The Awakening of Toni
"How much do I owe you John?"

"Nothing it's on me."

"You can't keep doing these jobs for me and not charging, you must take some payment. You have spent all the afternoon repairing that leak."

"I'll have a cup of your special coffee and a quick shower then." He said smiling at me. "It's hot and I could do with freshening up."

I filled the kettle and plugged it in.

"Your wish is my command." Was my reply as I spun around to face him.

John stood in front of me in just a pair of shorts and his sandals, his body glistened with moisture and his muscles rippled as he moved.

"You're so good to me." I said as I took a step forward and gave him a big hug.

"What would I do without you?"

I reached up and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. He returned my hug and looked down on me with his big brown eyes. I just melted.

It had been eleven months since my husband Paul had been killed in a road accident. Eleven months without a man to hold me. Eleven months without a cuddle or the feel and the scent of a male body close to mine. God how I'd missed that closeness.

I had come to the conclusion that at 40 my love life was over. I had lost my man, the man I had married, lived with, made love to and had mad passionate sex with. Now I was on the shelf.

Would I be single for the rest of my life?

Everything was empty and I did not know where or how to restart living. It was hard to forget the passion, sex and the lustful feelings though. Was I really destined to a life with "Roger rabbit" as my only company? That was a thought that had often entered my mind. Paul had set the momentum and organised everything. Every bit of passion and raw sex in our lives had been directed by him.

John had been Paul's best friend. They had done nearly everything together, except me. They had shared nights out, drank, played sports and worked with each others for as long as I could remember. He was always visiting Paul and me making jokes and playing the fool. For a long time he dated my s****r. You could say he was almost part of the furniture.

Since Paul's death he had kept in touch and was always there for me in my hour of need, but he had kept his distance and I had missed his company. After the funeral he had been the perfect gentleman letting me have my own space, only entering when invited. Hell he was a good looking hunk of a man though, as well as a good listener and a good friend. I Knew I could phone anytime for help or just to talk. Like now when a pipe had started leaking on the washing machine.

Suddenly I was reaching up and kissing him. It was a long passionate kiss which he quickly returned with equal passion after the initial shock of my action. It sparked a lust that I had forgotten existed. For the first time since I lost Paul I felt my body open up and my feelings flow.

What had I done?

Why had I done it?

I didn't care it felt so good to know I was still alive inside.

"Sorry Toni, I couldn't help myself." I heard John saying as he released my lips and leaned back a foot or so to look down at me again. I kept my grip with my arms around his body. It felt so good.

"No it was my fault." I said quietly.

A short pause then I followed it up with a sentence that would change my life.

Looking back up at him I gave him another hug and softly said.

"John I want more, I want my love life back."

What was I saying, why was I saying it? My self control just left me as I felt his manhood pressing against my belly and growing.

"Make love to me, take my body, do something please. I need you now. My body needs you now."

John just continued to look into my eyes then he pulled my head into his chest and I felt his heart beating. I drew in the smell his body scent, oh how I had missed this part of my life and the feel of a real man.

My head was spinning, what had I just said? I couldn't believe what I was doing.

Stop now, was my next thought, before I make a complete fool of myself.

"John I'm sorry I didn't mean to put you in an awkward position. My emotions just got the better of me, I'll make the coffee," I mumbled.

His hand slowly lifted my chin upwards to his lips and he gently started to kiss me. It was slow at first but soon our tongues were darting in and out of each other's mouths and that melting feeling flooded back. I felt myself go weak at the knees and my body fire up with passion.

Hell I needed a really good shag.

His hands moved down my body to my bum cheeks and he gripped them firmly. He lifted my feet off the floor and started to walk me across the kitchen. I wrapped my legs around his thighs as he walked then I felt myself being set down on the edge of the kitchen table.

"Did I hear right. Are you sure you really want me to make love to you, shag you?" He whispered in my ear.

"Oh yes, take me. I need you so much, please make love to me." I begged him.

What I really meant was -- Shag me, fuck me, use me -- and I wanted to shout it at the top of my voice as the a****l instinct in me continued to take over.

Another long kiss started before I could say any more. I felt John's hands unbuttoning my shirt. He slowly moved to feel my breasts through my bra cups and play with my nipples -- they were standing out like organ stops, so sensitive through the thin material. His touch made my body tingle and stirred a feeling in my lower regions. I felt my love juices start to flow soaking the crutch band of my knickers.

