Reunion with my sexy wifee

So my wife is away with work at the minute and I have not seen her for over six weeks, as any of you who read this will know, it is driving me nuts and making me fucking horny!! As a result I have bought an outfit for her to wear when I see her next week and below is outlined how I hope the evening goes when we hook up. The question is should I send her my fantasy or not – everytime I try to send her stuff like this she just thinks I’m a perv, which I am especially when it comes to her. There are pictures of the outfit on my profile for those wishing to see it.

So we will finally be together next week. I am desperate for you and your touch. I have missed being near you and feeling the warmth of your skin next to mine. Ass you know I have bought you an outfit to wear for me and here is how I hope the evening goes. Once ready I want you to walk into the living room where I am awaiting you with anticipation. I hear you coming first due to your high heels clicking on the marble tiles. You walk in the room an dstrut up and down a couple of times for me to admore the way you look in your outfit that I have chosen you legs and ass look amazing due ot the high heels and tight shiny leggings, your tits are pushed up and out and your hair and make up perfect as if we were going out, but tonight there is no way you are leaving our apartment. You walk over to me and push your boot into my chest, clearly letting me know who is on charge. I grab you leg to support you and rub my hands up and down your leg feeling the slippy material clinging to your svelte legs. I remove the boot and begin to lick every inch of your feet, sucking your toes and licking the full length of your insole before replacing the boot and swapping legs to do exactly the same with the other. My cock is aching to be released and desperate to feel your touch, it feels like it will explode at the tiniest touch. You straddle me pushing your crotch onto my hard cock, ripping of my shirt and letting your hair run over my chest. As you lift your head up I lean in to kiss your cleavage, burying my head in your tits, you immediately push me back wanting to tease me as much as you can. You order me to stand and strip, but not touch my cock. Once naked you walk around me daring me to touch you, you make it clear that if I touch you we will start all over again. You order me to lie on the floor and you stand over me, smiling enjoying the power you have over me. You stand on me with your boots and using the sole of one push my cock down hard. You then instruct me to remove the boots and you leggings but not to dare touch your pussy. You are wearing no panties and have shaven your pussy clean, just the way I like it. Once the leggings are off, you order me to lie back and you kneel astride me, your pussy inches from my face, the smell of your sex intoxicates me and I am desperate to taste you. You begin to work your clit and pussy with your fingers, enjoying the look of desperation on my face. You rub your clit hard and harder, throwing your head back as you focus in nothing but pleasuring yourself, as you bring yourself to climax you push your pussy into my face, my tongue dipping into you to taste you and lick up every inch of your come. You begin to laugh having enjoyed teasing me so much. You reach back and grab my cock, a huge smile now on your face. “you turn now is it?” you ask, quickly followed by “you wish”. You stand up and walk away into the bedroom, telling not to move or dare touch my cock. After what seems like an eternity you call my name. I practically run to you to find you on your knees, dressed in hold up stocking, the other high heels I bought you and your hands behind your back. “I read 50 shades” you tell me “ do with me as you will” you then bow your head. Now it my turn. I grab some stocking from your drawer and tie them to each corner of the bed. I walk over to you, gently grab the back of your hair and lead you to the bed, I lie you face up and tie your hands and legs apart. I take a couple of pics to show you how sexy you look and as much as I would like to spend hours teasing you, that with have to wait, i am too desperate to fuck you. I lean over, kiss and bite your nipples, and let my cock rest on your bare pussy. You are so wet that it takes nothing for me to slip inside you deep and fast. My God it feels amazing after so long apart to feel the warmth and juiciness of your pussy, I thrust in and out savouring the feeling, knowing I have full control over you, I keep it as slow as possible but it is not long before I can wait no more, I push my self up to ensure that the angle that I am thrusting into you is as deep as possible and then I fuck you like there is no tomorrow, faster and harder faster and harder until I cum deep inside you, lifting you off the bed, collapsing on your beautiful bound body.
Now my cock has been sated the fun really begins......

So please comment on what you think and whether you think I should send this to her in advance??
Thanks for reading

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