Punishment Room

Somtimes I fantasise about bdsm and being a dom

The room has one door and no windows with the only light coming from 4 floor lamps positioned in each of the rooms four corners. They illuminate a low wooden box which sits in the middle of the room. The box is just over foot square and made of pine with a number of rings screwed to its sides and top surface. These can be used to restrain an uncooperative fidget slave if necessary. Two chalk lines are drawn on the box the purpose of which will become clearer later. A rope hangs down directly over the box swinging in the breeze caused by the air conditioning units which keep the room at a set 14C. This rope has a hook on the end of it, goes over a pulley above the box and then to one of the walls of the room where it is tied off to a solid stanchion

Near the stanchion is a long wooden pine table laid out with the contents of my toy box. A number of brightly coloured vibes, dildos and ase plugs including inflatable ones, a tens unit, some candles and an ice bucket, clothes pegs and a selection of nipple clips, love eggs and finally a pin wheel. A wide selection of whips, floggers and canes are also mounted on the wall above the table.

You enter the room wearing a light summer dress, stockings and black heals. Closing the door, you approach the table and stand before it, facing me with your arms by your sides palms outwards. I notice immediately that the temperature is having the desired effect, as your nipples are clearly visible through the fabric of the dress.

"I am sorry for not replying to your message yesterday master" you say "I am yours to punish as you see fit" With that you turn to face the table and slip out of your dress which you fold and place on the table as I have taught you.
Approaching you, I let my hands caress your body, almost naked now apart from a small pink thong, stocking and those heals. Feeling my hands upon you, you gather up your hair exposing your neck to my caresses. I reach round to the table and take up your wired slave collar with name / owners tag and slip it round your neck, attaching it securely with a screwdriver. I kiss your neck and back as my hands trace the outline of your body, sliping over your breast and down over your thong.

"Keep your hair up" I say as I uncoil 15 meters of jute rope double it over and then pass it round your body just under your breasts. Cinching it in the small of your back I pass round your body again over your breast and repeat twice more over and under making sure the rope is flat on your skin and not pinching you. I now run the rope over your left shoulder and down between your breast going under both the top and bottom ropes. The rope is then brought back up your body cinching the top and bottom ropes together squeezing your breast between the two ropes, before returning over your right shoulder to tie off in the small of your back. The effect is very pleasing to the eye.

"Let your hair down" I say as I step back to look at the rope work and check it for safety and security. Your hair falls very agreeably over your breasts, which are now displayed, as I like to see them.

You stand before me again hands by your sides "I am yours to command master" you say.

Smiling I tell you to go and kneel on top of the box while I collect a pair of screw down nipple clamps from the table. I approach you kneeling on the box and kiss you, allowing my hands to run down your body caressing your breast and hard nipples. Taking the clamps I place one on each of your erect nipples tightening the screws till I see you wince. "I am sure you can take a little more" I say and you nod. Slowly I add another half turn on each screw and then another quarter turn for luck. Your head goes back and a low moan escapes your lips as I test the clamps are secure over each nipple.

Running my hands down your body, my fingers caress your belly before coming to rest on your thong again, where they trace the outline of your sex. The material is hot and damp under my fingers and another moan escapes your lips as I lightly finger you through the material.

I go to the table and select a short whippy cane from the rack and return to stand in from of you. You are kneeling now, your face downcast in the classic pose of submission. Your hands are by the side of your legs palms upward.

"You will be punished for yesterdays failures" I say "do you accept this" and you nod you head and repeat your earlier answer that "I am your to punish as you see fit"

"During the punishment you must kneel with your hands on your head, breast pushed out and keep your legs a minimum shoulder width apart" I say. "If you do not I will add an additional punishment, do you understand" I add as I run the cane in my hand over the two chalk lines on the top of the box. Nodding you move your legs wider apart so that I can just glimpse your sex in between your buttocks from behind.

While I would have had a better view with you receiving punishment on all fours I had decided that in this instance I preferred to see your breasts displayed as I punished you

"You will also count the Strokes" I say

Standing behind you I start to administer the punishment.

I take my time pausing at regular intervals to feel the effects the cane is having on your bottom. To touch and caress you and run my fingers over your panties, listening to the moans this produces and the gasps and whimpers as the cane strikes home.

After fifteen strokes you begin to fidget so I stop to ties you hands together and run them up to the hook above your head. This has the effect of stretching you nicely and ensuring you bottom stays still. I also add a chain between the nipple clamps, which I run up to your mouth. Now every time I strike causing your back to arch and your head to go back it pulls on the clamps that are attached to your breasts.