Slowly his big warm hands released my nipples and went under my arms to unclip my bra catch. I released my grip on his torso and let my arms fall to my sides. The shirt slide off my shoulders and the sleeves down my arms, my bra straps went with them. I felt myself go naked down to the waist. It was a feeling that I had longed for.

I don't think my breasts are that big at 32C but they are still a good handful and very sensitive and firm. As part of my five foot five inch slim frame they tended to stand out and demand attention. John returned to them and gave them another long hard squeeze, I almost climaxed.

He lowered his mouth to my left breast and sucked on it while his tongue toyed with the nipple. God I was in heaven. My right nipple was being teased with his fingers then disappeared into the grip of his hand. His mouth moved to my right nipple and he nibbled on it, his warm breath making me shake with pleasure. At the same time he took my now very wet erect left nipple between his finger and thumb and pinched it sending a thrill down my spine to my crutch. I just melted and turned to jelly.

"Fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me was all I could think." Hell I wasn't thinking it I was saying it, begging him to take me. My head was spinning and my juices were flowing. There was urgency in my voice, god it felt so good I dare not think what would happen next.

He ignored my pleas to have him inside me and just continued to torment my body.

I felt his hands lifting my skirt and running up and down my thighs. They were everywhere possible feeling my body and setting me alight.

My head dropped down and rested on his shoulder for support. Hell, I needed this. I needed to be ravished, taken, used, abused, fucked then fucked again. Anything anyhow, no holds -- (I should have said holes) -- barred.

His fingers slipped under my panty line and he paused to play with my pubic mound. Next, he was twisting them in my pubic hairs and gently pulling. Oh it felt like an electric shock had hit me as his thumbs pressed on my outer lips parting them to allow him in. Just the thin cotton of my knickers separated him for my body, my clit, my virgina and heaven. The crutch of my pants was soaking wet there was no way to hide how turned on I was. My fanny was overflowing with passion wanting to be taken, not once or twice but again and again.

Without even thinking my hands were pulling down his zip then undoing the buttons at the top of his shorts. They fell to his feet and he stepped out of them.

Fuck he was "commando" no underwear. His penis brushed against my inner thigh as it fell into my hand. It was hard with pre cum leaking from the big bulbous head. It felt about seven plus inches and quite thick.

"That will do nicely," I thought.

I must have drawn a deep breath and let out a yelp as the next thing I knew John was releasing my nipples and moving back a bit.

"What's the matter do you want me to stop?"

I looked down at his naked body and his erect prick as it lay there in my open hand. The thought of it inside me made me crave it even more.

"No, no please don't stop." I heard myself saying. That was a terrible idea.

I just lost it and started to beg.

"Fuck me, fuck me John, please, please fuck me. I need you inside me I want to feel you fill my fanny, fill my cunt -- I want you to shoot your load into my belly -- I want you to fuck me hard and fast, make me scream for more, shag the arse off me. Do anything you want to me, just do it to me now, please, please fill my cunt with that lovely prick of yours."

The obscenities just flowed from my mouth. Hell, I was so hot; I needed my body ravished and a prick in me. Not just any prick, John's prick, and I needed it as far as it would go up my love tunnel. My a****l lust wanted all he could give -- and then more.

Before I could finish my outburst John had my pants pulled to one side and two of his fingers were working up into my juicy hole. I was soaking wet and leaking cum all over him as he finger fucked me going as deep as he could. His thumb slid up and down between my outer lips and hit my clit.

"Oh, ah yes, yes, yeeees."

I felt my first real climax in eleven months.

"Oh, more, mmoorrre, give me more," and he still wasn't really inside me.

I just fell back onto the table and started to shake. Every nerve in my body felt like it was alive. Fuck I needed this -- Fuck, I wanted it to go on, send me to heaven or was it hell. I didn't care where I was going just as long as the journey continued.

John was fucking me hard with his fingers and playing with my clit. I felt myself drift into that misty world of pure sexual pleasure.

It was more than that it was wave after wave of warm tingly lusty passion consuming my body. This was so much better than "Roger rabbit" my friendly vibrator and the only thing that had entered me since Paul's last time.

His spare hand roamed my body. His fingers entered my mouth and played with my tongue going to the back of my throat testing my gag reaction. Was he going to fuck my tonsils? I hoped so. He returned to pinching my nipples. Another wave of climax's hit me, or was it just a continuation of the first one. Ah, yes, yes,

I could feel my fanny gripping his fingers, longing for his manhood to replace them.

