The Good Neighbor

Lucia had only been living in her new house for a few months when she first noticed her neighbour, Jeff, watching her from the windows of her home. In different circumstances, that would have led her to pick up the phone, but Lucia was living a deeply unhappy married life with his husband Pete. Though she had ensnared him with her penchant for wild sexual exploits and an insatiable hunger for his cock, two years into married life it was Pete’s libido which had taken a sharp dive. Though she struggled to keep their sex life exciting and spontaneous, Lucia found herself in a losing battle with Pete’s Xbox; a fate she had certainly never expected in the years they had dated prior to marriage, during which she had regularly serviced him two or three times a day. Lucia was well beyond sexual frustrated; she was sexually infuriated. Given that, when she realized that Jeff could see her through the windows, she felt a sexual excitement that had remained dormant for the last two years, and a desire to fulfill her more voyeuristic fantasies.

It began very low key, with her doing the dishes, sans bra, in cold rather than hot water. Wearing just a thin white t-shirt, her nipples became rock hard as she worked, giving Jeff a show while leaving Pete none-the-wiser. In fact, the one day Pete had walked in while she did it, he didn’t even notice her clearly visible nipples while he asked her to make him some pizza pockets. Disgusted, Lucia took it a step further that night, this time towelling off in full view of her bedroom window after a shower. She was always careful not to give away that she had caught on to Jeff’s peeping, but stole enough glances to be sure he was there, once even catching him swiftly turning off the light in his attic as she moved in front of the window, so as to not give away his position. With subtle moves like that, a super-spy Jeff was not.

It made Lucia wet to think of Jeff sitting in his attic, stroking his cock while watching her towel off her glistening naked body. Jeff was middle-aged, and a nice, respectable looking widower with a beautiful and well-maintained house and pool. On several occasions, he had invited Lucia and Pete over to swim in his pool when he wasn’t using it, and Lucia had always jumped on the chance to parade herself in her smallest bikinis, knowing he would be watching from a window somewhere. Sometimes, at night while lying beside Pete, Lucia would rub her pussy thinking about Jeff watching her, wishing he could see what she was up to under the blankets, and wondering what he was hiding inside his pants. More than once, she made herself cum in silence beside her husband, while picturing her neighbour’s cock and cum being fed down her throat.

Lucia began to obsess over her fantasies for Jeff, thinking about them all day while Pete was at work, and wondering periodically if Jeff was watching her even while she went about her mundane tasks. On a few occasions, she travelled through the house cleaning wearing nothing more than her bra and panties, dancing around to music while she worked in a horribly predictable cliché. By the end of the day, she regularly found her panties soaked through, and redoubled her efforts to get Pete into the mood when he came home from work. For a few weeks, things seemed to get better, as she threw herself at Pete the minute he walked through the door. Before too long, however, he found excuses not to let her service him, going back to his normal routine of playing with his Xbox, rather than her tits. Infuriated, Lucia finally took matters into her own hands.

One night, while Pete was deeply involved in a particularly bl**dy multiplayer game, Lucia made a show of walking upstairs to bed, turning off lights behind her as she went. When she got up stairs, Lucia pointedly got undressed in front of the bedroom window, lingering as she pretended to perform some calisthenics that were more posing than they were invigorating. She then took a hot shower, emerging from the bathroom dripping wet, having only towelled off to a bare minimum. She felt the cool night air harden her nipples, and already, she felt heat growing in her loins. After parading around the room naked for a few minutes, Lucia rummaged through her drawers to find her vibrator, which had seen far less use the last two years than it had prior, when she used to get Pete to use it on her. Lucia pointedly tested the batteries in front of the window, holding it up so that a watching Jeff, whom she assumed was currently beating his meat furiously, would be under no misunderstanding about what she held.

Lucia laid herself on the bed, and traced the vibrator slowly up her thighs, teasing herself as she spread her legs wide, pointed towards the window. She squirmed as she rubbed it all around her opening, just grazing the lips of her pussy. With her free hand, she began to rub her breasts, pinching her own nipple until she bit her lip with pleasure. Unable to wait any longer, she pressed the vibrator against her clit and had to stifle a scream of ecstasy as she did so. As she pleasured herself, Lucia pictured Jeff, sitting alone in his attic and rubbing what she imagined as a massive cock, dripping precum as he stroked it. Lucia imagined herself on her knees before him, naked on the dirty attic floor, bobbing her mouth up and down on his impossibly hard cock. She moaned as she thought of how wet she would make his cock, how sloppy she would suck him, and how she would make him groan with pleasure. Already she felt herself quickly approaching climax, and she bit her bottom lip hard to hold in her howls of pleasure. Speeding up her mental image to keep up with the pulsing in her pussy, Lucia imagine laying down on the floor with Jeff standing over her, straddling her hips while he stroked himself to completion. She flinched at the powerful realism of her fantasy as she imagined his cum spurting from his cock to fall several feet down, splattering heavily onto her whole body, leaving her face, tits, and stomach covered in thick globs of pearly white cum. Unable to hold back, she screamed as she climaxed, gyrating her hips up and down on the vibe as she subsided into a low moan of relief.

Finished, and now feeling both shame and embarrassment, Lucia carried out the final part of her plan. Lifting her head to stare directly at the small attic window in Jeff`s house, Lucia slowly drew the vibrator, now covered in her own juices, to her mouth. Sensually, she licked it once, before gently sucking on the tip, all while maintaining eye contact with the invisible Jeff behind his dark window. To her delight, he responded. The light in his attic flickered on and off twice, revealing his silhouette in the window, and showing his appreciation for her performance. Lucia laughed deeply to herself in post orgasmic bliss, throwing back her head and squirming into the sheets. Without a doubt, she knew this would not be the last show she would put on for her good neighbour.
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