driving his cock deeper into my mouth. It was warm and
the flesh tasted clean and good.

"Yes!" Sofia said. "Ooh, David, suck it!"

I was soon on my back and John and I were engaged in a
feverish 69, and I caught a quick glimpse of Sofia
hovering over Renee, grinding her young pussy on Renee's

As I mentioned earlier, I'd never given any thought to
doing anything sexual with another male, with the
exceptions of my fantasies about my best friend. And as
a fortieth birthday present, I had John's cock in my
mouth while my cock filled his. The sounds of two men
and the two women grunting and moaning in pleasure was a

My tongue twirled around John's cock and I could taste
his pre-cum, just as I knew he could taste mine. I
fondled his balls; he toyed with mine. My finger circled
his sphincter; his finger circled my pore, pressing,
seeking entry. I wanted to cum in his moth and, yes, I
wanted him to fill my mouth with his warm seed. And just
as I knew I was close to exploding, I sensed that John
was soon going to slake my thirst.

I heard Renee wail as Sofia's talented tongue brought
her to the climax she needed. John had managed to get my
entire cock in his mouth and on each downstroke his
throat squeezed at the head, coaxing my climax. My
finger squirmed into his rectum, still most and
receptive from the ass-fuck I had given him earlier. I
worked my finger around and massaged where I felt the
swell of his prostate. He followed suit, his squirming
digit encouraging my imminent release.

"Oh, Renee!" Sofia gasped. "Cumming! Oh... cumming!"
John pumped his cock deep into my mouth, his sac resting
on my nose. I felt him swell in my mouth even as my cum
left my balls and began the rapid flow up my shaft. My
spunk poured into his throat even as his juice fired
into the back of my mouth.

I could not have even imagined letting some guy's cock
and jizz anywhere near my mouth, let alone inside it,
but not only had I been sucking on John's cock, but I
had enjoyed doing it. His cum was like a thick soup,
warm and slightly salty, and I thought it was quite
good. That's why I swallowed it.

We slept for awhile, made plans for them to visit us two
days later, and Sofia and I went home. We went to bed
and held each other. I wasn't horny, I just felt like
holding the woman I care about.

"David?" Sofia's voice was soft.


"Was that a good present? I mean, is it all right? Now
that the fantasy has become real? Are you okay?"

"Sofia, I'm fine. I had always wondered if my
fantasies about John meant I was gay or something, but I
think that I won't wonder anymore. It was fun, I
wouldn't mind doing it again, but I love you, even more
now, if that's possible." We hugged each other tightly.

"And I love you, David." sl**p came quickly and found me


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10 months ago
A great story. Took me several nights to finish it too, and one of those nights was interrupted by a pulsing orgasm. I was rather surprised to be so intrigues....
1 year ago
Damn dude...I want to be you!!!!!!!!
1 year ago
wow that was soo hot!! it took me a few nights and a quiet a few jerks to finish reading this story