"Please fuck me pleesessssssss." I heard myself shouting.

"I want you to fill me with cum; screw me to the table, Aaahaaaa."

Then he stopped.

God no he's stopped.

No not now, please not now, you can't stop now!!!

He stepped back and I felt his hands on my hips as he slowly pulled my knickers down and off over my toes. They were quickly followed by my skirt. Then my shoes went across the room and I was naked. He just stood there holding my lags apart and looking at my body while ha drew in a deep breath.

I felt like a juicy stake just about to be eaten. Yes go down on me and eat me.

My outer lips were swollen; my clit was standing on end. My body was full of love, or was it lust; my love canal was wet and just begging to be used. Everything was on display and ready for his taking, all he had to do was eat me, enter me, screw me, make me scream.

He pulled me towards him and right to the edge of the table.

Oh yes, yes there is a God - the tip of his penis was there in my crutch looking for my entrance. Please slip it in me, please, please, slide it in now.

I prayed and hoped for John to bounce of my insides, to fill my body with his tool. It was all I could think about. Faster, I need more, don't tease me Shag me, fuck me senseless you bastard.

A burning desire demanded I be shagged -- then shagged again. How had I been without for so long? I was built for sex; my mind was tuned on to sex. Shit did I need a good fucking.

I reached down and took hold of John's prick guiding that lovely piece of meat into my love cavern, showing him where I needed it to go.

John just moved my hand away and stopped me from interfering then he rolled my nipples between his fingers once more pinching both of them hard to jerk me back to reality.

His hand wrapped around his prick as he started to run it up and down my crutch spreading my love juices with it. He was teasing my clit, playing at the entrance to my love tunnel and going all the way down to my little brown hole.

"Oh please, oh yes, oh no, god don't tease me, yes, yes tease me."

Confusion set in and I was mumbling and whimpering aloud as my hands went to my tits and started to pull hard on my nipples just like John had. I wanted, no need to know this was not a dream. Another climax hit me like a steam train, pain and pleasure raked my body.

"Ah yes, shit, shit, shit, fuck me you bastard, fill me with that beautiful cock, bounce off my belly and let your balls slap my arse. Fuck me, please, please fuck me."

A couple more lengths up and down my crutch then I felt the head of his manhood pressing against my opening. I felt the tip pop in and stretch me wide. Hell, it felt a lot bigger than it looked.

He was gently moving in and out of me, just an inch or so -- heaven was the only way to describe it. A shiver went down my spine and I tried to move to get more of him.

"Ah -------- shit, yes, shiiiiiiiiiiitt."

John suddenly went from the gentle teasing movement to one long deep stroke and he was in me up to his balls.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Not another movement from him. I just had that feeling of being full and the warmth of seven magnificent inches right up inside me. No tingling this time, more like a red hot poker that was spreading fire through my body and consumed my every thought. I could feel his shaft touching every wall inside my virgina, pushing against the top of my tunnel. My cunt muscles started to work on his prick, I had no control just the feeling of lust and the desire to scream.

"Move you bastard move. Fuck me, shag me, fill me with cum." Was all I could shout as I started to pinch my nipples again, I needed the pain. In a funny sort of way I was in heaven and in hell. I wanted to cum, I wanted him to cum, I wanted to hit the roof, I wanted my cunt full of his sperm.

At the same time I also wanted to feel like this for ever as wave after wave of passion flowed through me. I wanted it to last, just hoped that I could stay on cloud nine for a little longer. Fuck, it has never felt like this before -- and I've had more than my fair share cock in me over the years.

Looking into my eyes he lifted my legs and pushed them up to rest on his shoulders. He took my hands and placed them on my breasts before he lent forward pinning me to the table. In this position my legs were trapping my hands tight to my body. His lower body pushed a little harder and a little further in to give himself maximum penetration. It felt like he was that far in me that he was tickling my tummy -- from the inside.

His full weight move onto me and his hands went to the table each side of my shoulders.

Through the haze I felt him kissing me again, a long passionate kiss. His tongue went deep making my virginal muscles start to work, I could feel my body gripping his prick then releasing it then gripping it.

"Cum you bastard cum, fill my cunt with your lovely hot load."

