Indiscretion's wages

This is the third story in a series of stories regarding my relationship with my superior while serving in the military. Hopefully you have been following and enjoying the tales of my exploits with staff sergeant Tyler/a.k.a. "daddy". In case there is any questions in any of your minds, yes, the names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.

My last story got a few questions that I will answer here.

All of this happened way back in the early 1980's, back in the bad old days of dishonorable discharges and convictions on charges of fraudulent enlistment for soldiers who turned out to be gay -and- no, daddy never did tell me who the other men were. I always found that kind of sexy and arousing, looking at various guys and wondering if they were one of the ones that fucked me. That was something daddy did on a number of occasions. These days, no one would obviously take such chances with their health, but we were all less aware of the risk of AIDS back then. Luckily, I never did come up positive with anything; AIDS or otherwise.

At any rate, I suppose I should get on with my story. As I previously mentioned, staff sergeant Tyler had also made sure that I was on his tank crew. A normal rank crew consists of four men. The tank commander (staff sergeant Tyler), a loader (me), a driver and a gunner.

Our driver was specialist Jesse Beam, a sandy-haired, chunky k** from the hills of Kentucky. He had the requisite thick country drawl. Very much the stereotypical hillbilly, he also had a propensity to stick his dick in anything that would hold still long enough for him to catch it. He frequently subjected us to never ending tales of his exploits with various f****y members, farm a****ls and even inanimate objects or foodstuffs. Jesse always had a cigarette or a wad of dip in his mouth... Quite frequently, he had both simultaneously.

Our gunner was sergeant Bobby Willis. A thin short black man. He spoke infrequently and smiled even less. He kept his head shaved and despite a gold tooth in the front of his mouth, was obsessive compulsive about about his tooth care. Frequently you'd find him compulsively brushing his teeth with a dry toothbrush while engaged in other tasks. He was recently divorced and the divorce had not been easy on him. His ex had hired a scheister lawyer that seriously took him to the cleaners.

When it comes down to it there are very few jobs in the military that f***es a small group of men to become closer. You are f***ed to spend long periods of your life together, entombed in the claustrophobic confines of a metal behemoth. Together all of you must work together as component parts of the whole machine.

That being considered, there was no way that the relationship between staff sergeant Tyler and I could go undetected, in spite of his insistence that the two parts of our lives should never cross paths. When living in the tank while out in the field, I was f***ed to change clothes in front of the other members of the crew. That meant each one of them knew that I was wearing my sexy lingerie under my uniform. They also were more than aware that I left the base in the back seat of daddy's Mercedes each evening.

Staff sergeant Tyler however trusted them with our secret, knowing that none of his band of psychos and miscreants would rat us out.

Willis tolerated it... Seemed disinterested or was too distracted by his own predicament to really care. Jesse on the other hand revelled in it, frequently making lewd comments to or about me on the tank's intercom. Every chance he had that no one was looking he would try to pin me, grope me, pull my knickers down and have a go at my pussy... More than occasionally succeeding despite my best efforts to fend him off.

We used to move our tanks to and from our bases to the training areas by train. We would load the tanks on flat cars and then they would put us in passenger cars. Together we would travel across Germany.

One particular time, we were returning from field training. Our tanks were loaded and we were on the train headed back home. I was beat. I made my way to a vacant compartment on the car where I curled up and went to sl**p.

At some point while I slept, Jesse left himself in. Without waking me, he managed to wrangle my pants and panties down. As he slid his cock into me though, I woke, but he simply rolled on top of me pinning me down. He ground his cock into me, while the sickly wintergreen scent of his dip nearly suffocated me. I struggled and fought against him to no avail. He outweighed me by at least 30 pounds. While my mind said no, my pussy however was enjoying the ride. Jesse's cock was in no way as nice as daddy's, but the thrusts still felt wonderful. So that left me in a bit of an odd place, while my upper body struggled trying to buck Jesse off, my pussy was grinding hard into his dick, trying to get every inch of it into me. Jesse appeared to enjoy the ride, laughing as he stroked his meat into me.

No sooner did Jesse start to cum, pulling all the way out out of me between spurts, but slamming hard into me to deliver each splash of cum deep inside my pussy, until the compartment door opened suddenly. My heart skipped a beat, only to see that it was staff sergeant Tyler.

"Beam, you moron!" He bellowed, "lock the damn door and keep down the fucking noise!"

