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London Town

So went to London for the day today to do a very tedious task. This involved a lot of waiting around. The weather was sunny but sadly not quite hot enough to bring out all the girls in their short skirts/shorts, but not he less I spent a long time girl watching and where it was safe to do took some pics, which I have uploaded tonight - hope you enjoy as much I did taking them!! Apologies in advance of the quality of some of them

Posted by fortheloveoffeet 2 years ago

[Story] Reunion with my sexy wifee

So my wife is away with work at the minute and I have not seen her for over six weeks, as any of you who read this will know, it is driving me nuts and making me fucking horny!! As a result I have bought an outfit for her to wear when I see her next week and below is outlined how I hope the evening goes when we hook up. The question is should I send her my fantasy or not – everytime I try to send her stuff like this she just thinks I’m a perv, which I am especially when it comes to her. There are pictures of the outfit on my profile for those wishing to see it.

So we will finally be togethe... Continue»
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Wrote a story last night and only half posted, shame made em so horny and was hoping to read it through today. I will write iit again later. I love writing stories about what I would like to do, to my wife but also about friends/celebs that I fantasise about.

Just posted some pics of a friend, would love to let you know what you all thin of her
Posted by fortheloveoffeet 2 years ago