As if it was with the flick of a switch his kiss moved me up to another level, a longing and a desire to climax. He started slowly moving in and out of me with long strokes. My whole body was being rocked back and forth on the table as he used every inch of that beautiful piece of meat. He stroked from the tip of its bulbous end to his tight load balls. With each full plunge I could feel the slam of his balls connecting with my body. I was trapped, pinned down with no control over anything he was doing, at his mercy and he knew it. I'd done most things in my life and had just about everything done too me but I'd never felt like this before.

I was hitting new limits, or were there just no limits now? I could feel my body reaching boiling point and sinking into a half world consuming me with a sensation I can't remember ever having.

My hands were tormenting my tits as they were pressed hard against them and were moved back and forth over my nipples. He was teasing me with erotic pain. John withdrew to his limit on every stroke then plunged back into me. First he was long and slow then long and fast then a bit of torment with short rotations at my entrance. His constant change of body position teased my G sport then bounced off my cervix. Every inch of my insides was treated to the touch of his penis and I was screaming, silently screaming.

I'm not sure if there were lots of climaxes or just one long one, I didn't care. The waves just came in cycles of semi consciousness. I was shaking, shouting, screaming, the room was spinning. Fuck this was good -- and getting better by the second.

Shoot you bastard; fill me with cum, shoot. No, fuck me; fuck me, harder, deeper, Hash Ahhhhouuuuh, more, more. A torrent of thoughts rushed through my mind. Form deep inside another wave hit me like a hammer blow making me shout and scream louder with every stroke. My clit was taking a pounding and my cunt pulsing trying to squeeze everything, trying to get something, from his manhood. I let out a piercing yell as flashes passed before my eyes.

"Shit Yes -- shit, shit, shit -- stop, stop -- no, fuck, fuck me, fuck meeeee."

Still John didn't cum.

All I wanted was for him to shoot his load inside me, fill me with his sticky fluid. Then we could collapse, I knew it would be heaven.

One look into his fiery passionate eyes told me that I would have to wait.

It seemed like hours rather than minutes before I stopped shaking and came back to earth. I just lay there looking at him as he rested gently on my body waiting for me to return to his world. He was still inside me, still rock hard and still stretching me to my limits. I could feel his pubic hairs mixed with mine, his balls full and tight against my arse.

"More?" Such a small word for what he was offering.

"Yes, yes, yes." I whispered.

"Ready?" He whispered with a devilish smile.

"Oh, yes, yes as much as you can give, please, please, more."

He wasn't fucking me now -- he was consuming me, taking me, playing with me. Shagging my brains out.

His hand went under my body and I felt it below his balls. Gently he worked the passage from his balls to my anus. He was spreading all the juices leaking from me around my little brown hole. Each long stroke spread more of my juices down the crack to my arse.

Oh my god. Shit. I felt his finger tip slide into my rear end. He played with my ring and teased then, oh, in it went as far as it would go.

Did he know how much I liked my arse played with?

Was there anything John wouldn't do?

He was finger fucking my arse as he started to shag me fast again.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck."

A second finger was going in working on my inner passage. God did I like what he was doing to my arse. Ah Shit this was a new kind of double penetration.

John's prick was moving in and out of me like a man possessed shafting me with aggressive passion that I had never seen of felt before. His balls were bouncing of my arse cheeks and his fingers as far as he could get them up my rear passage. I could feel them rubbing against his prick as he worked it in and out my cunt. Yes It was double penetration but with only one man. what a man. How could he do that all at the same time? He really was finger fucking my arse, sliding his fingers in and out of my little brown hole.
Ah yes, yes, yes. I felt myself explode again, my body started to shake all over again.

I was still shaking from head to toe when I opened my eyes. He was giving me that long passionate, hungry look that I had seen earlier. My legs were still up around my ears and held tight to my chest. I was exposed and at his mercy. He just looked at me and smiled.

"Want more?" I heard him say again softly. "Ask for more, tell me how you want it, tell me where you want it." There was a devilish tone to the taunt.

I wanted to tell him to go on forever, to fuck the daylight out of me. I wanted to tell him to shag my arse, to tickle my tonsils, to fill every hole he could find.

My mouth opened but nothing came out. I couldn't speak; I just nodded and hoped he would take me any way he could, any way he felt like. All I wanted was to know I was not dreaming and that this was never going to end.

Shit he's taken it out - he taken it out, the bastard.

"No it's got to go back, put it back," -- I heard myself scream -- "John please don't stop fucking me, please, please, please put it back in me please don't stop."