As I looked back at staff sergeant Tyler, still impaled on Jesse's twitching cock, I could tell by the hard look in his eyes that I was in trouble yet again. I didn't think I was in trouble for fucking Jesse. Daddy had brought him by the apartment a few times and allowed him to fuck me as a reward for things he had done or sometimes when daddy was tired of my pussy, for variety he would occasionally fuck Jesse while I sucked him off. I felt a knot forming in my gut wondering what I had done and what the inevitable punishment would be.

"Alright sarge!" Jesse glibly replied, unaware of the drama that was taking place in the subtext. He slid the door closed behind staff sergeant Tyler and flipped the lock closed, saying, "now spin yer faggot mouth around here an' clean off mah pecker!"

I complied, the damage already being done.

Later we arrived back at our home base. We unloaded our vehicles, cleaned everything up and then put everything away. It was very late at night until we were finally released. I was beat and wanted nothing more than to sl**p. All the work piled on top of spending weeks in the mud and grime of the field had taken its toll. When staff sergeant Tyler finally indicated that it was time to go, weariness had washed the events on the train from my mind.

I dozed on the way home. I think daddy was tired too because after getting home, we wasted no time and went straight bathing and had a few quick drinks before heading for bed. There was no fooling around or other such hanky-panky. By the time my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light beat only to my d***ken well-needed slumber by daddy who wrapped his bear-like arm around my shoulder before treating me to a symphony of his snores.

Morning came and the incident on the train was utterly forgotten. I cooked daddy's breakfast. We had the day off and daddy informed me that we were going to go on a trip somewhere. When he went on to say that Jesse would be coming along, that's when I remembered.

To say that I was suddenly apprehensive would be an understatement. When I asked him how I should dress for this trip he just said "like usual" which to me meant "dress slutty".

I had been outside the apartment several times in drag before this, but that was at night and our destination was a gay bar several towns away. This trip was in full day light. I was positively mortified. In no way could anyone say that I "passed". I was clearly just some skinny young guy with glued on fake tits in slutty girl's clothes.

I put on a black leather mini skirt over my panties and garters. I finished the outfit with a white cotton tube top that was gathered with elastic at the top and bottom and a small black leather shrug. I fixed my makeup, polished my nails and sprayed on some perfume before leaving the bathroom. By that time, Jesse had already arrived. We loaded up in the car and left.

We drove quite a ways from home and when we finally stopped it was in the middle of the woods. We got out of the car and Jesse and I followed daddy as he wandered along a trail into the forest.

The rough ground was murder to traverse while wearing the dreaded heels. By the time we stopped, my feet and ankles were screaming in pain.

Daddy pulled a blanket out of the backpack he'd brought along. We were told to get comfortable, and daddy said he would be right back. To Jesse, "get comfortable" predictably meant start trying to grope my tits and pull down my panties. Daddy had been gone mere moments before Jesse managed to get me pinned and strip me of my underwear.

I fought him as best I could. You have to understand, to me Jesse was repugnant at best... Until his dick was inside me that is. Then he was still a repugnant, smelly, fat hick but his dick did feel good in my pussy.

In short order Jesse was hammering my cunt and I was doing my best "fight him off while trying to get more of his cock" routine. While Jesse's dick wasn't anywhere near as impressive as daddy's he did have the stamina of an a****l. It seemed like he could blow a wad and just keep on going until he launched a second salvo. That is what he did this particular time. Jesse hammered a load deep into my cunt and then just kept stroking. I felt his cock grow slightly softer and then within a few minutes he was ramming a fully erect tool into me again. Finally we collapsed, exhausted onto the blanket as his cock twitched its second deposit into my twat.

Slowly I became aware that daddy was not back yet. I also became aware that my purse and my panties were missing and so was Jesse's pants. Jesse and I scoured the area looking for our lost things and for daddy to no avail. When we finally came back to the blanket we noticed a note that we hadn't seen before. It read:

"Since you 2 want to get caught, I decided to help you."

I freaked. We marched back to where daddy had parked the car as fast as we could, only to find it gone.

"That jus' ain't right!" Jesse yelled. He simply wrapped the blanket around his bare ass and marched off down the road leaving me all alone. I asked him to wait, but he just kept walking. I couldn't be caught this way. I was dressed like a slut. I had no panties to keep my clit from dangling below the hemline of my miniskirt. Gobs of Jesse's cum were drying onto the insides of my thighs and caking into clots on the tops of my stockings.