I administer another fifteen strokes which brings some more colour into your cheeks, and note that your legs are now very close to crossing the chalk line I have drawn on the box. My fingers slip inside your panties and play with your sex, there is little resistance when they slip inside you as you are so wet. I spend a few minutes fingering and caressing your body bringing it to the brink of orgasm before removing my hand.

Smiling I swap the cane for a horsewhip with a very small leather popper on it which I know to be one of your favourites. Pulling you panties down round you knees I remind you of the rules for keeping your legs apart. A rule I have made doubly difficult now thanks to need to stretch the material of your thong apart.

I get to administer another 8 strokes with the whip to your bottom before your legs fail you and cross the chalk line. You notice immediately and pull them apart again but it is too late as I have already noticed. Running the whip down your inner thigh I inform you that that indiscretion has earned you another 20 strokes on each thigh to be administered immediately.

Stepping in front of you I administer five stinging strokes to each leg near your sex and then repeat the process while you writhe and moan. I smile as each time your head goes back the chain in your mouth pulls on your nipples. When I am finished you are quivering with the strain of the position and the punishment you have received. I run my hands over your breast and down to your sex , which is now wide open and dripping. Using my fingers I spread your lips wide causing more moans to escape you and tickle your now fully exposed clit.

"Good Girl" I say as I return the whip to the rack and take down the dressage whip. Returning to you I administer 10 strokes across your burning cheeks stopping after each stroke to feel the effects of my actions on you. Your knees are now shaking with the strain of keeping your legs open against the material of your thong. Smiling I administer a final 10 strokes across your bottom working down covering your arse which is now red and hot from my attentions.

Putting the dressage whip away I step up on to the platform behind you and untie your hands. Slipping the thong off you legs I position you on all fours and unzip my fly. I slip my cock easily inside you burying myself to the balls in your silky wetness. I push into you for an age building into a rhythm before stopping as I feel the urge grow inside me. I take a 3 ounce weight from my pocket and hang it on your nipple chain. Now each time I enter you the weight swings putting extra pressure on your sore nipples. I push into you again catching your rhythm as you approach your orgasm, trying to match it and control it. We breathe as one move as one as our peak approaches and then I gasp as by balls empty deep into you as you collapse onto the box.

I am caressing you kissing your back as I slowly pull out of you. I consider whipping you some more while I recover and then fucking you again using your mouth and or arse but figure you have performed well and need the rest. Slowly I release the clamps on your breasts as you gasp in pain from the bl**d that rushes back into them. Then I untie the rope round your breasts and sweep you up into my arms. I carry you to the door, which I open and take you through to our bedroom. Pulling the sheets aside I put you carefully on the bed and climb in behind you cradling you in my arms kissing you back and neck. "Thank you master for correcting me" you say "your welcome Rose" I say as we drift off to sl**p.

In the morning I awake to the delicious sensation of your mouth round my balls and cock. Under the sheets I hear your mumble something. "Rose" I say smiling "what have I told you about talking with your mouth full"? The only response is a giggle and increased suction on my cock

Rose this is a fantasy built on your own as you described it to me but with the addition of a box so I do not have to bend down to administer punishments and a few other additions of my own. I hope you find it an enjoyable read.

I ask for your opinions on its content, not from a literary aspect as I am no great orator but from the perspective of how the story made you feel. In short is this punishment the sort of correction you are looking for?

Should I command you as a slave I will some day carry out this fantasy and others like it.

I seek your honest opinions of the scene.

100% (7/0)
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2 years ago
4 years ago
The story is beautiful. Your Rose is very lucky to have one that would correct her harshly for even small infractions as she will grow to be a pet You can be proud of. This Rose will be sharing Your story with her own Master. Thank You, Sir.
4 years ago
I agree with Barbie.
4 years ago
For me, Sir...kind of tame...but then again, I AM a full-time sub owned by a VERY serious and disciplined Dom! :)

orator - someone who speaks vs. writer - someone who writes

just one literary note...check spelling and syntax before publishing and careful of confusing reader with over-descriptions before the scene, plot, characters are in place in their minds...:)
4 years ago
That was a nice fantasy, well explored. I'm sure Rose will be delighted with it - and I hope it comes true - if you want it to.
4 years ago
Nice scenario, nicely written as well.