He gently leaned forward and I felt his hand move his shaft up to my clit then back to my virgina.

Oh yes he must put it back in me -- I need it back in me now.

In it went then out it came. In up to his balls again with one long stroke. Then out again as he reached over to the worktop.

"No, no don't go." What the hell, what's he doing?

"John please, shags the arse off me." I heard myself shouting.

"Ah that's cold" -- what the--?"

"Quiet you gorgeous b**st I've waited a long time for this moment and a chance to make love to this beautiful body of yours".

"You asked me to shag the arse of you -- remember -- well that's what I'm just about to do. That cold stuff is olive oil, virgin olive oil and it's going up your arse and on my prick -- which is going up your arse too."

"You're going to get more, a lot more. You will be screaming for me to stop before I've finished with you."

"I will never scream for you to stop," I mumbled, "Never, never. Yes shag the arse off me too, do anything -- do everything just don't stop. I want to feel like this for ever. Where have you been all my life?"

"Waiting for a chance like this," Was his whispered reply as that devilish grin spread across his face again.

With those words he slowly started pushing his fingers back up my rear end. They went in easy this time, covered with Virgin oil. He worked on me gently.

"Fuck don't be gentle - take me you bastard, take me." I screamed.

I needed an injection of pain followed by that flood of pleasure. I needed my arse shagged and I needed it shagged now.

I felt his bulbous end playing with my puckered ring, yes; enter my little brown hole. Shit shit shit slide that monster in, no, shove it in. Get it all the way up my rear passage, make me scream, make me beg for more.

"Yes, Oh yes please, please shag my arse."

Fuck it's a long time since I felt my little brown hole being stretched like this. Oh that fells so good.

My anal ring was not putting up much of a fight as my muscles relaxed to accept the first inch or so of John's intrusion. I'd not forgotten how to let myself be entered. Gently but firmly I could feel myself relax as my body let his prick travel up me, -- shit he's stopped -- he's taking it out.

"No don't stop, don't take it out, more give me more, I want you in there. Shag my arse you bastard shag it." I yelled.

"You need more olive oil," was all he whispered. "It's going to be long hard shafting once I'm in there." Then back he went to work on my rear passage.

A little more teasing then he stopped. I could feel his well lubricated tool firmly move into place between my bum cheeks.

What was he waiting for?

He just leant forward and I felt his tool start to slide in again.

"No, No, stop you bastard, stop."

Shit he's going all the way to the moon in one long smooth trip.

"Fuck, fuck ah -- slowly please slowly, ah that hurts."

I bit my lip as continued on up me pushing harder, then his balls slapped my arse as he bottomed out. I could feel every long hard hot inch up inside me.

Oh fuck that hurt, god I love that pain.

Shit it's there, not just in -- it's in all the way up. I can really feel his balls resting on my arse cheeks. Oh it feels like it's ---

"Oh, oh yes, Yeeees." I shouted.

"More, more, move you bastard" I want pain, pleasure, give me everything I want it all.

"Yes -- shag my arse you bastard shag it good, shag it hard, shag it, shag it, fill it with cum, shoot your load deep up in me."

I couldn't stop myself shouting. God it felt good, it felt dirty; it felt like nothing else I'd every had before.

"Move I need it hard and deep." I mumbled as I drifted off and landed on another planet.

He smiled and released my legs moving them back past his shoulders. Once released from his grip he just looked at me while his hands teased me as only he knew how.

"You like this?" I heard him saying through a sexual haze as he started to play with my clit again.

There was a look of a****l lust in his eyes that excited me.

If only he knew how much I liked what he was doing, how much I liked my butt fucked?

For a moment my memories of the many times Paul's prick had been up my rear end flooded back to me. He had taught me to like my arse filled with cock and had spent a long time working on me until it was one of my favourites. Quite a few had been in there over the years and done the best to please me.

Not like this though. They had usually taken me doggy fashion with lots of body oil or K jell. I'd never been taken this way before, never been taken with floods of olive oil, virgin olive oil at that, and with my legs up in the air or behind my ears. This way I could see the look on Johns face, the craving, lust, determination and it excited me. I liked being dominated, I like the feeling of being taken and used. He stood there motionless and as far inside me as he could get.

It was tighter, much tighter this way around. His fingers were working overtime on my clit but his prick stayed still, it felt such a long way up there inside me.