Not knowing what to do, I hid in the brush until darkness finally mercifully fell.

I slowly made my way back toward home along the road. Every time a car would approach, I would dive for the cover of the bushes. This seemed to work several times until one time, while trying to dodge a car, my heel fell off the edge of the pavement leaving me sprawled in the gravel by the side of the road. The car passed, then slowed and pulled over. The backup lights came on and the car backed along the road, coming to a halt near me. The car door opened and a portly German man exited the car.

"Was haben wir hier? (what do we have here?)" He said as he stood over my crumpled form along the road.

I tried my best to cook up an excuse in German, but between my poor language skills and the utter embarassment of the situation I only managed to produce a garbled mess of half English, half German that made no sense in either language.

"Ach!" the man exclaimed, "you are American. Can I give you a ride somewhere?" He asked as he reached down offering me a hand up.

It was then that I noticed the "TAXI" sign on top of his car.

"Ich habe aber kein Geld (but I don't have any money)," I replied.

" No problem meine Suesse (my sweet)," he answered, "we will figure something out. My name is Gunther"

The tone of his voice was menacing and three laugh that he punctuated his sentence with was even creepier, but what other options did I have? So I climbed into the back of the taxicab, told the driver the apartment address and we headed down the road into town.

As we got into the town, the cabbie got on his radio. I could tell that he was making calls to several people, but my German skills were not good enough to understand what he was saying. We made a right turn into an alley behind a delapidated factory. There, three other taxis were waiting. The car came to a halt, and the driver got out.

He opened my door for me saying, "come along meine Suesse it is now time for you to pay".

I was guided into the area in the middle of all of the circled cabs that was lit by their headlights. There was a metal box there that hummed, sounding like it had something to do with AC power.

The cabbie indicated I should sit on the box. Out of the shadows came three of his colleagues. Two of them were portly like Gunther, the other one lanky and tall.

They quickly surrounded me, pulling their cocks out of their pants as they did. I looked around and gulped. Gunther pushed me down onto my back on top of the power box and quickly I was encircled.

I took one cock in each hand and hanging my head over the edge of the box, took a third in my mouth. Meanwhile Gunther was rubbing his dick across the lips of my pussy, smearing it with his pre-cum before sliding it in me.

The cabbie in my mouth started fucking my throat, slowly at first, but steadily building up his pace. This went on for a time, Gunther fucking my cunt, the other cabbie stuffing his cock down my throat and me trying my best to jack the other two off.

Then as if the music had started at a game of musical chairs, they changed positions. I briefly felt the cool night air on my vacated pussy only to have it stuffed full once more with a new stranger's cock.

The rotation continued until Gunther was once again buried inside me. Gunther was jack hammering my hole, his meaty balls slapping against me with each thrust when the cabbie in my mouth went stiff, shoving his cock to the hilt into my throat. He howled as he injected rope after rope of thick sticky cum directly into my esophagus, nearly drowning me as he did.
Gunther followed him shortly thereafter, spatter painting the walls of my cunt with his seed. Gunther slapped my ass as he pulled out.

He was replaced by the tall lanky cabbie. This guy had a dick, that while thin was extremely long, even longer than daddy's (though I would NEVER tell him that). He quickly refilled the void that Gunther had left behind, rabbit fucking my pussy with rapid violent thrusts that churned Gunther's seed into a froth inside me.

My mouth was also immediately filled with the remaining cabbie cock. The lanky dude did not last long, before he was spurting a load deeper inside me than anyone had ever before. The feel of his cock inside me though, was enough to set me off. My clit twitched with pleasure, launching my cock snot into a pool on my belly.

After the lanky man retired, the remaining cabbie pulled out of my mouth and mounted my cum-filled pussy to add his seed to that of the other three that had bred me.

Once finished with me, the cabbies gathered together, laughing and conversing in German while I laid there spent and panting, trying to regain my composure. Once I was back on my feet, Gunther led me back to his cab. He opened the door for me.

"For the seat," Gunther said,.handing me a paper towel as I got in.

From there, he kept his word and drove me home. Daddy was there waiting when I arrived.

"Learn your lesson, ho?" He asked as I let myself in.

I nodded meekly.

"Good, now go wash your whore ass," he said pointing to the bathroom, "then cook my fucking dinner bitch!"
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