A Night at O'Malley's

A Night at O’Malley’s

Hey, Hun…wanna play tonight? Just your text got my bl**d pumping fast.
Sure, handsome…what did you have in mind?
Head over to O’Malley’s tonight…10…and get a drink at the bar. Wear your black bustier, that gauzy red top and your little black skirt…NO panties!
Where will you be?
Oh…I’ll be nearby…watching…picking you up…playing with you on the dance floor.
OMG…I’m wet already…see you there!
I dressed to thrill that night. Smokey eyes…scarlet lips to match the top he commanded I wear…big hoop earrings (the bigger the O, the bigger the ho’)…and black thigh high stockings with lace tops that the skirt just barely skimmed.
I walked into that bar feeling like sex in heels. Heads turned as I sauntered up to the bar and ordered a frozen fruity drink. I didn’t need alcohol to take the edge off tonight…I was already soaring with anticipation of the performance to come…pun intended.
A guy sat down with a lame line, but I let him continue, enjoying his obvious interest. Then I felt a wash of heat at my back and turned to see you smiling down at me. You were wearing your black silk shirt…top two buttons undone…black slacks with a tell-tale bulge telling me I had done a smashing job with my outfit. You hadn’t shaved this morning, giving you a bad boy scruff that I adore.
“Sorry, mate…but I think this lovely lady needs to dance and get down with her bad self,” you told the guy chatting me up as you took my hand and pulled me up from the stool. I gave him an apologetic smile and shrug, then quickly forgot him as you led me to a far, dark corner of the dance floor. You pulled me in tight, and I could feel just how turned on you were already. I wrapped my arms around your neck and you nibbled my neck, traveling lower and lower as I leaned back. My bustier held my breasts up like treats on a platter and I longed for you to devour them. Your hands trailed down to my ass, lifting my skirt and giving me a quick smack. I jerked away…and into your groin.
You grinned down at me and twirled me around. “Rub that sweet ass against me, baby,” you whispered into my ear. I ground myself up and down, keeping my hands up behind your neck and working you like a stripper pole. You groaned in pleasure and your hands dipped inside my top and bustier, pulling my nipples out and rolling them between your thumbs and forefingers. My back arched and my groans joined yours.
“Ready to take this show to the next level?” you whispered as you nipped my earlobe.
“Mmmhmm,” is all I could get out. Your hand left my breasts, leaving my nipples hard and peeking over the top of my bustier. Down my waist…pulling my hips closer…lifting my skirt in the back so my naked ass rubbed your dick through your pants. Then, before I knew what you intended, you flipped up the front of my skirt, holding it up around my hips and exposing me to anyone looking our way. As I looked around the bar, I saw several guys watching us closely. I burned with embarrassment…and excitement!
Using one hand to keep my skirt up, you dipped your other hand between my legs and I gasped again as your finger easily entered me.
“Hmmm…someone is very, very wet!” you chuckled, pulling your finger out. “Here…taste how excited you are.” And with that, you stuck your finger in my mouth. I couldn’t help sucking on it…it tasted sooo good! So there we were swaying…my pussy dripping, tits peeking out and me sucking your finger as if it were your dick. “Wanna suck my dick, sweetheart?” I nodded, though I continued to suck your finger as if my life depended on it. You laughed, pulling me into the shadows on the edge of the room. I started to sink to my knees, but you stopped me. “Just bend over and let me see that ass while you’re sucking me.”
I grinned and unzipped you, your dick springing out eagerly. I bent over, flipping my skirt up, and grabbed you. I licked your balls, wandered my tongue up your shaft, breathed hot and heavy on your tip…then plunged you deep into my mouth and down my throat.
I heard some noise and opened my eyes…to see a couple of the guys who had watched me before standing there with their cell phones out and recording. You smiled, stood me up, twirled me to face them and quickly entered me from behind. Speared on your dick, you quickly popped my tits completely out of the bustier. The two guys edged in closer, running their cells from my pussy to my tits. You pulled out, unfastened my skirt and let it fall to the floor. “Yummy, isn’t she? Be a sweetheart and cum for the nice boys, darlin’.” Bending me forward with one hand supporting me under my breasts, you re-entered me and twined your other hand in my hair. Pulling back, you pulled me up to face my admiring fans, stroking themselves as they continued to tape. Watching them jerking off and feeling you pounding deep and steady from behind, I knew I was close already.
One of the guys moved in a bit closer and looked the question. “What do you think…wanna suck him while I fuck you?” you asked.
“Oh, yes,” I gasped. The guy moved in close and you eased up on my hair so I could swallow him deeper and deeper. He moaned his pleasure and I couldn’t contain myself and came. You kept up the stroking, holding me upright as the tremors shook my body. The other guy moved in, rubbing his dick on my tits. All three of you worked me till I thought I would pass out from pleasure. Then the guy in my mouth stiffened, pulled out, and came all over my face. It was like a chain reaction, with the other stranger squirting all over my breasts and you filling me again and again deep, deep inside me.
We all leaned in, supporting each other while we recovered. “Thank you, gents, but I think I need the ladies’ room now,” I said, licking cum from around my mouth as I popped my boobs back inside the bustier and straightened my skirt. You smacked my bottom as I passed by, and I knew from your smile that had gone even better than you had planned. And this was a game we would play again soon.

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