Hell yes it was a long way up my rear passage and shit it was still hurting. A pleasurable hurt, pain that was mixed with pleasure as my body adjusted and submitted to this red-hot tool.

All he had to do was move, fuck me, make me come, fill me with cum. Just start moving, move you bastard move.

Red-hot tool for a red hot arse was all I could think as I another wave of passionate tingling climax erupted inside me.

Climax, how can I be having a climax he's not moving and he's up my arse, I must be dreaming?

Slowly he stopped his fingers tormenting my clit and moved my legs back onto my chest. He took my arms and ordered me to wrap them around my legs and hold them tight to my tits again. Then, with a devilish grin on his face he pulled back out of me until only his bulbous tip was just inside my little brown button. John pulled me to the very edge of the table. He was slowly pulling me onto his tool as he started to work his prick in and out of me. Just a couple more strokes and the pain would turn to a burning pleasure I told myself.

All seven inches of prick was now giving me a new kind of feeling as it travelled its full length lunge after lunge. A fiery red hot pleasure travelled through me as I felt his balls slapping my arse. My arms let go of my legs as my body shook with pleasure. As my legs went back to his shoulders his fingers found there way into my swollen crutch lips and started to massage my clit. I felt a thumb go into my fanny and start to pump with the rest his body. Lust consumed me.

I was floating outside my shell yet feeling every tingle of passion as that tool, that lovely tool just pistoned in and out of me.

Would I wake up, I hope not. Was I dreaming, I hope not?

Could just one man give me so much pleasure? I hope so.

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck - I've died and gone to heaven.

Tears filled my eyes as the old feelings of love, lust, sex; whatever you want to call it flowed through me.

"Oh John, faster, deeper, fuck me, shag my arse, fuck, fuck harder." I begged him.

My voice was trembling I just wanted him deep in me. The pace increased, his fingers were working on my clit hard now pulling and rubbing it in rhythm with his strokes.

"Yes shit, shit, shaft me. " Words, dirty lovely words, were filling his ears as I shouted for more.

He was playing with me, playing with my clit; a thumb was deep inside me exploring my cunt it made everything so more intense - another wave of climax's hit me --

"Hell Yes Yeeees." This time it went on and on.

Sweat was covering our bodies and scenting the air. The world was spinning and my head was pulsing. Lights were flashing behind my eyes,

"Cum you bastard cum. Fill my arse with your cum, Ah, fuck, shit, ahhhhh." He had bottomed out, up as far as he could go. All I could feel was his prick swelling, his balls churning and his cum starting to pump deep in me.

"Yes, Yes, Yes." Load after load was pumping into my arse. The bastard was coming at last, filling me to a point of bursting.

With a long loud shout he rammed himself into my body that little bit further as I tried to milk him dry.

Satisfaction was complete, -- complete like I had not known before.

He had filled me with his seed, my arse was overflowing. Having him right up my rear passage shooting his load was so special, so a****l, so interment, so crude.

I had given, or should I say he had taken me fully and he was still up there in me. All I could think of as I lay there under him was that I wanted so much more of this man.

I couldn't count or remember the number of times I had hit the roof and gone through the ceiling. Climax after climax had surged through me like I had never know. Time was lost in the pain and the pleasure.

I was so glad I had planted that first kiss.

I felt him pumping a final few strokes the length of my passage as he started to soften. Then he collapsed back on me and lay panting.

We looked at each other and didn't move then he lent forward and gave me another long passionate kiss. It was a long lingering kiss that filled me with a desire and a feeling of love. a****l lust had released our passions but yes I'm sure there was also a lot of love in there some where. I had never felt like that before, never wanted and never had so much.

We were spent, Johns cum running down my thighs going cold.

Why does it go cold so quick I thought? Fuck did he really shot all that up me.

"Thank you." I heard myself saying. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"No, thank you." Was John's reply as he pulled me up into his arms and we kissed. "I have wanted to make love to you for years."

It was just as I have dreamed it would be. In fact it was better than my wildest dreams. Hope I wasn't to a****l, just couldn't stop myself. I've loved you for years, and have always wanted to play with your body." John replied softly.

"Remember when Paul and I met you and your s****r 20 odd years ago. Paul knew that I fancied you but he won the toss and got to choose the girl. He chose you, but I think that was because he guessed how much I liked the look of you. From the moment you two got together he gave me a blow by blow account of what you did when, where and how you did it. He knew it turned me on. He knew I wanted you. He even discussed a possible threesome or foursome with all of us. It never went any further than talk, he just liked to wind me up and let me know what I was missing."

