My first four times.

My name is Jonathan. Before my relationship went tits up, It was a raw, hot, and uninhibited time in my life. It started in high school, and that was when I saw Kelly. Her dark blond hair, blue eyes, full figured body. I thought of nothing else but to fuck her hard and good, like no man can. Cut ahead 6 years later....I see Kelly again, still pretty as a preacher's daughter but has a raw sexual energy that matches mine. In short, she's a freak in the sack. It started with kissing her soft lips, then foreplay, fondling her soft tits, sucking her nipples, and then she tells me, " Go down and kiss my special place, baby." So there i was, the first time I ever ate pussy, and it was everything I heard it was, soft, warm flesh with every possible orgasm just aching to come out.
I wet my finger first, work around her clit, just hearing her begging for me to eat her warm pussy gets me rock hard to almost being a premee. ALMOST. I slide my finger in and out. "Yessss", she hissed. "Fuck yeah....Fuck yeah....." and just when she couldn't take anymore, she let out an opera-like orgasm that I never heard, ever. She was mine, I thought to myself. In the weeks that followed, it got heavier and hotter. She gave my first Blowjob and I wanted to watch. She licks it at first, and she goes deep and slow, up and down, sucking me, and the more I watched, the more turned on she got.
"Do you like to watch?" Kelly says sexually. "Fuck yeah I do." I exclaimed while her tongue was licking my cock like a ice cream cone. "You naughty boy...." Kelly said. I didn't cum as it was interrupted by some annoying neighbors. But in just the next day, I went in for the kill. Foreplay starts as usual, until she said the three words on repeat, "Put it in....PUT IT IN....." Who am I to disappoint? I unzipped my pants, pull my cock out, she takes out her panties showing her pussy, My dick gets hard, her pussy got wet, and inch by inch.....Kelly: "Ohhhh, fuck....." I start to thrust slow, buliding her orgasm one thrust at a time. " Harder....HARDER!" she shouts, and harder I went. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!" Kelly says enjoying and letting the thrusting orgasms build up and up. Then she gets on top, and starts riding me like a bronco.
Her sex juices spills all over my cock, then she sucks every drop of it off my cock, and says to me with sex eyes. "Your turn." She doesn't stop, and I couldn't hold it anymore, and I came all over her mouth, her tits, her stomach. And then we proceeded to the shower, for round 2. There was no stopping us that day. After the shower, we get dressed and head up to my place, and with no one home and no time for bullshit, We go for Round 3 in MY shower, and the final round in my bedroom. That was when she said, "Put it in the other hole, baby." Right then, I knew it was all or nothing. So all clean after two GREAT showers, and my dick still hard, I inch it a little, and then, we both moaned in passion when my dick went inside her soft ass, I thrust slowly, and then faster. " OH, FUCK YEAH!!!" She shouts and moans. "FUCK!" I shouted. She starts to squirt, her face all red, and then after thrust after thrust , I busted a fat nut inside her ass, and then we just passed out right on my bed, where we slept until the next morning.
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Great story