"My god he told you everything?"

I felt myself go a deep red and become hot all over. "You know everything and you have still wanted me all these years?" I asked.

"Yes I really have you are the greatest thing that didn't happen to me".

"What do you mean, why didn't you make a move, say something?"

"You were with Paul and I thought you two were happy, a one man girl as far as love was concerned, even if you were free with your body."

"I think there is something you should know about Paul me and my s****r that he omitted to tell you."

"It was my s****r who fancied Paul and me that had the hot's for you when we met. My s****r used to tell me what you two did while you were together and I used to dream it was me you were shagging and, in her words abusing." She used to give me a vivid account of everything you did, all the graphic details."

"She was shagging Paul at the same time as she was getting shagged by you. It was a long time before I found that out though.

"Caught her giving Paul a blow job one afternoon when they thought I was shopping. When I confronted them Paul just said that she was a better screw all round then me and introduced her to our bed as a threesome regularly. He likes us sharing him and he liked watching a bit of the girl on girl thing. From there we went swinging and got involved in the parties."

"I accepted it because I thought that it was the way we could stay together. Got to admit that I did enjoy it, my a****l lust has no limits when I've had a couple of glasses of wine."

"He regularly told me he loved me but my s****r was the better lay."

"Both he and my s****r told me all the things you did with your dates and how you were a dirty bastard with no feelings. The stories always turned me on and made me as randy as hell."

"I asked if we could get you to join our group but they both said no. Now I know why."

"Seriously today I have cleared all the skeletons out of my cupboard. I feel free again and ready for a new start."

"You are the greatest fuck I have ever had. Can we do more later?"

"All my feelings for you came flooding back with that first kiss. I don't know what made me do it but I'm glad I did it. You should know if you want me - and my body -- I'm available and all yours."

"You can do anything and everything you want with me, whenever you want. I know I'm well used and not that great a catch but I really do like you a lot" I said looking deep into his eyes.

"If only you knew how much I've wanted to hear those words." Was John's reply

"I've been waiting a long time not knowing when the right time was. When Paul died I didn't know what to do? I was afraid if I said the wrong thing I would loose you forever.

"I've always wanted you that's why I've shagged around so much for the past 20 years. Just couldn't settle down. Each time I see you you make me as horny as hell."

I gave him another squeeze and a long kiss. Life suddenly sounded great to me.

"Now I need a shower and that cup of coffee, coming?" John asked letting go of me.

"Yes please. Do you want to stay for dinner?" I replied

"What are you having?"

"Well there is this seven inch sausage that I'd like to tickle my tonsils with."

"Then I know of a very juicy fanny and clit that is available for eating along with some whipped cream and a couple of big brown nipples. All served with a bottle of chilled white wine on the carpet - in the lounge - or the bedroom -- or even on the kitchen table."

"Desert is served with olive oil, virgin olive oil if you are still hungry. That's if I'm not to sore."

"Only tickle your tonsils? I was told you like your tummy tickled -- from the inside, with a couple of balls bouncing on your chin every stroke."

"It's a lie; I like the balls in my mouth as well." Was my reply.

"Yes I'll stay." John added at the end of our little banter.

"Anything you want whenever you want it just as long as you keep walking through that door." Was the only thing I could think of replying.

Then I added.

"You could always move in?"

Was I really saying this?

Yes I was, life begins at 40.

"Now about that shower, can I join you?"

To be continued...

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1 year ago
Two things. One, what does the title "babies" (sic) have to do with this story? And each word of the title of stories, headlines and such is only correct if they are capitalized, i.e. Babies!

Second, is that John has hung around, waited, lusted, wanted, anguished over and stayed celebate for most of twenty fucking years to fuck Toni (I believe is her name), and all he does is get his dick wet in her pussy, pulls out, coats it and her ass and virgin olive oil, and spends the remainder of the story shit-fucking??

By the way, the female name for cunt, pussy, twat (those are all slang gutter names) is: VAGINA! Not *virgina* as was misspelled numerous times.

It is nice that John's waiting paid off for him, and admittedly so for Toni. Let's hope that he doesn't wait another twenty years finding out exactly the true, natural use of his dick. Though the story has many misspelled words it is a very nice and sensual story even though there was no consummation of there finally uniting in love and dedication.
1 year ago
1 year ago
A little bit confusing...